50+ Outdoor Halloween Decorations For The Front Porch & Yard

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What’s Halloween without some creepy decorations for the front yard? We rounded up the best outdoor Halloween decorations to fill your home with.

Arguably, one of the best parts of the Halloween season are the outdoor decorations in people’s front yards. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to see a fake giant 6-foot spider latched on your neighbor’s roof on Halloween night? Okay, maybe not everyone… but we do! 

Having cool outdoor Halloween decor around your front porch and yard automatically gives you plus points too, especially if you’re aiming to spook out your friends and family. Some of our favorites are faux tombstones around the yard, hanging ghost figures on trees, and tiny witches. 

Below, we rounded up the top best-selling outdoor Halloween decorations that you can get this year so you will have the coolest, scariest house around the block!

In our opinion, Grandin RoadEtsy, and Home Depot are the best places to get next-level outdoor Halloween decorations for a good price, and we’ve featured some of our favorite finds below. All featured products are entirely shoppable, so if you see something you like, just click the photo and it will take you straight to the product! Hassle-free, right?


The Best Outdoor Halloween Decorations

1. Paper Bats


Outdoor Halloween decor for front porch with bats


Get this on Etsy


2. Garden Witches


Black Garden Witches for best outdoor Halloween decorations


Get these on Etsy


3. Eyeball Plant Markers


Halloween Eyeball Plant Markers


Get this on Etsy


4. Skeleton Bride & Groom


Skeleton Bride & Groom for best outdoor Halloween decorations


Get these on Etsy


5. Sup, Witches Doormat


Sup, Witches Halloween Doormat


Get this on Etsy


6. Crashing Witch


Crashing Witch Tree for best outdoor Halloween decorations


Get this on Etsy


7. Skull Sunflowers


Skull Sunflowers


Get these on Etsy


8. Giant Lawn Cobwebs


Giant Lawn Cobwebs for best outdoor Halloween decorations


Get this on Etsy


9. “Boo” Garden Flag


"Boo" Garden Flag


Get this on Etsy


10. Giant Hairy Spider


Giant spider Halloween outdoor decor


Get this on Etsy


11. Ghostly Trio


White Ghostly Trio garden stake for best outdoor Halloween decorations


Get these on Etsy


12. Life-Size Skeleton


Life-Size Skeleton


Get this on Etsy


13. Halloween Skeleton Yard Art


Halloween Skeleton Yard Art


Get this on Etsy


14. Lighted Pumpkins


Colorful Lighted Pumpkins


Get these on Etsy


15. Ghost Breaking Through Window


Ghost Breaking Through Window


Get this on Etsy


16. Cauldron Candy Bowl


Cauldron Candy Bowl


Get this on Etsy


17. Orange Witch Leg Stakes


Orange Witch Leg Stakes


Get this on Grandin Road


18. Harry Potter Dementor


Harry Potter Dementor for best outdoor Halloween decorations


Get this on Pottery Barn


19. Light-Up Ground Breaker Arms


Halloween Light-Up Ground Breaker Arms


Get this set on Etsy


20. Jason Garden Gnome


Friday the 13th Jason Garden Gnome


Get these on Etsy


21. Light-Up Jack-O-Lanterns


Light-Up Jack-O-Lanterns


Get these on Etsy


22. Cute Ghost Wreath


Cute Ghost Halloween Wreath


Get this on Etsy


23. Scarecrow Garden Stake


Scarecrow Garden Stake


Get this on Etsy


24. Giant Spider Web


Giant Spider Web for best outdoor Halloween decorations


Get this on Etsy


25. Ghostly Apparitions Window Projections


Ghostly Apparitions Window Projections Digital Download


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26. Pumpkin Doormat


Deep orange Pumpkin Doormat


Get this on Pottery Barn


27. Pumpkin Garden Stake


Pumpkin Garden Stake


Get these at Etsy


28. Hanging Owls


Black Hanging Owls


Get these on Etsy


29. Ghost Doormat


Ghost Doormat for best outdoor Halloween decorations


Get this on Pottery Barn


30. Halloween Destination Sign


Halloween Destination Sign for best outdoor Halloween decorations


 Get this on Etsy


31. Mummy Mickey & Friends


Mummy Mickey & Friends


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32. Grim Reaper Glass Suncatcher 


Grim Reaper Glass Suncatcher 


Get this on Etsy


33. Hanging Clown


Big Hanging Clown for best outdoor Halloween decorations


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34. Skeleton Ghosts


Skeleton Ghosts Outdoor Halloween decor


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35. Silhouette Cats


Silhouette Cats


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36. Hanging Black Bats


Hanging Black Bats


Get this set on Etsy


37. Giant Yard Spider


Giant Yard Spider for best outdoor Halloween decorations


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38. Protruding Zombie Arms


Protruding Zombie Arms Garden Stake


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39. Grim Reaper


Grim Reaper


Get this on Etsy


40. Hanging Witch


Long Hanging Witch for best outdoor Halloween decorations


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41. Witch Hats


Purple Witch Hats


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42. BOO Sign


BOO Sign


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43. Witches Holding Hands


Witches Holding Hands


Get this on Grandin Road


44. Welcome Gravestone


Welcome Gravestone


Get this on Grandin Road


45. Yard Ghosts


Halloween Yard Ghosts


Get this on Etsy


46. Creepy Grim Reaper Statue


Creepy Grim Reaper Statue


Get this on Grandin Road


47. Tombstone With Melting Candles


Tombstone With Melting Candles


Get this on Grandin Road


48. Towering Reaper


Giant Towering Reaper


Get this on Grandin Road


49. Witch Broomsticks


Witch Broomsticks


Get this on Grandin Road


50. Scream Scarecrow


Scream Scarecrow Outdoor Halloween decor


Get this on Etsy


51. Ghost Wreath


Ghost Wreath


Get this on Etsy


52. BOO Door Hanger


Boo Halloween Door Hanger For Front Door


Get this on Etsy


We hope you found some good outdoor Halloween decor from this post! If you’re still looking for more Halloween inspiration, check the posts down below.


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