25 Deathly Stunning Day Of The Dead Makeup Ideas

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Are you looking for Day of The Dead makeup ideas? We got you! We compiled our top picks of absolutely stunning makeup looks you can recreate.

Halloween is technically a few months away, but before you know it, it’ll be here quickly. You have a few months left to plan and prepare your Halloween costume, so allow us to inspire you with this amazing makeup idea that will just blow your mind.

If you enjoy spending time working on extremely detailed makeup looks, then we suggest that you try out a Day of The Dead makeup look! In more common terms, this makeup look is called the “sugar skull”, and this is what is usually worn on Dia de Los Muertos (which literally translates to Day Of The Dead) typically held on November 1.

Before we dive into the gorgeous makeup looks, it pays to learn the history so we can properly respect and emulate it. 

Dia de Los Muertos is a Mexican holiday in line with celebrations of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, held on November 1 & 2, respectively. It has religious roots and it involves family and friends gathering together to pray, remember, and talk about late friends and family members who have passed on. 

Families also gather and eat their late members’ favorite foods while telling stories and memories of that person. Simply put, it’s a celebration of a loved one’s life.

This is a hauntingly beautiful makeup look that is tied with a rich history.

Excited to go through this list? We are too! Let’s get started.

Amazing Day Of The Dead Makeup Ideas

1. Renaissance Palette by Lily Martinez

Rose gold sugar skull for Day of The Dead Makeup Ideas

Image via @lilylove213

This romantic blend of warm oranges and pinks will pair beautifully with marigold flowers, a popular head adornment option for this holiday.

2. Green Skull by Ember Grim

Green wig and green accents sugar skull for Day of The Dead Makeup Ideas

Image via @embergrim

This festival is a day to celebrate and honor for those taking part, and so a bright look like this neon green skull is the perfect way to honor the loved ones who have passed.

3. Golden Flowers

Beautiful pink Sugar Skull makeup for day of the dead

Get this look on Etsy: Headpiece | Finger Jewelry | Choker

If you’re attending a larger gathering or party, you could go for a dramatic look with matching jewelry to add a wow factor. The pink tones in this makeup look will work beautifully with pink flower hair pieces too.

4. Queen of Hearts by Lily Martinez

Sugar skull with hearts for Day of The Dead Makeup Ideas

Image via @lilylove213

It’s like if Barbie was celebrating Día De Los Muertos. This subtle skull look has heart-shaped eye sockets, with scalloped edges and crystals. This works very well paired with a pink lip and a pink flower crown.

5. Peonies by Kahlovera

Peonies on hair with sugar skull for Day of The Dead Makeup Ideas

Image via @kahlovera

Flower crowns are a huge aspect of Day of the Dead looks, and they don’t have to be basic. You can easily create a hair accessory with supplies from your local craft store, like this flower beehive!

6. Black & Gold

Black and gold sugar skull makeup for Day of The Dead

Get this look on Etsy: Flower choker | Halo Crown

Black and gold is a classic color combination, but not one often seen in Day of the Dead makeup looks. This modern take will look beautiful in low light settings as the metallic tones will pop in the dark.

7. Remember Me by Mariel Romero

Roses on head with bones for Day of The Dead Makeup Ideas

Image via @marielveganbeauty

Another traditional Day of the Dead look with tones of reds, which beautifully compliment the flower crown of signature marigolds and roses.

8. Drenched in Gold by Kahlovera

All-gold sugar skull and embellished with rhinestones for Day of The Dead Makeup Ideas

Image via @kahlovera

The stunning golden tones of this look pair well with headpieces like crowns or bejeweled headdresses. Its important to address that Day of the Dead looks aren’t meant to look scary, but rather as a way of honoring the beauty of life.

9. Milk Bath by Lily Martinez

Milk bath sugar skull for Day of The Dead Makeup Ideas

Image via @lilylove213

This is more of a look catered to an eerie Halloween look. You could pair this simple skull with a skeleton bodysuit for a stunning costume party outfit.

10. Mexican Pride

Mexican headpiece for Day of The Deas

Get this headpiece on Etsy

Celebrating Día De Los Muertos is a huge part of traditions in Mexican homes. Combining both of those aspects with the colors used, results in a vibrant and personal story told through your look.

11. Orange Glow by Kahlovera

Orange flowers on hair and orange accents on sugar skull for Day of The Dead Makeup Ideas

Image via @kahlovera

We’ve already mentioned that marigolds are a traditional part of Día De Los Muertos looks. The great thing about these are that they are open to interpretation, and so if you aren’t able to get ahold of the flowers, why not draw them instead?

