12 Best Brands Like & Other Stories For Timeless Classics

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If you’re looking for more companies that provide the same feminine tinge like & Other Stories, you can find 11 similar brands like & Other Stories below!

As a go-to brand for women who seek classy, durable pieces, & Other Stories is a clothing company with timeless flair. The brand was launched by H&M in 2013 as H&M’s premium counterpart with a boutique feel.

Each season, the brand releases a handful of fresh collections, which are designed in ateliers across the world. Locations of these ateliers include Paris, LA, and Stockholm.

Each collection encompasses a range of clothes and accessories, such as bags, shoes, and accessories. All of these place an emphasis on detail and quality. Additionally, these pieces are individually inspired by different cities and aim to create a coherent storyline.

1. Reformation

Get this dress at Reformation

Since its launch in 2009, Reformation has been sought after as a staple, high-quality brand for clothes with feminine silhouettes that flatter your body. With colorful pastels, plenty of frocks, and well-made denim, Reformation is a company that gives you that fresh, carefree L.A. style.

Reformation is also known as a sustainable brand and has become completely carbon neutral since 2015. It uses recycled fabrics, carbon offsets, and highly ethical manufacturing processes. This makes Reformation one of the most stylish eco-friendly brands on the market.

2. Totême 

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Totême is the brainchild of Swedish fashion blogger Elin Kling, and it has made quite an impact on the industry despite only being around since 2014.

Focusing on elevated and classic basics, Totême foregoes seasonal trends and delivers high-quality, versatile clothing that can be worn year after year. Like & Other Stories, the fabrics that the brand uses are mostly natural fibers, with wool, cotton, and recycled materials featuring heavily in the clothing.

As the clothing is made to last for years to come, the price point of the brand is somewhat higher than other brands on this list. While perhaps Totême shouldn’t be classed as a luxury brand, its tops and bottoms tend to retail for $200-$500, wool coats for above $1,000, and shoes for around $600.

3. COS

The Best Brands Like & Other Stories: COS
Get this at COS

COS, also known as Collection of Style, is a company focused on minimalist appeal while providing high quality that everyone is looking for. Their pieces often consist of overall basic designs but have a modern twist, including details with a trendy appeal.

COS’s designs are inspired to be durable in the long term. This durability also refers to your ability to rock these pieces once the clothes’ ‘trendy aspects’ go out of style.

Like & Other Stories, COS is part of one of H&M’s sub-brands, but operates individually. COS appeals to people who have a feel for looking expensive. Like high-end fashion labels, COS only releases two collections per year.

Despite behaving like a high-fashion brand, its prices are relatively low in comparison.

4. Mango

The Best Brands Like & Other Stories: Mango

Get this coat at Mango

Mango is a Spanish brand that focuses on dressing modern, urban women and men during their day-to-day life, irrespective of where they’re going. With contemporary pieces for both genders, the store merges trendy taste and timelessness.

While Mango caters to both genders, it is best known for its collections for women; you can wear their dresses, blazers, and coats over time and trans-seasonally. If you’re looking to build a long-lasting capsule wardrobe with a fiery Spanish appeal, or simply need to upgrade your basics, Mango is the perfect place to shop at.

5. Pixie Market

Simple black maxi dress with Celine raffia tote bag

Get this at Pixie Market

Pixie Market is a store for lovers of all things minimal-chic with a ‘cool girl’ tinge. As a store that uses the power of neutral color palettes, they construct their pieces with longevity in mind. That is, while these clothes are often on-trend, they are unbranded.

This allows you to create uniforms that you can wear year on year without fail. With polished flair, sleek silhouettes, and unapologetic boldness, Pixie Market adds a modern twist to timeless classics.

While prices are slightly on the higher end, their quality certainly reflects the price point.

6. Arket

The Best Brands Like & Other Stories: Arket

Get these at Arket

If you’re looking for staple pieces that you can add to your wardrobe all year round, Arket is a shop you should look into. With high-quality seams and materials, the Nordic minimal brand Arket offers all things modern in terms of tees, jeans, jackets, and many more.

