7 Swarovski Collaborations You Will Just Love

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Swarovski crystals have been used to embellish stunning clothing and accessories from top luxury brands – so here are the top Swarovski collaborations you need to know about.

The Swarovski brand has a long history of creating sparkling crystals that feature not only in Swarovski jewelry but also on countless clothing, shoes, bags, and homewares from a whole range of brands.

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In this article, we are going to explore some of the top Swarovski collaborations where this historic crystal brand has worked with luxury fashion houses and footwear brands to produce sparkling creations.

It is worth noting that this article just focuses on collaborative projects Swarovski has been a part of, rather than any clothing or jewelry that has been decorated with Swarovski crystals – such as pieces you may see from Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, and Maison Martin Margiela.

7 Swarovski Collaborations

1. Swarovski x Supreme
Grey Swarovski
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Supreme has a rich history of collaborations, and the Swarovski x Supreme collaboration was just another gorgeous collection that these two brands have produced.

As with many Supreme collaborations, Swarovski has played around with some of the brand’s iconic clothes, like the Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt – embellishing it with sparkling crystals to add a little extra glamour to a stylish hoodie.

There are lots more embellished pieces to choose from within the Swarovski x Supreme collection.

2. Swarovski x Nike
Black Swarovski
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You may remember the Swarovski x Nike collaboration from the Swarovski crystal-embellished Nike Swoosh brooch that Serena William wore on the court at Wimbledon in 2019 – but there are so many more incredible pieces available in this striking collection.

Swarovski has added their own twist to some beloved Nike sneakers, like the Air Force 1’s you see above. These feature a black, webbing-like design over the shoe, which is then decorated with Swarovski crystals – just beautiful.

3. Swarovski x Vans
Brown and white Swarovski
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The Swarovski x Vans collaboration also included a touch of supreme to create a totally unique range of limited edition sneakers – this collection is now sold out so check out resale sites to find some of the sparkling sneakers.

These sneakers have the classic Vans look, with a lace-up front and checked design, but each of the brown squares, and the heel tab, have been decorated with Swarovski crystals for a subtle, glimmering finish.

4. Swarovski x Victoria’s Secret

The fashion designers at Victoria’s Secret have been collaborating with Swarovski for many, many years, creating some beautiful, and incredible individual lingerie.

Swarovski has worked alongside major fashion industry brand, Victoria’s Secret to create everything from bejeweled bras to body jewelry, to several pairs of wings that make a real statement at the annual Victoria’s Secret show.

Although these pieces are often not available to purchase, they are still incredible pieces of craftsmanship you really need to see!

5. Swarovski x Adidas
Blue, white, and orange Swarovski
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The Swarovski x Adidas collaboration is at the intersection of sport and luxury jewelry, to produce some totally irresistible, super-glam sneakers.

These sneakers were a celebration of Swarovski crystals, using them to not only decorate some of the most popular Adidas sneakers, such as the Rivalry Low Sneakers but soccer boots as well – including Swarovski embellished Predator boots.

6. Swarovski x Kith
White, red, green, and blue Swarovski
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The lifestyle and men’s and women’s clothing brand, Kith, partnered up with the premier maker of luxury crystals recently to produce a range of holiday ornaments that will a whole lot of sparkle to any home.

Alongside the Kithmas Stocking Set, you see above, the collection also includes baubles and tree decorations, all completely covered in Swarovski crystals and featuring the Kith brand name.

7. Swarovski x Halo
Silver and gold Swarovski
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One of the new collaborations, and perhaps one of the more unexpected ones, is between Swarovski and the video game Halo.

The collaboration produced collectible display items, in the form of a Master Chief Helmet and Sword to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Halo game.

The helmet is crafted from one piece of crystal with 140 sparkling facets, while the Energy Sword is made up of 13 crystal pieces and finished with two polished steel tips that really shimmer in the light.

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