15 Best College Bags For Girls (Cute Backpacks & Totes!)

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Heading to college soon? It’s important to secure a trusty bag that’s stylish and durable. Here are the best college bags for girls, from backpacks to tote bags.

As we all know, college can be a pretty stressful time. From juggling multiple classes to figuring out your major, you have a lot on your plate as it is.

Beyond that, you’re also trying to create lasting friendships and have the time of your life. Not to mention that you also have to be responsible when it comes to getting your essays done on time.

Because of this, having the right bag for college is critical. Not only does it show off your style, but it will allow you to stay on top of all of your tasks by carrying around anything and everything that you need.

Unfortunately though, choosing the best backpack or purse can be a challenging task in and of itself, as there are so many options out there!

To help you skip the hassle altogether, we’ve put together this article featuring 15 of our favorite college bags for girls! As an added bonus, we’ve included bags with different features to suit any student who wants something that is cute AND convenient.

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The Best College Bags For Girls

1. Fjallraven Kanken 15-Inch Laptop Backpack
The Best College Bags For Girls: Fjallraven Kanken 15-Inch Laptop Backpack in mustard yellow
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Let’s start with one of the most iconic college bags there is – the Fjallraven Kanken 15-Inch Laptop Backpack. This is a great option for college girls who want to carry their laptops, supplies, and other items in a fashionable way.

The added top handle and shoulder straps make the bag easy to carry around campus or on walks around town with friends. It contains a spacious main compartment, as well as one zippered front pocket for easy access to small belongings such as keys, wallets, makeup, etc.

The Fjallraven Kanken 15-Inch Laptop Backpack also includes a removable seat pad which you can use when watching movies at home or playing sports outdoors such as tennis or baseball games at the park where there aren’t any bleachers available!

This stylish bag comes in three different colors in Nordstrom so you can choose one according to your preference. Alternatively, opt for the smaller Fjallraven Mini Kanken, available in 28 colors, if you don’t need to carry a laptop.

2. Kate Spade All Day Large Leather Tote 
The Best College Bags For Girls: Kate Spade All Day Large Leather Tote in pastel pink
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This Kate Spade tote bag is the perfect size for all your essentials, including your laptop. It’s made out of leather and has a large main compartment that can fit a lot of things! It’s lightweight, durable, and great for everyday use. You can easily carry this bag around with you no matter where you go.

This college backpack is perfect if you need something stylish but also functional! The straps are adjustable so the bag can fit anyone comfortably no matter their height or body type (which makes it ideal for women of all body types). The inside has several pockets — one on each side plus two in the middle — which makes storing items like pens, keys, and phones easy.

It comes with a bridge-clip closure and top carry handles, as well as a removable zip pouch that you can use as a wallet.

All in all, this is a great bag to use for college if you’re not into backpacks. Just make sure not to stuff this with heavy things or else your shoulder will feel sore from carrying it around!

3. Billabong Mini Mama Print Backpack 
Billabong Mini Mama Print Backpack in ditsy floral
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If you’re a fan of ditsy floral prints, then the Billabong Mini Mama Backpack is a stylish and functional backpack that’s perfect for any girl heading to college. 

The backpack comes with a front zip compartment where you can store your makeup essentials, phone, keys, and money for easy access without having to reach for the main compartment.

It’s a mini backpack, which means you won’t be able to store your laptop inside (but your iPad will be able to fit in nicely). 

All in all, this one is a cute casual backpack that you can bring with you to university.

4. Béis The Backpack
The Best College Bags For Girls: Béis The Backpack in nude/beige
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Béis The Backpack is a great choice for girls who are looking for a stylish backpack that can hold all of their things. Béis is a travel and lifestyle brand that’s owned by celebrity Shay Mitchell, who is also an active fashion and lifestyle enthusiast, so she’s sure to do right with the Beis aesthetic.

This backpack has multiple compartments, including a laptop compartment and an interior pocket that’s perfect for your phone or keys. It also comes with a water bottle holder on the side so you can easily grab it when you’re on the go!

The chic and simple design makes this bag easy to pair with different outfits. Not only does the Beis backpack look great but it also feels comfortable when wearing over your shoulders because of its padded straps!

