55 Creative & Elegant Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas To Try

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Are you looking for unique and creative Christmas gift-wrapping ideas that will add a bit of personality and elegance to your gifts? If so, you’ll love these ideas!

Giving gifts is one of the best parts of Christmas. There’s nothing better than seeing the smiles and joy on your loved ones’ faces after they open up gifts that you’ve spent a long time thinking about.  It can make you feel amazing!

However, the gift isn’t the only thing that can be special. The wrapping that it comes in can create an equal amount of excitement and anticipation as the gift itself. It’s the cherry on top of any Christmas gift – especially if you’re leaving gifts underneath the Christmas tree for more than a day.

Today, we’re sharing 50+ unique and cute Christmas gift wrapping ideas that are easy to implement into your own holiday gifts. Some of them are very affordable and available to be purchased directly on Etsy. Others require you to do a bit of DIY and get creative.

Go through the list and pick your favorite wrapping method to use! Plus, if you want to purchase any of the gift wrappings, just click on the links provided.


55 Cute & Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas:

1. Teddy Bear


Cute teddy bear Christmas wrapping idea

©Marko Klaric


2. Matte Black With Gold


Matte Black With Gold Christmas gift wrapping paper

Get this on Etsy


3. Green Geode


Elegant green and red Christmas wrapping idea

Get this on Etsy


4. Designer Inspired Personalized Gift Bag


Chanel Inspired personalized Gift Bag

Get this bag on Etsy | check out other versions of this gift bag (for birthdays, etc.)


5. Personalized Stacking Boxes


Cute stackable Christmas gift boxes for kids

Get these on Etsy


6. Brown Paper Tags With Evergreens


White Christmas gift wrapping idea with brown tags

Get these on Etsy


7. Matte Black


Matte black christmas wrapping idea

Get this wrapping paper on Etsy


8. Let It Snow


Cute white and red Christmas gift wrapping paper with snowman

Get it on Etsy


9. Rustic Brown


Rustic Brown gingerbread gift wrapping paper

Get this wrapping paper on Etsy


10. Wax Seal


Unique Christmas wrapping ideas with wax seal

Get these boxes on Etsy


11. Teddy Bear


Brown teddy bear Christmas gift boxes

Get this on Etsy (Plus, many other similar stacking boxes!)


12. Edible Gingerbread Gift Tags


Creative Christmas gift wrapping ideas with gingerbread man tags

Get The Tutorial On Honestly Yum


13. Felted Acorns


Brown Christmas gift wrapping idea with felted acorns

Get the felted acorns on Etsy


14. Midnight Sky


Midnigh Sky gift wrapping idea with gold glitter maple leaf

Get this wrapping paper on Etsy


15. Elegant White, Pink & Gold Wrapping


Elegant White, Pink & Gold Gift Wrapping With Gold Reindeer Toy

Image Source: Monika Hibbs


16. Personalized Wooden Name Tag


Elegant Christmas gift wrapping ideas with Wooden Name Tag

Get it on Etsy


17. Strawberry Thief Gift Paper


Strawberry Thief Gift Paper

Get this on Etsy


18. XL Santa & Reindeer Bags


Burlap XL Santa & Reindeer Christmas Bags

Get them on Etsy


19. Reusable Fabric Wrapping


Zero waste Reusable Fabric Christmas gift Wrapping

Get them on Etsy (many colors available!)


20. Stackable Cheeseburger


Creative cheeseburger Christmas wrapping paper

Get these wrapping papers on Etsy


21. Sprucing Up The Gifts


Image Via @La.Petite_Mademoiselle


22. Velvet Ribbon Wrapping


Red velvet ribbon and brown paper Christmas wrapping

Get The DIY Tutorial On Half Baked Harvest


23. Rose Gold & Feminine (With Heart Tags)


Rose Gold & Feminine Christmas gift wrapping idea

Get the gift wrapping and tags on Etsy


24. Elegant Eucalyptus


Cute Christmas gift wrapping with eucalyptus stems

Get the eucalyptus stems on Etsy


25. Teddy Bear Bags


Cute Teddy Bear Christmas gift bags

Get them on Etsy


26. Gold Holly


Gold Christmas wrapping idea with holly

Get this wrapping set on Etsy


27. Elegant Small Bells


Minimalist plaid wrapping paper with small Christmas bells

Get the plaid wrapping paper on Etsy


28. Cardboard Snowman Gift Wrapping


Creative Christmas wrapping ideas: snowman wrapping

Get the tutorial on Smart School House


29. Personalized Gift Bag


Personalized Christmas Gift Bag

Get it on Etsy


30. DIY Paper Straw Star Gift Toppers


DIY brown paper straw star gift toppers for Christmas

Get the tutorial on Splash of Something


31. Mini Christmas Trees


Christmas gift wrapping with small Christmas trees

Get these on Etsy


32. Pink Overload


Cute pink Christmas wrapping idea with candy canes

Get this on Etsy


33. Personalized Jewelry Boxes


Cute white and rose gold personalized jewelry gift boxes

Get these on Etsy


34. Candy Canes


Cute candy cane wrapping idea for Christmas

Get this wrapping paper on Etsy


35. DIY Mini Wreaths


DIY elegant mini wreath gift wrapping idea

Get the tutorial on Paper Thin Moon


36. Brown Paper & Eucalyptus


Brown Paper & Eucalyptus Gift wrapping idea

Get the eucalyptus stems on Etsy


37. Christmas Tree Wrapping Idea


Creative Christmas Tree Gift Wrapping Idea

Get the tutorial on The Navage Patch


38. Snowflakes & Polar Bear


Snowflakes & Polar Bear Christmas gift wrapping

Get the wrapping paper here | Polar bear tag here


39. Water Color Houses


Brown paper gift wrapping ideas with watercolor tags

Get them on Etsy


40. Gingerbread Houses


Cute Christmas wallpaper idea with gingerbread houses

Get these boxes on Etsy


41. Cute Animal Wrappings


Cute brown paper animals Christmas wrapping idea

Image Via Pinspiration


42. Re-usable Eco Cloths


Re-usable eco Christmas wrapping cloths

Get this wrapping cloth on Etsy


43. White & Green Pom Poms


Christmas wrapping paper with Christmas trees and Green Pom Poms

Get the wrapping paper & pom poms on Etsy


44. Hand Painted Wrapping Paper Idea


Hand painted brown paper wrapping idea

Image Source: Craftberry Bush


45. Pink On Pink


Cute pink Christmas wrapping paper

Get this wrapping paper on Etsy


46. Has Anybody Seen My Nose?


Cute snowman gift wrapping paper

Get it on Etsy


47. Santa Boxes


Santa Christmas boxes for gifts

Get these on Etsy


48. Rustic Motifs


Forest Christmas wrapping paper idea

Get the wrapping paper on Etsy


49. Golden Animals


Image Via @Cukrinisavinelis


50. Rustic Christmas Wrapping With Pinecones


Get this on Etsy


51. Paper Bag Animals


Image Via @Cukrinisavinelis


52. Polka Dots


Image Via @Monika1777


53. Newspaper & Orange Slice


Image Via @Nalexafana


54. Small Jute Burlap Bags


Cute sustainable gift wrapping idea with burlap bags

Get them on Etsy


55. Green Hues


Forest green Christmas gift wrapping paper

Get it on Etsy

Which of these was your favorite creative Christmas gift-wrapping idea? Make sure to let us know in the comments!


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  1. Amazing ideas! I look forward to wowing family members with some of these.

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