The 10 Best Shoe Colors To Wear With A Mauve Dress, According To A Color Wheel

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Mauve is one of the most popular wedding guest dress colors, so we’ve done research on the best shoe colors to wear with the hottest color this season!

Think of us as your fairy god-sisters who have done the research [and color wheel analysis] to come to rescue you from fashion disasters with the ten best shoe colors to wear with a mauve dress.

Mauve boho dress
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The color mauve gets its name from the French word “mauve,” which means “mallow,” a flower with similar hues. The softness of the color means it complements feminine silhouettes well, adding an aspect of elegance to any outfit it features in.

It’s no wonder the shade is a favorite of many global Royalty, including Queen Letizia of Spain and Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, whose elegant style means most of her outfits are paired with neutral-colored heels.

Other than obvious neutral and metallic shoe shades, a mauve dress can be difficult to style. It is often described as a shade between purple and pink and, depending on the light and material, may appear as different mauve shades, making it difficult to style without looking mismatched.

That said, its feminine tones make it a popular option for special occasion dresses, and while we approach wedding season in what’s being dubbed ‘the year of the wedding,’ it’s time to get organized.

The 10 Best Color Shoes to Wear with a Mauve Dress

1. White Shoes

White shoes are versatile and can complement both casual and formal attire, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any look. Together, white and mauve create a delicate and elegant color combination.

The crispness of white pairs beautifully with the softness of a mauve dress, resulting in a super sophisticated and polished look – perfect for daytime summer occasions such as weddings and christenings.

Because a pair of white heels can be striking compared to the muted mauve tones, sheer away from adding more white dimensions and opt to accessorize with other mauve accents to create a coherent look.

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2. Neutral shoes

A favorite combination of Queen Letizia, nude and neutral colors is a great option if you’d like a safe choice to wear with a mauve dress. Neutral heels are an appropriate color if you need an elegant look for a formal event.

The best thing about nude heels is that if they are in your own skin tone, they can elongate your legs, and [in some cases] wearing high enough heels can give the illusion of a more toned leg!

Nude shoes, though a classic look, don’t have to be boring and are a great opportunity to experiment with an elaborate shoe. Depending on the shoe you choose, accessories can be paired according to the statement elements, whether Swarovski crystals or metallic buckles. We’ve curated a selection to ensure you find something right!

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3. Blue shoes

Blue might seem an unlikely choice, but purple and blue are analogous colors, meaning they are next to each other on a color wheel.

Opting for a mix of these colors creates an unexpectedly balanced look. If you are sporting a mini mauve dress, going for a blue shoe [which won’t be covered up by a long dress] can be a great statement while still being coordinated.

Mauve and blue usually match well; however, be careful with the shade you choose. Given that mauve is a light shade, pairing it with a navy blue wouldn’t work and would be an imbalanced outfit. We’ve chosen a mix of light cool tones of blue, which create a harmonious look, and a denim pair to dress down a formal look.

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4. Silver shoes

The metallic shimmer of a pair of silver heels adds a touch of glamour, while mauve brings a soft and romantic feel. If you’re attending a special occasion for a whole day, wearing a mauve dress with silver shoes means your outfit will be subdued enough for the daytime and still dressy enough for the evening.

Pair a mauve dress with silver accessories for a glamorous and sophisticated look, and be sure to stick to silver jewelry to avoid your outfit looking too ‘busy.’

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5. green shoes

Mauve Dress with Green Shoes
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We’ve previously covered the color wheel, and green and mauve are complementary colors on a color wheel [across from each other]. Going for a cool-toned green will soothe the hues of mauve for a funky, fashion-forward look.

It’s an unlikely color combination, but where mauve is an ultra-feminine color, green can add a bit of spice to an otherwise predictable outfit, and according to the color theory, green shoes are the best to wear with a mauve dress.

Green shoes are a great way to make a statement, but be careful with your accessories here; adding another dimension [even with a metallic shade] could add unnecessary clutter to your outfit. It would be a good choice to stick to either the same shade of mauve or green for your handbag.

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6. Black shoes

You can opt for a timeless look with a pair of black heels to compliment the mauve color. The combination is versatile and can work for smart, formal, and casual occasions, particularly if you require a refined appearance. This combination involves rich colors, and will work best on someone with dark hair and/or a deeper skin tone.

Again, black is a striking color, so if opting for black shoes, stick to toned-down accessories and a black clutch or handbag. Black shoes don’t need to be boring, though! We’ve selected some of the hottest black shoes to create the outfit of your dreams!


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7. Fuschia shoes

Fuchsia and mauve create a vibrant and contrasting color combination that can be both playful and sophisticated.

The boldness of fuchsia [otherwise known as hot pink] adds a pop of energy, while mauve provides a soft and muted counterpart. Again, pink is next to mauve on a color wheel, so the right tones of each can complement each other.

Opt for a mauve dress with fuchsia accessories to make a statement and add a pop of color to your look. Hot pink is an extremely popular color for accessories, and so styling this with a Fuschia pair of earrings or handbag will complete the outfit perfectly. This will be the perfect combination for vacation, or a girly brunch during the summer months.

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8. Gold shoes

Gold is the most likely, and best option to match a mauve dress. It’s the perfect combination for special occasions, given the opulent connotation and warmth of both colors.

Pairing gold shoes and a mauve dress transforms the hues of mauve from cool to warm – perfect for the summer months and great if you’ve managed to catch a tan!

Opting for gold shoes and wearing them with other gold accessories not only creates a cohesive look, but is a great choice for occasions where you need to be dressed to the nines. The most important thing when wearing metallic shoes is to stick to gold jewelry as the cool tones of silver will clash in an otherwise harmonious look.

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9. Clear shoes

If you’re really stuck, clear or PVC heels are the perfect way to get a really chic look, especially if your dress has intricate details or is an unusual shade of mauve that you can’t find a matching toned shoe too. That said, it doesn’t need to be a boring pair of shoes. Nearly every brand has its own variation of a clear/PVC high heel – either with embellishments or with a funky element.

Like neutral heels, these are the best shoes for elongating your legs, given that some are so transparent it looks like you are floating above the ground! 

Pairing accessories with clear heels is easy, and you can go crazy! For example, rather than incorporating complementary or analogous colors through your shoe choice, you can go for a bright-colored handbag or cool pair of earrings.

clear shoes we love
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10. Purple shoes

Mauve Dress with Purple Heels Styling
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When in doubt, monochrome is the best way. Whether wearing your mauve dress with an identical shade of heels or going for a slightly different one – it’s the best shoe color to wear with a mauve dress if you aren’t one for experimental fashion. Both colors belong to the purple family, with mauve being a pale and subdued variation.

If you still want to be sure you’re the most stylish in the room, you can opt for a pair of heels with embellishments or in alternative materials like PVC, a favorite of all the fashion it-girls. If you’re feeling adventurous enough to commit to the fully monochrome look, match this outfit with a purple / lilac clutch.

Purple shoes we love
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We hope you found the perfect shoes to pair with a mauve dress for your personal style! For more similar articles, make sure to check out the links below.

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