25 Luxury Hosiery Brands You Need To Know About

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Sturdy stockings or tights can be quite hard to come by, which is why it pays to invest in high-quality ones. Here are 25 luxury hosiery brands that you should check out!

Looking for high-quality tights, stockings, or socks? We’ve got twenty-five places for you to start –– some names you’ve heard of, and some you’re sure to hear more about.

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But ALL of these fantastic and fashionable options cater to those with an eye for style, substance, and comfort. Check out our list of the must-have names in hosiery excellence. 

The 25 Best Luxury Hosiery Brands

1. Falke

Black Falke Merino Wool Blend Tights
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Black Falke Polka Dot Tights
Get these tights on Nordstrom

Established in Germany as a knitting mill in 1895, Falke is now a globally recognized retail brand that continues to manufacturer some of the finest-quality tights, knitted socks, and hosiery products for women and men for a fairly affordable price, making this brand the top option for stunning black tights.

A fixture of fashion editorials, Falke stockings can be seen in countless publications –– from French Vogue to i-D to Dazed & Confused –– reinforcing the brand’s status as a go-to for generations of style-savvy individuals. 

Start with: Falke Merino Wool Blend Tights – $70

2. Wolford

Black Wolford Velvet de Luxe Semi-Opaque Tights
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Black and gold Wolford 'Stardust' Shimmer Tights
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This luxury hosiery brand is one you’ve surely heard of. The iconic Wolford brand, consisting of fancy hosiery made exclusively in Europe since the early 1950s, has been around for decades but recently reached more mainstream shoppers after a ringing endorsement from Kate Middleton. Since then, their durable, lightweight inventory has been flying off shelves.

Being a favorite of royalty, the products don’t come cheap since they’re also made with the highest quality materials. But they are built to last and come in a variety of shades, colors, and styles: one of the most popular designs is the brand’s sheer, seamless toe––perfect for pairing with peep-toed shoes. 

Start with: Wolford Velvet de Luxe Semi-Opaque Tights – $55

3. Sheertex

Black Sheertex Classic Sheer Rip-Resist Tights
Get these tights on Sheertex
Black Sheertex Latticed Classic Semi-Opaque Rip-Resist Tights
Get these tights on Sheertex

Billed as “the world’s toughest” pantyhose and tights, leading brand Sheertex’s products more than live up to their reputation.

Guaranteed strong and sustainably made for all shapes and sizes (many items feature inclusive sizing up to 3XL), shoppers have been snapping up the brand’s durable and unbelievably comfortable tights, sheer stockings, and socks since its founding just over three years ago. 

Best of all, Sheertex hosiery products are made with high-quality materials and they come with a 30-day worry-free guarantee: no rips, snags, or tears, or your money back. No wonder the polymer fibers that go into the making of some of their most popular products were named one of TIME’s Best Inventions. 

Start with: Sheetex Classic Sheer Rip-Resist Tights – $59

4. Heist

Black Heist The Fifty High Opaque Tights
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Nude Heist The Nude High Tights
Get these tights on Nordstrom

A game-changer in hosiery since 2015, Heist continues to push the boundaries of smart, forward-thinking design with their use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials (typically recycled yarns instead of single-use plastics) in order to create ultra-comfortable and sleek stockings and tights that give the illusion of long legs.

From basic sheer panel pantyhose with built-in adaptive waists for great hold-ups to hand-sewn woolen garments (they’ve even got a popular shapewear line), you can count on Heist to bring you to any event in affordable style.

Start with: Heist The Fifty High Opaque Tights – $36

5. Spanx 

Dark grey Spanx Spanx Luxe Leg Shaping Tights
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Black Spanx Micro Fishnet Tights
Get these tights on Nordstrom

Spanx was founded by Sara Blakely in 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia, and quickly became one of the top brands for shapewear. The innovative, incredibly popular technology that goes into their shapewear has been added to their collections of hosiery, especially the tights, to create slimming pieces you will really want in your wardrobe.

All pieces from the Spanx brand put comfort at the top of their priorities to help you feel your most confident self all day long.

There is a wide range of tights available, whether you are looking for something thick for winter or statement fishnets, plus they are all built with slimming technology.

Start with: Spanx Luxe Leg Shaping Tights – $28

6. Commando

Black Commando
Get these tights on Nordstrom
Black Commando
Get these tights on Nordstrom

Commando tights are just so comfy and luxurious that you want so many pairs in your wardrobe! This hosiery brand was founded by Kerry O’Brien who put all her focus on perfect fit and high-quality materials in her tights and pantyhose to create the best products she can!

Commando even holds two patents for innovative design in hosiery so you are guaranteed to get tights that will fit a wide range of body types, made from materials that have been thoughtfully sourced and will really stand the test of time.

