26 Minimalist Bling Nails Perfect For Special Occasions

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Dazzle and shine with these 26 stunning bling nails, perfect to add sparkle to any special celebration!

Bling nails are all about adding glitz and glam to your nails, perfect for anyone who loves a bit of extra attention. While some may see crystal-adorned nails as tacky, there are delicate ways in which you can incorporate rhinestones into your manicure without risking a kitsch look.

If you’re looking to get inspired, take a look at these classy designs that are worth recreating at your local salon.

The Best Bling Nails To Copy

1. Icy Blue

This icy blue manicure is just beautiful and the gemstones add a fun extra sparkle to the nails! Three nails are painted with a glossy light blue shade while the middle and ring fingers have a nude base with a white French tip and blue and silver stones at the base of the nail – so pretty!

2. Multicolored Rhinestone

Go for a bright and vibrant look with these multicolored embellishments! The nails are painted with a glossy, neutral shade and then decorated with sparkling rhinestones in a wide range of different colors at the tip of each nail, creating a striking manicure, perfect for any special occasion.

3. Pink French tips

Add an extra touch of glam to your classic French tip nails with a dainty crystal gemstone. These minimalist bling nails have a sheer pink base and are decorated with a pink French tip, beginning with light pink on the little finger and a darker fuchsia on the thumb. The base of each nail then features a sparkling jewel to finish off the look.

4. Gold glitter

This gold glitter manicure is just perfect for the winter months and holiday season! Three nails are painted with gold glitter which really twinkles in the light, then the index and ring fingers have a gold glitter French tip and are decorated with white snowflakes.  

5. Night sky

These dark, sparkling, night sky-inspired nails are just irresistible! The thumb and little finger are painted with a glittery black polish, then the index and middle fingers have a shimmery base and a black, bejeweled French tip. Meanwhile, the ring finger has a sheer shimmer base and is decorated with stars and blue gemstones – just beautiful!

6. Sparkling silver jewels

This silver and blush pink manicure has a more paired-back look, with most of the nails painted in a neutral, blush pink shade except for the ring finger which is covered in dazzling silver glitter. The gems at the base of the middle finger add a little extra sparkle.

7. Pink ombre shimmer

We love this gorgeous pink ombre shimmer design, with a rosy pink at the base of the nail which fades into white at the tip, then covered with a shimmery top coat. The ring fingers are decorated with stunning 3D gemstones at the base of the nail for an eye-catching finish.

8. Candy-inspired

These nails look just like sparkling, bejeweled candies – so cute! The nails have a bubblegum pink base and are decorated with jewel-toned rhinestones, surrounded by little shimmering white pearls to add even more bling to these sweet nails.

9. Lilac Glitter

Go for a tonal look by mixing glossy polishes with glitters and shimmers in the same color. The nails are painted in a glossy lilac tone, apart from the ring finger, which has a lilac shimmer polish, and the little finger which is decorated with lilac frosted glitter. The manicure is finished with silver gemstones at the base of the index finger.

10. Neutral nails

Add some bling to your taupe nails with these dainty gemstones. Three nails are painted with a glossy ivory polish, while the index and ring fingers have a matte, beige base and are decorated with sparkling silver gems to add extra glitter to this minimalist manicure.

11. Blue Sparkles

This attention-grabbing manicure is just incredible, with the striking blue sparkling finish. Three nails are covered entirely in blue glitter that shimmers in green and silver tones under the light, while the middle and ring fingers have a nude base and a touch of iridescent glitter at the base of the nail.

12. Bejeweled French tips

This manicure is the perfect bridal design, with a classic, neutral look and a little bit of glamour. The nails have been painted with a glossy nude polish and feature a white French tip, except for the middle finger which is decorated with silver rhinestones. The thumb and ring finger are also decorated with two little sparkling gems.

13. black hearts

Go for an edgier look with this striking black heart manicure. These nails have a natural base and are then decorated with black hearts and silver jewels to add extra sparkle. You could even finish the nails with white text for a unique and distinctive look!

14. Retro florals

We adore these 60s-inspired floral nails, with the added blingy touches! The glossy, natural nails have pastel purple French tips and then are decorated with bold white flowers with purple rhinestones in the center for a dazzling look.

15. Crystal hearts

This is another white nail design that would work well for any glam brides! Each of the nails has been painted with a pearly white polish, then the ring finger has been decorated with a crystal gemstone heart for an eye-catching look.

16. Rose pink + fuchsia

If you are looking for something vibrant and girly, this pink manicure is just perfect for you. Four of the nails are painted with a bright fuchsia polish, while the middle finger is painted in a rosy pink tone and embellished with pink glitter at the base. For even more sparkle, the ring finger has rhinestones at the base too!

17. Pink glitter waves

The color palette, glitter polish, and fun design make this manicure a must-have for any special occasion. Three nails have a pale pink base and are then decorated with wavy lines of pink glitter and white polish for a striking look. The thumb and ring finger are covered entirely in pink glitter for a glimmering finish.

18. Champagne Gold chrome

Chrome nails are so popular at the moment, so why not pair your glam chrome nails with gemstones for an opulent look? The pale gold chrome nails sit alongside a middle and ring finger with a shimmering French tip design, decorated with gold gems at the base of the nail.

19. Abstract blue swirls

This abstract blue swirly design has a gorgeous, artistic look that makes it so unique. The glossy nude nails have been decorated with royal blue swirls and waves in an abstract pattern and then embellished with sparkling silver gemstones.

20. Purple stars

Give your colored French nails a glamorous look with the addition of some glittering gold stars! These nails have a glossy nude base with a lilac French tip and are decorated with gold stars with blue, pink, purple, and green rhinestones sitting in the center.

21. Rose gold glitter

Add a little extra sparkle to a classic, elegant manicure with the rose gold glitter design. The pale pink nails are finished with sleek white French tips and then are decorated with rose gold glitter at the base of the nail.

22. sparkling polka dots

Upgrade your polka dot designs by swapping out the nail polish polka dots with iridescent rhinestones! This manicure begins with a pale pink base and then is decorated with delicate gems that look like dazzling polka dots that sparkle in the light in shades of purple, green, and pink!

23. Rainbow ombre

Why not have some fun and for a brightly colored, rainbow ombre design?! Each nail is made up of an ombre of three different colors that fade into one another, for example, green to blue to purple, and then all the nails are decorated with 3D jewel stones for an extra special finishing touch!

24. blush pink

Keep it simple with this blingy blush pink manicure. The nails are all painted with a blush pink polish but feature different designs and top coat for a glam, tonal look. The manicure includes rose gold glitter, matte nails, blush pink chrome, and a middle nail with a gold stripe and pink gemstones.

25. Silver glitter French tips

We love this chic and stylish silver glitter French tip manicure! The glossy neutral nails have been decorated with a sparkling silver glitter French tip and a shimmering silver gemstone at the base of the nail too.

26. Ruby red

These ruby-red nails are just gorgeous and perfect for everyday wear! The natural, pale pink nails have been finished with a glossy red French tip and then embellished with tiny red rhinestones to add an extra special finishing touch to the manicure.

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