12 Most Expensive Michael Kors Watches For Women You’ll Adore

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Thinking about your next watch purchase? Then you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ve covered the 12 most expensive Michael Kors Watches for you to pick from.

Michael Kors is a high-end brand with an all-American history, noted for its highly-fashionable ready-to-wear collections and designer bags.

But it’s time to put one of their top-quality watches on your wish list! They are perfectly practical and add glamour to an outfit – the ideal accessory. While Michael Kors watches stretch across a wide price range, this list encompasses the most expensive, most luxurious the MK brand has to offer. You can’t go wrong with any of the following watches as your next Michael Kors purchase!


12 Most Expensive Michael Kors Watches

1. Wren Pavé Gold-Tone Watch – $550


Gold Michael Kors Wren Pavé Watch

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Beginning with the most expensive watches Michael Kors has to offer, the Wren Pavé Watch is an elegant timepiece. The rich gold accentuated by the pavé embellishments is eye-catching. The watch face includes oversized Roman numerals and the super-handy subdials, controlled by the buttons on the side of the watch.

Not only is it incredible looking, but it also includes all the top quality features, such as being water-resistant up to 100 meters. There is also the option to personalize your watch with engraving, which can be an especially nice touch if you’re buying the watch as a gift.

Although this watch is one of the most expensive the luxury brand has to offer at $550, it is a lasting watch that will always be fashionable.


2. Lennox Pavé Bracelet Watch – $550


Rose Gold Michael Kors Lennox Watch

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The Lennox Pavé Bracelet Watch is utterly luxurious with its array of pavé embellishments. The crystal pavé settings on the top ring and links of the strap ensure it shimmers, while the baguette stones circling the face add another glimmering element.

Available in two colorways, the Rose Gold edition includes pale pink baguette stones while the Gold has clear crystal stones.

The Lennox features six crystal markers for a paired back but the glamorous style and timeless design mean it can add an opulent touch to your everyday looks.

The Lennox Bracelet Watch is water-resistant in not just shallow water but up to 50 meters. The watch strap is also adjustable at your local Norstrom, meaning it is perfect for every wrist!


3. Oversized Everest Pavé Silver-Tone and Ceramic Watch – $550


Ceramic and Silver Michael Kors Everest Watch

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Quick! Pick up this limited-edition Silver and Ceramic Michael Kors Everest Watch while you can. The Everest style is one of Michael Kors’ most popular watches and has recently been brought out in the gorgeous white and silver design featured above.

The combination of stainless steel and ceramic means the watch is incredibly hard-wearing, while the colors ensure it is durable and looks stylish with any outfit.

The forever-popular oversized face is again decorated with crystal baguette stones, and delicate time markers, while the pavé strap perfectly complements the white of the ceramic.

This is one of the most expensive Michael Kors watches, available for $550, but you better get a hold of it quickly as only 500 pieces have been released in this color!


4. Oversized Camille Pavé Watch – $495


Silver Michael Kors Oversized Camille Watch

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The Camille Watch is highly fashionable with its oversized face and crystal pavé decoration. The simple but glittering embellishment means this elegant watch can be dressed up or down – the ideal investment piece.

The Roman numeral face and pavé subdials ensure this timepiece is totally practical as well as gorgeous. Plus, the stainless steel material means this classic design is very durable.

A key feature of this watch is that it is water-resistant up to 50 meters – perfect for trips to the pool or the beach.

The Camille Watch is available in different colors, including Gold and Rose Gold for $495, meaning it’s easy to match with your existing jewelry. 


5. Ritz Pavé Watch – $495


Rose Gold Michael Kors Ritz Pavé Watch

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If you prefer a mid-sized watch, then the Ritz Pavé Watch is exactly the watch you need. The Ritz is slightly smaller than the previous styles and comes in a 37mm case instead of a 42mm one, making it ideal for those of you looking for something a little gentler.

This timepiece remains bold in its menswear-inspired strap and crystal pavé embellishments on the watch face and a squared strap. The chronograph display will appeal to those who want the utmost practically from refined watches.

The Ritz is a little less expensive than the previous options at $495, but is still completely irresistible! This watch comes in Rose Gold, Silver, and Gold – perfect for any shopper.


6. Lennox Pavé Bracelet Watch (Silver) – $495


Michale Kors Lennox Watch with Navy face

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This version of the Lennox Watch is a little cheaper than the rose gold one featured above. The two have slightly different designs, but both are just as captivating! This watch has a more understated face compared to the gold version of the watch, but otherwise, the iconic Lennox design and the pavé bracelet strap are the same.

The face on this Lennox design is a shimmering navy blue that accentuates the silver embellishments on the watch and has a more menswear twist to it with its contrasting colors – ideal if you are looking for a subtle statement piece with a twist.

Again, the strap is adjustable at your local Nordstrom, and the stainless steel bracelet will for sure stand the test of time making this watch a perfect investment!


7. Mini Camille Pavé Watch – $450


Rose Gold Michael Kors Mini Camille Watch

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If you prefer a watch that’s a little smaller then the Mini Camille Pavé Watch may just be the watch for you. The case is only 33mm instead of 42mm – perfect for those of you looking for a delicate watch that still makes a statement.

An array of different-sized crystal pavé decorates the entirety of the watch, making it sure to sparkle under the light and remain eye-catching.

The subdials on the face of the watch guarantee it serves practicality as well as timeless elegance. The Mini Camille is available in Rose Gold, and glistening Silver meaning it’s easy to incorporate into most wardrobes. 