Created with sustainability, longevity, and comfort in mind, Arket manages to mix practicality with style. If you’re a lover of the classic Scandi look, Arket’s garments can help you create just that.

7. Oak + Fort

Sage green trench coat from a brand like & Other Stories - Oak + Fort
Get this at Oak + Fort

Oak + Fort is the brand for you if you’re riding the wave of minimalism. With simple, Japanese-inspired pieces, Oak + Fort gives you an array of staple pieces you can choose from.

Whether you’re looking for timeless neutrals, a classic navy, or earthly tones, Oak + Fort offers relaxed pieces with an elegant touch. You can mix and match these as you see fit, with combinations creating a sense of pleasant luxury.

8. Few Moda

Navy blue dress with long sleeves
Get this at Few Moda

When scrolling through Few Moda’s social media handles, their classic patterns, contemporary silhouettes, and city-girl nuances are ever-present. This clothing company offers everyone a little something.

Whether you want to be office-ready or are looking for showy pieces to strut on a weekend boogie, you can easily find what you’re looking for. As such, Few Moda’s variety means you can mix and match their classic pieces with their party clothes, building your closet with quality pieces that have a distinct edge.

This is because this company appeals to younger millennial women who need a variety of styles; from sexy dresses to preppy blouses. This inclusivity also expands to their size ranges, with sizes ranging from XS-XL for tops and 0-14 for pants.

Best of all? You can welcome the clothes’ stylish elements, chic appeal, and classy pieces into your wardrobe without a heavy investment!

9. Everlane

Get this blazer at Everlane

Everlane’s garments are well known for their high-quality clothing and sustainable manufacturing. Their clothing lines emphasize eternal, timeless, and classic pieces that you can trust to stay in style. With fabrics that promise a flattering display of your body, these minimalistic pieces offer modern touches regardless of the item on offer.

Alongside their well-designed garments, customers also celebrate Everlane for its continued commitment to transparency. They offer a price breakdown for each and every one of their items. This includes factory prices and where they source each of the materials from.

10. Frank And Oak

The Best Brands Like & Other Stories: Frank and Oak
Get this sweater at Frank And Oak

Frank And Oak is a company dedicated to minimizing its impact on the world. They offer similar products as highly-frequented popular stores like Zara. Yet, unlike fast-fashion brands, Frank And Oak make their clothes in an environmentally conscious manner.

As such, with Frank And Oak, you don’t have to sacrifice variety for sustainability. This brand is all about variety, with plenty of outwear, blouses, denim, pants, footwear, and accessories available.

11. H&M

The Best Brands Like & Other Stories: H&M
Get this dress at H&M

Anyone with a passion for fashion has likely stepped into an H&M store before. H&M is known for being an on-trend, highly affordable retailer.

They’re also known for bridging the gap between low-cost prices and luxury brands through their collaborations with designers such as Jimmy Choo, Commes des Garcons, and Versace.

Their wide range of styles and unique collaborations allow them to offer a little something for everyone. Whether you’re into bohemian-chic, formal wear, edgy-grunge, feminine flares, or basics, H&M has got you covered!

12. Aritzia

The Best Brands Like & Other Stories: Aritzia
Get this at Aritzia

While their oversized puffer coat is one of their more popular items –– sported by many influencers on social media –– Aritzia is a brand lots of celebrities resort to for wardrobe staples.

These are practical, quality-crafted pieces that you can wear for years while still looking chic. Some of these basics include flattering jeans, tailored trousers, lots of layering options, and high-quality t-shirts.

Not convinced? Compared to other brands of similar quality, Aritzia is also way more affordable!

We hope that you enjoyed this list of affordable brands and stores like & Other Stories! While many of these brands are sister brands owned by H&M (& Other Stories, COS and ARKET), they all bring something unique to the table.

We also hoped that you picked up a few retailers from this list that you hadn’t considered before when shopping! 

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