21 Opulent Oud Perfumes To Spritz This Season

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For many perfume lovers, the unique fragrances of oud are a mainstay in their perfume collection. The best oud fragrances are rich, deep, and intoxicating. High-quality oud is produced when the mold phialophora parasitica attacks the wood of the agar tree.

This fragrant resin produced in defense is one of the most intense natural ingredients in the world of perfumery, sometimes nicknamed liquid gold. It’s also an expensive ingredient, meaning many of the best oud perfumes come with high prices.

Arabian oud is a staple in the traditional fragrances of middle eastern countries and Southeast Asia, and its popularity has spread to the Western world. Because of the rarity of the aquilaria tree, where agar wood is found, luxury brands now rely on sustainable production methods to achieve the scent of oud or opt for synthetic oud oil instead.

In recent years, many perfume houses have offered their takes on the classic oud scent, and for good reason. The power of oud lies in its complexity, making it a perfect choice for a sophisticated scent. Oud offers a resinous, woody, sweet, and animalic element to a perfume.

Whether you’re interested in trying an oud scent for the first time, or you’re a long-time fan of the oud scent, look no further. Our list of the 21 best oud perfumes for women offers something from the oud family to suit every taste.

Top 21 Oud Perfumes For Women

1. Tom Ford Oud Wood 
Tom Ford Oud Wood
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The unisex fragrance of Tom Ford Oud Wood makes it a classic in the oud perfume family. The luxury fragrance is a cacophony of woody notes. Alongside the prominent hit of natural oud, you’ll notice a burst of guaiac wood and rose wood.

To balance this out, Oud Wood also offers some more gourmand base notes. There’s sweet vanilla, black pepper, comforting tonka bean, and warm amber. These add depth and sophistication, making the perfume ideal for formal wear. It offers good wear time for more special occasions, too.

2. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Satin Mood
Maison Francis Kurkdijan Oud Satin Mood
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The exotic scent of Maison Francis Kurkdijan Oud Satin Mood combines notes of oud with a bouquet of delectable floral notes. The scent opens with a heady mix of Turkish and Bulgarian rose, alongside a slightly unexpected hit of violet flower.

Oud Satin Mood adds some extra warmth with rich vanilla and benzoin. These base notes come to the fore as the fragrance warms up to the skin. If you’re looking for a classic fragrance with an oud twist, this perfume is a great place to start. A little bit of this perfume oil goes a long way, so one of these little glass bottles will last a lifetime!

3. Maison Lancôme Oud Bouquet
Maison Lancome Oud Bouquet
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Maison Lancome’s Oud Bouquet is one of the best perfumes in the oud fragrance family. The beautiful scent is a sweeter and more feminine take on an oud. The decadent hit of praline adds a syrupy, gourmand element to the scent that’s absolutely delicious, with yummy backup from middle notes of vanilla and rose.

Oud Bouquet combines agar with guaiac wood, plus the unusual addition of copahu balm. This supports the balsamic, resinous elements of the oud, to make a well-rounded, balanced woody scent. It’s a beautiful perfume for evening wear while still offering a nod to Arab culture.

4. Christian Dior Oud Ispahan
Dior Oud Ispahan
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Dior Oud Ispahan is a floral scent with a warm and spicy core. It opens with a white floral bouquet, most prominently the heady bloom of labdanum flower. The heart notes of the fragrance help to add complexity to this floral opening, with decadent rose and saffron. There are also some herbaceous elements, courtesy of patchouli.

But if you’re looking for a true oud fragrance, Oud Ispahan is the real deal. It’s one of the best-quality oud scents on the market and is a perfect choice for those who just can’t get enough of that resinous, balsamic note.

5. Jo Malone London Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense 
Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot Intense
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Jo Malone London makes some of the best oud colognes out there, and Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense is no exception. It offers a slightly brighter and more vibrant take on an oud fragrance, thanks to its juicy top notes of bergamot. This citrus accord is intensified with tart and mouthwatering hits of orange blossom and Amalfi lemon.

Oud & Bergamot expertly blends these aromatic citrus elements with the intense and spicy scent of woody base notes. Alongside the obligatory oud is luxurious Virginia cedar. For those who want to explore the world of oud fragrances but are apprehensive of anything too heavy, this cologne is one of the best ways to begin.

6. Vilhelm Parfumerie The Oud Affair 
Vilhelm Parfumerie The Oud Affair
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From the moment you see the decadent bottle of Vilhelm Parfumerie The Oud Affair, you know this is a fragrance designed to make a statement. It’s rich, smoky, and hedonistic, reminiscent of speakeasy bars and late-night dancing.

