35+ Heart Shaped Valentine’s Day Cookies Perfect For Your Love

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If you’re looking to give heart shaped cookies as a gift this Valentines day, you’re my kind of person! Edible gifts are the best kinds of gifts.

When it comes to cookies, there’s so many different kinds to choose from. You can make your own cookies, buy generic cookies or get your cookies custom made. If you’re looking to either make your own cookies or order them from places like Etsy or independent little bakeries, this post is perfect for you. You can even get most of the cookies personalised for Valentines day, which makes the gift that much more special.

I’ve gathered the best heart shaped cookies for Valentine’s day from different bakeries and food bloggers into this post, so if you’re looking for inspiration, have a scroll through to find the perfect cookies for you!

When you’ve spotted the perfect design, you can either message the bakery (from the link provided), take the designs to a local baker or make the cookies yourself! I know, I know – they might not come out as pretty if you make them yourself, but it’s the thought that counts!

Now, let’s get into the cookies!



Love Is In The Air



Image Source @Paunuron



Sprinkled With Love



Image Source: @ Emmas Sweets



Valentines Sprinkle Hearts



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White Floral Heart Cookies



Image Source @ Party_Alphabet



Love Cookies



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Sprinked White Hearts



Image Source: Pinterest



Love Letter Cookies



Image Source: @Sarmie Sister Sweets




Image Source: @ Frost Your Cookies



Heart Shaped Cookies With Royal Icing



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Perfect Galentines Cookies



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Shades Of Red



Image Source: Pinterest



Cute Character Cookies



Image Source @Paper Street Parlour



You’re The Bacon To My Eggs



Image Source @ Cookielicious_NZ



Heart Shaped Cream Cakes



Image Source @Cakes.N.Sprinkles



“Nope”, “You’ll Do”



Image Source @ SweetJuneBakery



Rose Gold Heart Cookies



Image Source @ SweetJuneBakery



Sophisticated Cookies



Image Source @ Frosted By Meagan



Love & Hugs



Image Source @ The Frosted Cookiery



Dripping In Sprinkles



Image Source @ The Sweetest Tiers



Floral Letters & Hearts



Image Source @ Ink And Elm Backdrops



Hot Chocolate & Love



Image Source @ Baked With Amor



Pink Hearts & Flowers



Image Source @ The Frosted Cookiery



Pastel Perfect 



Image Source @ Wskd Halifax



Rose Themed Hearts



Image Source @ Bailey Lane Baking Co



I ♥ U



Image Source @ Inga_Pridius




Image Source @ Inga_Pridius



X’s and O’hs



Image Source @ Jackie Greaney



We Got Together Like Avocado & Toast



Image Source @ Cookielicious_NZ



Marble Colored Heart Cookies



Image Source @ My Little Kitchen.FSJ



Retro Hearts



Image Source @ Cookie_Project_Qatar



Ice Cream Heart Cookies



Image Source @ House Of Bake_AU



White, Gold & Pink Cookies Set



Image Source @ Sweet Creations.Vanessa



Brush Stroke Hearts



Image Source @Bakes By Lo



Heart-Shaped Red Crinkle Cookies



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Which one of these designs was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!



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