5. Chloé Large Woody Logo Strap Canvas Tote
The Best College Bags For Girls: Chloe Large Woody Logo Strap Canvas Tote
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Yes, we are absolutely head over heels with the Chloé Large Woody Canvas Tote. If you’re a longtime lurker of our website, then you’re already familiar with this one!

This luxurious tote is incredibly versatile, it can be used either for the beach, for work, for play, and yes, even for college.

It’s a cotton canvas tote and topstitched with calfskin leather, as well as leather handles – perfect for fashion-forward college girls who want something trendy and casual in their designer bag collection.

The Chloé Woody Canvas Tote comes in three different sizes (small, medium, and large), but if you’re bringing around your laptop (or your gadgets) with you to college, then we suggest going for the large size.

This ultra-chic, ultra-elegant tote can be yours for $1,250. Too expensive? Think of it as an investment – not only can this be used for college, but it can be used for many different purposes like we mentioned above!

6. Madewell The Transport Leather Tote
Madewell The Transport Leather Tote in black and brown
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If you’re looking for a basic, all-purpose tote made with genuine leather, the Madewell The Transport Leather Tote is a great choice. It comes in two colors: all black, and black with brown straps.

The Transport features a minimalistic design that is sleek enough to complement your outfit for college and still has enough room for everything you need.

The only downside is that this bag doesn’t have a top closure so if you want your valuables secured when carrying it around town, this might not be the best option for you.

7. Herschel Settlement Mid Volume Backpack
The Best College Bags For Girls: Herschel Settlement Mid Volume Backpack in ash rose
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We all know about Herschel backpacks. They’re everywhere on college campuses, and for good reason: they’re classic and simple with no added frills. Simple yet chic, their design makes them incredibly sophisticated—and they can fit a 13’ laptop in the main compartment without an issue.

The Herschel Settlement Mid Volume Backpack is just one of many options from this brand that are worth considering if you want something that will last you for a long time to come, making this one of the best college backpacks for girls.

The Settlement can fit everything you need for college in one sleek and sophisticated package that is both affordable and durable enough to last through the years and beyond.

8. Valentino Garavani Shell Backpack 
The Best College Bags For Girls: Valentino Brand-Print Zipped Shell Backpack in black with VLTN logo
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The Valentino brand-print zipped shell backpack is a great option for the designer-loving college girls out there. It’s 100% nylon woven, made in Italy, and boasts an ample amount of space for all your college essentials.

The bag has an over-the-shoulder design with a top handle that can be easily adjusted by the shoulder strap. The VLTN logo on the front makes this backpack super luxurious, while its cool pattern adds some edge to your everyday style.

Being a luxury bag, this backpack is not in any way affordable at all (it sits at $875), so if it’s out of your price range, don’t fret – there are multiple other trendy backpacks to choose from!

Pst – Not a fan of this backpack but definitely want a designer bag for college? Check out our 25 favorite Designer Bags For School & College that are super stylish.

9. Fjallraven Kanken Tote Backpack
The Best College Bags For Girls: Fjallraven Kanten Tote Backpack in dusty pink
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Like Herschel, Fjallraven is a powerhouse when it comes to college bags. The Kanken Tote Bag is made from moisture-repelling fabric that makes it weatherproof and extremely durable. The tote backpack comes with a convertible shoulder strap that allows it to be carried as a backpack or tote bag – great if you carry heavy items and need a change every so often.

The design of this bag is also practical: it has a front main pocket where you can store your essentials, as well as two side pockets where you can keep your water bottle and your umbrella; and even a padded laptop sleeve for protection (if you use it as a laptop carrier).

What makes this backpack so popular? Well, Scandinavian design has long been known for offering practical, functional pieces that are beautiful to behold but are meant to be used—and this Fjallraven Kanken tote backpack definitely fits that description, making this one of the best college bags to girls on a budget.

10. Cole Haan Grand Ambition Leather Convertible Backpack
The Best College Bags For Girls: Cole Haan Grand Ambition Leather Convertible Backpack in camel tan
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Okay, the Grand Ambition Leather Convertible Backpack from Cole Haan might be on the pricier side for a non-designer bag (it retails for a whopping $330), but it’s so worth it.

It’s crafted with pebbled leather which makes it super sturdy, and the bag is also adjustable- meaning, you can either use it as a tote bag, a backpack, or a crossbody bag.

It’s also spacious – this backpack contains a dedicated laptop pocket that can fit most 15-inch laptops. It has a sleek open front compartment and another zipped compartment on the back.

