Marc Jacobs vs Tory Burch: Which Is The Better Investment?

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If you’re thinking about investing in one of these brands but can’t decide which one, here’s a thorough comparison between Marc Jacobs vs Tory Burch to help you make up your mind.

Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch are two American brands that have taken the world of designer accessories and handbags by storm. Both fashion labels are best known for their exceedingly trendy leather bags, sunglasses, footwear, and jewelry.

While these luxury brands carry items that are similar in style, there are several differentiating factors such as price point and name recognition.

Tory Burch monogram bucket bag
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Purchasing a designer bag can often be a substantial investment, which means you should do your research before taking the leap. Your budget, how often you’ll use the bag, and the pieces in your wardrobe should all be considered before picking out a new pricy bag.

It’s important to ensure that it will match with the outfits that you wear most frequently. There’s absolutely no use in purchasing an over-the-top, fancy clutch if you’re really in need of a shoulder bag to wear during casual outings.

Before picking between a bag (or anything else) from Marc Jacobs or Tory Burch, be sure to read through our comparison of each brand, their history, and the main differences between the two.

We’ve also included our favorite handbags, best-sellers and other accessories from both designers.

All About Marc Jacobs

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs started his own line after working for Perry Ellis and Louis Vuitton for several years. While the brand has remained extremely popular for decades, it’s often recognized for its “grunge” collection that spurred the grunge fashion trend in the 1990s.

In terms of Marc Jacobs’ ready-to-wear aesthetic, it can be considered avant-garde with an atypical streetwear twist, making it popular among fashionistas with an edgy style. The brand is anti-establishment, rebellious, authentic, and unpredictable, which made it a hit with celebrities looking to create bold fashion looks.

In terms of bags, their style is more fitting for everyday use at brunches, beaches and even the office.

All About Tory Burch

When it comes to designer brands, Tory Burch is relatively new as it was only founded in 2004. The label specializes in soft leather bags with superior craftsmanship, akin to the quality of Saint Laurent and Chanel. However, its bags are only a mere fraction of the prices of the two latter brands.

Tory Burch’s style differs greatly from Marc Jacobs’s. Its timeless pieces evoke feelings of optimism and joy, meaning that they are a little less edgy and grunge. The designer draws inspiration from travel, art, and femininity, and all pieces are designed with the modern working woman in mind.

Tory Burch handbags and accessories can be easily recognized by the iconic, signature logo. The brand’s distinct emblem is a decorated cross made from two T’s, referring to the designer’s first name, Tory.

Marc Jacobs vs Tory Burch: The Differences

1. Price Difference

It’s common knowledge that Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch both make very high-quality handbags from leather and canvas materials. But in terms of price, Marc Jacobs tends to be slightly less expensive than Tory Burch, which means it’s a better option for those hesitant to spend a lot of money on a bag.

But when it comes to the basics like a black crossbody bag, the designer brands have similar pricing. For example, Marc Jacobs’ most popular crossbody bag, the Snapshot bag, retails for $325 and a similar style from Tory Burch, the McGraw Leather Camera Bag costs $328.

2. Brand Aesthetics

Fashion enthusiasts who describe their personal style as “badass” or “edgy” are going to gravitate toward the options from Marc Jacobs.

The brand’s streetwear-inspired aesthetic is quite different from the feminine, classic styles offered by Tory Burch. But if your closet is filled with frilly dresses, blouses, and pastel colors, a bag from Tory Burch will most definitely do the trick.

3. brand Popularity

In terms of popularity, Tory Burch is definitely more trendy and in-demand. A lot of their bags have been successful among regular people and influencers alike, and they also have popular accessories like the Miller sandals, that we’re even included in Saweetie’s Icy Girl song lyrics!

This is not to say that Marc Jacobs bags aren’t popular, as they definitely are. But when you think of popular Marc Jacobs bags, not so many come to mind. Of course, there’s the Snapshot bag and the newly released The Tote Bag, but it seems like Marc Jacobs isn’t consistently producing hits like Tory Burch in the handbag department.

In our opinion, this is probably helped by the fact that Tory Burch has a beautiful, instantly recognizable logo that looks great on many bags, whereas Marc Jacobs has struggled a bit in that department.

4. Quality

In terms of quality, you can expect carefully constructed, durable handbags from both designers. Both Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch are also widely sold outside of their boutiques in retailers like Nordstrom, Saks Fifth, and others.

Are Marc Jacobs & Tory Burch Luxury Brands?

While both Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch design luxurious items, they aren’t considered true luxury brands due to their relatively affordable price points.

If you’ve ever stumbled on Gucci’s, Hermes’, Dior’s, or any other luxury fashion house’s websites, you’ll know that it can be quite tricky to find anything under $500. This is especially true for bags, which typically retail for $2,000-$4,000, if not more.

Both Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch are more on par with the likes of Coach, Kate Spade, and Michael Kors, which are considered high-end, or middle-luxury.

It’s also good to note that, unlike the top-tier luxury brands, Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch typically go on sale at least a few times a year, which is excellent news for any savvy consumer!

Our Favorite Picks From Marc Jacobs vs Tory Burch

1. Crossbody Bags

Black Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag
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White Tory Burch Kira bag
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Tory Burch has SO many amazing bags in this category that it was hard to choose our favorite one. There’s the McGraw Camera Bag and the Fleming bag that are absolutely gorgeous, but if we had to pick just one bag from Tory Burch, it would have to be the small Kira crossbody bag.

