Goyard vs Louis Vuitton: Which Luxury Brand Is Right For You?

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Goyard and Louis Vuitton are two of the oldest luxury French brands. If you’re stuck on deciding which brand to purchase from, read on to find out about the differences and similarities between Goyard Vs Louis Vuitton.

These two French luxury fashion brands may have a similar history but there are important differences you should know about before opening your wallet to one or the other. This article will guide you through the history of each brand, key differences, and top products to aid in any future purchases, so read on!

Goyard vs Louis Vuitton

History of Goyard

The House of Goyard went through several iterations before it became the brand we know it as today. Originally named Maison Martin in 1792, the company was a box and trunk maker, quickly becoming popular with the French aristocracy.

Maison Martin hired a young François Goyard as an apprentice and trained him in the brands specialist trunk making. In 1852, Goyard took over the brand and changed the name to Maison Goyard, and grew it into the luxury brand we know in the 21st century.

Edmond Goyard took over the house from his father and began creating more than just trunks, expanding the line in 1890 to include a pet range, which was incredibly innovative and successful. So much so that in 2008 a Goyard boutique for chic pets was opened just across the street from their flagship store in Paris.

The now-famous Goyardine monogram canvas was created in 1892 and was inspired by the family history and family name of Goyard. This chevron pattern can now be seen covering their Goyard bags, perhaps most famously the Goyard tote.

The brand remained in the Goyard family until 1998 when Jean-Michel Signoles bought the company and turned it into the internationally renowned luxury brand it is today. He revived the heritage of bespoke skills of Goyard and opened new workshops across France – ensuring the brand was an example of craftsmanship and timeless sophistication.

Rather famously, Goyard is a mysterious and secretive brand that does not subscribe to traditional promotion and advertising – even refusing to give interviews as many other luxury brands do.

History of Louis Vuitton

Similar to Goyard, Louis Vuitton also began as a trunk maker in 1854. The Louis Vuitton trunks were unique and practical for their time: they had a flat rather than dome lid, meaning they could be stacked when in transit, saving a whole load of space. This contributed to the brand’s growing success among wealthy aristocrats and even royals.

The Louis Vuitton brand also introduced the unpickable lock in 1886, originally created by Louis’ son and soon-to-be-heir, Georges Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Alma bag with LV keychain
©Andrea Astesiano | Depositphotos.com

To make their bags easily recognizable, Louis Vuitton introduced their monogram print in 1869 – it was designed by Georges in memory of his father. The LV monogram is surrounded by three floral designs, which each signify fortune, joy, and passion – this print is now synonymous with Louis Vuitton and their luxurious handbags, making them unmistakable.

In recent years, the brand has also added a feature in which you can customize your Louis Vuitton bag with your own initials on the monogram print instead of the LV.

Vuitton made some of their best-known bags at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1930 the Keepall bag was introduced, then soon after came along the Noé bag, which has been recently reinvented to form a bucket bag. The ever-popular LV Speedy bag was also added to their collection around this time, inspired by the fast travel and city life of the 1930s.

The brand remained solely a leather goods maker until 1997 when Marc Jacob, previously the designer at Perry Ellis, became creative director for the brand and launched the first ready-to-wear collection.

Jacobs bought a new and fresh element to the brand, remaining at the cutting edge of fashion and art by collaborating with artists such as Stephen Sprouse, Richard Prince, and Kanye West.

The brand changed by appointing a separate menswear artistic director in 2011 in the form of Kim Jones, who was then replaced by the iconic Virgil Abloh in 2018. In 2013, Marc Jacobs stepped down from Louis Vuitton and Nicolas Ghesquière became the creative director and has remained at the luxury brand ever since.

Differences between Goyard and Louis Vuitton

Despite both brands having their histories in trunk-making in 19th century France, there are some key differences between the two brands that you should be aware of before making any purchases.

1. availablity

The first, main difference is how you can buy these luxury goods. Louis Vuitton sells their bags on its website, its global stores and many luxury department stores across the world – including flagship stores in Paris, London, and New York.

On the other hand, Goyard has a very minimal online presence and does not sell online or through any other online retailers such as Bloomingdale’s or Bergdorf Goodman. This means you have to visit a Goyard store in order to buy one of their popular bags.

2. Price point

Goyard bags are usually priced between around $1,000 and $3,500, but it is difficult to say for sure as they do not show the price on their website and so you would have to go into a Goyard boutique to enquire about the price point of these bags.

Louis Vuitton bags are spread over a greater retail price, ranging from $1,000 to $6,000 – this can increase depending on fabric choice, any customization and in some cases, the limited availability of the bag.

3. materials and print

The fabrics, craftsmanship and materials used for each bag is also a significant difference between the two brands. Goyard bags are made in workshops within France that honor the historic craftsmanship of the brand. Almost all Goyard bags are made from Goyardine Canvas with Clamecy cowhide trimmings.

The Goyard bags are iconic because the chevron print that covers their range of bags is a whole range of special colors – but this does mean there is really only one main style of print for most of their bags, which may not appeal to all customers.

Louis Vuitton is perhaps not known for its historic craftsmanship, but its luxury bags are available in a range of different materials and differing prints to suit the budget and taste of all customers.

LV handbags are made from cowhide leather, taurillon leather, or ebene canvas, amongst other materials – this means shoppers can choose a fabric that is most suited to their lifestyle, as well as catering to personal taste.

