25 Best Designer Shoes To Invest In 2023 (And Wear For Years)

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If you’re ready to invest in an expensive pair of footwear, check out these 25 best designer shoes that will be stylish for years to come.

They may be a little expensive, but a sophisticated pair of designer shoes can take an outfit from “didn’t know what to wear” to “just got off the runway at New York Fashion Week”. 

When it comes to selecting your very first pair of designer shoes, be sure to opt for a neutral color like black, ivory, or nude. You’ll get much more use out of these colors than you would a bright pink or vibrant red pair. Once you’ve fully entered the designer shoe game, then you can start choosing wild statement shoes to accompany your classic ones.


Snakeprint Fendi F high heels

©Alberto Mihai | Depositphotos.com

Unlike the shoes you purchase online from fast-fashion sites, designer shoes are much more durable and will offer more arch support, making them comfortable to wear. Standing in a pair of high-quality designer shoes for hours on end shouldn’t make your feet throb.

Plus, if you take good care of your shoes, many of them will retain their value on the secondhand market, so you may be able to sell them for a profit in a few years’ time.

So, pour a tall glass of wine and get your credit card out before taking a look at our list of 25 best designer shoes to invest in, based on their ability to hold their value in the current fashion climate.


The Best Designer Shoes To Invest In

1. Gucci Ace sneakers


Gucci Ace sneakers

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A pair of white sneakers are such a versatile pair of shoes to own in your collection – they can be worn all year round with relaxed, casual looks as well as something a little smarter if you want to stay comfy. These Ace sneakers from Gucci are some of the most stylish and timeless white sneakers you can get your hands on. These Gucci sneakers have proved wildly popular and we can definitely see why!

They are crafted from supple white leather and then decorated with red and green webbing on the outside of the shoe, which has then been embroidered with a gold bee – a motif that was first introduced to the brand in the 1970s.

Even the heel of the shoes is decorated with metallic, snakeskin-embossed leather and printed with the Gucci brand name, one shoe has a green heel and the other has a red heel for a striking contrast. Add these classic white sneakers to your wardrobe for just $780.


2. Hermès Oran Sandals

Brown Hermès Oran Sandals

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The Hermès Oran Sandals are perfect for wearing in the summer or when you’re traveling abroad to warm destinations. They can be easily slipped on and have the iconic “H” cut-out. Since these aren’t flashy, yet they still command attention, they won’t go out of style for quite some time.

The Hermès Oran Sandals are available in 25 different colors, which goes to show that they are a very popular style. They have a leather sole and even come in heeled options for those who prefer wearing shoes that give them a bit of a boost in the height department. This year, Hermès has come out with a fun, fuzzy version of the Oran sandals that has gone viral on social media. This updated version of the sandal comes in woolskin and definitely divides opinions, but if you’re looking for a unique shoe that stands out, they could be the perfect pair for you.


3. Mach & Mach Glitter Double Crystal Bow Pointed Toe Pump


Silver Mach & Mach Glitter Double Crystal Bow Pointed Toe Pump

Get these at Nordstrom

How could you resist the stunning design and glittery finish on these gorgeous Mach & Mach Glitter Double Crystal Bow Pointed Toe Pumps?! These crystal-embellished heels will never go out of style with the classic pointed-toe silhouette and a 4-inch heel to add that perfect elevation to any special occasion look.

A sparkling strap curves around the heel of the foot and delicately wraps around the ankle and secures with a buckle, while the front of the pumps is embellished with an oversized bow decorated with a crystal cluster sitting in the center. The silver options, as pictured above, will suit any look but will look particularly striking with a little black dress, or go for the glittery pink shade to add a pop of color to your look.


4. Chanel Slingbacks

Beige Chanel slingbacks

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The Chanel Slingbacks are favorites among influencers and Hollywood stars alike. They’re classy but also a little fun as they are beige with a contrasting black toe and easy to pair with most neutral outfits.

They have a 2.6-inch heel and the slingback strap keeps your foot in place when you wear them out on the town. These designer shoes are made from goatskin and grosgrain and come in beige with a black toe, all black, tweed, and some seasonal colors.

Chanel is always a safe bet when you’re considering resale value, so these classic everyday shoes are one of our top picks for the best casual designer shoes to invest in. They’re also perfect for special events and the office! This beautiful classic shoe can be added to your shoe collection for around $1,000.


5. Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers

White and gold Golden Goose Superstar Leather Glitter Low-Top Sneakers

Get these at Neiman Marcus

If you know luxury fashion, you know just how popular Golden Goose Sneakers are. Golden Goose is a unique brand on this list, as they are primarily known for just creating luxe sneakers, even though they have recently added other products like jackets and coats to their collection. With years of experience in the world of footwear, you could say that they’ve truly mastered the art of creating the most comfortable designer sneakers.

We love the classic look of the white and gold Superstar sneakers featured above, as they have just the right amount of detail without being overpowering or over-the-top. Because the gold accents are quite neutral, these white sneakers won’t clash with any other prints or colors that you’re wearing.

These comfortable sneakers come in tons of different styles and colors and start at $525. Golden Goose sneakers have been in style for years, so they’re not going to go anywhere anytime soon.

If you love a more striking look, try the glittered version of these sneakers – you’re sure to get attention wearing these! As with all Golden Goose sneakers, both feature the brand’s logo embossed in gold on the side with a star cut-out. 

If low-top sneakers aren’t your style, Golden Goose also produces many high tops in all its iconic styles.


6. Gucci Princetown Loafers


Gucci Princetown Loafers in black for best designer shoes to invest in

Get these at Nordstrom

The Gucci Princetown loafers are absolutely iconic and bring a sense of flair to even your most casual looks. We love pairing black leather loafers with high-waisted jeans and button-up blouses. They can also be worn to work with some structured pants and a sweater.

These calfskin loafers can be slid on like slippers and feature brass hardware details on the top of the foot. They have a heel that measures a mere half an inch so don’t expect to get any height when wearing these.

The Princetown loafers have solidified their icon status on the fashion market, and you can rest assured that if you invest in this shoe and take good care of them, the shoe will retain its value on the resale market. Loafers are iconic in their own right, and the classic and understated design of the Princetown loafer will almost certainly never go out of style. 

If you’re buying them new, the Gucci Princetown Loafers retail for $860. 


7. Louboutin So Kate (Or Pigalle)


Black Louboutin So Kate heels

Get these at Nordstrom

Wearing stiletto heels is a wonderful way to give the illusion of longer legs, which is why every woman should have a pair in their wardrobe. The Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps are timeless and come in a wide selection of colors, all with the brand’s signature red soles.

The Louboutin So Kate heels have a bit of a controversial reputation: some people say that they are extremely uncomfortable, while other people love them. If you don’t want to risk this happening to you, we recommend investing in the Pigalle shoes instead. The look is very similar, but the shape of the shoe follows your foot’s natural design more, leading to a more comfortable wearing experience.

The pumps are made from patent leather and the elegant black pair retails for $795. If you’re ever in the need of a red carpet shoe, definitely consider purchasing these classic beauties.


8. Rene Caovilla Snake-Wrap Strass Stiletto Sandals


Champagne gold Rene Caovilla Snake-Wrap Strass Stiletto Sandals

Get these at Neiman Marcus

The Italian shoe designer Rene Caovilla creates some of the most stunning shoes, and often works with historic and famous fashion houses, including Chanel and Christian Dior, so why not add your own timeless pair of Rene Caovilla shoes to your wardrobe?! These heels are extra special and perfect if you are looking for a pair of heels with an incredible design and unique look.

The Snake-Wrap Strass Stiletto Sandals are crafted from leather with a crystal-embellished satin strap. There is a sparkling strap that crosses over the toes, while another wraps around the heel and then snakes up the leg and spirals around the ankle with a snake head finish. The heel is 4.25 inches tall and the sandals finish with a round toe for a sleek and refined look. These gorgeous sandals are available for just $1,660.


9. Fendi Lambskin Metallic F-Heel Ankle Booties


Black Fendi Lambskin Metallic F-Heel Ankle Booties

Get these at Neiman Marcus

Fendi is known for its beautiful, high-quality ready-to-wear collections, shoes, and bags, so owning a pair of Fendi shoes is a must! These Lambskin Metallic F-Heel Ankle Booties are just flawless as black booties can be worn casually or dressed up, while the gold heel adds an eye-catching finish.

