15 Discontinued Dior Bags That Are Strikingly Distinctive

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If you love the classic, timeless style of Dior, then you are bound to just adore these 15 discontinued Dior bags for a unique and individual look.

Christian Dior is an iconic fashion house that has pioneered many famous trends, just like the New Look of the 1950s, which was inspired by Dior’s very first La Corolle collection in 1947. Since the 1940s, there have been many beloved ready-to-wear collections and best-selling handbags from the Dior brand.

Diorevolution discontinued bag
Discontinued Dio(r)evolution bag | ©Igor Zakirov, Depositphotos.com

However, over the years some of these beautiful bags have been discontinued to make room for new designs, created by the creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri. This article brings together 15 of the best discontinued Dior bags that we think you need in your life!

These gorgeous have that classic elegant and sophisticated style that is synonymous with the house of Dior but have a unique and rare touch since they are no longer in production.

15 Discontinued Dior Bags

1. Metallic Micro-Cannage Diorama Bag

Dark grey Dior Metallic Patent Micro-Cannage Medium Diorama Flap Bag

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The Diorama bag had achieved cult status before it was discontinued, but luckily, it is still available on resale sites so you don’t have to miss out on this stunning Dior handbag.

The Diorama has a structured shape and a sliding chain strap that can be worn on the shoulder or across the body, while the interior is fitted with handy zipper and patch pockets.

There are many different colors of the Diorama bag o choose from, so you can easily find the option that best suits your style.

2. Lambskin Cannage Stardust Backpack

Black Dior Lambskin Cannage Small Stardust Backpack

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We love the timeless design of this Dior Stardust Backpack – featuring the brand’s signature Cannage quilting. This rucksack is super stylish and so practical too, the luxe lambskin leather finish and lots of pockets help you stay organized.

The front pocket is great for things you need to grab quickly, while the spacious interior is fitted with a patch pocket to keep any small items from getting lost at the bottom of this gorgeous backpack.

3. Oblique DiorAddict Bag

Black Dior Oblique DiorAddict Flap Bag

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The DiorAddict bag was another of the best Dior bags that was discontinued to make room for some of the new designs.

This versatile shoulder bag is crafted from Dior Oblique canvas, which you may recognize from the Dior Book Totes, and then finished with a gleaming Dior logo and push lock.

The canvas shoulder strap is then decorated with aged silver embellishments to add a little more glamour to this striking handbag.

4. Hardcore Shoulder Bag

Black Dior Hardcore Shoulder Bag

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Small and sleek shoulder bags are so fashionable right now, which is why this vintage Dior Hardcore Shoulder Bag is such a great find!

This compact bag is crafted from black silk fabric, with a shimmering finish, and then comes with two super handy straps so you can style the bag in different ways.

There is a silver, crystal-encrusted chain strap, which is ideal for evening wear, or a black adjustable shoulder strap, which will be comfortable during the day.

5. Lambskin Miss Dior Promenade Pouch

Red Dior Lambskin Cannage Miss Dior Promenade Pouch

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This Miss Dior Promenade Pouch would make the perfect evening bag for your phone, wallet, and keys, finishing your outfit off with a sophisticated look.

This bag is made from beige lambskin leather, quilted in the Cannage pattern, and embellished with gold or silver hardware, depending on the color of the leather.

The chain strap is detachable, so this bag can be carried as a clutch, while the interior is fitted with card slots and a patch pocket

6.  J’Adior Bag

Black and gold Dior Crinkled Calfskin Mini J'Adior Chain Flap Bag

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If you are looking for a bold, statement bag from the French fashion house, look no further than this J’Adior Chain Flap Bag!

This chic and stylish handbag is luxuriously crafted from black crinkled calfskin leather and decorated with eye-catching gold J’Adior lettering.

The bag has a chunky gold chain strap, engraved with the CD logo, while the flap closure opens to a compact interior fitted with patch pockets.

7. Smooth Calfskin Diorissimo Tote

Orange Dior Smooth Calfskin Large Diorissimo Tote

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Sophisticated totes are a must-have in any luxury bag collection – and this Diorissimo Tote is the perfect option.

This stunning tote has a softly structured silhouette, with glossy leather top handles, and is embellished with a sparkling silver Dior charm that you will recognize from the Lady Dior bag.

