25 Turquoise & Teal Nails For A Fresh Look

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Dive into a sea of style with these stunning turquoise and teal nails, perfect for sunny days!

If you’re after a unique nail color to use in your next manicure, why not opt for calming shades of teal or turquoise? These vibrant are a great alternative to traditional nudes, pinks and reds, offering a bit of an unexpected pop of color to any outfit.

Both teal and turquoise evoke images of crystal-clear waters and tranquil beaches, making them ideal for spring and summertime manis. With this said, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid these shades when temperatures drop – there are quite a few ways you can incorporate these colors into a wintertime nail look too!

So, whether you’re planning a beach getaway or simply want to add a bright touch to your everyday look, you’ll find a nail design for every taste in this article.

25 Chic Turquoise & Teal Nails

1. Gemstone Nails

If you are planning to jump on the turquoise nail trend, these gemstone nails are the perfect place to start. After all, turquoise has its name due to the beautiful turquoise gemstone.

2. Half French

These nails are a great way to get your teal game on! Break up your solid nails with a half-and-half white and teal Fench tip on two of your nails to add a modern touch.

3. Turquoise Tips

These mesmerizing nails are a thing of mermaid dreams, evoking images of the ocean!

4. Swirl Magic

How cute are these glittery swirls in teal and turquoise hues? To DIY this manicure at home, start by painting your nails with opaque glittered turquoise nail polish, and draw abstract swirls with alternating shades of light blue and teal. Or, if you’re lazy like us, just show this design to your nail tech!

5. Mixed Chrome

Run, don’t walk for these multicolored chrome nails! While ombre designs are typically painted from the tip of the nail to the bottom, this gradient version is a fun, unique way to incorporate a metallic touch to your summer nail look.

6. Festive Mood

Why commit to one nail design when you can mix and match? This festive manicure idea is next level. Make sure to enlist the help of a pro for this manicure. We are all for it!

7. Teal Dreams

This art-deco-inspired manicure is a must-try this summer. The alternating geometrical turquoise and gold swirls are a cute and unique idea to make your tan pop a little! Pair this nail look with a white dress for added drama.

8. Dark & Light

Combining bright, electric blue and turquoise this summer is the way forward. Try mixing up your look by replicating this manicure with half of the nails painted in solid colors, and half in with swirling stripes using two colors.

9. Velvet Turquoise

Even though we love turquoise for the summer, this velvet nail idea is perfect for the winter. After all, velvet outfits are [almost] synonymous with the holiday season, so why not add a nail design to complete the look?

10. Teal Glitter

These nails remind us of the glistening ocean on a warm summer day. Four nails have been given glittering teal French tips with small dots by the cuticle line, while the ring finger features a full, solid layer of the same nail polish.

11. Teal and Daisies

Could this teal and floral combo be any cuter? Three nails have been painted with minimal teal tips, while the index finger features an intricate daisy design perfect for the spring. The ring finger has a solid color coat, adding a vibrant pop to the overall look.

12. Turquoise Mix

We love this unique nail idea which combines negative space with minimalist turquoise stripes, as well as classic solid turquoise nails. Add silver detailing to add a bit of character to this manicure.

13. Marbled

These golden marble effect nails are simply stunning. You really can’t go wrong with combining teal hues with gold flakes.

14. Trendy Ombre

Tired of a traditional ombre mani? This nail art idea combines black and teal in a hypnotizing way that’s completely next-level.

15. Ocean Waves

Ocean waves turquoise and teal nails

via @cheriesnails_

These beach-inspired nails are a great idea for a summer manicure. Add pretty wave-like details and wear them on the shore all summer long.

16. Swirly Stripes

Go for a swirl with these gorgeous striped nails! We will definitely be adding this to our summer nail archive.

17. Florals

Florals are a trend that we’re always up for. If you’re tired of opting for typical pastel shades in your floral mani, alternating teal and turquoise daisies offer a unique take.

18. Turquoise daisies

It’s always a good idea to combine two nail trends. We love the clear base, completed with daisy detailing on the thumb, middle and ring fingers, while the index finger and little finger lend a pop of color to the look!

19. Teal French

This abstract French is so simple yet so eye-catching. If you’re tired of sporting a classic French tip, try this “melting” design next time you’re at the salon.

20. Under the Sea

These Under the Sea-inspired nails are mesmerizing. Play around with blue, teal, and glitter to achieve a slight gradient effect on your nails.

21. Tiffany Blue

Nothing says Tiffany & Co. more than turquoise. If you’re after a simple look with just the right amount of nail art, try these matte turquoise nails – perfect for an afternoon at Tiffany’s!

22. Peeking Daisies

Another great take on the daisy nail trend. Combine delicate daisy nail art on two of your chosen nails with solid teal nail polish on the remaining three. So fresh and cute!

23. mix and Match

Get creative with this abstract nail idea. Combine black, white and turquoise hues with geometrical patterns to create this unique manicure. If you’re DIYing this manicure at home, Etsy offers lots of easy-to-use nail decals like these to make recreating this look more manageable at home.

24. fairy Garden

Opt for these mesmerizing garden fairy nails for your next manicure. Again, daisy nail art has been combined with teal hues, proving yet again that this duo is worth a try.

25. Ocean Eyes

Cute marble turquoise French tip nails

via @merlin_nails

These marbled nails are a work of art! If you’re looking for a subtle ocean-inspired manicure, this unexpected take on beach nails is certainly an eye-catching look to go for.

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