Fauré Le Page Vs Goyard: Which Luxury Brand is Best For You?

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Fauré Le Page and Goyard both have incredible collections of handbags and leather goods, but how do these brands differ? Find out everything you need to know in this Fauré Le Page vs Goyard article.

Faure Le Page handbag with keychain
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Fauré Le Page is a historic French brand with a long and elaborate history, but in recent years, the brand has been reinvented to become one of the top brands for handbags and smaller leather goods. Goyard has a similarly long history, with this brand beginning as a trunk maker in Paris in the 19th century before expanding into bags and luxury leather goods in the 20th century.

These two iconic French brands may look similar on the surface, but if we look a little closer, you can see some key differences that are going to help you work out which brand is right for you.

This article will consider the history of each of these luxury brands, the differences between Fauré Le Page and Goyard, and delve into some of the best-selling bags before coming to a conclusion on Fauré Le Page vs Goyard. Keep reading to find out which luxury French brand is best for you!

Fauré Le Page vs Goyard

The History of Fauré Le Page

The Fauré Le Page brand first began as a French firearms manufacturer in 1716 and went by the name Pigny, after its founder Louis Pigny. Pigny opened his first store in the 1st arrondissement of Paris and soon received a royal warrant to make firearms for King Louis XV.

At this time, the brand had nothing to do with fashion, but they did produce leather goods like gun holsters, as well as accessories that were used in hunting, such as satchels.

The business was passed onto Pierre Le Page in 1743, before his nephew, Jean Le Page took over in 1780 – by this time, the Le Page brand counted King Louis XVI, Napoleon Bonaparte, and King Louis XVII as clients.

The business continued to succeed after the French Revolution and more of the Le Page family continued to make firearms that were supplied to the top of European society. It wasn’t until the very beginning of the 20th century that the brand became known as Fauré Le Page after Emile Henry Fauré Le Page took over.

However, Fauré Le Page declined after Emile Henry Fauré Le Page passed away and it wasn’t until 2009 that the Fauré Le Page brand was acquired and revitalized, now starting out as a fashion business.

Those who acquired the brand delved into the archive of Fauré Le Page to create a new range of pieces. They opened a new store at 21, rue Cambon in Paris, and launched a new motto, ‘Armed for Seduction’ referencing the brand’s well-established history.

The range of Fauré Le Page products now includes handbags, small leather goods, and accessories, with stores in Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Sydney, and Tokyo, amongst other places.

The History of Goyard

The Maison Goyard was founded in 1792 in Paris by has been through many changes to become the luxury leather goods brand we know it as today. The brand was first named Maison Martin and was a trunk maker for the French aristocracy.

A young François Goyard was hired as an apprentice in the early 1800s and was trained in how to make the exquisite House of Martin trunks before he took over the brand in 1852. At this time, the brand name was changed to Maison Goyard.

Francois Goyard’s son Edmond Goyard took over the brand and their exclusive store on the rue Saint-Honoré in Paris and began to expand the range of Goyard products available.

Edmond Goyard helped to make the brand we know today, helping to create the Goyardine print, as well as launching a range of pet accessories.

The business remained in the Goyard family until 1998, when Jean-Michel Signoles bought the company and made it an international brand with stores all over the world. Signoles placed focus on the artisanal craftsmanship of Goyard pieces to ensure bags made by Goyard were seen as elite and exclusive.

New workshops were opened across France to ensure Goyard wallets and bags were made to the highest standard. Now, Goyard is a well-established luxury brand with 22 stores across the world, offering Goyard bags and leather accessories.

Differences between Fauré Le Page Vs Goyard

There are several key differences between these brands that you should be aware of that will help you make a decision about which brand is right for you.

1. Price range

It is very important to consider the price range of each brand so you can establish which brand best fits your budget. Bags from Fauré Le Page range between $750 and $2,280, while bags from Goyard are available for between $700 and $3,550.

As you can see, the price point of these bags is pretty similar, it’s just that there are a few more expensive options available from the Goyard brand.

2. resale value

You may also want to take into account the resale value of your luxury bag. As a relatively new and unknown brand on the luxury handbag market, Fauré Le Page bags do not currently have a great resale value, and you can’t find that many secondhand websites that carry its products either.

Goyard, on the other hand, is known as a super exclusive brand, and so Goyard bags retain their value very well. The only way to buy a new Goyard handbag is from one of their boutiques, and so they are not available online.

This means that if you cannot travel to a Goyard store, you have to buy a second-hand Goyard bag. For this reason, Goyard bags retain their value well.

