25 Cute Pumpkin Nails That Are Perfect For Fall & Halloween

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Pumpkin nails are a must to complete any fall look. After all, what would be more fitting to welcome Thanksgiving or Halloween? 

While you’re busy getting ready for the holiday season with Halloween costumes, fall home decor, and Thanksgiving recipe prep, it can be easy to overlook your nails. Having a fresh manicure set will make you feel good and ready for the upcoming celebrations, plus they’re guaranteed to bring you compliments from your friends and family.

This season, we bring you the ultimate fall nail design: Pumpkin nails. If you thought pumpkins were just for lattes and pie, think again – they’re a quintessential part of many great autumn manicures!

So grab your PSL, and let’s dive into trending nail designs that you’re bound to see everywhere this fall.

The Cutest Pumpkin Nails To Get

1. Bright Orange

We love the striking mix of vibrant orange, sparkling orange glitter, and a cute mini pumpkin design in these adorable pumpkin-themed nails – exactly what you need for the upcoming fall season!

2. Silver Glitter

If you are looking for a pumpkin design that is eye-catching and unique, this glittering silver Halloween nail art is just perfect and is guaranteed to add a little glam to your fall look! The addition of the mini ghosts and flowers is so beautiful as well.

3. Carved Pumpkins

This carved pumpkin design is just irresistible with the subtly striped orange base for that true pumpkin look and delicate little black faces. You can pick your own carved pumpkin faces for a scary or cute vibe!

4. Hippie Halloween

This detailed design has a more dainty and feminine aesthetic, with the floral ghost design, fall-themed flowers, and a sparkling pumpkin tip. Plus, the burnt orange nails finish off this look perfectly.

5. Pink Halloween

If you don’t fancy the traditional orange pumpkins, you can play around with color and opt for a pink color palette – just stunning! This intricated design features lots of pumpkins, ghosts, cobwebs, bats, and skeletons so you can mix and match the designs to create your own look.

6. Brown Gingham

We love the dark, fall color palette of this nail design, with a cute and cozy gingham design right alongside the mini ghost and pumpkin. This design is a great neutral option that will suit a wide range of fall looks.

7. Woodland Aesthetics

This pumpkin design has a woodland aesthetic with the addition of leaves, plants, and mini mushrooms right alongside the vibrant orange pumpkins. The natural base color allows the designs to really pop.

8. Pink, Black & White

The contrast between the black, pink, and white makes this nail design really striking – ideal if you love a bold look. The glossy black nails sit alongside a white pumpkin design and a chic black French tip. Add a couple of crystals to your look for a little extra sparkle during the dark fall and winter looks.

9. Pumpkin Tips

These pink pumpkin tips are a great way to make your fall nails unique and individual. The pink and brown pumpkins also feature adorable pink and white flowers for a girly finishing touch.

10. Pumpkin French Tips

Cute burnt orange French tip nails with pumpkins.

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Add a fall twist to a traditional French tip design with a nude base, orange tip, and one pumpkin nail for more of a subtle pumpkin look – just gorgeous!

11. Retro Groove

This stunning design mixes fall pumpkins with a retro 70s aesthetic to create a playful and distinctive look! The white pumpkin motif really stands out against the dark brown sparkling base, while the swirly designs incorporate more fall colors with a groovy touch.

12. Pumpkins & Plaid

We love the cozy Thanksgiving vibe of these intricate pumpkin nails. The plaid design gives the nails a vintage, homey feel, while each section of the pumpkin features a different pattern in fall colors for a strikingly intricate finish.

13. Halloween Heroes

Mix and match your favorite Halloween characters in this adorable nail design! The pink, black, and white color palette is just gorgeous, but you can choose your own shades that suit your personal style.

14. Bronze shimmer

via @swaknails

These bronze pumpkins are a great way to add a little shimmer and glimmer to your everyday life. The pumpkin design at the base of the nails is a fun twist to the usual pumpkin design at the tip.

15. Spooky Season

If you fancy a scarier aesthetic for your next nail design, then this spooky pumpkin design is just perfect for you! The dark shading and dripping effect on the pumpkins really stand out on the nude base to create an eerie Halloween look.

16. Pink Chrome

Who said fall and Halloween nails had to be dark?! This pink chrome design is just stunning and so irresistible, while the black and white pumpkin and Jack Skellington design adds just a touch of Halloween to the look.

17. Pumpkin Spice

Go for a traditional fall color palette with this beautiful nail design, featuring an orange pumpkin, autumnal leaves, and a little bit of dark brown glitter for a sparkling finish.

18. Short & Sweet

The color palette and charming design on these nails make it a design you really need to get next time you visit the nail salon. The orange, white, and beige shades ensure that chic fall aesthetic, while the pumpkins of different sizes and cute ghosts finish off this design perfectly.

19. Light Pink & White

Chrome Pink Pumpkins

via @klamaja

If you usually opt for a subtle and feminine pink nail design, then this subtle white pumpkin design is a great way to add a fall touch to your usual nail design. We love the leaves and swirly details on these pumpkins too.

20. Friendly Ghost

This pumpkin design is just adorable and such a delightful and charming way to add a Halloween touch to your nails. A little ghost sits atop the bright orange pumpkins, while the design is finished with orange glitter for a sparkling look!

21. Cartoonish Pumpkin Nails

Cartoonish Pumpkin Nails

via @nails.bykathryn

We love the mix of designs on these gorgeous pumpkin nails, with the pumpkin tip, leaves, and plaid design. You can also mix and match the designs and change up the color palette to really make the look unique.

22. Black & Orange

The combination of black and orange really pops on your nails and ensures an eye-catching look. The matte black and orange chrome wavy designs match well with the oversized pumpkin and Boo slogan on the fingernail!

23. Gold Pumpkins

Cute neutral coffin fall nails with golden pumpkins.

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This gold design is the perfect way to add a touch of fall to your usual neutral manicure. The shimmering gold pumpkin sits alongside leaf designs for a chic and sophisticated fall aesthetic.

24. Mini Multicolor pumpkins

Pretty burnt orange fall nails with pumpkins

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The mini pumpkins in this nail design are adorable and just irresistible! The design is then finished with a burnt orange shade on the other three nails for a striking look.

25. Mauve Mood

Dainty Pumpkins with leaves

via @_nailsbyemmaa_

The pumpkin and leaf designs have a matte finish, which gives the design a hand-drawn, sketch-like look – just stunning! This also contrasts with the glossy pink nails that finish this beautiful nail art design.   

We hope you got inspired by this list!

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