25 Pretty & Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas To Try DIY

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Celebrating Easter just wouldn’t feel right without a few beautifully decorated Easter eggs that you can include in your Easter egg hunt. If you’re looking for new and creative Easter egg decorating ideas to adorn your home, this article is for you!

Although we may think of painting Easter eggs as a modern tradition, it’s been around at since the 13t century – way before the US was even a country! Eggs have been a symbol of spring even before Christianity, as eggs in the ancient world symbolized new life. 

So, if you’re ready to welcome new life into your home in the form of some egg-cellent painting designs, why not try recreating one of these egg-decorating ideas with marble effect, gold foil designs, metal finishes or pretty. Most of these ideas are a better fit for adults than kids, but we’ve also included a couple of designs that are easy for kids to replicate (especially if you’re going for a single-color finish).

Before getting crafty, you might want to grab a couple of egg decorating kits or egg decorating paint from Etsy to make your experience better and more enjoyable.

The Most Beautiful Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

1. Turquoise Dreams

Turquoise and gold foil Easter egg decorating ideas

Get the tutorial on Dans Le Lake House

All the gemstone lovers will appreciate this take on a turquoise stone, identified by its veins and bright blue color. If painted onto a big styrofoam egg, this would also make a fantastic centrepiece.

2. Hundreds and Thousands

Easy sprinkle Easter egg design.
Get the tutorial on Let’s Mingle

This bright white background is beautifully complimented by tiny specks of sprinkle-like colorful paint. This is a great one to get little ones involved in!

3. Baroque Eggs

Black and gold Easter egg decorating ideas

via @masterskaya_bojakorovka

The gold, intricate aesthetic of baroque is well displayed in these eggs. These are wonderful to display on a dish as a centrepiece for a dinner party, or entryway decor.

4. Wild West

Easy cactus egg painting idea.
Get this tutorial on Delia Creates

These cactus eggs are perfect for those deep in Cowboy-core, thanks to Beyoncé’s new country album. The pebbles below the egg could be replaced with chocolate, and this would make this a great Easter party favor.

5. Going for gold

Black, white and gold Easter eggs

via @reaInteriors

These stunning selections of black and white eggs with elements of gold are perfect for those who enjoy a minimal, but still rich, aesthetic. These would be wonderful to decorate a dinner table for an Easter party.

6. Simply The Best

Easy Easter egg decoration.
Get the tutorial on Thistle Key Lane

This is one of few painted eggs which still looks like an egg, so is great if you don’t take this element of the Easter season too seriously.

7. Tiled Pattern

Easter egg painting ideas with marker

via @sewyeah

These eggs, inspired by hand-painted tiles work perfectly with painted eggs as there is no specific color or pattern to be adhered to – in other words – you can paint as your heart desires.

8. Summer Lovin’

These eggs say summer more than spring, but these cute eggs painted with strawberries and bows in pastel shades are an Easter-time dream

9. Easter Bunny

Cute Easter eggs

via @littlelulubel

These blushing Easter bunnies are almost too cute to break or crush after the celebrations are done but make wonderful eggs for decorating during the holiday.

10. Breakfast at Tiffanys

Creative Easter egg painting ideas

via @masterskaya_bojakorovka

This intricately painted egg is perfect for all those who like a bit of glam in their lives. Though this won’t be the easiest to paint, it might just look the best.

11. Going Green

Tropical green Easter egg painting ideas

via @woskiem_malowane

Egg decor doesn’t need to be Easter themed, and this is the perfect example. Fun bold motifs like leaves and trees make for perfect egg patterns.

12. Blue China

Creative blue Easter egg painting ideas

via @woskiem_malowane

This bold blue background paired with a fine pattern is perfect if you have little ones who want to get messy with the paint. You can then with a white pen draw a fine pattern over top.

13. Midnight Magic

Black and pink Easter egg decorating ideas

via @woskiem_malowane

For those who like a bit of darkness in their art, these black eggs with bright pink and white botanical patterns are perfect.

14. Gingerbread Eggs

Cute and creative Easter egg decorating ideas

via @__miss___tiny__

Egg painting, much like making a gingerbread house, is just about creating what you feel like.

If you have many eggs to paint and arrange, you can create some plain-colored eggs to be fillers.

15. Henna Hands

Pastel green painted Easter eggs

via @masterskaya_bojakorovka

These intricate eggs are similar to Indian henna, a type of temporary tattoo done on special occasions. The great thing about these is they can be done freehand.

16. Bold Cottage-core

Burgundy Easter eggs with intricate pattern

via @woskiem_malowane

This combination of red and cream makes for a wonderful Easter centrepiece, and could even be brought back out during the Christmas period.

17. Party Treat

Cute Easter egg ideas

via @ivon_zz

These hollow painted eggs have smartly been repurposed as napkin holders or could even be used as vases for a few dry flowers to amp up your tablescape.

18. B-egg-sties

Cute and creative Easter egg decorating ideas

via @los_mosqueras

These bestie eggs are perfect for making with your closest friends. A great game would be to give each person someone to paint, as an egg, and the winner is the one with the greatest resemblance.

19. Black or White

Black Easter egg decorating ideas for adults

via @woskiem_malowane

These black and white eggs are wonderful for placing into a big platter to decorate a table, or picnic table during an Easter egg hunt.

20. Ombr-eggs

Easy pastel ombre Easter egg decorating ideas for kids and adults

via @rvaorganic

These ombre eggs are simple, but are super effective. Simply paint eggs in different colors, and arrange them in color order in a basket.

21. Broken & Beaded

Cool and creative Easter egg decorating ideas for adults

via @beckywareingsteele

If by chance you end up breaking the egg all is not lost! Encrusting the remainders with beads can still be wonderful for an effective tablescape.

22. Rainbow Dust

Pastel ombre Easter egg ideas

via @masterskaya_bojakorovka

These rainbow eggs decorated with white piped details look super intricate when displayed together, but are simple to make.

23. Specks of Gold

Easy Easter egg decorating idea with glitter.

via @englishteapaperie

If getting messy with paints isn’t your vibe, using glitter glue to create polka dots or other simple shapes is easy and effective.

24. Painted Garden

Creative Easter egg designs with bee and flowers

via @particlepress

These eggs painted with motifs from gardens like flowers and a bee are perfect for an outdoor spring Easter party. 

25. Ice Cold

Pastel blue and silver Easter egg designs for adults

via @masterskaya_bojakorovka

Though Easter is the beginning of warmer days and shorter nights, this Christmas-inspired eggs in cool-toned colors are stunning to display at an Easter party against a white tablecloth.

Which of these creative Easter egg decorating ideas will you copy this year? Don’t be intimidated by how professional some of them look – you can make your own version of the designs and just enjoy the crafting experience!

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