30 Niche Perfume Brands Every Fragrance Lover Needs To Know

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If you’re a fan of unique perfumes, you’ll know the importance of discovering a signature scent that totally fits your personal preferences.

This list of the 30 best niche perfume brands on the market can help you to discover something new – and totally fabulous!

30 Best Niche Perfume Brands

1. Byredo

This Swedish line is one of the most recognized perfume brands in the niche fragrances market. They find unique fragrance inspiration from South Asia, as founder Ben Gorham is half Indian. Byredo creates luxury fragrances with a white label in that iconic cylindrical perfume bottle.

Some personal favorites of ours include Blanche, a soapy white floral, Mixed Emotions, a smoky blackcurrant, and Bibliotheque, a perfume inspired by the smell of libraries.

2. DS & Durga

DS & Durga is a perfume line focused on raw materials and natural ingredients, designed to create scents for different moods. The line uses herbs, spices, and woody accords to create intense and niche perfumes, and all the scents within the line are unisex fragrances.

One particular cult favorite is the new launch, Pistachio. It offers creamy, nutty elements combined with niche scents of Cherry Chapstick and aromatic, herbal notes.

3. Comme Des Garcons

You may know Comme Des Garcons’ fashion line from browsing your favorite high-end department stores, but you shouldn’t sleep on the brand’s designer perfumes.

The line has some truly niche perfume ideas, including their infamous CDG 2011, which has base notes of industrial glue and brown scotch tape. But if you’re looking for something a little more wearable, Wonderwood is one of the most fabulous woody scent options on the market, while Amazingreen is a delicious, refreshing cologne with many loyal fans.

4. Juliette Has a Gun

This French fragrance house presents a badass update on the Shakespearean heroine who gives the line its name. As this motto suggests, the scents in the line are soft and feminine with an extra edge.

Juliette Has a Gun‘s own line of luxurious scents are all highly unique and often difficult to describe. Perhaps one of the most famous and original scents in the line is Not a Perfume, which uses minimal musky notes and combines with your body’s natural chemistry to create a personalized and deeply sexy skin scent.


Many more budget fragrance lines get a bad rep for synthetic smells, cheap-looking bottles, and a lack of expensive ingredients. But AIXO stands out from the rest, offering affordable takes on popular scents that are amazingly high quality.

My personal favorite eau de toilette from the line is Box Fresh Barbie – an undeniably fun, flirty, and feminine scent that manages to be super sweet but never sickly.

6. Arquiste

Arquiste is a perfume brand founded by former architect Carlos Huber. This attention to structural detail from his former career is carried over into this line of designer fragrances.

In fact, one of the line’s most popular scents is named The Architects Club and is inspired by the high-class smoking rooms of London’s Mayfair nightclubs. The heavy, oval-shaped glass bottle design, complete with a luxe-feeling gold cap will ensure Arquiste scents remain in the pride of place on your dressing table.

7. CB I Hate Perfume

CB I Hate Perfume’s iconic fragrances are matched by their equally iconic brand name. The brand was founded by the eponymous Christopher Brosius, a former taxi driver inspired to create a fragrance line after smelling the many awful perfumes his former passengers wore.

Now, each of his scents is designed to evoke a particular mood, feeling, and place rather than just being perfume for perfume’s sake. At The Beach 1966, for example, smells exactly like a day spent swimming in the ocean and drying off on a sun-warmed boardwalk.

8. Escentric Molecules

Of all the niche brands out there, Escentric Molecules‘ mission statement may sound the most fantastical. The brand combines art with science, thanks to its uniquely high concentration of the unusual perfume ingredient ISO E Super.

The synthetic fragrance molecule combines with the perfume wearer’s natural skin pH to create a scent that’s unique to whoever spritzes it on. Think of each of the scents in this niche perfume house’s line as an olfactory mood ring.

9. Imaginary Authors

Imaginary Authors is the best of the niche fragrance brands for the perfume lover who also loves to read. Each of the scents is designed with a narrative arc, filled with unexpected twists and turns.

As you may expect, this means that the fragrances are complexly designed and multilayered, taking the wearer on a journey from the first spritz of top notes, through the heart notes, and into the depth of the base notes.

Fox in the Flowerbed, a heady mix of white floral, alpine air, and wild honey, is a personal standout.

10. Creed

Creed is a longstanding luxury perfume house that’s retained its niche status for many years. One of Creed’s original niche fragrances, Fleurs de Bulgarie, was reportedly the signature scent of Queen Victoria.

In recent years, the brand has been better known for its intoxicating oud scent collection. You may also be aware of its iconic Silver Mountain Water eau de parfum, which combines green, herbal, musky, and aquatic notes for a really unique scent.