12. Summer Sirena by Lily Martinez

Pink dia de los muertes skull makeup

Image via @lilylove213

This contemporary take on the Day of the Dead look is great for those who love a pop of pink. It lends itself to being a dramatic look, with an outfit and headpiece in matching tones of pink.

13. Neon Sugar Skull by Astrid Reijners

Neon sugar skull for Day of The Dead Makeup Ideas

Image via @funnyfaces_astrid

Another modern take on the classic Day of the Dead look would be a half skull. This is great for all the make-up fanatics who want to show off their makeup skills while participating in this joyous occasion.

14. Amazonia by Lily Martinez

Tiger head sugar skull for Day of The Dead Makeup Ideas

Image via @lilylove213

This is a less traditional look and would look great at a parade or party where you’d like to go for a Day of the dead look. You can pair this Amazon-inspired look with a funky animal-themed headpiece.

15. Prickly

Gorgeous Day of The Dead white sugar skull makeup

Get this headpiece on Etsy

This fierce rendition of the Day of the Dead look is traditional and represents the strong significance of the occasion. Mexican households don’t see this as a costume, and so dressing well in a chic dress like this, is the perfect way to honor those who have passed.

16. Sultry Red by Sarah New

Sultry red look for Day of The Dead Makeup Ideas

Image via @sarahnewsfx

This is a great, simple, Day of the Dead look if you aren’t artistically inclined. All you need to do is do your regular makeup, and use black liner to draw round the eyes, add a black tear shaped nose, and cut out your cheekbones with black shadow!

17. Red Sugar Skull

Red sugar skull Halloween makeup

Get this crown on Etsy

This feels like a Day of the Dead-inspired look crossed with a Spanish-style crown. The bold red and orange tones are classic to the traditional style of the skull, whilst the bold headpiece is perfect for a larger gathering or party.

18. Floral Skull by Vanessa Davis

Dainty floral skull for Day of The Dead Makeup Ideas

Image via @the_wigs_and_makeup_manager

This is more appropriate for halloween or a costume party than a traditional Day of the Dead look. An easy way to create this look would be with temporary tattoos [which can usually easily be removed with an oil based makeup remover – but do check this before putting the tattoos on your face].

19. Grunge Corpse by Beserk

Grunge sugar skull for Day of The Dead Makeup Ideas

Image via @beserk

For a more dramatic halloween party look, this pink and purple toned skull with crystals and dramatic eye makeup is perfect. The white base makeup gives an almost ghost-like look, fitting for spooky season.

20. Deadly Beauty by Lora Arellano

Glamorous skull makeup for dia de los muertes

Image via @lora_arellano

If a few crystals aren’t enough sparkle for you, you can go ahead and plan your design around chunks of gemstones glued onto your face. You can do this with lash glue as it’s easy, and safe, to remove.

21. Pastel by Aurora

Pastel sugar skull look for Day of The Dead Makeup Ideas

Image via @auroramakeup

This makeup style lends itself to any personal style, so if coquette-core is more you thing [an ultra-feminine micro-trend] go for a skull in light tones, and embellish with pearls or dainty crystals.

22. Bejeweled Skull

Gold bedazzled sugar skull makeup with crown

Get this crown on Etsy

Crystals aren’t the only option for bejeweling your skull. You can do so with basically any craft item which can be glued down, chains, gemstones or metal-style pieces like this.

23. Ghastly Barbie by Katie Marble

Barbie inspired sugar skull for Day of The Dead Makeup Ideas

Image via @kosmeticsbykatie

For a subtle, smoky look, a white edged skull like this is a stunning Halloween take. It’ll also look fabulous with a white wig, and a white costume.

24. Glitter And Gold By Diana Vitikačová

Bejewelled half sugar skull for Day of The Dead Makeup Ideas

Image via @muadiana.v

This intricate look is almost too good not to be worn to celebrate the traditional Día De Los Muertos festivities. Part of the celebration is to dress the part to honor life, and your deceased family members and ancestors, and what better way than with this stunning makeup?

25. White Queen by Lily Martinez

White glamorous dia de los muertes skull makeup

Image via @lilylove213

Bright colors are the way to go for a traditional look, however a monochrome look like this could be good for a costume party or Halloween, than a party at a Mexican household.

We hope you got inspired by this list of Day of The Dead makeup looks! If you’re still looking for more makeup ideas, check the posts down below.

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