15 Tobacco Perfumes That Are Sweet & Smokey

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The best tobacco perfumes are real head-turners that guarantee compliments wherever you go. These unique fragrances each make for a fabulous new signature scent!

A true tobacco scent is a million miles away from the whiff of cigarette smoke. In fact, the sweet tobacco note in the world of perfumery comes from tobacco absolute, a fragrance oil with a spicy aroma made from dried and fermented tobacco leaves. Tobacco fragrances have a beautiful smell that’s sweet, soft, powdery, and masculine, all at the same time.

A good tobacco fragrance can really resonate with the wearer, as it’s a vintage sort of fragrance that’s evocative of memories. The best tobacco fragrances feel cozy and inviting, like a warm sweater on a cold day. The smell of tobacco also blends perfectly with some of the most popular perfume accords, particularly woody notes, spicey notes, and sweet vanilla. For the very best tobacco perfumes, look no further!

The 15 Best Tobacco Perfumes

1. Diptyque VoluteS
Diptyque Volutes perfume
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Diptyque Volutes is a sweet and spicy scent with a potent hit of tobacco flower. The name Volutes means swirls, and the scent is inspired by swirls of smoke from elegant French ladies’ cigarette holders, intertwining with the languid sweetness of vintage perfume houses.

For a scent with a rich, spicy, yet smooth use of tobacco, Volutes Eau de Parfum offers the perfect balance. It’s built around a prominent note of tobacco flower, which gives the fragrance elements of whisky, caramel, and even hay.

Alongside this tobacco blossom, the perfume also offers a spicy and floral accord. The uniquely powdery floral of the iris flower brings out the heady sweetness the tobacco note offers. Honey and warm spices bring out the gourmand fragrance note, while base notes of styrax add a resinous, balsamic element to the scent for some extra nuance.

2. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille
Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille perfume
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Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille is a truly gorgeous fragrance and one of the most popular fresh tobacco scents on the market. If you want a tobacco scent that leans a little more on the gourmand side, Tom Ford has you covered. It’s a unisex fragrance that’s ideal for winter seasons.

The fragrance is built around two prominent accords – as the name suggests: tobacco and vanilla. It opens with an authentic hit of a quality Cuban cigar, which is elevated and made more delicious by sweet, creamy vanilla and intoxicating spices. There’s also an oriental hit of dried fruit, plus a resinous nuance courtesy of maple sap.

Tom Ford Beauty has a range of tobacco scents in Tom Ford’s Private Blend Collection. Alongside Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum, it also offers Tom Ford Tobacco Oud, which has a more woody and less sweet take on the tobacco note. You can also try it as part of a sampler here.

3. Byredo Tobacco Mandarin
Byredo Tobacco Mandarin perfume
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Byredo Tobacco Mandarin offers a more fresh, spicy, and aromatic take on the tobacco perfume genre. While it’s a little more vibrant and bright than a conventionally deep and sensual tobacco scent, it still offers the opulence and sensory power that makes tobacco perfumes so beloved.

Alongside a loud and proud tobacco hit, Tobacco Mandarin Extrait de Parfum also offers a surprising whiff of cumin. This warm and slightly savory spice gives a pungent element to the fragrance that’s almost reminiscent of sweat. The cumin note gives the scent an animalic and surprisingly carnal quality that makes it stand out from the rest.

You’ll also notice other spicy elements, including coriander, leather, and olibanum. These help reign in the cumin and prevent the scent from becoming too feral. Oud, leather, and, of course, tobacco help to add some sensual sweetness, while a gentle dose of mandarin adds sharpness and vibrancy that elevates the wearing experience.

4. Rebecca Minkoff Eau de Parfum
Rebecca Minkoff EDP
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If you’re curious about exploring the world of tobacco fragrances but are concerned they may be a little heavy or overpowering, Rebecca Minkoff Eau de Parfum is a perfect way to experiment with the note. It’s a surprisingly light and sweet take on a tobacco scent that smells girly and gorgeous – but with just a hint of that tobacco edge.

Rebecca Minkoff Perfume is an unexpectedly subtle tobacco fragrance. It has a fresh and clean element to it that many other tobacco options lack, making it a good option for warmer weather and sunnier days. However, it does still offer the warmth, spice, and slight herbaceousness we’ve come to expect from a tobacco scent.

Alongside this tobacco accord is sweet and exotic cardamom, plus the lactonic creaminess of tonka bean. Both of these middle notes add a feminine, gourmand feel. A leathery element offers extra grit and structure, while white florals and citrus notes keep things feeling bright and vibrant.

5. Initio Parfumes Prives Side Effect Eau de Parfum
Initio Parfums Prives Side Effect perfume
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Initio Parfumes Prives Side Effect is a more conventionally masculine tobacco fragrance. It has an extremely sexy and intoxicating feel from the first spritz and dries down onto the skin with a sweet dreaminess that feels highly luxurious.