11. Parfums de Marly

Parfums de Marly combines generations of perfumery expertise with a fresh new twist on scent design, offering the perfect bridge between the old and new worlds of fragrance. The brand is named after the Chateau de Marly, where King Louis XIV of France went to unwind and have fun away from Versailles.

It’s said that the napkins, curtains, and even tablecloths of the castle were doused in scent! All the scents in the collection are decadent and sumptuous, including the best-selling Delina range, but my personal preference is Oriana, a bright yet sweet fruity floral in a stunning hot pink bottle.

12. Floraiku

Floraïku is a perfume house based in Paris, France, but with deep ties to East Asian fragrance culture. Even the brand’s name is inspired by the Japanese Haiku poem, and each scent comes with its own three-line verse.

Each scent in the brand’s line belongs to one of three collections based around either teas, flowers, or incense. The beautiful packaging showcases Floraïku’s bridge between French and Asian culture, contrasting a classic luxury glass bottle with an intricately patterned, painted lid.

13. Tom Daxon

British niche perfume house Tom Daxon makes fragrances alongside candles, shower gels, lotions, and hand creams. It’s family-run, with a father-daughter partnership at its helm. Daxon previously worked with Molton Brown cosmetics, and his eponymous fragrance range reflects those years of scent-making expertise.

Some standouts within the Tom Daxon line, for me, include Crushing Bloom, a sweet yet complex floral, Midnight Saffron, a sensual and unexpected blend of saffron with lavender, and Fuyu, which balances a light airiness with a deep, musky base hit.

14. parfums frédéric malle

Of all the niche perfume brands on our list, Frederic Malle must be amongst the most beloved. The French perfume house was founded by Frederic himself, whose grandfather, Serge Heftler-Louiche, in turn, founded Parfums Christian Dior.

This perfume pedigree is evident to anyone who’s had the pleasure of sniffing a scent from the Frederic Malle line. The line’s most popular scent is the carnal yet wearable Portrait of a Lady, but my personal picks are Lipstick Rose, which smells like a glamorous old lady’s handbag, and En Passant, which reminds me of an impossibly idyllic picnic in a French meadow.

15. Penhaligon’s

The royal house of Penhaligon’s is one of the oldest independent perfume houses on our list. It began in the 1800s when barber William Penhaligon decided to brand and sell the scented products that made his treatments so popular.

The brand’s scent line is now enormously expansive, with certain celebrity endorsements that have kept it in favor to this day. Bluebell was the fragrance Princess Diana wore on her wedding day, and, coincidentally, it is also my standout Penhaligon’s scent.

16. Bel Rebel

If you’re looking for a signature scent that’s truly something a little different, the new London fragrance house Bel Rebel is the perfect place to search. The brand uses ethically sourced ingredients and sustainable packaging to create strange and wonderful perfumes you can truly feel good about wearing.

While the scents are top quality, there’s a wry sense of humor to the brand, too – as evidenced by some of their products. Two of my favorite Bel Rebel perfumes are the self-explanatorily named Bubble Gum and Peach Me. Yummy.

17. Etat L’Ibre D’Orange

The South African Orange Free State (Etat L’Ibre D’Orange) was an area of outstanding natural beauty with a rough and dangerous edge. This is exactly the thread that connects the brand’s name to the scents in the line.

The brand is built on originality and audacity, with a certain dose of mischief that keeps things fresh and fun. You may have heard of the infamous Secretions Magnifiques, designed around notes of sweat, saliva, blood, and semen. More wearable, though, is my personal favorite, Putain de Palaces, which is inspired by an ‘escort’s shower’ of fragranced talcum powder, soap, and a swipe of lipstick.

18. Montale

Pierre Montale is a French parfumier who was hugely inspired by a trip to Saudi Arabia. There, he experienced traditional Oriental ingredients like oud, incense, rose, amber, and precious woods, which now help to add a mysterious depth to his eponymous range of scents.

Each of Montale’s fragrances has that exotic twist on a classic fragrance. The large metallic bottles are as beautiful as they are cleverly designed, too, as they prevent any light from damaging the ingredients within.

19. Commodity

Commodity has brought about a truly unique perspective on perfume, by ingeniously offering all of the scents in three different formats. You can choose from three increasingly strong perfume concentrations: Personal, Expressive, and Bold.

This impacts how closely the perfume wears, and allows the wearer to customize their fragrance experience. I’m a huge fan of Book, a tart and refreshing sandalwood, and Milk, an incense-infused creamy gourmand.

20. Maison Francis Kurkdijan

Although pricey, Maison Francis Kurkdijan makes some of the most luxurious and fabulous niche fragrances on the market today.

The brand was born out of the meeting of renowned parfumier Francis Kurkdijan, and fragrance house president Marc Chyna. Their worlds combined to create a range of sophisticated, sensual, and multifaceted scents, including perhaps their most famous, Baccarat Rouge 540.

21. Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens is a French designer who has dipped his toe into the world of fashion, photography, filmmaking, and hair styling, as well as (of course) fragrance. His eponymous brand is a pioneer of niche perfumery, and posits that fragrance is about more than just a list of notes or ingredients.

Serge Lutens’ scents are designed around emotion and scent memory, making them a total joy to wear.

22. Acqua di Parma

Italian design house Acqua di Parma offers a sensual, Mediterranean take on luxury fragrance. Each of the brand’s scents feels bright and summery, yet with that grounded depth that comes from the finest ingredients.

The brand’s best-selling Colonia really epitomizes this feel, offering an upmarket take on a classic cologne. Citrus notes of orange and bergamot are layered with herbal hits of rosemary and lemon verbena for a sexy scent that’s perfect for summer nights.

23. Mancera

Mancera is the perfume house of Pierre Montale’s daughter, Amelie – and it’s clear that fabulous perfumery runs in the family!

Mancera’s scents are inspired by old Eastern mythologies but given a graphic and futuristic twist. The line is known for combining notes that aren’t typically used together and making it work in an unexpected but delightful way.

One standout scent from the line is Choco Violet, which blends the sweet and creamy with the aromatic and floral for a surprisingly beautiful concoction.

24. Jo Malone

Jo Malone started her eponymous British fragrance house as a way to create complex yet wearable fragrance combinations. The majority of the niche brand’s line combines two standout star notes, which make up the name of the scent.

This allows the brand to have a more playful look at the world of fragrance creation and offers the consumer some truly unique scent pairings. Sea Salt and Wood Sage, an oceanic blend of herbal notes, is my personal pick.

25. Le Labo

Founded by two friends in New York in 2006, Le Labo creates its scents on-site and even allows customers to have their labels customized. The brand bases many of its scents around one dominant note, giving them a powerful, iconoclastic quality.

While Santal 33 is perhaps one of the most universally popular niche fragrances on the market, I’m also a huge fan of the slightly subtler (but no less fabulous) Rose 31, too.

26. L’Artisan Parfumeur

L’Artisan Parfumeur is a niche fragrance brand designed as a love letter to the natural world by founder Jean Laporte. Laporte offered free reign to his in-house parfumiers, ensuring each of the L’Artisan scents is beautiful and unique.

L’Eau d’Ambre, created by a member of the French high perfumery, Jean-Claude Ellena, is one of the line’s bestsellers, but one of my personal favorites is the now discontinued Drole de Rose, which smells like old makeup in the best possible way.

27. Goutal Paris
Best niche perfume brands: Goutal Paris

Goutal Paris, the fragrance baby of Annick Goutal, is inspired by her father’s roots in confectionery. Indeed, each one of the fragrances in the line is tied up in a sweet little bow in homage to Goutal’s father’s craft.

The fragrances within the line are similarly sentimental, with every one of them inspired by a landscape from her life. Goutal’s first scent, Folavril, contained a groundbreaking hit of tomato leaf, giving the perfume a unisex edge. My favorite from the line is Rose Absolue, which is, in my opinion, the only rose fragrance anyone really needs in their collection.

28. Roja Parfums

Roja Parfums, created by Roja Dove, is a British niche fragrance house that treats fragrances as memories and stories. The scents are designed to be evocative and emotional, so wearing Roja Parfums can bridge the gap between your scent and the world around you.

A signature Roja scent becomes a part of your personality and story. The brand’s Elysium scent, suggestive of cool waters and cloudless skies, is one of the brand’s standouts.

29. Bond No. 9

Bond No. 9’s fragrance line is a love letter to New York City. Not only is each of the scents named after a geographical area, but the perfumes are specifically designed to evoke the feel of that particular place.

The graphic, brightly colored, and pointily shaped bottles also help illustrate that this is a niche perfume brand that’s focused on having fun. Greenwich Village, a fresh, fruity floral with musky base notes, depicts this sense of fun perfectly.

30. BDK Perfumes

BDK is a brand that firmly has its roots in the old world of Parisian perfumery but offers a fresh and modern take on these olfactory classics.

The scents are all inspired by different characters you may encounter when ambling down a Parisian city street. Their most popular scent, made famous on TikTok, has to be Gris Charnel. It’s the perfect blend between woody notes of vetiver and santal, alongside more sweet and spicy elements like cardamom and fig. There’s a reason for its online virality!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the 30 best niche perfume brands. While big fashion houses like Tom Ford, Estée Lauder, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Yves Saint Laurent do make delectable luxury perfumes, sometimes, you want a signature fragrance that’s a little more unique.

Whatever niche perfumery you’re looking for, our round-up has the perfect niche perfume brand option for you!

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