10 Best Stores Like Oh Polly To Get Glamorous Clothing

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If you’re looking for affordable brands like Oh Polly that are equally glamorous, these stores like Oh Polly are right up your alley!

Oh Polly has been a brand on our radar for the longest time. They’ve been making big splashes with their focus on eye-catching and dazzling designs that are hard to ignore. Oh Polly loves to focus on the glam you’d see when going to a club, or dressing up for prom, or if you just want to feel and look as sexy as you can.

One of the biggest traits of Oh Polly is their focus on cut. They love super supportive tops that make cleavages and busts pop, and they love to wrap hips with high-waist bottoms and dresses that curve so elegantly.

However, as much as their cuts can be flattering and the quality of their materials is great, Oh Polly isn’t for everyone. Some of their sizing and colors won’t match for some people, and other brands display the same cuts with different twists that fit your taste better.

There’s a variety of stores like Oh Polly that offer similar appeal, whether those sexy cuts, that “prom” styled look or even different color pallets and mixing of styles. Let’s explore brands like Oh Polly and see what’s right for you!


The Best Stores Like Oh Polly:

1. Meshki


Affordable stores like Oh Polly: Meshki Affordable stores like Oh Polly: Meshki Affordable stores like Oh Polly: Meshki 


Meshki sets itself apart from this list by being one of the more bold brands. They focus on darker colors, drab pastels, and a twist of brighter whites to create an elegant contrast. But don’t be fooled! Their cuts and shapes are flattering and dramatic without coming off preppy or too glamorous.

They also love focusing on lineup sets. Their Co-Ord sets focus on more cozy clothes, lots of oversized sweaters, and draping fabrics that have a sweater-knit to them. We especially love their recent Hypnotize collection that displays the 90’s colors of black, white, and light blue with leather and satin finishes. In addition to everything, they also have a unisex collection to dress up you and your partner.


2. HelloMolly


Affordable brands like Oh Polly: Hello MollyAffordable brands like Oh Polly: Hello Molly


If you’re looking for something more playful, HelloMolly might be in your bag. They focus on vibrant colors like pinks and blues with accents of whites and blacks to bring everything to life. They also love floral designs with flowing pleat skirts and sundresses.

Their style reflects a Californian and Floridian beach vibe, something that’s lovely to wear for a beach picnic or just shopping at open-air malls. They are also one of the few brands like Oh Polly on this list that have a focus on super easy-to-wear rompers that are dazzling.


3. Beginning Boutique


Affordable brands like Oh Polly: Beginning Boutique Affordable brands like Oh Polly: Beginning Boutique


If you’re looking for something more preppy, like beach appropriate dresses, tops, and skirts, Beginning Boutique is the way to go. Their main line focuses on the same bust cuts and hip curves as Oh Polly, but with a touch less glam and more focus on pastels and solid colors.

Some of their best fits focus more on the contrast between bold, colorful tops and subdued bottoms. They also offer a festival outfit lineup that echoes the 90s with grunge rock glam. They twist this comfortable and lax focus with bottoms and shoes that spike up the glam with modern twists.


4. PrettyLittleThing


Affordable champagne party dress Satin teal dress for nights out


PrettyLittleThing, or sometimes called PLT, is focused on being a variety seller with much of the same mindset as Oh Polly with their cuts but has a larger selection of styles to choose from. They dip into natural patterns and textures that are lovely and aren’t afraid to break the bold with more striking designs.

They also have dedicated sections for those with petite and tall figures, and a dedicated lineup for those in maternity. Out of all the stores like oh Polly on this list, PLT is by far the most affordable, with dresses starting from $12!


5. Windsor


Affordable stores like Oh Polly: Windsor Affordable stores like Oh Polly: Windsor


Windsor brings a dash of elegance to their designs. They are most known for their vast selection of affordable and glamorous prom dresses, homecoming dresses and other special occasion dresses.

Apart from their cocktail dresses, they normally verge away from too much glamour with simpler, yet striking pieces that borrow from British styles. Most of their sets carry this classic, yet modern twist on classical fashion pieces. 


6. Princess Polly


Affordable brands like Oh Polly: Princess Polly Affordable brands like Oh Polly: Princess Polly 


Following the others, Princess Polly brings back that fashionable glam that Oh Polly has. Princess Polly focuses on eye-catching designs that better accentuate your natural curves and features without dazzling everything too much. Their dresses and tops win extra points with their focus on texture in the fabric that adds such surprising appeal in simpler colors.


7. White Fox


Black corset crop top Sage green silk wrap top


One of the more popular stores like Oh Polly would be White Fox. They offer the same style of cut and designs as Oh Polly but are a better fit for everyday wear. They love to switch between simpler, yet deceptively elegant tops and dresses and more dynamic glamorous styles.

One particular thing to note is their activewear lineup, which is one of our favorites out there. If you’re looking for supportive and sexy workout wear, or if you want that luscious activewear wardrobe, White Fox is one of the best.


8. Missguided


Sage green bodycon dress Black cut out dress 


If you’re looking for more fashion-trendy pieces, at the moment reflecting those early 90s and Korean trends, Missguided has you covered. Their pieces combine the sexy cuts of today with the vibrant and understated looks of the past.

They’ve also partnered with Playboy for their latest collection which has some amazing pieces worth snagging.


9. I Saw It First


 Black bodycon dress with sleeves White bodycon dress with sleeves


I Saw It First is a brand that loves the colorful and vibrant world of pop and glamour. If you’re a fan of bubbly outfits or much of the styles coming from Korean fashion, I Saw It First is right up your alley. They love to exaggerate with puffer jackets, oversized sweaters, and thicker materials for their winter lineups. With their summer lineups, they focus more on conforming pieces that seem both preppy and elegant.

As a bonus, their clothing is as affordable as Pretty Little Thing – some of their dresses start from just $10!


10. Stelly


Beige cutout co-ord set White tie dress with slit 


If you’re looking for drop-dead elegance with a twist of glam, Stelly is one of the best to choose from. Their dresses have a timeless look that will last for years in your wardrobe with flowing cuts that won’t ever feel out of fashion, while still retaining a modern flair. They love mixing their flowing designs with striking cuts in the midsection and back to create eye-catching designs.


Bonus: SaboSkirt


Floral two piece with puffy sleeves Ruched two piece co-ord set in lemon yellow 


Sabo lives in that Australian beach trend of sun-washed and bright colors with looser fits without the billowiness of other brands. They uphold the curve of your body with tailored cuts top to bottom, but with a touch of that classic beach drapes that flow with the winds. Sabo wants you to feel like you’re walking barefoot on a Tuscan beach.

Their outfits and pieces make for some of the best hot weather wardrobe additions. And you can’t forget their swimwear lineup with high-V lines and subdued yet still vibrant pastels.


In conclusion, there are multiple brands like Oh Polly out there that offer similar cuts, materials, colors, and fit as Oh Polly. All of the brands listed on this article offer something unique, whether that’s their price point, fabrics, creative designs or something else. We hope you found your favorite new shop!


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