Side Effect Eau de Parfum opens with a clean, even slightly soapy feel, which quickly dissipates and reveals the boozy, gourmand qualities at the scent’s heart. Vanilla offers a comforting sweetness, which plays off the boozy rum and spicy cinnamon notes perfectly.

As the wear time progresses, the tobacco and woody elements of the scent become more dominant. This gives the fragrance some backbone and offers an edginess and unexpectedness that’s incredibly sexy. You may also pick up on a heady cherry liqueur note, which helps tie in the booziness and keep things mouthwateringly sweet.

6. Amouage Portrayal Woman Eau de Parfum
Amouage Portrayal Woman perfume
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If you’re a sucker for a white floral, but also want to introduce a tobacco scent to your fragrance wardrobe, look no further than Amouage Portrayal Woman. The scent is inspired by an artist’s ability to bring disparate elements together to create a masterpiece that transcends the sum of its parts – and Portrayal does just that.

Portrayal Woman Eau de Parfum blends vintage white floral notes with the unexpected and slightly rebellious hits of tobacco and incense. This gives the scent both a softly feminine feel, and a hint of bohemian, rule-breaking spirit.

Jasmine and tuberose dominate the white floral bouquet at the fragrance’s opening. You may also notice a resinous note of elemi, which gives a subtle and opulent woody vibe. The smoky tobacco note becomes more prominent as the scent professes, but it’s complemented by a cozy sweet vanilla for some added girly charm.

7. Giorgio Armani Prive Magenta Tanzanite Eau de Parfum
Armani Magenta Tanzanite perfume
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Armani Prive Magenta Tanzanite is a more straightforwardly gourmand addition to this tobacco perfume edit. It elevates the sweetest and most delicious elements of the tobacco note to create a scent that is both subtly smoky and good enough to eat.

Magenta Tanzanite Eau de Parfum is inspired by the bright pink gemstone that gives it its name. Magenta tanzanite is formed in sun-baked savannahs, and the perfume does evoke this sense of both serenity and the natural powers of the wilderness.

The scent walks the delicate balance between spicy and sweet, like a walk through a decadent spice market or a perfectly crafted masala chai. It opens with a big hit of Myrhh, which gives an exotic and mysterious feel. The sweet spice of cinnamon then comes through, alongside a cardamon and coffee blend that evokes dried fruits. The tobacco note is complemented by a lactonic element, thanks to indulgent vanilla and tonka bean notes.

8. Serge Lutens Chergui Eau de Parfum
Serge Lutens Chergui perfume
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Serge Lutens Chergui is a cult classic in terms of spicy and oriental fragrances. Launched in 2004, it was one of the first tobacco scents to hit the market, and it really set the standard for what tobacco fragrances can do. Inspired by the winds over a Moroccan plain, it elevates the sweet tobacco notes with a hint of carnal wildness.

Chergui Eau de Parfum has notable hits of sap, resin, and desert vegetation, which offer a more natural element to the luxurious and honeyed scent. It opens with an unexpected floral bouquet, with iris, rose, and hay offering some vegetal sweetness. There’s even a slightly medicinal feel to the scent’s first spritz.

As the fragrance develops, a subtle licorice not becomes apparent. This offers some unexpected nuance to the floral and spicy concoction. The tobacco note then warms up on the skin as the fragrance develops. It’s supported by a cast of incense, sandalwood, and amber, which offer some warmth and coziness to contrast all that desert air.

9. Mancera Red Tobacco Eau de Parfum
Mancera Red Tobacco perfume
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Mancera Red Tobacco is a highly complex and unusual tobacco scent. It combines the more expected tobacco additions like spices and wood, but also includes some more offbeat supporting characters. You may notice sharp hits of vibrant fruit, white florals, and even green and herbaceous elements that ensure you’ll never get bored of sniffing this scent.

Red Tobacco Eau de Parfum is initially dominated by a rich and deep hit of tobacco. This note is complemented by a fragrant and intense oud aroma. But as the scent progresses on the skin, the more unusual notes come to the fore and elevate the wearing experience of the fragrance.

The subtle and spicy floral of saffron and the smokey mystery of incense give this scent a more sensual and intoxicating feel. You may also notice the mossy greenness of patchouli and the animalistic fluffiness of musk. Perhaps most surprisingly of all, though, is the sweet, sharp, and vibrant notes of green apple and juicy pear, which offer some contrast and help elevate the scent.

10. Vilhelm Perfumerie The Oud Affair Eau de Parfum
Vilhelm Parfumerie The Oud Affair perfume
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For fans of Oud who want to expand their fragrance collection to include some tobacco scents, Vilhelm Parfumerie The Oud Affair is a great place to start. Opulent agarwood is a classic pairing with the sweet but slightly mossy note of tobacco, and this perfume really makes the most of this power couple.

Inspired by a tumultuous love affair between old Hollywood stars Ava Gardner and bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguin, this scent is all about the more dangerous and tempestuous side of love. It balances all the sweetness you’d expect from romance with a fierce and formidable edge for a scent that’s undeniably sexy.