3. materials

Both brands are pretty similar in terms of materials, often making their bags from coated canvas with leather trim. However, Fauré Le Page also makes bags from leather, embroidered jacquard, and vinyl, while Goyard only ever uses coated canvas.

This means that if you love the durability of coated canvas and love the Goyardine print, then Goyard is the brand for you. But if you want different options to choose from in terms of materials, then Fauré Le Page is the brand you need to look at.

4. Exclusivity

As alluded to before, Goyard is a very exclusive brand; it doesn’t spend money on advertising, it doesn’t disclose the prices of its bags online, nor does it offer online shopping on its website. All of these factors contribute to the appeal of the brand, and add an aura of exclusivity.

On the other hand, Fauré Le Page is much more traditional with its strategy – you can buy its bags both online as well as in boutiques.

Best selling bags from Fauré Le Page and Goyard

There are some gorgeous handbags available from both Fauré Le Page and Goyard, so we have picked a few best-sellers that we think you will love to narrow down the choice.

1. Tote Bags
Grey Fauré Le Page Daily Battle Leather Tote
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White Goyard Goyardine Saint Louis tote bag
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The Daily Battle tote bag from Fauré Le Page is one of their best-selling bags due to its stunning look and practical design. This version of the tote is made from a grey coated canvas and then trimmed with steel grey leather for a luxurious finish.

This tote is fitted with two rolled leather top handles and comes with a detachable shoulder strap to guarantee endless versatility. The bag is perfectly organized inside, with a central zipper pocket and a compartment on either side so you can easily find everything in this tote!

Just like the Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote, the Goyard Saint Louis tote is an iconic bag that really is a must-have in any luxury bag collection. This tote is available in classic and special colors, such as this chic white shade.

This St. Louis tote is made from coated canvas, decorated with the Goyardine pattern, and then trimmed with leather for the looping shoulder straps. This bag has a spacious, lined interior and comes with a super handy removable pouch that is the perfect storage for any smaller items.

2. Shoulder bags
Dark Green Fauré Le Page Calibre Leather Handbag
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Black Goyard Goyardine Sac Cap Vert Bag
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Fauré Le Page’s history as a gun holder manufacturer is displayed in this striking Fauré Le Page Calibre Leather Handbag.

This shoulder bag is made from textured grey leather, while the gun silhouette that features on the front of the bag is made from canvas, which has been decorated with the Ecailles scale motif. The bag is fitted with a leather top handle as well as a silver chain shoulder strap that features a leather shoulder pad to guarantee comfort.

The Goyard Goyardine Sac Cap Vert bag is the ideal everyday shoulder bag with a glossy appearance, a compact interior and an adjustable strap. This bag is again made from coated canvas with leather trim, in the black and gold colorway. The shoulder bag is finished with silver hardware for a little touch of glamour.

The front of the bag features a slip pocket, while the top zipper allows easy access to the contrasting yellow interior fitted with a patch pocket.

3. Top handle bags
Green Fauré Le Page Parade Soft Leather Handbag
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Black and tan Goyard Goyardine Structure Mini Saigon Bag
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We love the sophisticated look of the Fauré Le Page Parade Soft Leather Handbag! This bag is just beautiful and is so versatile too – the ideal bag to transition from day to night. The bag is made from canvas decorated with the Ecailles scales pattern, intended to invoke images of dragon scales and mermaids.

The front flap is made from leather for a stunning textural contrast. Silver hardware embellishes the front of the bag and acts at the lock, which allows access to the well-organized interior, which is split into two compartments by a central zip pocket.

The Mini Saigon bag is one of the most chic bags that the House of Goyard produces! The combination of materials and print makes this top handle bag totally irresistible.

The bag is made from black Goyardine canvas, with a tan leather front flap and shoulder strap, and then finished with a sculpted wooden top handle and front panels. The silver hardware really gleams against the neutral tones of this striking bag. The flap closure opens to reveal a contrasting yellow leather interior and a handy little pocket.


There are so many beautiful bags available from both Fauré Le Page and Goyard, but there are significant differences that are going to help you decide which brand is right for you.

If you are on a tighter budget and would like a wide range of materials to choose from, then Fauré Le Page is the brand for you. There is a wide range of handbag styles available from Fauré Le Page in stunning colors, so you are bound to find something you love.

However, if you have a little more money to spend and love the exclusivity of a top-range luxury bag, Goyard is the brand you should go for. The Goyardine print is iconic and instantly recognizable; plus, Goyard bags hold up well on the resale market, so you know your money will be safe in your investment as long as you take good care of your bag.

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