Similar to Goyard, many of Louis Vuitton bags are covered in their famous Louis Vuitton print, available in a range of classic colors, but the brand also caters to customers who do not like flashy prints. Many of their popular bags come in a single color without any print – allowing customers to have a choice in how they want their bag to look.

4. Advertising Strategy

As we mentioned before, Goyard is rather unique among modern brands as they do not have a presence on social media, nor do they engage in any type of advertising at all – not online, and not offline. They also do not sell their products online.

This has prompted many people to refer to as Goyard as the only true luxury brand around, as they have to rely on word of mouth and their craftsmanship to sell their products.

On the contrary to this, Louis Vuitton heavily markets their products, collaborating with celebrities and influencers alike.

Both strategies between Goyard vs Louis Vuitton have their advantages – Louis Vuitton is beyond a doubt the more popular brand between the two, but the Goyard print is less omnipresent in everyday life, and you get to feel like you belong to a special club.

Our Top picks from Goyard Vs Louis Vuitton

1. Tote bags
Goyard St Louis tote bag
Browse all Goyard St Louis totes on Fashionphile
Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote bag
Browse all Louis Vuitton Neverfull bags on Fashionphile

Both Goyard and Louis Vuitton are known for their respective Tote bags. The Goyard Saint Louis toteis made from the Goyardine canvas with a linen and cotton lining to make a totally luxurious bag.

The St. Louis also comes with a removable, tethered pouch you can keep all your most important essentials in one, easy to grab, place.

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull has a similar spacious interior with slim leather handles and side laces, creating the perfect beach bag or work bag.

The LV Neverfull is also made from a coated canvas, although it is available in other materials. This tote has an interior zip pocket as well as a removable zipped pouch.

2. Crossbody bags
Goyard vs Louis Vuitton: Crossbody bags
Browse all Belvedere bags on Fashionphile
Louis Vuitton Speedy nano bag
Browse all nano Speedy bags on Fashionphile

Crossbody bags are an essential part of every woman’s bag collection – especially if you love to have your hands free.

The Belvedere Messenger bag (approx. $2,400), seen here in Navy, is a light crossbody available in a plethora of vibrant colors. The fine crossbody strap is practical and adjustable, while both the interior and exterior are fitted with pockets to help you remain organized.

The LV Speedy bag is a classic of the Louis Vuitton repertoire – although available in different sizes, the nano makes the ideal crossbody bag. The gold hardware perfectly complements the monogrammed canvas, while the bag features top handles as well as a crossbody leather strap to ensure versatility.

3. Backpacks
Goyard vs Louis Vuitton: backpacks
Browse all mini Alpin backpacks on Fashionphile
Louis Vuitton monogram backpack
Browse all Montsouris backpacks on Fashionphile

Backpacks are growing in popularity with the aid of some gorgeous designer versions, such as these options for Goyard and Louis Vuitton.

Goyard’s Mini Alpin backpack (around $3,500) is incredibly functional and versatile – the hooks and fixings mean the adjustable and removable straps can be worn in different ways to fit every style. The palladium finishes accentuate the Goyardine canvas of the bag, while the floating pocket inside ensures the backpack remains organized.

The Louis Vuitton Montsouris backpack features an outside zip pocket and a roomy interior to fit your water bottle, phone, and purse. The stunning design of the bag includes adjustable leather straps and an archival Louis Vuitton buckle – all available from Fashionphile for approx. $2,000 for the bigger size.

4. Top handle bags
Goyard vs Louis Vuitton: Top handle bags
Browse all Saigon bags on Fashionphile
Lavender purple Louis Vuitton Alma bag
Browse all LV Alma BB Vernis bags on Fashionphile

Top handle bags are sometimes overlooked but are such a fun addition to any bag collection. They are usually small enough to be worn as evening bags, but they’ll also complement a casual daytime outfit perfectly.

The gorgeous Goyard Saigon bag is unusual in its use of wood in the top handle and wooden panels on the front, which reflects the brand’s history as a trunk maker. The leather corners and trunk rivets also refer back to historic trunks, while the versatile long leather strap brings the bag into the modern day.

The classic curved shape of the LV Alma BB bag brings a bit of fun to top handle bags. The Toron handles, key bell, and LV padlock add a bit of glam to any outfit, while the interior is totally practical, with a flat pocket inside, perfect for your credit card.

Sold at a retail price of $1,550, this bag is available from Fashionphile for around $1,000.


Both brands create beautiful handbags, with classic styles, timeless designs, and functional practicality that makes it so difficult to choose between the two.

If you love the traditional Goyardine print, then you will love a Goyard product. Although they are a little bit harder to get a hold of as you have to visit one of their boutiques, this does mean Goyard handbags have a high resale value.

Louis Vuitton is perfect if you want a little more choice between trendy bags as well as archival designs. The variety of fabrics and textures that Louis Vuitton bags are made from also ensure they suit anyone’s style.

In the end, this decision between Goyard vs Louis Vuitton is up to personal preference, whether you desire the traditional craftmanship of Goyard or the variety and monogram print of Louis Vuitton. You just can’t go wrong with either the sophistication of Goyard or elegance of Louis Vuitton bags.

We hope you enjoyed our analysis of Goyard vs Louis Vuitton! For more similar posts, make sure to check out the related articles below.

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