The Commando brand has an enormous range of tights, from sheer options to thick winter tights, to patterned options to add an exciting touch to your look!

Start with: Commando Ultimate Opaque Control Top Tights – $40

7. Oroblu

Black Oroblu Shock Up Shaping Pantyhose
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Black Oroblu Chevron Knit Tights
Get these tights on Nordstrom

Oroblu has a long history of incredible hosiery, creating high-quality, innovative, and timeless pieces since the brand was founded in 1973 in Italy. Over the years, Oroblu has developed resistant but still soft tights that won’t run or rip to ensure longevity in their products.

Oroblu has also made a commitment to protecting the plant and making all of their socks, tights, underwear, and clothing sustainable – with a focus on renewable raw materials, production with a reduced environmental impact, and transparency in production so customers can understand where and how the products are made.

Start with: Oroblu Shock Up Shaping Pantyhose – $36


Red, pink, and white SKIMS 3-Pack Cotton Blend Slouch Socks
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Nude brown SKIMS Sculpting Above the Knee Shorts
Get these shorts on Nordstrom

Everyone knows the SKIMS brand now, founded by Kim Kardashian, because of their sculpting and lifting shapewear, underwear, and clothing.

There are several pieces from SKIMS that have gone viral online because of their supportive and flatting look, so you really need to add some SKIMS pieces to your life. SKIMS uses technical solutions to create hosiery that is both soft, to ensure comfort, and lifts, to help you feel your most confident self.

The shorts, in particular, are a must under any clothing to sculpt your natural shape and leave you with a smooth and seamless look.

Start with: SKIMS 3-Pack Cotton Blend Slouch Socks – $44

9. Swedish Stockings

Black Swedish Stockings Svea Premium Opaque Tights
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Oatmeal Swedish Stockings Ylva Organic Wool Blend Tights
Get these tights on Nordstrom

If you are looking for fun and quirky designs that are luxurious and high quality, then Swedish Stockings is the brand for you.

The brand was launched after the founders, Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg, found out that usually, pantyhose are made using petroleum products, and so Swedish Stocking was created to change this and make hosiery more sustainable.

They also wanted their tights and pantyhose to be much more durable, so pieces were not only worn a couple of times before being thrown out. The tights are made with recycled materials to protect the planet, and the best part is that they are available in a wide range of incredible designs!

Start with: Swedish Stockings Svea Premium Opaque Tights – $35

10. Lechery

Black Lechery Lustrous Silky Shiny 40 Tights
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Black Lechery Lurex® Shimmer Tights
Get these tights on Nordstrom

How can you resist the luxe look of Lechery hosiery?! This beautiful brand was founded in New York City by Vyra Scher, who want to create an inclusive brand that offered high-quality pieces for anyone and everyone.

All Lechery pieces are gender-neutral and built with sustainability in mind to protect the planet, which is why Lechery tights are so durable so you can wear them time and time again without having to keep replacing them.

The glossy tights and some of the more unusual designs have attracted the attention of many celebrities and influencers, so why not pick up some Lechery tights for yourself? The pieces from Lechery are intended to draw attention to your inner and outer beauty to help you feel confident in your clothing.

Start with: Lechery Lustrous Silky Shiny 40 Tights – $40

11. Stems

Black Stems Fleece Lined Thermal Tights
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Black Stems Supersoft Opaque Tights
Get these tights on Nordstrom

For Stems, making you feel comfortable is the most important, which is why all of their socks and tights are incredibly soft and fit well so you feel your best. Stems is a new brand, only launched in 2020 by Rochelle Sara Gan and Nandita Sekhar, both of whom have worked at several luxury brands, including Michael Kors, Manolo Blahnik, and Diane Von Furstenberg.

The tights and socks are lightweights, with a comfy knitted feel and antibacterial properties so your feet stay fresh and dry all day long – just perfect! Stems have lots of great winter options so you can look super stylish and stay warm too!

Start with: Stems Supersoft Opaque Tights – $40

12. Natori

Black Natori Double Weave Net Tights
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Black Natori Dragon Toss Net Tights
Get these tights on Nordstrom

If you are looking for some unique and playful tights, then you really need to head to Natori because they have a wide range of totally uncredible tights that will give your outfit that statement edge.

Natori was founded by Josie Cruz Natori who brought her experience in the realms of music, art, and business to the brand in order to create individual designs for not just hosiery but lingerie and sleepwear too.

The aim of the brand is to bring together exceptional Asian aesthetics with wearability, which is shown through the stunning tights pictured above. Josie Cruz Natori has recently won Fashion Group International’s Humanitarian Award, another reason why you should pick up some Natori hosiery.

