40 Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas To Celebrate Love

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If you’re looking for cute Valentine’s Day decorations to bring romance back into your life, you’re in the right place! These affordable and creative ideas will add a touch of magic to any home.

Although Valentine’s Day officially only lasts a day, you can celebrate the day of love for as long as you want – after all, there are so many cute decor ideas that you can include in your home during this season, and all the heart-shaped items make for wonderful Instagram props.

In this post, we’ve rounded up our favorite Valentine-themed decorations and DIY projects that include gorgeous mason jar crafts, wonderful wreaths, balloon displays as well as simple garlands! We’re sure that you’ll find at least one decor idea that you can’t wait to have in your own home!

Most of these items are directly shoppable, so if you see something you like, just click on the image to be taken to the retailer’s website! With that said, let’s jump straight into the decor ideas, we’re sure you’ll love them.


The Best Cute Valentine’s Day Decorations:

1. Valentine’s Day Pillows


Cute Valentine's Day pillows with hearts

Get these on Pottery Barn: Heart-shaped | LOVE | XO | Cube


2. Valentine’s Dinnerware


Cute Valentine's Day decor dinnerware with heart shaped plates

Get these on Pottery Barn: Plates | Tray | Mugs


3. XOXO Doormat


Cute Valentine's Day Doormat

Get this on Etsy


4. Love Letter Delivery


Valentine's Day farmhouse truck with love letters

Get the felt letters on Etsy


5. XO Balloon Decor


Valentines balloons

Get the balloons on Etsy


6. Pink Pampas Grass


Pink Pampas Grass for Valentine's day decor

Get this on Etsy


7. Metallic LOVE Sign


Metallic LOVE Sign For Valentine's Day decor

Get this on Wayfair


8. Pink Heart Throw


Pink Valentine's Day throw blanket with hearts

Get this at Walmart


9. Beaded Garland


Beaded Valentine's Day Garland

Get this on Etsy


10. Macrame Hearts


Boho Valentine's Day decor

Get these on Etsy


11. Kissing Booth Sign


Farmhouse Valentine's Day wall sign

Get this sign on Etsy


12. Welcome Mat


Cute Valentine's Day doormat

Get this on Etsy


13. XO Pillows


Cozy white XO pillows for Valentine's Day decor

Get these pillows on Pottery Barn


14. Gnomes


Red and pink gnomes for Valentine's Day

Get these on Etsy


15. Hearts Table Runner


Hearts Valentine's Day Table Runner

Get this on Etsy


16. Red & White Hearts Garland


Red & White Heart Garland

Get this on Etsy


17. Mason Jar Decorations


White and pink Mason Jar Decorations for Valentine's Day

Get these on Etsy


18. Faux Peonies


Faux pink peony bouquet

Get these on Pottery Barn


19. Candy Hearts Decor


Cute wooden candy hearts Valentine's Day decoration

Get these on Etsy


20. Pink & Red Tray Decor


Pink & Red Farmhouse Valentine's Day Tray Decor

Get this on Etsy


21. Red Valentine Sign


Red Valentine Sign

Get this on Etsy


22. Faux Books


Pink Valentine's Day Faux Book Stack

Get this on Etsy


23. Red Heart Sign


Red Heart Love Sign For Valentine's Day

Get this on Wayfair


24. Pink & Red Mason Jars


Pink & Red Valentine's Day Mason Jars

Get these on Etsy


25. Wooden Hearts


Pink and red wooden hearts for Valentine's Day

Get this on Etsy


26. Valentine’s Envelope 


Cute Valentine's Day envelope

Get this at Grandin Road


27. Greenery Wreaths


Greenery Heart Wreaths For Valentine's Day

Get these on Wayfair


28. V-Day Baubles


Cute Valentine's Day baubles and ornaments

Get these on Etsy


29. Valentine’s Day Banner


Vintage style Valentine's Day banner mantel decor

Get this on Etsy


30. Wooden XOXO Blocks


Wooden XOXO Blocks For Valentine's Day

Get this on Etsy


31. Pretty Book Stack


Pretty Farmhouse Book Stack For Valentine's Day

Get these on Etsy


32. Gnome Porch Leaners


Gnome Porch Leaners For Valentine's Day Decor

Get these on Etsy


33. Hanging Candy Hearts Yard decor


Hanging Candy Hearts Yard decorations for Valentine's Day

Get these on Etsy


34. Watercolor Heart Tea Towels


Watercolor Heart Tea Towels

Get these at Pottery Barn


35. Heart Table Runner


Pink and red heart table runner

Get the tutorial on A Night Owl


36. Deco Mesh Wreath


Pink deco mesh Valentine's day wreath

Get this wreath on Wayfair


37. Watercolor Heart Pillow


Watercolor Heart Lumbar Pillow

Get this on Etsy


38. Heart Door Hanger


Hot pink heart door hanger

Get this on Etsy


39. Large Heart Throw Blanket


Large Heart Throw Blanket

Get this at Pottery Barn Teen


40. Love Potions


Love potions Valentine's Day decor

Get these on Etsy


Which of these cute Valentine’s Day decor ideas was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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