8. Leyton Pavé Chronograph Bracelet Watch – $450


Gold MK Layton Bracelet Watch

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One of Michael Kors’ latest additions to their watch collection is the delightful Leyton Pavé Chronograph Bracelet Watch. This good-quality timepiece mixes glamour with sporty practicality!

With a paired back sunray dial face, the stunning watch is decorated with large crystals around the top ring, and smaller crystal embellishment on the strap.

Nordstrom has some of the best prices for MK watches and offers the removal of links, so you can adjust the strap to your perfect size.


9. Gen 6 Bradshaw Pavé Gold-Tone Smartwatch – $425


Gold Michael Kors Gen 6 Bradshaw Smartwatch

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Mix the sophistication of Michael Kors watches with contemporary technology in the Gen 6 Bradshaw Pavé Smartwatch. The crystal pavé decoration on the bracelet makes sure you will remain glamorous with the latest technology on your wrist.

The watch, with a 1.28-inch touchscreen display, will provide you with social media, text, and call alerts so you’ll never miss another message! This smartwatch also tracks your heart rate and sleep so you can keep on top of your health and track your workouts.

The swim-proof technology means the watch can keep track of any and all activities. And don’t worry about what phone you have – Michael Kors has ensured the watch is compatible with both Apple and Android.

The Gold edition of this smartwatch is available for $425, while you can pick up the Rose Gold version for only $395.


10. Whitney Pavé Chronograph Bracelet Watch – $395


Two-Tone MK Whitney Bracelet Watch

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For those of you who can’t choose one metal, the two-tone Whitney Bracelet Watch might be the perfect watch. The gleaming silver is accentuated by the warmth of the Rose Gold that decorates this watch, creating a perfectly balanced mix.

The athletic quality of this chronograph watch is combined with the sparkle of pavé embellishment on the subdials, top ring, and strap. The glamour of the pavé compliments the practicality of the date display, three subdials, and clear time markers on the face.

The oversized 44mm case ensures you are in keeping with the menswear-inspired watch trend. The Whitney Bracelet Watch is available from Nordstrom for only $395, which is quite an affordable price for such a luxurious watch.


11. Mini Camille Pavé Two-Tone Curb-Link Watch – $395


Gold Michael Kors Mini Camille Curb-Link Watch

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This Mini Camille Curb-Link Watch may be small, but it packs a statement! The curb-link bracelet strap is a striking alternative to other watches on this list, with the undulating curves of the strap accentuated by the crystal pavé that decorates the links.

The stainless steel bracelet with gold-tone hardware means it will stand the test of time whilst looking luxe on your wrist. The refined face of the Camille Curb-Link Watch features a sunray dial and three subdials that exude class and practicality.

This watch will easily suit a whole range of outfits but would be a particularly perfect accessory to evening wear to add opulence to your look.

The price point of the Mini Camille Curb-Link Watch is only $395 – showing how you don’t have to break the bank to pick up a timeless watch.


12. Layton Pavé Dial Chronograph Watch – $375


Black MK Layton Chronograph Watch

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Now, if you are looking for a unique watch that stands out from the rest, look no further than the Layton Pavé Dial Chronograph Watch. This dapper, sporty watch is ideal for those of you on the hunt for dark and understated glamour.

This watch is completely individual as it comes with a matte black strap and the pavé is limited to just the face of the watch, creating an unexpected sparkle.

The monochromatic watch also features the date and three subdials on its face ensuring this uber-chic watch is also completely functional. This distinctive piece is available from Nordstrom for just $375.

Nowthat we’ve gone over the 12 most expensive Michael Kors watches, let’s have a look at some common questions you may have about your new MK watch.


Commonly Asked Questions


1. How to change A Michael Kors watch battery?

MK watches have a long battery life, but the easiest way to change the battery is to go to your local jeweler and ask for the battery to be replaced. Changing the battery yourself can be a challenge and it can lose its water resistance. So, it is much safer to take your luxury Michael Kors watch to a local jeweler so a professional can change the battery.

2. What size battery does Michael Kors watch use?

Michael Kors watches use a 1.5 volts 371 or 395 button battery – you can buy these yourself online, or take your watch to a jeweler and they will help find the correct battery for your watch.

3. How to clean a Michael Kors watch?

To clean your Michael Kors watch, it is recommended you only use warm water and fragrance-free dish soap. Dip a soft-bristled toothbrush or soft cloth in the water and soap mixture and gently clean your watch, drying gently with a soft cloth. To keep your Michael Kors watch looking clean, remember to apply perfumes or moisturizes before putting your watch on.

4. How to set the date on a Michael Kors watch?

Setting the date on your Michael Kors watch is super easy! Just pull the crown (the little button on the right-hand side of your watch) once and turn clockwise or counter-clockwise to change the date, then just push the crown back in to set the date.

Make sure to pull the crown out once, rather than fully as this will change the time on your watch – if you do pull it out fully, just push the crown back in and gently try again.

5. How to take links out of a Michael Kors watch or how to make a Michael Kors Watch smaller?

The simplest way to remove links is again to take your Michael Kors watch to your local jeweler and they can easily do this for you. Alternatively, if you bought your watch from a department store such as Nordstrom, they will happily remove links from the strap for you so it perfectly fits your wrist.

6. How to tell if a Michael Kors watch is real?

A real Michael Kors watch should have relevant information engraved onto the back case of the watch face, this will include the date it was manufactured, “all stainless steel”, and a serial number. You can also tell if a Michael Kors watch is real if it has ‘MK’ engraved onto the crown, symmetrical crystal pavé settings, and arrows engraved onto the links that are removable.

We hope you enjoyed this post on the Most Expensive Michael Kors Watches! For more related posts, be sure to check out the articles below.


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