We Got to Try On The Best New Reformation Pieces — Here Are Our Honest Reviews

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Reformation has always been a favorite of ours for gorgeous wedding guest dresses, but it’s only recently that we’ve looked into their casual outfits – and they don’t disappoint. Note: This is a sponsored post featuring gifted items, but all opinions are our own. Plus, we are regular Ref shoppers!

Cute Reformation outfit with white cashmere sweater and cream pants

If you’re not already familiar with Reformation, they’re a brand that prides itself on being the most sustainable one on the market, with a big focus on ethical clothing production in California, the use of recycled materials, and waste reduction.

And they’re one of the few brands that legit do what they say; not only is their Good On You rating actually good, but unlike many other companies that focus their efforts on greenwashing, they have been carbon, water and waste neutral since 2015, with an eventual goal of being carbon positive by 2025.

If you want to feel good about shopping, checking out Reformation’s collections is a no-brainer. 

And if you’re looking for chic, elevated basics, they’ve recently launched the perfect recycled cashmere collection that features stunning pieces for everyday outfits. Made with 90%recycled cashmere and 10% virgin cashmere, it’s hard to imagine more sustainable knits that will keep you warm and cozy at the same time.

We got to try two of these sweaters – the gorgeous ivory Natalia off-shoulder sweater, and the chic black Emmanuel sweater, along with Ref’s new season Edie ankle boots and Mason pants – below are Maria’s short reviews on the items.

Natalia Sweater & Mason Pants

Shop the look: Sweater | Pants | Boots
Shop the look: Sweater | Pants | Boots

I love a neutral look, so it’s no surprise that the Natalie sweater made it into my cart. The simple, practical design makes it a great piece to have in any capsule wardrobe, yet the off-shoulder detail makes it different enough that you should consider getting it even if you already have an ivory sweater in your arsenal – 10/10.

The timeless design of the sweater ensures that it’ll stay in style for years to come, so that you get the most bang for your buck. As you may know, cashmere sweaters last up to 30 years with proper care, so it’s a good idea to have at least a few cashmere sweaters in your wardrobe in each of your favorite colors!

If you’re looking for something more trendy, the wide-leg Mason pants may be the perfect pair for you. These lightweight tencel pants are slim fitting and so long that I decided to opt for a petite pair instead of the regular fit, even though my height is average (5’5).

While long pants are definitely all the rage right now, I feel that the petite sizing is more suited for everyday outfits with sneakers. This is especially true during the fall and winter, as otherwise, you risk the hem of the trousers becoming dirty if you’re not careful.

With this said, it feels like the petite size is smaller not just in the length of the pants, but also in the waist. I tried on the regular fit in a nearby Reformation store in my regular size 2, and the pants were definitely a looser fit around the waist. The petite pants in size 2 definitely pinch around the waist, and if I could go back in time, I would size up.

Alternatively, if you are after the trendiest pant style of the moment, having an oversized fit is definitely a plus, especially if you’re wearing high heels for a night-out look. For that, the OG Mason pants are your best bet. Available in 11 colors, there’s a shade for everyone that you’ll want to wear both to the office and for happy hour!

Shop the Look
Cream sweater
Get this at Reformation
Cream pants
Get this at Reformation
Leather sock boots
Get this at Reformation

Emmanuele Sweater & Edie Boots

The Emmanuel sweater is so good that I already bought another one in white! As you would expect, the cashmere sweater is incredibly soft and most importantly, warm.

Shop the look: Sweater | Pants | Boots

My favorite detail about the sweater is of course the beautiful pearl buttons that are on both sleeves – simply stunning! Another detail that I love is the square neckline, which gives the sweater a modern vibe.

I have tried my fair share of cashmere sweaters, and some of them can be really, really itchy. This has luckily not been the case with either the Natalia sweater or the Emmanuele sweater, which is a big, big bonus!

Cute fall look from Reformation
Shop the look: Sweater | Pants | Boots
Black sweater with black sock boots
Shop the look: Sweater | Pants | Boots

As for the Edie boots, they are the perfect sock boots if you’re looking for a trendy, slightly unusual pair. I only say that because the toe of the boot is a square toe, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. 

As Reformation boots come in half sizes, my pair fits like a glove, and I already know it’s going to be my go-to pair of boots this season. The slim-fit look is absolutely perfect to pair with a variety of outfits, ranging from simple skinny jeans to black pleated skirt outfits!

Shop The Look
Black cashmere sweater
Get this at Reformation
Cream pants
Get this at Reformation
Leather sock boots
Get this at Reformation

Cashmere Care

With cashmere, it’s important to remember that proper garment care is of utmost importance. While your sweater can last up to 30 years with proper care, you’ll need to remember to handwash or dry clean the garment (depending on the instructions) because it’s very, very fragile when wet. 

White fall outfit with cream pants and sweater

While we don’t recommend this if you absolutely have to machine wash your cashmere sweater, make sure to place it inside an intimates wash bag and make sure that your machine does not spin – spinning can completely ruin cashmere sweaters!

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