The Oud Affair opens with a spritz of honey and ginger. This sugary spiciness gives way to a smoky scent of tobacco leaf, which feels warm and inviting. The oud in this fragrance is in the base notes and is a little more of a subtle aroma. It’s a perfect sweet and spicy scent that’s a gateway into the oud fragrance family.

7. Byredo Oud Immortel Eau de Parfum 
Byredo Oud Immortel
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Byredo Oud Immortel is a chypre interpretation of a more traditional oud scent. This means it has a more green and mossy vibe, alongside the sylvan base notes of oud and sandalwood.

Oud Immortel begins with headnotes of cardamom and limoncello. You may also notice subtle frankincense notes. At the perfume’s heart is an accord of agarwood and Brazilian rosewood. These intensely woody notes are balanced with herbaceous hits of patchouli and papyrus. This leafy greenness is backed up by base notes of oakmoss, while tobacco leaf offers some sweet smokiness, too.

8. Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense
Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud Intense
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Jo Malone London Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense is a great addition to any rose lover’s fragrance collection. It blends the classic comfort of rosy florals with an unexpectedly balsamic hit of oud for a complex yet imminently wearable scent.

Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense is more of a velvet desert oud. It’s predominantly damask rose-based, but the base notes of agar and clove give the scent a hidden depth. There’s also a delicious gourmand element thanks to decadent praline.

9. Guerlain Santal Royal
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Guerlain’s Santal Royal is a deeply complex and multifaceted oud fragrance. While oud is undoubtedly the star of the show, there is a cacophony of valuable supporting notes that make the wearing experience truly unique.

Santal Royal offers a white floral top note, with jasmine and neroli as the standouts. This floral vibe continues as the fragrance progresses, with a heady blossom of rose. There are also heart notes of cinnamon and peach, which are a little unusual but really work. At the perfume’s base is a beautiful woody-leathery accord. Oud combines with amber and musk for an intoxicating finish.

10. Initio Parfum Oud for Greatness Eau de Parfum
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Alongside the warmth and spiciness of oud we know and love, Initio Parfums Oud for Greatness offers something a little different. There are musky, earthy, and even slightly metallic notes to this complex and mysterious perfume.

Oud for Greatness leans heavily on notes of lavender and saffron, which give it an opulent feel. There’s a strong and powerful oud note at the fragrance’s heart which adds structure. As the wear time continues, the scent warms up and becomes almost creamy on the skin, with notes of patchouli, musk, and nutmeg coming to the fore.

11. Armani Prive Rose D’Arabie
Armani Prive Rose D'Arabie
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Armani Prive Rose D’Arabie blends elements of roses from Saudi Arabia with the resinous woodiness of oud. The prominent note of damask rose gives the scent a romantic vibe. It’s a deeply feminine scent, with a subtle nod toward the perfume traditions of South East Asia.

Rose D’Arabie’s most dominant notes are those complementary strains of rose and oud. There’s also some patisserie sweetness courtesy of vanilla, and an interesting green and earthy element thanks to a hint of patchouli.

12. Diptyque Oud Palao Eau de Parfum
Diptyque Oud Palao
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Instead of the typical agarwood oud, Diptyque Oud Palao uses Laotian oud as one of its main ingredients. This brings a slightly brighter, mossier, and less heavy take on the oud theme.

Oud Palao also has a floral accord of rose and labdanum, with some vibrant green notes of patchouli. Camphor also gives a refreshing hit, while tobacco and vanilla add some sweet smokiness. There is also an intoxicating hit of dark rum, while sandalwood helps round out the woody base notes.

13. Juliet Has a Gun Another Oud 
Juliette Has a Gun Another Oud
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As the name suggests, Juliette Has a Gun Another Oud is a rather irreverent addition to the oud category. While the oud note is prominent, the other elements of this fragrance make it quite different from other options on our list.

Another Oud has a surprisingly fruity and zesty opening, with a juicy burst of raspberry, bergamot, and pink pepper. The oud note then warms up, supported by white musk and the unusual addition of ambroxan. It’s a much more airy and delicate oud perfume, suitable for daytime wear.

16. Armani Beauty Prive Oud Royal 
Armani Prive Oud Royal
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Armani Prive Oud Royal is an absolute classic in the oud fragrance family, and one of the best quality oud perfumes money can buy. It offers the dark, warm, spiciness that you want from an oud fragrance, with some beautiful supporting notes of amber and incense.

Oud Royal also has a powdery, musky element thanks to notes of sandalwood and rose. The inclusion of saffron elevates the scent, giving it an expensive feel. But that oud essential oil remains the star of the show.

