30 Best Grinch Treats & Food Ideas For Christmas Parties

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Are you ready to get into the holiday spirit with Grinch cakes, cookies and other sweet treats? If so, we have just the perfect post for you!

The Grinch is everyone’s favorite green villain and it’s become a classic to rewatch the movie every time that the holiday season is in full swing. If you want to take your household up a notch, why not host Grinch-themed parties with Grinch-themed food to really kickstart the festivities?

Today, we’re sharing 30 of the most creative and fun Grinch-themed food ideas, which include cakes, cupcakes, drinks, ice cream, pancakes… you name it! These are great to make for a crowd, for a birthday party or even just for your family as a special treat.

These recipe ideas are as delicious as they are creative, so make sure that you have your recipe books ready!

The Best Grinch Treats & Food Ideas

1. Show Stopping Grinch cake

Get the recipe on Sugar Hero

Fun cakes like this are usually reserved for birthdays and tea parties, but is there anything better than having cake for breakfast? This fun cake would be great to get out on Christmas Eve, and means having cake for breakfast to fuel you for a morning of unwrapping presents.

2. Grinch Fudge

Get the recipe on How To Make Fudge

Fudge is a wonderful sweet treat to prepare ahead of time, whether it’s as a dessert or to keep on the counter to snack on while the Christmas lunch is being prepared. If you want to gift these to your neighbours, wrap them individually in clear cellophane and tie them to secure with fun green and red ribbons.

3. Classic Grinch Cookies

Get the recipe on The Recipe Critic

Speaking of sweet treats to tide you over until Christmas lunch, what can beat the satisfying sweetness of Chocolate Chip cookies? For a kitchen hack, make your cookie dough and shape it into round cookie shapes before freezing for a freshly baked cookie ready whenever you want.

4. Grinch Loaf Cake

Get the recipe on The Bear Foot Baker

Loaf cake is a great way to get started with baking for those who have never done so before. Loaf cakes are usually more moist and dense than regular sponges, and so just a little icing on top is enough to finish it off.

5. Crinkly, Cranky, Grinch Cookies

Get the recipe on Simplistically Living

These crinkly Grinch cookies are reminiscent of snow-capped mountains or the type of powder snow you’ll be familiar with if you’re a frequent skier. These make for a great sweet treat any time of day or night, or even to leave out for Santa Claus.

6. Peanut Marshmallow Candy Clusters

Get the recipe on The First Year Blog

These candy clusters are a perfect treat to prep for a festive movie night or accompanied by a cup of hot cocoa on Christmas Eve. 

7. Heart-Shaped Grinch Cookies

Get the recipe on Wanna Bite

For a dessert that isn’t too sweet, nothing beats a simple sugar cookie. These make the great blank canvas for an icing party if you want to get the little ones involved with icing and decorating their own cookies.

8. Grinch Bark

Get the recipe on Design Dazzle

Bark is a great sweet treat to prep ahead of a holiday party, and also makes a great DIY gift to gift to neighbours or colleagues ahead of the holidays. The M&M used to decorate the top could also be switched out for your favourite flavour.

9. Grinch Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Get the recipe on The Novice Chef

Nothing says cold, winter nights like a cup of hot cocoa, though this one is with a twist. Rather than the classic milk or dark chocolate, this uses creamy white chocolate, set off with the twist of fresh peppermint.

10. Grinch Rice Krispies Treats

Get the recipe on Amy’s Party Ideas

Rice Krispie treats are a tasty treat for the whole family, and much easier to make than you might think. The colors of this are reminiscent of the Grinch but can be shaped to anything you desire.

11. Grinch Popcorn

Get the recipe on Two Sisters Crafting

This Grinch popcorn is the perfect sweet treat to prepare for a Christmas movie night, particularly if you’re watching The Grinch! These can be individually bagged and sealed to stop the popcorn from going chewy if left out.

12. Grinch Cocktail

Grinch cocktail

Get the recipe on Simplistically Living

For a more adult movie night, this Grinch cocktail is perfect to prepare for friends. This uses vodka, but can be replaced with any clear alcohol, or mixed without alcohol for a kid-friendly mocktail [though beware of the sugar rush].

13. Grinch Jello Cups

Get the recipe on The Keeper Of The Cheerios

For an easier sweet treat for little ones during the holiday season, this Grinch jello is a great idea. Simply take a pre-packaged green jello and decorate as you wish with the mischievous Grinch expression!

14. Grinch Party Punch 

Get the recipe on No Biggie

For another fun punch recipe, this Grinch Party Punch is a great base for alcoholic cocktails, or to serve as a cocktail at a pre-teen party. If you want an easy way to garnish this, buying the classic cocktail umbrellas will never go amiss.