Start with: Natori Double Weave Net Tights – $32

Luxury Fashion Houses That Produce Tights

1. Gucci

Black Gucci GG knit tights
Get these tights on Gucci
Pink Gucci Knit socks with diamond motif
Get these socks on Gucci

The House of Gucci is experiencing a renaissance at the moment, but it has always been a fashion benchmark for glamour, style, and sophistication. And this applies equally to their accessories and hosiery line.

Typical designs feature stretch stockings in nylon tulle with elasticized waistbands, and often in the signature Gucci brown wash for a truly unique finish to any outfit.   

The GG Supreme logo stockings are easily the most recognizable and popular designs within the Gucci hosiery collection––so much so, locations often run out of inventory as quickly as they’re refilled. The knitted socks are super unique too, so when you find them, be sure to grab them! 

Start with: Gucci GG knit tights – $340

2. Fendi

Black Fendi Macrame Knit Logo Socks
Get these socks on Saks Fifth Avenue
Grey and black Fendi Double-F Logo Socks
Get these socks on Saks Fifth Avenue

A logo treatment like no other, Fendi’s iconic asymmetrical dueling Fs have long been a status symbol when emblazoned across handbags, scarves, and other small accessories.

But one of the ultimate style callouts is the popular all-over moniker embroidered and woven throughout sheer panel stockings and socks in muted beiges and greys. Playful and feminine, but characteristically comfortable and durable: that’s the House of Hosiery at Fendi.

Start with: Fendi Macrame Knit Logo Socks – $150

3. Balenciaga

Black Balenciaga Black BB Tights
Get these tights on SSENSE
Gold Balenciaga Metallic Logo Jacquard Socks
Get these socks on Nordstrom

Famous for bold and bright colors, plush streetwear, and chunky unisex footwear, Balenciaga can also lay claim as an authority on sleek and comfortable hosiery.

Branded tights in semi-sheer stretch nylon have been a favorite of supermodels and super-moms alike, while the courtly and sparkly BALENCIAGA logo sewn into woolen socks paired with sneakers has always been a hit with up-and-coming style purveyors. The options for outfit pairings at Balenciaga are endless.

Start with: Balenciaga Black BB Tights – $275

4. Prada

Black Prada Lurex tights
Get these tights on Prada
Pink Prada Nylon socks
Get these socks on Prada

Miuccia Prada’s expert take on minimalism has garnered her and her famed, family-owned fashion house millions of followers. So, it makes sense that that same high-quality approach to simplicity should translate so seamlessly to hosiery.

Prada socks, luxury tights, and stockings are some of the most iconic accessories on today’s runways and sidewalks, but they are also incredibly comfortable, not to mention understated complementary garments for just about any skirt or dress. Sumptuously soft nylons and ribbed woolen socks make the perfect addition to any ensemble.

Start with: Prada Lurex tights – $995

5. Saint Laurent 

Best Luxury Hosiery Brands: Yves Saint Laurent
Get these tights on Yves Saint Laurent
Red polka dot tights from Yves Saint Laurent
Get these tights on Yves Saint Laurent

Sophistication and style are the pillars of this iconic fashion house’s output. Historically, legs have been at the forefront of many of Saint Laurent’s runways, with stockings paired with short skirts and oversized women’s blazers and leather jackets.

This common thread means that considerable attention is paid to the construction of their hosiery products, before being injected with a sense of personality that makes Saint Laurent so easily recognizable. From opaque nylons in all-over polka dots to sheer black vertical striping, you won’t find a pair of tights that are as stunning as this one.

Start with: Saint Laurent Dotted Voile Tights, $210

6. Versace

Black Versace Black Monogram Tights
Get these tights on SSENSE
Black and gold Versace Medusa ankle socks
Get these socks on FarFetch

Versace is a beloved Italian brand that is well known for its striking Italian aesthetic that emphasizes luxury and opulence in the designs of its clothing, bags, and accessories.

The Versace hosiery range perfectly exemplifies the aesthetic of the Italian fashion house, with pieces decorated with motifs of the brand, including the La Greca pattern, the Versace monogram, and the Medusa head which is now synonymous with Versace.

Not only do the tights and socks for Versace have an eye-catching look to add a bold finish to your look, but they also have a soft and luxurious feel to ensure comfort.

Start with: Versace Black Monogram Tights – $220

7. Burberry

Black Burberry Black Jacquard Tights
Get these tights on SSENSE
Beige, red, black, and white Burberry Check Ankle Socks
Get these socks on Nordstrom

We love the classic and timeless look of all Burberry pieces, including hosiery, such as the socks and tights pictured above.

The British fashion house was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry and has become known for high-quality ready-to-wear collections and accessories, often decorated with the iconic Burberry archive check. These check socks have a super soft feel, while the check design will add an attention-grabbing element to your outfit.