15. Creed Royal Princess Oud 
Creed Royal Princess Oud
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Creed Royal Princess Oud offers a sweet and girly conception of an oud fragrance. From that delightful pink bottle to the regal name, this is a scent that is as powerful as it is feminine.

Princess Oud starts off with a stunning amalgamation of floral, green, and woody notes. There’s a vibrant bouquet of violet, rose, iris, and Tuscan violet at the opening. These flowers are supported by some leafy greens and citrus notes, including patchouli and bergamot. But the scent is anchored by its oud base note, alongside complex woody notes of benzoin and styrax.

16. MAison Francis Kurkdijan Oud Silk Mood extrait de parfum
Maison Francis Kurkdijan Oud Silk Mood.
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Maison Francis Kurkdijan Oud Silk Mood is both bright and fresh while remaining deep and sexy. The oud notes are balanced by herby greens and creamy floral for a well-rounded scent that’s great for day or night.

Oud Silk Mood has top notes of rose petals and zesty bergamot. You may also notice the inclusion of calming and relaxing chamomile. The heart and base notes of the scent lean rather woody, with an inviting hit of oud supported by guaiac wood. The unusual note of hedione adds both a jasmine-adjacent floral vibe and some mossy greenness.

17. Boadicea the Victorious Violet Sapphire
Boadicea Violet Sapphire perfume.
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Boadicea The Victorious Violet Sapphire offers a more accessible take on oud thanks to some seriously fruity notes. It’s sweet and girly, but has some hidden depth, with woodiness and sexy animalic notes that bloom on the skin during wear.

Violet Sapphire begins like a delicious fruit salad, with juicy notes of raspberry, peach, and passion fruit. These ripe fruits are complimented by a floral bouquet, including magnolia, jasmine, tuberose petals, and the violet that lends the fragrance its name. Cambodian oud round out the base notes of the scent, with musk, cashmere, and crystal amber completing this fun and flirty fragrance.

18. Penhaligon’s The Bewitching Yasmine
Penhaligon's The Bewitching Yasmine
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Penhaligon’s The Bewitching Yasmine is a warm, gourmand oud perfume well-suited to colder months. It feels like a romantic getaway to the countryside, drinking mulled wine and walking in a mysterious mist.

The Bewitching Yasmine begins with head notes of coffee and cardamom for a sweet yet spicy and slightly bitter hit. Then come the outdoorsy notes of fir tree, and the smokiness of incense. The base notes of Laotian oud and Tahitian vanilla bring some cozy comfort to the scent, and really last on the skin.

19. Byredo Accord Oud
Byredo Accord Oud
Get the perfume at Neiman Marcus

Byredo’s Accord Oud is the fragrance house’s spicier and fruitier oud offering. It’s a little more bright and playful, though still has the depth and structure offered by those woody base notes. If you’re looking for a more casual oud perfume, then look no further!

Accord Oud has some indulgent opening notes, like ripened blackberry and a boozy hit of spiced rum. There’s a note of luxurious saffron, plus a prominent leathery accord. The oud is also prominent, but the whole scent is elevated by the uplifting and refreshing note of clary sage.

20. Van Cleef & Arpels Oud Blanc
Van Cleef & Arpels Oud Blanc
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Van Cleef & Arpels Oud Blanc has a light and airy vibe, with a prominent aldehydic accord. There is a woody smokiness reminiscent of an outdoor bonfire, with some toasted marshmallow sweetness courtesy of vanilla bean.

Oud Blanc is, though, at its heart, a true oud fragrance. The additional notes of incense, musks, and aldehydes help to add some vibrancy and fun, but ultimately, the creamy dry down is any oud lover’s delight.

21. Aqua di Parma Oud Perfume
Acqua Di Parma Oud
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Acqua Di Parma Oud Perfume is a warm and spicy delight. Alongside a woody accord and plenty of oud are some fruity, spicy, and citrusy notes that imbue the scent with joie de vivre.

Oud Perfume opens with a juicy burst of orange and bergamot. The middle notes of wood are backed up by spicy coriander and a mossy wave of amyris. There’s a rich woody base accord, too, this time of sandalwood and cedar. You’ll also notice some leather and musk, which add an animalic pungency. The oud accord manages to hold these disparate notes together, acting almost like a backbone to the perfume overall.

We hope you enjoyed our round-up of the 21 best oud perfumes for women. Whether you’re looking for a pure oud wood scent, or something with some floral or fruity notes on top of the rich fragrance, the good news is that there’s an oud perfume for you. Our list is the best place to find an incredible fragrance!

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