These boots are made from matte black lambskin leather with a round toe and side zip to make these shoes easy to slip on and off. The heel is the best part of these booties, it is in the form of an F Fendi logo in gleaming gold and sits 3.8 inches tall. These booties are available for $1,850 and can be worn with your favorite jeans or black tights and a dress during the colder months.


10. Gianvito Rossi Metallic Napa Ankle-Cuff Stiletto Sandals

Gold Gianvito Rossi Metallic Napa Ankle-Cuff Stiletto Sandals

Get these at Neiman Marcus

We just love the paired-back, minimalist look of these Gianvito Rossi Metallic Napa Ankle-Cuff Stiletto Sandals, which are super versatile and will really stand the test of time. The rounded, padded Nappa leather straps over the toes and around the ankle give these heels an individual and striking look which we just love.

The rounded toe, zipper opening on the back of the sandals, and 4.3-inch heels are the perfect finishing touches to these elegant and chic sandals. Gianvito Rossi heels are known for their comfortable nature, while the leather lining on these sandals gives them a soft and comfy finish. The Ankle-Cuff Stiletto Sandals are available in both silver and gold, meaning you can choose the best shimmering shade to suit your special occasion look.


11. Gucci Jordaan loafers


Black Gucci Jordaan loafers

Get these at Gucci

These Gucci Jordaan leather loafers will quickly become the go-to shoes in your wardrobe to slip on every day with your work and weekend looks! The Gucci Jordaan loafers are an elegant and sophisticated pair of shoes that everyone needs in their collection. These loafers are also a particular favorite with celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston, Harry Styles, Katie Homes, and Alessandra Ambrosio so why not pick up a pair for yourself?

These loafers are luxuriously crafted from supple black leather with a slim silhouette, rounded toe, and 0.5-inch heel. The front of the loafers are decorated with a gold horsebit, which is a motif that appears on many Gucci accessories and is a reference to the Italian fashion house’s equestrian history. These loafers are available for just $920 and will look eternally stylish!


12. Alexander McQueen Sneakers

White Alexander McQueen Sneakers

Get these at Nordstrom

Chunky sneakers have proved ever popular over the last few seasons and have been seen all over Instagram too, and these Alexander McQueen Sneakers have the perfect chunky yet minimalist style to look great now but still remain stylish for years to come.

These McQueen sneakers come in multiple different colors, but we are partial to the classic white version, made from calfskin leather and finished with a tall white rubber platform sole that sits at 1 inch tall, and a 2-inch heel.

The comfy rubber sole and removable padded insole within these sneakers guarantee a super comfortable feel, ensuring you can wear these sneakers when you have a busy day out with lots of walking involved – and still look effortlessly fashionable! The black and white color combination is timeless, but these sneakers also come in pink, red, blue, and beige, all paired with a white sole so you can pick the option that best suits your look.


13. Manolo Blahnik Hangisi (Flats or Heels)


Blue Manolo Blahnik Hangisi heels

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Ah, the iconic Manolos. The classic Manolo Blahnik Hangisi shoes come in a heeled version, flat version, and a kitten heel version. All three will make great additions to your current shoe collection and have stood the test of time.

The Manolo Blahnik Hangisi heels owe a lot of their fame to Sex And The City, where Big proposed to Carrie Bradshaw with the iconic blue shoes. Ever since then, Manolos have become somewhat of a cult wedding shoe, and many brides opt for the classic white version of the high heels. They definitely fit the part as they are comfortable to walk in, and have the brand’s iconic square crystal buckle on the toe without displaying any fancy logos.

The famous shoes come in multiple other colorful variations as well, if blue or white aren’t your thing. Manolo Blahnik also releases multiple seasonal versions of the shoe, but we recommend sticking with the traditional colors for best resale value in the future.

The Hangisi flat version has the same buckle on the toe and is made from the same lace fabric. They will just keep you closer to the ground! The heels retail for $1,195 and the ballet flats can be yours for $1,095.


14. Dior J’adior Slingback Pumps


Black Dior J’adior Slingback Pumps

Get these at Dior | The RealReal | Fashionphile

The Dior J’adior Slingbacks are made from either technical fabric or patent leather, and feature an embroidered cotton ribbon, a unique heel and a flat bow on the slingback. Each shoe has a leather sole with a star, which is Christian Dior’s lucky symbol. If black isn’t your preference, these shoes also come in multiple different finishes and colors, including nude, mesh, Toile De Jouy, and seasonal colors.

