What To Wear To A White Party: 20 Elegant Outfit Ideas

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So, you’ve been invited to a white party!  The dress code sounds pretty simple, but do you know what the correct attire is? If not, this guide on what to wear to a white party will help you out.

White parties are a popular trend in the fashion world, but do you know why they’re called white parties? What to wear to a white party is what we’ll be discussing today. White is traditionally associated with purity and innocence, so it’s fitting that this type of event would have such an innocent name!

There’s something so alluring about color-themed parties because they are fun and you get to be creative with your attire or your outfit. White parties are a great way to get dressed up, have fun, and be creative with your clothing. However, in a sea of people wearing the same white party outfits, it can be quite a challenge to stand out from everyone.


What is a white party, anyway?


White parties pretty much take on the literal definition of the name: they call for formal attire in an all-white dress code. The event itself could either be a birthday, a christening, a retirement party, or quite literally any special occasion – the party is a  white party if the main theme of the event is the color white. So naturally, guests have to show up in a white look as well.

Perhaps the true appeal of a white-attire party is the elegance of it all – by wearing white, you have to move carefully (and elegantly) so as not to have any wine or food spills on your outfit. There’s nothing more embarrassing than having a red wine stain in the middle of your chest while the party is ongoing!


Dîner en Blanc


Perhaps one of the most famous “white parties” in the world is the iconic Diner en Blanc, which literally means “Dinner in White” in French.

It is a very exclusive worldwide event where select guests can have a meal at a public space…but here is the catch: Guests have to provide their own tables, chairs, tablecloths, and in more recent years – even food. Only a select number of participants who have previously signed up are made privy to the location the day of the dinner and generally converge in an iconic urban location.

It is by invitation only, which makes it one of the most coveted “secret dinners” in the world. And of course… guests MUST wear white.


What To Wear To A White Party (For Women)


There are different ways to style this special dress code. For formal events like a garden party, a good white outfit idea for the ladies would be a beautiful white dress. A white maxi dress would be fine too. If your party invitation is on a chic hotel rooftop, you can go for a sleek white blazer with a cute bralette crop top underneath, paired with some white jeans.

A white playsuit would be good as well, or a white party dress such as a cocktail dress. The point is, the important thing is to pay close attention to the common theme: all-white.

So if you’re planning your own white party trend (or if you’ve been invited into one), we compiled a list of gorgeous white outfits for women that you can purchase and wear, or just look at for a dose of inspiration.

All of our picks are from affordable retailers under $100, however, if you are looking for more high-end white attire, we recommend checking out Net-A-Porter’s selection.



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What To Wear To A White Party: Sexy mini dress

Get this dress at Hello Molly




Classy white party jumpsuit outfit

Get this jumpsuit at Vita Grace




What to wear to a white party: chic blazer dresses

Get this blazer dress at Pretty Little Thing




What To Wear To A White Party: White halter top dress

Get this dress at Lulus




Casual white party shirt dress

Get this dress at Beginning Boutique




What To Wear To A White Party: White mini dress with sleeves

Get this dress at Lulus




Cute white party dress

Get this dress on Sabo




What To Wear To A White Party: White satin mini dress with deep v plunge

Get this dress at Shein




White lace dress with long sleeves for white party

Get this dress at Vita Grace




Chic white lace romper with long sleeves

Get this romper on Hello Molly




Classy and elegant white maxi dress

Get this dress at Petal + Pup




White party outfit with jumpsuit and heels

Get this jumpsuit at Net-A-Porter




White peplum romper

Get this romper at Lulus




Elegant white party dress with slit

Get this dress at Reformation




Simple white jumpsuit

Get this jumpsuit at Lulus




Chic white party jumpsuit

Get this jumpsuit at Pretty Little Thing




What To Wear To A White Party: White lace halter jumpsuit

Get this jumpsuit at Lulus




Sexy white long-sleeve romper with deep v plunge

Get this romper at Shein




What To Wear To A White Party: Cream maxi dress

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What To Wear To A White Party: White high low dress with ruffles

Get this dress at Hello Molly


White Party Outfit Ideas For Men


As for men, you can show up in a smart-casual white blazer and white pants, paired with some white smart sneakers.

If the invite says semi-formal, some white straight-leg pants, a tucked-in white button-down shirt and a pair of loafers would be a good choice. For a more laid-back look, a pair of white chinos and a white button shirt would look best. 

Below are 5 ideas for different levels of formality. For the best effect, make sure to wear matching white sneakers.




What to wear to a white party for men: white chinos

Get these chino pants at J.Crew




Striped white blazer and pants

Get the pants and the blazer on ASOS




White tuxedo set

Get the blazer and the pants on ASOS




White designer suit set

Get this on MrPorter




White cargo pants

Get these pants on ASOS


Commonly Asked Questions

Can I wear cream to an all-white party?

 Sure, but make sure it’s not too much of the yellow side as some cream colors do. You can also mix both cream and white to add texture to your outfits (for example: a cream top and a white bottom).

What color purse should I bring?

 Bring a purse that will complement your attire greatly. It can either be nude, gold, or silver.

What color shoes should I wear? 

White or nude strappy heels look best on all-white attire since they will look subtle while elongating your legs. If you don’t have these heels, you can also go for grey or silver. 

Can I wear jewelry?

 Of course, you can! Gold accessories look gorgeous on white attire, as well as platinum or silver.


We hope you found inspiration from these white party outfit ideas! There are many great ways to style a chic outfit, so don’t be afraid to experiment and go out of your comfort zone when it comes to trying new looks! If you’re still looking for more fashion ideas, check the posts down below.


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