We Ranked The 10 Best Ariana Grande Perfumes In Order

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If you want to try out one (or two) of Ariana Grande’s fragrances but aren’t sure which option is best for you, don’t fear. We’ve ranked the best Ariana Grande perfumes in order to help you choose!

When American singer Ariana Grande decided to pivot away from the music industry, she astutely decided to try her hand at celebrity perfumes. And from her first perfume launch in 2015, Ari’s fragrance line has gone from strength to strength. In fact, the fragrance collection has been so successful that Ariana has gone on to have her own makeup line, R.E.M. Beauty.

Many look at Ariana Grande’s fun bottle designs and sweet scent notes and assume the range is aimed predominantly at a teenage girl audience. But more serious perfume aficionados risk missing out if they overlook Ariana’s fragrance collection.

There’s more to Ariana Grande’s perfumes than meets the eye. Many of these sweet and gourmand scents offer surprising depth and interesting base notes. These fragrances are sweet, sure – but they’re so much more than just that.

Many of Ariana Grande’s scents incorporate unusual notes that elevate them from being simply sweet perfumes in aesthetically pleasing bottles. If you’re active on perfume social media, you’ll have noticed certain Grande scents going viral over the years, and for good reason.

An Ariana Grande perfume can offer some much-needed fun to any scent lover’s fragrance collection. And if you’re skeptical of celebrity fragrance lines, Grande’s superior offerings should help to change your mind.

For those who are looking to explore the Ariana Grande fragrance collection but aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help. Whether you prefer a flirty, vanilla-based fragrance, a fruity perfume, something with deeper, woody notes, or even a more unisex scent, there’s something from this versatile collection for you.

If you’re curious about exploring the Ariana Grande perfume collection, this piece is here to help and guide you. From her first fragrance launch, 2015’s Ari, all the way up to her most recent Mod collection, and the limited editions along the way, we’ll talk you through everything you need to know about the best Ariana Grande perfumes.

So whether you’re already an Arianator, or just a perfume lover looking to expand your horizons, look no further. Our ranking of the 10 best Ariana Grande perfumes is here to help you make your perfect choice for a new signature scent.

10 Best Ariana Grande Perfumes

1. Cloud Eau De Parfum
Ariana Grande Cloud Eau De Parfum
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Cloud Eau de Parfum is perhaps the best-known of Ariana Grande’s scents, and might just be the most universally loved. It went viral on TikTok after some users claimed it was a dupe of the prohibitively expensive Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum. And as someone who owns both, I have a confession to make – I like Cloud more!

When written down, the notes of Cloud perfume sound relatively simple. But they combine to create a fragrance that’s greater than the sum of its parts. As the name suggests, Cloud has a lightness and an airiness, almost an ozonic quality, that is truly hypnotic.

The top notes of Cloud Eau de Parfum give it a bright and cheery opening. Pear and bergamot offer mouthwatering fruitiness, while lavender blossom adds a touch of dreamy relaxation. But as these notes fade, the creamy heart of the fragrance becomes evident.

Cloud’s dominant impression is these heart notes of whipped cream, coconut, and vanilla orchid. Feel-good notes of creamy praline make the fragrance extra yummy. You’ll also notice the scent’s sensual musky base with some notes of cedar wood. But the fragrance remains fluffy and cozy feeling, just like … well, a cloud.

And can we talk about the iconic Cloud bottle? It’s a treat for the eyes that will take pride of place on any beauty lover’s vanity.

2. Ari by Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum
Ari by Ariana Grande Eau de Parum
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Ari by Ariana Grande was the brand’s first launch, and it really set the tone for what was to come. Even on first impression, that multifaceted clear glass bottle shows the scent means business – but that adorable pom pom adornment shows Ari is here to have a good time, too,

Ari Eau de Parfum is a rather fruity fragrance, with some balancing warm musks and powdery elements to add sensuality and depth. Dabbed onto your pulse points, this would make a fabulous scent for date night, as it’s a sexy fragrance that isn’t too heavy or cloying.

The fragrance opens in a juicy burst of fruity notes. You’ll pick up on red berries, citrusy grapefruit, and a comforting hit of white pear. But in contrast to that fruity opening, the heart of Ari Eau de Parfum is actually surprisingly floral.

Fresh floral notes of rose, lily of the valley, and vanilla orchid occupy the middle layer of the perfume, making it a little more classic and sophisticated than the initial fruit cocktail may have led the wearer to believe. But the scent’s signature sweetness remains prevalent throughout the wear time.

Ari by Ariana Grande dries down into a cacophony of fluffy marshmallow and woody notes. A few hours after spritzing it on, you’ll notice the scent has developed into a sensual and musky fragrance – albeit, quite a tantalizingly sweet one.