These classic shoes are incredibly stylish and can flawlessly elevate a casual look or add some creativity to a dressier look. These shoes are our best pick for designer work shoes to invest in if you’re working a corporate office job. The heel is small enough that the shoe won’t kill your feet, but they look as nice as any high heel would.

Alternatively, these shoes also come in a flat version, which is perfect if comfort is your priority.


15. Chloé Woody Logo Slide Sandals

Chloé Woody Logo Slide Sandals

Get these at Nordstrom

These slide sandals are made from Chloé’s logo-print canvas with squared toes and rubber soles, which makes them comfortable and stylish. They come in three different colors: tan, ivory, and black. 

The very casual Chloé Woody Slide Sandals can perfectly match your Chloé Woody Tote Bag and cost around $475 – quite affordable for designer shoes!


16. Chanel Espadrilles

Two tone lambskin Chanel espadrilles

Browse all Chanel espadrilles on Fashionphile

These classic Chanel Espadrilles are most famous for the version with classic beige leather with a black toe, but the espadrilles also come in other permanent and limited edition colors, such as all-black leather, white canvas, multiple versions in tweed, and many more.  All of the versions feature a jute rope sole and the brand’s double C logo on the top.

These espadrilles are super casual so pair them with jeans or a denim skirt instead of fancier outfits. Straight out of a boutique, the Chanel Espadrilles can be yours for $825. If you look over to Fashionphile to see what’s happening on the secondhand market, you can see that most Chanel espadrilles retail for around $600-$700, so it’s safe to say that these shoes will retain most of their value in the coming years. Some limited edition ones are even on sale for more than $800!


17. Saint Laurent Cassandra YSL Logo Sandal


Neutral camel Saint Laurent Cassandra YSL Logo Sandal

Get these at Nordstrom

A nude pair of heels will suit almost any formal or smart look and so really are something you need to invest in for your shoe collection. If you are on the hunt for a new pair of nude heels, look no further than these gorgeous Saint Laurent Cassandra YSL Logo Sandals. These strappy sandals feature a delicate calfskin leather strap over the toes, two over the foot, and one around the ankle, which is finished with a nude buckle, giving these sandals that flawless tonal finish.

The front of these sandals is decorated with a chic YSL logo which looks stunning and adds a luxe touch to these sandals, ensuring they stand out from any other nude sandals. These shoes are finished with a rounded toe and 4-inch heel to give you an elegant and glamorous look. Add these beautiful Cassandra Sandals to your wardrobe for just $1,290.


18. Versace 155mm La Medusa Platform Satin Mary Janes


Blcak Versace 155mm La Medusa Platform Satin Mary Janes

Get these at Neiman Marcus

These Versace La Medusa Platform Satin Mary Janes may not be for everyone with their tall, chunky heel, but they are a great way to add an incredible statement finish to any look! We love platform heels because they are always so fashionable and they make wearing super high heels that little bit more comfortable

These striking Mary Jane heels from Versace are a must-have in any show collection if you love to dress up and what a stunning pair of heels that will suit a wide range of looks. These sleek heels are crafted from satin and are available in vivid fuchsia, rich purple or black, all finished with a gleaming gold Medusa head charm on the delicate ankle strap.

The heels have a square toe, a 6.10-inch chunky block heel, and thick platform soles. Get your hands on these platforms Mary Janes for just $1,475, and love them forever!


19. Fendi Fendigraphy Logo-Cuff Biker Booties


Black Fendi Fendigraphy Logo-Cuff Biker Booties

Get these boots at Neiman Marcus

Black boots are a must when it gets to the fall and winter months as they will perfectly finish the outfit while keeping your feet lovely and warm. We love the glam style of these Fendi Fendigraphy Logo-Cuff Biker Booties, which have been crafted from shiny black leather with a tall, lace-up front and a thick rubber sole.

The sole is actually a 2-inch platform to add that perfect little bit of height to really elevate your outfit. The gleaming gold hardware on the eyelets and the striking Fendi brand name ankle cuff adds a stylish finishing touch to give these boots that luxurious look.

There is also a side zipper to make slipping these boots on and off super easy. Style with jeans for a cool, low-effort look, or slip on with your favorite floral dress for a bold contrast look, or even with a jumper dress for something a little cozier – so many options!


