35 Cute Valentine’s Day Cookies Perfect For Your Partner

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If you’re looking to give cute heart-shaped cookies or other Valentine’s day cookies as a gift this Valentine’s day, you’re our kind of person! Edible gifts are the best kinds of gifts.

When it comes to selecting the best Valentine’s Day cookies, there are so many different kinds to choose from. You can make your own cookies, buy generic cookies or get your cookies custom-made. If you’re looking to either make your own cookies or order them from places like Etsy or independent little bakeries, this post is perfect for you! You can even get some of the cookies personalized, which makes the gift that much more special.

Below, we’ve gathered the best sugar cookies for Valentine’s day from different small businesses, bakeries and even food bloggers, so if you’re looking to purchase or create some amazing treats, have a scroll through to find the perfect cookies for you!

Most of these cookies are available to be purchased online, so just click through to the retailer’s site from the links provided. Alternatively, you can have a go at re-creating the cookies at home with your family too! We know – they might not come out as pretty if you make them yourself, but it’s the thought that counts! Plus, it’s good fun if you have small kids.

Now, let’s get into the cookies!


The Best Heart Shaped Valentine’s Day Cookies:



Cute pink, red and white Valentine's Day cookies

Get this on Etsy


2. Naughty Cookies


Mature naughty Valentine's Day cookies

Get these on Etsy


3. Heart Garlands


Cute heart shaped Valentine's Day cookies

Get these on Etsy


4. Cute Gnome


Cute pink gnome Valentine's Day cookie

Get this cookie cutter on Etsy


5. Love Hearts


Cute small love heart Valentine's Day sugar cookies

Get the cookie stamps on Etsy


6. Love Letters


Cute Valentine's Day cookies

Get these at Williams-Sonoma


7. X’s and O’s


Red and white xoxo Valentine's Day cookies

Get these on Etsy


8. Red Dreams


Cute red Valentine's Day cookies with bears and hearts

Get these at Gold Belly


9. Heart Linzer Cookies


Heart Linzer Cookies

Get these at Williams-Sonoma


10. Cookie Tic Tac Toe


Cute Valentine's Day cookies tic tac toe

Get the cookie cutters for these on Etsy


11. Be Mine


Cute Be Mine Teddy Bear Valentine's Day cookie

Get the cookie cutter for this on Etsy


12. Pink Roses


Pink roses Valentine's Day cookies

Get the cookie cutters on Etsy


13. Small Hearts


Small heart sugar cookies for Valentine's Day

Get these cookies on Etsy


14. Red Lips


Red hot lips sugar cookies

Get these on Gold Belly


15. Love Bites


Funny Valentine's Day cookies with shark

Get the cookies on Etsy


16. I Love You Cookie Cake


I Love you cookie cake for Valentine's Day

Get this at Mrs. Field’s


17. Baby Yoda One


Baby Yoda Valentine's Day cookies

Get these on Etsy


18. Heart Sprinkle Slice & Bake Cookies


Heart Sprinkle Slice and Bake Cookies for Valentine's Day 

Get this at Williams-Sonoma


19. Like You Beary Much


Cute bear Valentine's Day sugar cookies 

Get these on Etsy


20. Dripping In Sprinkles


Cute valentine's day cookies and heart shaped cookies with sprinkles

Image Source @ The Sweetest Tiers


21. Rose Themed Hearts


Pink and white heart shaped cookies - cute baby shower cookies

Image Source @ Bailey Lane Baking Co


22. Gnome Wreath


Red Gnome Valentine's Day cookie Wreath

Get the cookie cutter for this on Etsy


23. Bee Mine


Funny bee mine Valentine's day sugar cookie

Get this at Etsy


24. Ice Cream Heart Cookies


Cute ice cream heart shaped sugar cookies

Image Source @ House Of Bake_AU


25. White, Gold & Pink Cookies Set


Pink, gold and white cute valentine's day cookies and heart shaped cookies

Image Source @ Sweet Creations.Vanessa


26. Shades of Red & Pink


Cute pink and red Valentine's Day cookies in heart shape

Get these on Etsy


27. Hot Pink Kisses


Hot Pink kiss Valentine's Day cookies

Get these on Etsy


28. Heart Shaped Cream Cakes


Pink valentine's day cookies. heart shaped cookies and cream cakes

Image Source @Cakes.N.Sprinkles


29. I ♥ U


Cute valentine's day cookies for couples

Image Source @ Inga_Pridius | Get the cookie cutters on Etsy


30. Rose Gold Heart Cookies


Cute pink valentine's day cookies and heart shaped cookies

Image Source @ SweetJuneBakery


31. Sophisticated Cookies


Blue heart shaped sugar cookies

Image Source @ Frosted By Meagan


32. Sprinkled With Love


Cute valentine's day cookies and heart shaped cookies

Image Source: @ Emmas Sweets


33. Conversation Heart Iced Cookies


Cute Valentine's Day Conversation Heart Iced Cookies

Get these at Williams-Sonoma


34. White Floral Heart Cookies


White heart shaped cookies for weddings

Image Source @ Party_Alphabet


35. Love Cookies


LOVE valentine's day cookies

Get The Full Recipe On Sweet Living Magazine


Which one of these designs was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. These are brilliant! I think I like the rose themed hearts the best, but to be honest they all look pretty stunning! How could you eat such pretty cookies lol?

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