3. Cloud 2.0 Intense Eau De Parfum
Ariana Grande Cloud 2.0 Intense Eau De Parfum
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After the huge success and viral fame of Cloud, Ariana released a much-anticipated follow-up in the form of Ariana Grande Cloud 2.0 Intense. And while the notes are rather similar to those of its predecessor, this second iteration of Cloud makes for quite a different perfume-wearing experience.

Cloud Intense Eau de Parfum is, as the name suggests, a more intense take on the airy, soft sweetness of the original Cloud. It’s a gourmand scent, but has more deep and smoky notes for a perfume that’s well suited to evenings out and cold weather. The intensity of Cloud 2.0 also helps to make it a more long-lasting scent.

The opening accord of Cloud Intense is those same notes of lavender, pear blossom, and bergamot for a sweet and flirty feel. The fragrance then moves through the yummy heart notes of whipped cream, vanilla orchid, and indulgent praline. It’s a comforting sweetness almost reminiscent of freshly baked patisserie.

But where this second iteration of Cloud diverts from its predecessor is in its base notes. Not only does Cloud 2.0 offer a bigger hit of the signature musky, woody base, but it adds some extra elements to the sensual, seductive mix.

Alongside the musk and woody notes we know and love from the original Cloud perfume, you’ll notice a hit of indulgent cashmeran and complex ambroxan. These extra base notes add some depth and power to Cloud 2.0 that make it really stand out from the rest of this fragrance line.

4. Mod Vanilla Eau de Parfum
Ariana Grande Mod Vanilla Eau de Parfum
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For those who can’t get enough of vanilla, Mod Vanilla by Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum could be your perfect fragrance. The Mod range represents the two new fragrances to Ariana Grande’s collection and consists of this offering and another scent called Mod Blush (more on that later).

The Mod collection represents a slight departure from the typical bottle design of Ariana Grande’s perfumes. Mod Vanilla comes in a sleek, small bottle with an ergonomic design, almost like a magical pebble. It looks minimal and chic, and houses a delicious dreamy blend of true vanilla.

Ariana Grande’s Mod Vanilla opens with a heady combination of musk, juicy plum, and pink freesia. These bright, airy notes help to elevate the gourmand scent and prevent it from being too saccharine-sweet. The scent melts into the skin as the wear time continues, with a dreamy blend of indulgent praline and the powdery, earthy tones of orris root coming to the fore.

At the base of Mod Vanilla is, as you probably expected, a heavy hit of warm, creamy vanilla notes. These are given extra depth thanks to the inclusion of tonka bean. The scent is also brightened up with the slightly tropical accord of coconut milk. It’s definitely a sweet perfume, but there’s enough edge to make it one of the best perfumes in Ari’s line.

5. R.E.M Eau de Parfum
Ariana Grande R.E.M Eau de Parfum
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R.E.M. Eau de Parfum is such a popular Ariana Grande scent that it actually inspired the name of her extended makeup range. The shattered glass bottle looks appealing but disconcerting and captures rays of sunlight beautifully. Like the rest of Ariana Grande’s perfumes, it’s a sweet and feminine scent, but it also offers a more floral option to the range.

Ariana Grande’s R.E.M. opens with a prominent note of zefir. This berry and whipped cream puree is a rather unique fragrance note and makes this bold, feminine fragrance stand out from the crowd. Alongside this zefir aroma are some succulent fruit notes, courtesy of fig and quince.

There’s a caramel sweetness, too – but it’s balanced out with a salty, skin-scent note. This slightly salty addition in the fragrance’s initial accord is a great thing about this scent. It’s quite surprising and interesting and proves that R.E.M. Eau de Parfum is more than just another sweet, floral fragrance.

R.E.M. has an accord of floral scents at its heart. It’s a blooming bouquet of pear blossom, alongside that comforting, calming vibe lavender always brings. On the dry down, you’ll be able to smell the deeper base notes of the scent, like musk and tonka bean. There’s also a spicy edge of sandalwood to round the fragrance off nicely.

6. Mod Blush Eau de Parfum
Ariana Grande Mod Blush Eau de Parfum
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Mod Blush Eau de Parfum is one of the newer releases from Ariana Grande’s perfume collection. It’s the partner fragrance to Mod Vanilla, which we’ve discussed above. It comes in a matching pebble-shaped bottle, but this time in a sweet blush pink tone.

Ariana Grande’s Mod Blush is a predominantly fruity scent. The smell of the perfume opens with a big hit of spicy pink pepper. This is backed up by a cacophony of scrumptious fruit notes, with bergamot, raspberry, and passion fruit doing some heavy lifting.

Mod Blush Eau de Parfum’s heart notes continue this fruit theme, with a strong hit of mouthwatering pear. This is joined by a floral bouquet of rose and magnolia, which add a touch of sophistication to this otherwise rather playful scent.

There’s a woody base to Mod Blush which also helps to ground the fragrance. Sandalwood and the mystically named dreamwood offer a creamy, comfortable landing point for the scent. There’s also some cozy musk and spicy black amber for extra depth.

7. Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum
Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum
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After testing out the waters of launching a perfume range with Ari, the following year Ariana Grande offered her first follow-up in the form of Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum. And as the rather self-explanatory name plus the pink spherical bottle suggest, this is the perfect perfume for those with a voracious sweet tooth.

Ariana Grande’s Sweet Like Candy Perfume is a deliciously sweet confection – but this sweetness is unexpectedly complex. There are fruity accords galore, balanced with creamy, lactonic notes, plus some syrupy florals and delectable woody notes, too.

The head notes of Sweet Like Candy are a blend of sugary fruit notes. Succulent blackberry stands out, with pear, bergamot, and pink grapefruit offering a fresh, citrusy edge. But after this initial juicy burst, that dominant aroma of macaroon sugar soon warms up and begins to take over.

At Sweet Like Candy’s heart is a heavy hit of sweet marshmallow. Frangipani and honeysuckle help to add some nuance to this sugary sweetness. Whipped cream adds that comforting, rich density that some sweet scents tend to lack. The fragrance also cleverly continues the fruity theme through its heart notes, with the slightly sour note of blackcurrant cutting through and balancing out all that candy.

The fragrance’s base notes also help to add some balance. There’s vanilla and cashmere wood, which add sensual depth that lasts on the skin. Sweet Like Candy would be a nice perfume to give as a gift, because it’s fairly universal and easy to wear.

8. Thank U, Next Eau de Parfum
Ariana Grande Thank U, Next Eau de Parfum
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Thank U, Next Eau de Parfum was the olfactory counterpart to Ariana’d 2019 smash hit single. With the beautiful bottle encased in a shimmery pink broken heart, it’s basically the revenge body of the perfume world.

Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next is described as a floral fruity gourmand, and it does what it says on the tin. The perfume’s scent is undeniably on the sweet side, but it’s well-balanced and never cloying, making it almost impossible not to like.

Thank U, Next uses rather more tart opening notes like pear and raspberry, which can help to cut through the syrupy accords at the scent’s heart. There are undeniably those directly sweet, candy-like notes of macarons and sugar, but the scent is well blended to help balance these out.

Alongside the upliftingly bright fruit notes, Thank U, Next incorporates a hit of classic rose and a creamy wash of coconut. There’s also a slight saltiness, courtesy of the base notes of musk, which brings a more sensual feel to this otherwise pink and girly perfume.

9. God is a Woman Eau de Parfum
Ariana Grande God is a Woman Eau de Parfum
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God is a Woman Eau de Parfum is perhaps the most mature and grounded scent in the Ariana Grande fragrance line. From that sturdy, stable-looking bottle to the selection of more offbeat floral and woody notes, God is a Woman marks a departure from the brand’s signature sweet vibes.

Ariana Grande’s God is a Woman opens with a semi-sweet burst of juicy pear, backed up by an unusually musky-mallow note courtesy of ambrette. This offers a sensual, animalic edge to the scent and suggests that something a little more unusual is to come.

There’s a distinctly iris-y note to the heart of God is a Woman. But rather than just a bouquet of blooming florals, the scent also incorporated orris root. This is closely related to iris, but offers more depth and a woody, powdery, and even earthy element to the perfume.

If all of these notes sound a little out of left field, though, don’t fear. God is a Woman also has some of the Ariana Grande stalwarts, particularly in the base of the fragrance. The scent dries down into a comfortingly familiar blend of sweet Madagascan vanilla and sturdy, reliable sandalwood.

10. Moonlight Eau de Parfum
Ariana Grande Moonlight Eau de Parfum
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Moonlight Eau de Parfum was designed as Ariana’s tribute to her fans. From the iridescent, multifaceted bottle, to the fragrance’s name, to the bright notes of the scent, Moonlight is all about incandescence and sharing one’s special light with the world.

Ariana Grande’s Moonlight opens with juicy notes of purple fruits like rich blackcurrant and plum. These slightly tart accords add some vibrancy to the scent and help to cut through the sweetness.

At the scent’s heart is a sweet and fluffy marshmallow for a creamy gourmand element. There’s also fresh peony, which adds some green, herbaceous elements to help bring balance.

The base notes are also sweet and creamy, with soft sandalwood and dreamy vanilla. You may also notice a slightly spicy edge thanks to the inclusion of black amber. Moonlight has a luxurious, powdery element, which makes it a great perfume choice for those who enjoy more classic scents.

We hope you enjoyed our round-up of the 10 best Ariana Grande perfumes. Whether you’re looking for a sweet, fruity, floral, or woody scent, there’s an Ariana Grande option for you. Ari’s perfume line is far more sophisticated and varied than many perfume snobs would initially give it credit for. But once you begin to explore this versatile fragrance line, we know you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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