15 Best Goyard Bags For A Timeless Look

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Goyard handbags are completely stunning and unique, making them the perfect designer handbag. So, we’ve brought together the 15 best Goyard bags to help you to decide which one to add to your collection.

Francois Goyard founded his eponymous brand in 1853 and since then it had become best known for incredible handbags and luggage. Many Goyard handbags are decorated with the eye-catching Goyardine print making them instantly recognizable and highly desirable.

In order to buy a new Goyard bag, you have to visit a Goyard store, or if you are looking for an easier method, there are lots of high-quality Goyard bags on the secondary market. No matter how you get your hands on a Goyard bag, you want to find the right one for you – so we have compiled this list of the best Goyard bags to help you pick the right one.


15 best Goyard bags

1. Goyardine Saint Louis Tote 

Black and brown Goyard Goyardine Saint Louis PM tote

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The Goyard St. Louis tote bag is perhaps the most famous and most popular Goyard bag. If you love the Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote bag but want something a little different, then Saint Louis is definitely the bag to go for.

It is made from coated canvas, printed with the Goyardine pattern, and then trimmed with leather for a luxurious finish. Available in all classic colors, we love the red edition to add a pop of color to any look.

The tote is finished with sturdy top handles and comes with a matching removable pouch – so handy!


2. Belvedere II Messenger Bag
Black and brown Goyard Goyardine Belvedere II PM Messenger Bag  

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A messenger bag is such a handy bag to have in your wardrobe, and we love the beautiful design of this Goyard Belvedere II Messenger Bag.

Available in multiple colors, the black coated canvas featured here contrasts perfectly with the brown leather trim that runs around the border of this bag and forms the long shoulder strap.

There are different styles of the Belvedere bag from the House of Goyard, but we love the easy access front flap of the Belvedere II Messenger bag. Opening the front flap will reveal a lined interior fitted with patch pockets.


3. Alpin Backpack

Black Goyard Mini Alpin Backpack

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A backpack is such a versatile bag to have in your collection, and this Goyard Alpin Backpack is just beautiful. The Goyardine print really stands out on the black coated canvas, which features black leather trims.

There is a top handle as well as detachable shoulder straps so this bag can be styled in different ways. With an interior spacious enough for all your everyday essentials, this bag would be just perfect for work, college, or a busy weekend!


4. Saigon Bag


White Goyard Goyardine Saigon bag

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We love the mix of materials and textures on the Goyard Goyardine Saigon handbags.

In the version featured above, the white leather accentuates the printed coated canvas, while the brown wooden top handle and front panels juxtapose the light shades of the rest of the bag to create a completely stunning result. Inside, you will find a orange leather lining and a patch pocket to hold all those small items.


5. Mini Vendome Bag


Yellow Goyard Goyardine Mini Vendome bag

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A little top handle bag always looks so chic and stylish, shown perfectly by the elegant Goyard Mini Vendome bag.

Featured here in a vibrant yellow shade, the canvas material is accentuated by a matching leather trim, silver hardware, and wooden detailing.

The top zipper means easy access into the roomy interior, lined with matching leather and fitted with a flat pocket. This gorgeous bag sits at the price point of just $3,350!


6. Goyardine Sac Cap Vert 

Black Goyard Goyardine Sac Cap Vert bag

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If you are looking for a handy, everyday shoulder bag that you can just throw on with any look, then you really need the Goyard Goyardine Sac Cap Vert bag in your life.

The sleek black version of the bag is neutral enough that it will suit any look, while the coated canvas is super durable and the print remains totally eye-catching.

The shoulder strap is adjustable so the bag can be worn across the body too, while inside you will find a contrasting yellow lining and a patch pocket.


7. Goyardine Artois Bag

Black Goyard Goyardine Artois PM Tote

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The Goyard Artois has a similar look to the famous St Louis bag, but instead of an open top, the Artois has a zip top closure for ultimate security.

The durable coated canvas has the Goyardine pattern, which is actually made up of interlocking Y’s and the little dots that are used to create this pattern are a reference to the Goyard history as log drivers.