The Oud Affair Eau de Parfum blends the honeyed richness of pipe tobacco with the slightly dry spiciness of black pepper. Wild honey adds sweetness, while ginger butter offers a rich and spicy indulgence. The oud wood note balances the pipe tobacco perfectly, giving the scent the overall impression of a super fancy cigar box.

11. Christian Dior Parfums Tobacolor
Dior Tobacolor perfume
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Christian Dior Tobacolor is a more straightforwardly tobacco-inspired scent. Anyone looking for an authentic tobacco note, enhanced beautifully through the artistry of skilled perfumery will not be disappointed by this delightful option.

The name Tobacolor is a blend of tobacco and color, which is also the inspiration behind the scent’s design. The perfume is an ode to the different blonde, gris, and dark tobacco blends. It’s based on the experience of smoking a hookah pipe, with different elements of the fragrance unfurling around you in a languorous and relaxing way.

Alongside the dominant notes of tobacco and smoke, the scent also relies heavily on a sweet and fruity bouquet. Plum, peach, and citrus notes add some nuance to the bold tobacco hit, while oriental spices and the opulent white floral note of the tobacco flower offer some sweet relief.

12. Tiziana Terenzi Arrakis Extrait de Parfum
Tiziana Terenzi Arrakis perfume
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Tiziana Terenzi Arrakis is named after two stars in the Draco constellation. As these two stars balance each other perfectly, so do the two dominant characteristics of the scent; a citrus and a tobacco accord. These two seemingly disparate scents manage to counterpoise each other perfectly. Neither side of the balance is overpowering, which is a real testament to the fragrance’s craftsmanship.

Arakis Extrait de Parfum has a powerful opening on tobacco and spiced rum. It evokes the heady scent of an underground jazz club, with smoky pipes and boozy cocktails in abundance. These heavier elements are also complemented by the rich creaminess of tonka bean, plus some extra hits of exotic spice.

On the other side of the scent is a bright and refreshing splash of citrus. You’ll notice a pungent and even slightly bitter sharpness, courtesy of grapefruit. This citrus hit is echoed by other citrus notes such as Calabrian bergamot and Sorrento lemon. There’s also a vibrant green herbaceousness, with thyme and rosemary adding an aromatic edge.

13. Nishane Fan Your Flames Extrait de Parfum
Nishane Fan Your Flames perfume
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Some tobacco fragrances can have a reputation for being a little bit dark and serious. Not so, Nishane Fan Your Flames. Even the graphic, ’80s style bottle depicts that this scent is a tobacco fragrance with a difference. It feels lighthearted and fun, thanks to its unusual inclusion of coconut.

Fan Your Flames Extrait de Parfum utilizes this coconut note in a rather unique way. Rather than feeling overly sweet, girly, and artificial, the scent leans into the more nutty elements of the fragrance note. It feels authentic, with extra depth and texture and an almost woodsy feel.

This unusual coconut hit thus complements the tobacco note of the scent perfectly. It adds some lightness and girliness to the deep and smoky scent, but without feeling totally out of place and jarring. The woody notes of cedar, the creaminess of tonka beans, the booziness of rum, and the herbaceousness of moss all help round out the coconut and tobacco accord at the fragrance’s heart.

14. Montale Oud Tobacco Eau de Parfum
Montale Oud Tobacco perfume
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Montale Oud Tobacco is another fabulous scent that plays off the delicious combination of, you guessed it, oud and tobacco. As previously stated, these two notes play perfectly together, and each one elevates the other beautifully.

Oud Tobacco Eau de Parfum is more than just an oud and tobacco combination, however. There’s also a surprisingly sharp and tart citrus element to the scent, which gives it more vibrancy and wearability. Alongside the typical citrus fruit notes, the perfume also includes a prominent note of sumac, a spice that has that same mouthwatering sourness.

The scent also offers that slightly sweaty skin scent of cumin, which offers an unexpected sexiness to the composition. Creamy vanilla and rich tonka bean offer some extra comfort that sits close to the skin for a sensual finish.

15. Xerjoff Wardasina Eau de Parfum
Xerjoff Wardasina perfume
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Xerjoff Wardasina is the perfect tobacco perfume for those who are fans of roses. The tobacco and rose notes play off of each other beautifully, creating an exotic but feminine scent that feels almost narcotically intoxicating.

The Bulgarian rose which dominates the opening of Wardasina Eau de Parfum is nuanced and slightly spicy. The subtle floral notes are played up thanks to the inclusion of saffron. Patchouli and green notes also offer some vegetal herbaceousness to the bouquet.

On the other side of the fragrance are those warmer and deeper tobacco accords. Alongside the decadence of tobacco leaf, there’s a creamy vanilla hit, plus woodsy notes of cedar and the sexy and animalic skin scent of white musk.

We hope you enjoyed our round-up of the 15 best tobacco perfumes. Whether you’re looking for a true hit of dry pipe tobacco or something with a twist of spicy notes, rich florals, or a vanilla fragrance, there’s a perfect tobacco option for you!

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