The Burberry tights are decorated with the logo of the brand, the Equestrian Knight. As you would expect from this luxury brand, all Burberry hosiery has a luxe feel and is durable to ensure each piece stands the test of time.

Start with: Burberry Black Jacquard Tights – $180

8. Valentino

Beige and black Valentino Logo tights
Get these tights on My Theresa

Valentino was founded by Valentino Garavani in 1960 and has been creating beautiful womenswear clothing and accessories ever since. Pierpaolo Piccioli is the current creative director of this fashion house and has made it into a must-have brand, a favorite of celebrities and fashion editors all over the world.

The hosiery collection from the brand may be small but it features so gorgeous pieces that would be the perfect finishing touch to any look. We particularly love these striking Logo tights, with a semi-sheer finish and high-rise waist to give a smooth and flattering look. Just pair it with a little black dress for a super stylish, low-effort look.

Start with: Valentino Logo tights – $390

9. Thom Browne

Grey and white Thom Browne 4-Bar Pointelle Opaque Tights
Get these tights on Nordstrom
Grey and white Thom Browne 4-Stripe Over the Calf Socks Socks
Get these socks on Nordstrom

The American fashion designer, Thom Browne, consistently produces contemporary, totally unique collections, playing on thought-provoking themes, that are just irresistible.

The brand was originally just menswear, but a womenswear range of added in 2014 and has proved incredibly popular, with a modern yet preppy style.

These tights and socks are emblematic of this chic brand, with high-quality materials and a timeless design, featuring the four white stripes that are a hallmark of the Thom Browne brand. Both the socks and tights have a school-girl aesthetic, perfect to style with a mini skirt for a stylish look.

Start with: Thom Browne 4-Bar Pointelle Opaque Tights – $350

10. Dior

Black Dior Fishnet Tights
Get these tights on Dior
White and gold Dior Sporty Socks
Get these socks on Dior

As you would expect from the incredible luxury brand, Christian Dior, the hosiery collection is just perfect with a wide range of striking designs made with luxurious materials.

The Parisian chic style that is imbued throughout the Dior ready-to-wear collections has continued into their hosiery, with lots of stunning designs that can be styled in a range of ways.

You can never go wrong with a pair of fishnet tights, a total must-have in any wardrobe, and these fishnets from Dior are a great option. The Dior-logo emblazoned socks, with the gold embellishment, with add a little extra sparkle to your outfit.

Start with: Dior Fishnet Tights – $480

11. Comme Des Garcons

Pink Comme Des Garcons Nylon Tights
Get these tights on SSENSE
Black and white Comme Des Garcons logo-print socks
Get these socks on FarFetch

Add some unique and quirky hosiery to your wardrobe with these pieces from Comme Des Garcons!

The Japanese brand, founded by the incredible Avant Garde designer Rei Kawakubo, is known for ground-breaking and experimental collections that are a mix between fashion and art, pushing the boundaries of what we expect from clothing collections.

These bright pink nylon tights are a great example of the bold style of the brand, great to add a pop of color to your look. For something a little more paired-back, these black and white logo-print socks are ideal.

Start with: Comme Des Garcons Pink Nylon Tights – $65

12 Dries Van Noten

Khaki Dries Van Noten FOGAL Edition Nylon Tights
Get these tights on SSENSE
Pink, yellow, and green Dries Van Noten Yellow Ruffled Tights
Get these tights on SSENSE

Dries Van Noten is another innovative, progressive brand, founded by a Belgian fashion designer of the same name. The hosiery collection has been created in collaboration with FOGAL, an incredible hosiery brand that has been creating stylish tights, socks, and leggings since 1921.

The tights from the Dries Van Noten x FOGAL collaboration reflect the style of the Belgian brand, with muted colors, eye-catching patterns, and stylish designs. These yellow, green, and pink even feature ruffles down the side of each leg for a unique touch.

Start with: Dries Van Noten Khaki FOGAL Edition Nylon Tights – $38

13. Richard Quinn

Green, blue and black Richard Quinn Floral Print Sheer Tights
Get these tights on Nordstrom

The British designer Richard Quinn, who founded his namesake brand in 2016, studied textile print at Central Saint Martins, which is evident throughout all Richard Quinn’s pieces, including tights.

Floral prints are a particular favorite of Richard Quinn’s designs, featuring on pieces worn by Kendall Jenner, Amal Clooney, Priyanka Chopra, and Jennifer Lopez, as well as the tights pictured above.

The soft and comfortable tights, with a high-rise waist, feature a floral design and are available in three different colorways, so you can pick the perfect option to finish off your bold style.

Start with: Richard Quinn Floral Print Sheer Tights – $130

We hope you found your pick from this list of luxury hosiery brands! If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.

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