This bag comes with quilted chevron leather, gold hardware and a beautiful logo in the middle of the bag. It can be converted from a shoulder bag to a crossbody bag, and fits snug either under your arm or on your waist.

It comes in multiple different colors and sizes, starting at $548 for the small crossbody bag, or at $348 for the smaller wallet-on-chain version of the bag.

For Marc Jacobs, we had to include the classic Snapshot bag. This beautiful camera bag comes in multiple colors and patterns, accompanied by a changeable strap.

The classic black version of the bag features a beautiful golden logo strap and retails for $325 – making it the perfect everyday handbag for when you are out running errands.

2. Tote Bags

Beige Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag
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Black Tory Burch tote bag
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Not only are tote bags incredibly functional but they are also quite cute. Both Tory Burch and Marc Jacobs have tote bags that are popular among designer bag fanatics.

However, Marc Jacobs takes the cake with its The Tote Bag that’s easily recognizable as the name of the bag and designer is screen printed on the front. It comes in several different sizes as well as fabric and color variations but the classic medium canvas tote retails for $195. This is also the most popular size that the bag comes in.

Tory Burch’s trendy Ella Patent Nylon Bag looks much different in appearance but is functional in all the same ways. This bag is also quite large, making it perfect for shopping or even as an office bag as it easily fits a laptop, and it’s available for just $248.

3. Sandals

Black Marc Jacobs The Slide
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Beige Tory Burch slide sandals
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While both designer brands carry sandals, they are completely different in style. The Slide, which appears to be modeled after pool slides, by Marc Jacobs comes in several colors and is very sporty. These can be yours for $195.

On the other hand, the sandals offered by Tory Burch are much more feminine. Its most popular style, the Miller Sandal, comes in many different colors and materials and retails for $198. We love the nude version of the sandals as they go with everything!

4. Wallets

Green Marc Jacobs Snapshot Leather ID Wallet
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Tory Burch tan Miller waller
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Wallets are an item that one simply cannot live without as they hold our credit cards that we use for online shopping. Both designers have a selection of large and small wallets for a relatively affordable price. So, if you are new to buying from these designers, why not start with a small item like a wallet?

The saffiano leather ID wallet ($95) from Marc Jacobs is chic, understated, and slim, and fits perfectly into even the smallest bags. It has a zipper on the top for coins, and on the other side, there are different sections for your cash and cards. Pretty convenient if you ask us!

Tory Burch also has a similar ID with the same functionality (the Perry Bombe Card Case), but we love their tan Miller Medium Trifold Wallet even more. This is a much bigger wallet, with more room for credit cards, reward cards, you name it!

5. Belts

Black, purple, and silver Marc Jacobs Leather Stud Belt
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Black, tan, and silver Tory Burch Reversible Logo Belt
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A super simple way to accessorize any outfit is by adding a belt. Plus, belts also help keep your pants up if they are a little too big. It’s truly a win-win.

If you’re eager to wear belts more often, waist belts will also pair well with sweater dresses in the fall and winter. When shopping for a belt, choose a style that’s made from leather and ensure that it’s the correct size so that you don’t have to create extra belt loops at home with a sharp object.

The Leather Stud Belt from Marc Jacobs has a statement look, with a leather, pyramid studded belt and is finished with a butterfly buckle – this belt will add an edgy touch to any look and is available for $175.

Or, if you are looking for something a little more classic and timeless, you should check out Tory Burch’s Reversible Logo Belt, where one side is black and the other is tan so it can be styled with a wide range of looks. The bet is finished with a Tory Burch logo buckle in sparkling silver, and is still pretty affordable, retailing for $198.

6. Other Items

Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume
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Gold Tory Burch logo stud earrings
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Besides bags, shoes and clothing, the brands are also famous for a few differing things: Tory Burch for its jewelry and Marc Jacobs for its perfumes and beauty products.

One of the most loved designer perfumes of the last decade has to be the Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance. This floral “eau so fresh” is sophisticated without being too serious, and brings sunshine to your mind even on the gloomiest of days.

Even though Tory Burch has also ventured into the world of designer perfumes, it’s the earrings, Apple watch straps ad other jewelry that we love most from them.

If you’re looking for a simple pair of stud earrings, why not opt for the beautiful Logo Stud Earrings that add elegance to any outfit? These beautiful earrings come in gold, silver and rose gold, and retail for $78.

A similar but more affordable version of these is also available as the Kira Stud earrings, retailing for just $58.

Marc Jacobs vs Tory Burch: Conclusion

In conclusion, there are two main differences between Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch: The prices and the aesthetic. The prices at Marc Jacobs are definitely easier to stomach, which makes the brand a better option for those who don’t like spending a lot of money on one single item.

Tory Burch tends to have higher prices but the brand has beautiful designs and an elegant logo, which is why many people are okay with splurging on its handbags, footwear, and accessories.

The other huge difference between the two designers is style. Marc Jacobs embraces edgier designers made in darker colors whereas Tory Burch uses playful colors and flirtier styles.

You really can’t go wrong with either designer brand as they both use high-quality fabrics, materials, and dyes. Unlike the handbag you purchased on a whim from a fast-fashion retailer, the bag that you purchase from Marc Jacobs or Tory Burch will not fall apart.

They are designed to withstand the test of time, along with being repeatedly flung around when you’re running late for work.

If we had to pick just one brand between the battle of Marc Jacobs vs Tory Burch, we recommend going with Tory Burch, as the they have so many amazing bags and designs to choose from. Of course, personal style is personal style, so if you love Marc Jacobs’ designs more, go for their bags instead!

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