Pedicure Season Is Around The Corner – Here’s 15 Designs Worth Recreating

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Get your feet ready for sandal season with these fabulous pedicure ideas! From vibrant nail colors to subtle nail art, discover the perfect look to pamper your toes.

Pampering your feet with a pedicure is not only a relaxing self-care ritual but also a great way to indulge in a bit of creativity. Whether you’re gearing up for the summer season or simply looking to treat yourself to some well-deserved TLC, these trendy pedicure ideas will leave your feet feeling and looking their best.

From classic nail polish shades to trendy nail art designs for those looking for extra sparkle, these 15 pedicure ideas are too cute to hide.

The Best Pedicure Ideas

1. Classic French

Why not add a touch of glitter to your classic French pedicure design? These nails have been painted with a nude-pink polish and tipped with a thin line of white polish to create the French tip look, while the second nail features a nude iridescent glitter to add more sparkle to your pedicure.

2. Barbie Pink

This Barbie pink shade is a classic pedicure option that is universally flattering on any skin tone and works all year round. This pink shade looks particularly great during the summer when you are wearing more open-toe shoes or are shoe-less at the beach.

3. Shades Of Brown

If you love a neutral-toned manicure, then you are bound to love this neutral brown-tone pedicure! Each of the nails has been painted in a rich chocolate brown shade, while the big toes feature a little nail art, with a love heart on one foot and a striped design on the other. This pedicure would be ideal for the fall months if you live somewhere that doesn’t get too cold.

4. Pale Blue & Yellow

A pop of color on your toenails always looks amazing during the summer months! This pedicure has a stunning color palette of sky blue and bright, sunshine yellow – the perfect color palette for the summer season!

5. Glazed Donut

Since glazed donut manicures have been made so popular by Hailey Beiber, what about glazed donut pedicures too?! This is another pedicure design that is always flattering and you can get it all year round. The pale pink nails are finished with a shimmer to achieve that chic glazed donut look.  

6. Classic Red

Red toes will add a statement touch to any summer look and are ideal for special occasions when you are wearing open-toe shoes.

These classic red nails have been finished with a high-gloss top coat so the nails look amazing and the colour will last. Go for these red nails just before you go on vacation, and don’t forget to choose a matching red manicure to complete your beach look!

7. Blue Marble

Who says you can’t have fun with nail designs on your toes?! These blue marble nails look incredible and the touch of gold adds a little glamour and will really sparkle in the sunlight. Each nail has been decorated with a bright blue marble design, complete with black and gold crack details – just gorgeous!

8. Wine Red

These wine-colored nails look chic and elegant, the perfect go-to pedicure design during the colder months. All the nails have been painted with a deep purply-brown polish and finished with a glossy top coat.

We think these nails would also work well if you are heading to a special occasion, wearing open-toe shoes, and want a pedicure that won’t stand out too much. To complete the look, match your pedicure to a fabulous wine-red manicure!

9. Neutral Shades

This glittery, neutral pedicure looks amazing and is the best way to match versatile, neutral shades with a little bit of glamour for the summer months. Just pick any of your favorite beige and ivory polishes and add a little gold glitter on a couple of the nails to achieve this chic look.

10. Black with Gold Foil

Black nails are ideal for the fall and winter months, and we love the touch of gold you see on this black pedicure. Each of the nails is painted with a glossy black polish, and then the big toe is decorated with a stripe of gold foil at the base of the nail to add a little glamour and sparkle.

11. Iridescent Lavender

Iridescent nails work well during the summer months as they catch the sun when you wear sandals and open-toe shoes and really shine in the light. These iridescent lavender toenails sparkle in pink, purple, teal, and green tones under the light – so beautiful.

12. Pale Blue

If you are looking for a pedicure that will look sleek and sophisticated during the spring and summer months, then this pale blue shade is just what you need. These pale blue nails look stunning and will suit any outfit you wear during the warmer months, which is why we think this will become your go-to pedicure shade!

13. White With Stripes

Add a little more detail to a classic white manicure with these stripe designs. The nails start with a sheer white base and then opaque white polish is added over the top in gently curving stripes to add a chic and elegant design detail to this pretty pedicure. This is another great option if you are looking for a versatile pedicure design.

14. Baby Pink

This pale pink, sparkly pedicure is a fantastic option all year round that will look amazing with any outfit and any pair of shoes. The pale pink toenails are decorated with a touch of silver glitter to add a little extra sparkle to your toes – ideal for the summer months or when you are attending a special occasion.

15. Floral Detail

Pretty light blue pedicure with flowers

via @mashapatrakova05

Play around with floral designs if you are looking for a striking and unique pedicure design. These toenails have been painted with a sky blue polish, apart from the big toe which has a sheer white base, then features silver glitter at the top and a black leaf design to create a glamorous and detailed look – so eye-catching!

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