The leather handles are the perfect length so this Goyard tote bag fits comfortably under your arm, while the interior is fitted with a hanging pocket.


8. Bellechasse Bag 


Black Goyard Bellechasse Bag

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The Goyard Bellechasse Bag would make the perfect work bag due to its smart, structured silhouette and spacious interior.

The bag is crafted from the classic Goyardine canvas and then finished with black leather handles and a clochette, which attaches to one handle.

This great bag is available in different special colors, but we love this black shade because it will suit a wide range of outfits and always look sophisticated.


9. Goyardine 233 PM Shoulder Bag 


Brown and black Goyard Goyardine 233 PM Shoulder Bag

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The Goyardine 233 PM Shoulder Bag is a unique bag from the luxury brand as it features an intricate Goyard lock which you rarely see on handbags by this fashion house.

The attention-grabbing centerpiece of this shoulder bag is the sparkling gold Goyard G lock that looks just beautiful.

The rest of this elegant bag is made from coated canvas and trimmed with leather, including the delicate strap which can be doubled up to wear over the shoulder, or extended to its full length to create a crossbody bag.


10. Goyardine Reversible Anjou tote


Burgundy Goyard Goyardine Reversible Mini Anjou Bag

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The Goyard Anjou bag is another favorite handbag from the Goyard brand. It is available in a range of different sizes, but this mini version is just adorable and completely irresistible.

The burgundy shade is a perfect alternative to some of the more neutral shades available and looks stunning with the white topstitching.

The bag can then be reversed to show the burgundy leather on the other side – so versatile! There is also a removable little pouch with this functional tote to store all those small items.


11. Goyardine Rouette Bag


Black and brown Goyard Goyardine Rouette bag

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We love the unique, chic design of this tote-style Rouette bag. The structured shape, formed by the coated canvas, ensures this bag is a timeless classic that with endure the test of time.

The brown leather is the perfect contrast to the black Goyardine canvas and creates the top flap which opens to a spacious, canvas-lined interior that features a handy little hanging pocket. 


12. Goyardine Voltaire III Tote 


Black and brown Goyard Goyardine Voltaire III Tote bag

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Another Goyard bag that would be perfect for work is the Goyard Goyardine Voltaire III Tote bag is super sophisticated and elegant.

The thick, wide leather handles, feature delicate topstitching decoration and guarantee that this bag is comfortable to carry, no matter how much you put inside its spacious interior.

The structured interior, lined with yellow fabric, would safely hold your laptop as well as your other work day essentials. There is also a slip pocket inside that can keep your phone and wallet safe and in a place that’s easy to find!


13. Goyardine Fidji Zip Hobo Bag

Black Goyard Goyardine Fidji Zip Hobo bag

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The Hobo style of bag has recently become very popular, and is a great option is you are looking for something that is spacious, but not as large as a tote bag.

This black Goyard Goyardine Fidji Zip Hobo is made from the classic durable coated canvas so you know this bag won’t show signs of wear quickly.

The shoulder strap ensures this bag has a relaxed aesthetic, perfect for throwing on for everyday use. The handy top zip opens to a canvas-lined interior that will hold all your everyday essentials, even a water bottle would fit in here!


14. Boeing Travel Bag 

White Goyard Boeing Travel Bag

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This Goyard Boeing Travel Bag is exactly what you need on your next trip – ideal as a carry-on bag or a weekend bag if you are just going away for a few days.

The structure of this bag, with its protective feet on the base, ensure this bag will easily hold all your important items.

The rolled leather top handles are also adjustable, guaranteeing comfort at all times. The white leather and Goyardine print on this bag also ensure a stunning, elegant look – what more could you want?


15. Sac Hardy Pet Carrier


Yellow Goyard Goyardine Sac Hardy Pet Carrier

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It’s not only incredible handbags that Goyard produces, they also offer pet carriers! This Goyard Sac Hardy Pet Carrier is perfect if you want to remain to look super chic and stylish even while carrying your pet!

The front and back are coated canvas, while the sides are leather that has been perforated to guarantee a good airflow. Inside you will find an ivory textile lining, a removable yellow base that can be cleaned, and a matching little pouch.

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