10 Best Shoe Colors To Wear With A Gold Dress

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Looking for a truly glamorous outfit for your next big event? If so, gold is a great choice – and here are the best shoe colors to wear with a gold dress.

Sequined gold dresses are a party favorite, especially for cocktail parties during New Year’s Eve, but also to celebrate other significant milestones like birthdays. They are equally glamorous as they are fun, and they catch the light in such a gorgeous way that you can’t help but admire them.

Whether you’re attending a formal gala, a wedding, or another special occasion, footwear can either elevate or detract from the overall look. That’s where the importance of selecting the perfect shoe color comes into play –the right pair of shoes can harmonize with a gold dress, enhancing its opulence.

Long gold pleated dress with sorset top effect
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In this article, we will delve into the world of footwear and explore the best shoe colors to complement a gold dress. From classic and sophisticated options to bold and daring choices, we discuss options for every kind of personal style, ensuring you feel your best.

So, if you’re ready to turn heads for all the right reasons, read on to uncover the perfect shoe colors to wear with a gold dress that will make you shine like a star.

The Best Shoe Colors To Wear With A Gold Dress

1. Black Shoes

As gold dresses are rather extravagant, it’s often best to stick to neutral colors like black and beige to bring balance to your look. By opting for a chic pair of black shoes, the attention remains on the stunning golden hue of the dress, enhancing its overall appearance without overpowering it.

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2. Nude Shoes

When in doubt, go for shoes with a neutral hue. Neutral, skin tone color shoes blend seamlessly with your legs, elongating and enhancing their appearance.

Like black heels, they are the perfect choice for when you want all of the attention to be on your dress. To accessorize, you can wear a matching bag in a neutral color, or alternatively, opt for a pop of color in your favorite shade.

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3. White Shoes

If you’re looking for a touch of light contrast, a pair of white heels is a fantastic choice, especially if your dress is more of a champagne gold color.

To create a harmonious look, consider incorporating accessories and clothing pieces that tie in with the white heels. For example, you could wear a white coat, as pictured above, or perhaps a pair of earrings or a necklace with pearls in them.

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4. Gold Shoes

Gold shoes are a great shoe color to wear with a gold sequin dress, especially if you’re looking to create a really show-stopping ensemble.

The key here is to opt for gold heels that complement the undertones of your gold dress, whether warm or cool. To add depth, experiment with different textures and accents on your gold heels, such as metallic studs or sequins.

Coordinate your accessories with a matching gold color scheme, and embrace the glamour of this striking ensemble.

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5. Silver Shoes

Wearing silver shoes with a gold dress can create a bold and eye-catching look. Mixing metallic colors can be a fashionable choice, as it adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to your outfit. 

If the gold dress has warm undertones, opt for silver shoes with warmer tones as well. Similarly, cooler shades of silver shoes will pair well with cooler-toned gold dresses.

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6. Brown Shoes

Wearing brown shoes with a gold dress can create a warm, earthy look. Brown is a versatile color that can complement gold beautifully. 

Different shades of brown can create varying effects with a gold dress. Lighter shades like tan or camel can add a subtle contrast, while darker shades like chocolate brown can create a richer and more dramatic look.

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7. Pink Shoes

The combination of pink and gold can be visually appealing and add a touch of vibrancy to your outfit. Consider the undertones of your gold dress and choose a shade of pink that complements it. 

If your gold dress has warm undertones, opt for pink shoes with warm undertones as well, such as coral or peach. If your gold dress has cooler undertones, cooler shades of pink like baby pink or blush can work well.

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8. Tan Shoes

Tan is a versatile neutral color that pairs well with gold, particularly casual dresses.  The style of the tan shoes can impact the overall aesthetic. 

For a formal occasion, consider wearing tan heels or pumps for a more polished and sophisticated look. If the event is more casual, you can opt for tan flats, sandals, or even ankle boots, depending on the dress’s style and the overall vibe you want to achieve.

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9. Bronze Shoes

Bronze and gold are both metallic shades that can complement each other beautifully. 

To create a cohesive look, choose accessories that either match the bronze shoes or complement both the shoes and the gold dress. Consider metallic accessories like gold or bronze jewelry, a clutch, or a belt.

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10. Clear Shoes

Clear shoes can make a statement on their own, so consider the details and embellishments they have. Some clear shoes may have metallic accents, colored soles, or other decorative elements.

Choose clear shoes that complement the gold dress and enhance the overall look without overpowering it.

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