11. Madewell The Resourced Colorblock Backpack 
The Best College Bags For Girls: Madewell The Resourced Colorblock Backpack in dusty yellow and lavender
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If you’re into functional and cool backpacks, then this one is the perfect one to add some color and style to your everyday life. It’s made from sturdy recycled polyester, so you can feel good knowing that you’re helping the environment while you carry it around campus.

The spacious backpack comes with a trolley sleeve at the back that you can slip onto the handle of your roller bag, making it easy to transport. And when it comes down to it, this color block backpack just looks cool—it’s effortlessly modern without being too loud or obnoxious about its design.

The Madewell The Resourced Colorblock Backpack comes in three different shades: pebble gray (shown here), red clay (a deep brownish-red), and blackened ash (a dark gray).

12. Jansport SuperBreak Backpack
Jansport SuperBreak Backpack School Bag in lavender and small daisies
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Let’s give it up for the OG college backpack!

The SuperBreak has been a staple backpack for decades and it will continue to be. It features the classic Jansport logo with its classic design, but it also comes in more than 30 colors and prints so you can pick the one that best suits your style.

The SuperBreak has a large main compartment with ample space to fit all your supplies and another smaller compartment at the front that can be used as an organizer to keep pens and pencils neat.

The front zippered pocket is perfect for keeping small items like keys or phone charging cords organized, while still being easy to access when needed.

This ultra-popular Jansport backpack also comes with adjustable straps which makes it perfect for carrying heavy textbooks around campus or even just an afternoon snack when walking around town after class!

13. The North Face Borealis Backpack
The North Face Borealis Backpack in dusty purple
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This backpack is one of the best college bags for girls who love a multi-functional backpack fit for adventures. It features a 15-inch laptop compartment and water bottle pockets, so you can easily store all of your stuff, as well as gym clothes in one place. It comes with a full-zip main compartment that can hold larger items like textbooks and binders, as well as smaller compartments for pens and pencils.

Made from durable nylon canvas, this stylish backpack also comes with an elastic bungee cord that you can use to lash on extra gear or add more storage space.

Whether you’re going on an overnight trip or just need an extra bag for class, this spacious North Face Borealis Backpack has plenty of room for everything you need—and then some!

The padded shoulder straps as well as the padded mesh back panel provide support when carrying heavy loads during long walks from class to class, or even work. With its many different pockets, there’s no excuse not to have everything organized while on the go!

14. Dagne Dover Vida Large Organic Cotton Canvas Tote
Dagne Dover Vida Large Organic Cotton Canvas Tote in orange
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The Dagne Dover Vida Large Organic Cotton Tote is perfect for the library or classes thanks to its structured design. It also has two sets of top handles that make it easy to switch from tote bag style to handbag style depending on where you’re going or what you need to do that day.

Made out of cotton canvas, this practical bag comes with four exterior pockets and compartments for all your essentials — you can fit your laptop, water bottle, makeup, sunscreen (the beach is coming up!), shades, wallet and car keys!

15. Kate Spade All Day Floral Medley Tote Bag 
Kate Spade All Day Floral Medley Tote Bag
Get this bag on Nordstrom

If you’re looking for a purse that’s a little bit on the wilder side, the Kate Spade All Day Floral Medley Tote Bag is perfect for you.

Like the classic Kate Spade All Day leather tote featured above, this bag is large enough to fit your laptop and other necessities. It also has an attached pouch with a magnetic closure on it that can be used as a holder for your phone, keys, cards, and more.

This tote bag is great for everyday use, but it might not be the best option if you are looking for something small or simple.


After reviewing the best college bags for girls, we’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no one perfect option. Instead of recommending just one bag, we geared this guide towards providing a lot of options so you can find something that fits your needs and preferences.

Our top pick is the Fjallraven Kanken Tote backpack because it has plenty of compartments, can fit a 15-inch laptop, and can be converted into a tote bag or a backpack, depending on your mood for the day. It also comes with top handles so you can carry it around with you like you would with a handbag.

Overall, however, what makes college bags great is their versatility—they can be used by anyone with a lot to carry. All of our recommendations will work great for students and professionals alike!

And there you have it! We hope you found this guide on the best college bags for girls helpful. If you’re still looking for more fashion ideas, check the posts down below.

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