15. Cherry & Lime Who Jello

Get the recipe on Hoopla Events

Cherry and lime is not only a classic flavour combination but the bright red and green colors lend themselves to a Grinch-themed dessert. This is perfect for a playdate as you can make this in advance and set it in the fridge overnight.

16. Grinch Oreo Pops

Get the recipe on Midget Momma

Oreo pops and cake pops are another #lifehack which makes it look as though you’ve put in much more effort than in reality. A great game would be to use multiple flavors of Oreos for these, just be sure you use a secret code to label them!

17. Copycat IHOP Grinch Pancakes

Get the recipe on Hungry Happenings

Undeniably. The best Christmas morning breakfast is a stack of fluffy pancakes, and if you want to amp up the Christmas vibe – add some green coloring! If you want to add some chocolate, whilst the pancake is in the pan, drop some chocolate M&Ms into the pancake.

18. Easy Fruit Skewers

Idea via Clean & Scentsible

For something a bit healthier, these Santa hat fruit salad skewers make for a perfect holiday brunch item, or healthier alternative to dessert for those who want to focus on eating something lighter/sugar free.

19. Grinch Sugar Cookies

Green Grinch Sugar Cookies

Get these on Etsy

These fun Grinch motif cookies are great if you have an artistic streak, and a steady hand. This is a great opportunity to decorate using your favourite scenes and quotes from the movie.

20. Grinch Cupcakes

Get the recipe on Simplistically Living

If you want an easier baked good to make, cupcakes are super easy to make at home. To make sure they are all the same size once baked, use an ice cream scoop to measure batter for each cupcake before baking and icing.

21. Grinch Poop

Green Grinch M&Ms.

Get this on Etsy

This is a great sweet treat to give to neighbours or little ones if they visit your home during the holiday season. It’s also great if you want to package these at the beginning of the season as they’ll stay fresh for as long as you need.

22. Grinch Cookies From Cake Mix

Get the recipe on A Gouda Life

These icing-dusted Grinch green cookies are wonderful for those who don’t want to spend the time or money purchasing all the individual ingredients needed to make cookies, particularly if you don’t plan on baking treats regularly.

23. Grinch Ice Cream

Get the recipe on Pizzazzerie

Contrary to what you might believe, you don’t need any fancy ice cream mixers to make ice cream at home. It’s a super easy one-bowl recipe, and if you tell your dinner party guests you made the ice cream at home, they’ll definitely be impressed.

24. Easy Marshmallow Treats

Idea via Clean & Scentsible

These marshmallow treats are a great no-bake holiday treat for little ones. If you’re setting up a hot cocoa bar at your dinner party, place these nearby to dip and melt into the chocolatey drink.

25. Grinch Pretzel Bites

Get the recipe on Sarah’s Bake Studio

Anything red and green looks quintessentially Christmas and Grinch, and these pretzel bites are perfect for celebrating both. If using salty pretzels, these are the perfect sweet and salty snack you won’t get bored of munching.

26. Grinch Cake Pops

Green Grinch Cake Pops

Get these on Etsy

Cake pops are a great way to use off cuts of cake, or to amp up store bought cake at home. This is a great activity you can make in minutes and set within an hour, if you want to invite friends round to make these together.

27. 3 Ingredient Grinch Punch Recipe

Get the recipe on Eating On A Dime

This is the last Grinch-themed mocktail recipe we have for you, but it’s a goodie. This is a great base for mixing in alcohol for the big kids and can be frozen to make a Slurpee too.

28. Grinch Cookies With Hearts

Get the recipe on Stress Baking

Nothing matches up to a warm, chewy, soft cookie with your morning coffee, or your evening hot cocoa or tea. You could also crumble this over our Grinch ice cream for an at-home Grinch-themed sundae bar.

29. Grinch Cinnamon Rolls

Get the recipe on Ruffles & Rain Boots

Speaking of something to have with your Christmas morning coffee, these Grinch cinnamon rolls work beautifully as a sweet treat the whole family can savour, before or after a morning of opening gifts. Not to mention the scent of cinnamon rolls baking is the wake-up smell of dreams.

30. Grinch Sugar Cookies

Get the recipe on Sweet Sugar Belle

These sugar cookies won’t be as difficult to pipe with icing as they look. Using an icing pen is a great way to get fine lines like these as you’ll be able to control it better than a flimsy piping bag. 

Which of these Grinch treats are you going to incorporate into your own Grinch-themed party this year? Let us know in the comments!

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