20. Saint Laurent Opyum YSL Logo-Heel Sandals

Saint Laurent Opyum YSL Logo-Heel Sandals with gold heel

Get these at Neiman Marcus

Black heels are a timeless classic that will come in super handy in your shoe collection – and these Saint Laurent Opyum YSL Logo-Heel Sandals are a flawless option you really need in your life. These sandals have a refined and minimalist look, with a striking silhouette that will definitely catch people’s attention.

The shoes are crafted from glossy black patent leather with a thin strap over the toes and a delicate ankle strap perfectly finished with a black buckle. These fine straps really complement the statement glittering gold YSL logo heel that sits at 4.3 inches tall. These heels are an incredible twist on your usual black heels that will suit a wide range of formal looks.


21. Valentino Garavani Rockstud Heels


Valentino Garavani Rockstud Heels

Get these at Nordstrom

We have seriously saved the best for last. Meet the Valentino Garavani Rockstud footwear collection filled with shoes covered in gold studs. The Rockstud Caged Pumps come in black with beige detailing and all beige, both covered with the signature studs and three adjustable buckle closures. The stiletto heel on these pumps are 2.5-inches and they cost around $1,100

The Rockstud Slide Sandals are a more casual option for those who love gold studs but don’t dress up super fancy that often. The sandal version, which comes in black and beige, has a 2.5-inch block heel and they retail for $850.

Although some would argue that the Rockstuds heels have come and gone in style, we would beg to disagree: the shoes are statement pieces while being classic at the same time. The design has been around almost a decade, and they are still some of the most iconic shoes on the market, perfect for formal events like a friend’s wedding.


22. Burberry Dolman Check Stiletto Sock Booties


Burberry Dolman Check Stiletto Sock Booties

Get these at Neiman Marcus

For those colder and wetter months, you really need good pair of boots that will keep your feet toasty, just like these Burberry Dolman Check Stiletto Booties. These sock boots are made from a knit fabric, and feature Burberry’s signature check pattern in an exaggerated finish.

The boots are a pull-on style with an elastic collar to make slipping these boots on much easier. These stylish boots are available for just $990 and would be the perfect finishing touch to any look on those colder fall days.


23. Dior Dway Slides

Dior Dway Slides

Get these at Dior | Fashionphile

Dior’s Dway Slides come in an impressive amount of colors, but we are particularly fond of the navy blue embroidered style as they are just the perfect amount of flashy. Since they are in an easy-going nay color, it won’t be hard matching these babies to your outfits.

The Dway Slides have “CHRISTIAN DIOR” embroidered across the top and have the brand’s Toile de Jouy leather insole with a rubber sole. These slides were made in Italy but can live permanently in your shoe closet for $730.


24. Amina Muaddi Gilda Metallic Crystal Two-Band Sandals

Silver Amina Muaddi Gilda Metallic Crystal Two-Band Sandals

Get these at Neiman Marcus

We just love the sculptural heel and crystal embellishments on these Amina Muaddi Gilda Metallic Crystal Two-Band Sandals. These Italian-made sandals are made with metallic leather and then decorated with crystals to create an attention-grabbing pair of heels that will look striking with any dinner out, or special occasion looks.

The heel is 3.8 inches and has an exaggerated pedestal silhouette to add a unique element to these beautiful heels. These sandals feature two delicate straps over the foot as well as an adjustable ankle strap to ensure your foot is secure.

The leather lining is also the perfect finishing touch as it makes these sandals super comfortable! Amina Muaddi is known for show-stopping heels and these Gilda sandals definitely fit the bill, plus are available for just $1,140!


25. Tory Burch Miller Sandals


Tan Tory Burch Miller sandals

Get these at Nordstrom

Although not considered a luxury shoe in everyone’s eyes, the Tory Burch Miller Sandals are a must-have in your shoe collection as they are relatively inexpensive and extremely trendy. They are made from leather and come in an insane amount of color and style variations. However, we are partial to the tan and beige versions with gold hardware.

The sandals have a laser-cut logo on the top with hand-painted edges and a supportive insole. They are definitely one of Tory Burch’s most popular items and a best seller at Nordstrom. If you’re interested in snagging yourself a pair, they only cost $198.

Have you found your next pair of luxury shoes from this list of best designer shoes to invest in? We hope you did! If you’re still looking for more shopping ideas or analyses of designer pieces, check the posts down below:


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