The Diorissimo bag is practical too, with expandable sides, a leather shoulder strap, and a matching leather tethered pouch. The striking orange shade will also add a vibrant pop of color to your look!

8. Calfskin Diorever Bag

Blue Dior Calfskin Large Diorever Flap Bags

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The boxy silhouette of this Diorever flap bag gives it an elegant look, making it a great smart work bag. The Diorever bag is an important part of the Dior archives, that luckily is still available on resale sites.

This edition of the Diorever is crafted from blue grained calfskin leather and decorated with silver hardware.

The bag has top handles and a longer, adjustable shoulder strap, and a press lock that opens to a partitioned interior, lined with calfskin, so you can keep everything perfectly organized.

9. Lambskin Soft Lady Dior Tote

Black Dior Lambskin Cannage Medium Soft Lady Dior Tote

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We love the casual aesthetic of this Dior Lambskin Cannage Medium Soft Lady Dior Tote, a great, spacious alternative to the structured Lady Dior bag that is still available on the Dior site.

The soft Lady Dior tote has a relaxed silhouette, crafted from luxe lambskin leather, quilted in the Cannage pattern, and embellished with silver hardware.

Inside the tote, there is plenty of room for your daily essential items, and zipper pockets to make finding those important items super easy.

10. Monogram Hobo Bag

Brown Dior Monogram Hobo Bags

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For that true, vintage Dior look, you need this Dior Monogram Hobo Bag. This chic Dior bag is made from brown-toned Dior Oblique canvas and trimmed with rich brown leather for a high-quality finishing touch.

This hobo bag is finished with a silver cut-out Dior logo, sitting front and center, and an adjustable leather shoulder strap. The top zipper opens to a pretty spacious, lined interior – just perfect for that stylish, retro look.

11. Calfskin Be Dior Bag

Pink and navy Dior Smooth Calfskin Medium Be Dior Flap

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The Be Dior Bags are just irresistible, with a stunning, classic look that is eternally stylish. If you are looking for an investment bag that will really stand the test of time, the Be Dior is a fantastic option.

The bag is crafted from smooth pastel pink calfskin leather, which has been complemented by a hot pink leather top handle, a navy blue Dior charm, and light gold hardware.

There is also a long shoulder strap for versatility, while the interior is lined with leather and fitted with patch pockets.

12. Grained Calfskin Open Bar Tote

Light pink Dior Supple Grained Calfskin Medium Open Bar Tote

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This incredible Dior Open Bar Tote mixes glamour with practical style effortlessly to create the perfect tote bag.

The Open Bar Tote is perfect for modern women, with a spacious interior fitted with a couple of patch pockets and an interior pouch, and an options shoulder strap so you can style this bag in a variety of ways.

The bag itself is crafted from grained metallic silver calfskin leather with rolled leather top handles for a stylish look.

13. Oblique Fold Over Clutch

Navy blue Dior Oblique Fold Over Clutch

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This cute Dior Oblique Fold Over Clutch is just irresistible, and the perfect accessory to add a touch of Parisian chic to your dinner-out look!

The clutch is made from blue-toned Dior Oblique canvas and then trimmed with navy blue leather, with a little retro gold CD logo in the center cut-out. As the bag measures 15.75″ in width, the interior is very roomy with enough room for your phone, keys, wallet and more.

14. Monogram Jeans Pocket Tote

Green and tan Dior Calfskin Monogram Jeans Pocket Tote

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If you are after a fun and quirky handbag to add to your collection, then this Dior Monogram Jeans Pocket Tote is exactly what you need!

This tote, first sold in 2001, is designed to look like the top part of a pair of jeans, with a leather, belt-like top panel and little pockets in the green monogram canvas – just adorable!

The playful bag is finished with leather top handles and a partitioned interior to help you stay organized.

15. Monogram My Dior Frame Pocket Satchel

Black My Dior Frame Pocket Bag

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The Dior Monogram Large My Dior Frame Pocket Satchel is a fantastic, practical, yet chic handbag that has a gorgeous vintage aesthetic.

This minimalist satchel is crafted from black monogram canvas with black leather trim and silver hardware.

The front of the bag features buckled pockets, while inside the top zipper you will find more zipper and patch pockets, and plenty of room for all your essential items. The satchel is then finished with a braided leather top handle.

We hope you loved this list of 15 discontinued Dior bags! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below.

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