Lululemon Vs Fabletics: Which Brand Is The Right One For You?

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Get back on the fitness track with some super cute workout gear! Before diving in, have a look at our guide on lululemon VS Fabletics to help you decide between the two brands.

While both lululemon and Fabletics sell similar products—leggings and tank tops galore—they are extremely different in terms of history and business model. And of course, the best brand for you ultimately depends on your personal style, what you’re looking for, and how much new clothing you need. 

Even if you’re the type of lady who prefers going shopping over working out at the gym, shopping is cardio, which means leggings are totally appropriate for the mall. No matter what your hobbies are, it’s definitely important to include some activewear staples in your clothing collection.

A flexible and breathable outfit can be perfect for walks with your friends, moving apartments, and sitting in a college lecture. At the end of the day, we are the best versions of ourselves when we are comfortable.

Before swiping your credit card at a lululemon store or on Fabletics’ website, we’ve compiled a bunch of information about both labels, including their differences and their bestselling pieces, so that you can make a more informed decision about which brand you want to support.

This insight will help make sure that you’re happy with the pieces that you end up purchasing and your overall shopping experience. Now, without further ado, let’s get into the gist of lululemon Vs Fabletics, and see who comes out on top!

Lululemon VS Fabletics

The History Of lululemon

Whenever you see someone wearing a sporty outfit at the grocery store or heading to a yoga class, chances are at least one article of clothing that they’re wearing is from lululemon

The wildly popular brand is only 20 years old and has since become the #1 in athletic wear worn by active fashionistas, professional athletes, and weekend warriors who spend their spare time going on adventures. Its popularity can most definitely be attributed to the quality of each item and the care that’s gone into every design that lands in the store.

If you take good care of the pieces and wash them as instructed, it can be really hard to wear them out. So even though lululemon seems a little pricey for clothing that you sweat in, it will last forever. 

As for the company’s history, it was founded by Vancouver (Canada) resident and businessman Chip Wilson in 1998. He created several collections of yoga-inspired, technical athletic clothing for men and women to wear during their workouts, especially during yoga and pilates. The very first location was on West 4th Avenue in Vancouver’s beloved Kitsilano area.

Many people say that it was Chip Wilson who was responsible for creating the athleisure boom. The company’s fashion-forward and functional styles easily convinced wealthy women and men that they needed to be dressed head-to-toe in lululemon when exercising. Because the brand is so incredibly popular in Vancouver, some residents joke about it being cult-like. 

Lululemon’s Aesthetic

In addition to designing exercise gear that looks good enough to wear to a restaurant, the brand uses high-quality materials and fabrics to ensure its clothing is long-lasting.

Lululemon’s signature fabric is moisture-wicking, which means that it will absorb sweat. It also allows for 360-degree stretching, making it perfect for yoga classes where you find yourself in some rather compromising poses.

Lululemon’s clothing is not only form-fitting and functional but they are also incredibly chic, timeless, and can be worn on several different occasions. Because everything is designed with fashion in mind, people can easily get away with wearing lululemon to brunch with friends, to the movies, and in other casual settings. 

The shopping experience at lululemon

Upon entering any lululemon location, you can expect to be promptly greeted by a salesperson. After exchanging the usual pleasantries, your attention will shift to the rows of brightly colored activewear.

We suggest starting at one end of the store and slowly working yourself to the other, checking out each rack before moving along. The store’s impressive selection can sometimes be overwhelming, which can result in you missing a few of the bestselling products since you’re flustered. 

Every single style sold at lululemon is available in multiple neutral shades, along with some more fun colors that are sought-after each season. This winter, the brand embraced bright blues, pinks, and soft lilac hues.

Due to the selection of colors and prints, it’s far too easy to buy one style in four different colors but at the end of the day, we wouldn’t consider this to be a huge problem. 

In the past two years, monochrome sets have become must-have items to wear to the gym, pilates, and yoga, and lululemon has a ton for you to choose from. Shoppers can match sports bras or cropped tank tops with leggings in the same shade. Purchasing a full outfit like this can cost anywhere from $150 to $200, before taxes. 

When visiting a lululemon storefront, the shopping experience can be slightly intimidating if you’re over a size six. Recently, the brand has added curvy models to their website but unlike more inclusive brands like Athleta, they still use skinny mannequins and the store’s walls feature images of professional athletes rocking lululemon apparel.

Many plus-sized ladies try to steer clear of lululemon as they feel it should be more inclusive of all body types, especially after Chip Wilson said some unsavory remarks about curvier women on a podcast. He noted that the leggings might be sheer on some women because they are larger in size and that lululemon’s leggings really aren’t meant for all body types. 

The staff at every location are always on top of the people who enter the store, perhaps a little too much. It’s no doubt that we appreciate their friendly customer service but it can be overwhelming if you just want to shop in peace for the items you’re needing.

Because of this, we prefer ordering our clothes online as we can skip exchanging small talk and focus on shopping. Lululemon’s online shopping policies are also wonderful because if something doesn’t work out, it can be easily exchanged or returned in-store. There is also free shipping within Canada. 

The History & Ethos Of Fabletics 

If you watch television or browse through social media, you’re likely already aware that famous actress Kate Hudson is one of the founders of Fabletics. In addition to her, the women’s athletic wear company was cofounded in 2013 by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. 

Fabletics primarily sells most of its clothing and accessories online, however it does have some retail locations in  the U.S. 

The brand was started after the three founders noticed a gap in the activewear marketplace. While there were several luxury brands like lululemon and Sweaty Betty, there was a lack of company’s selling stylish gear at prices that won’t break the bank.

Fabletics is adored by many active fashionistas for its performance-driven, comfortable, and fashion-forward styles that allow women to feel and look their very best. 

For the last eight years, Fabletics has brought fashionable activewear to active women all over the world. It’s pieces can be recognized by their style-centric design and high-quality materials that promote peak performance, inside and outside of the gym.

For those who like to shop often, Fabletics adds tons of new collections on a weekly basis in sizes XXS to 4X for women and XS to XXL for men. While the company does have clothing for men found in a line called FL2, it’s more popular among women ages 16 to 35. 

Fabletics often creates collaboration collections with celebrities like Demi Lovato and Maddie Zeigler, keeping the brand popular among the younger demographic. But what really separates Fabletics from other companies is its subscription model, which is loved by some but hated by many. 

Its subscription model

In our option, Fabletics subscription model is the brand’s biggest downfall as we believe in capsule wardrobes and keeping things minimal, if possible. But if you work as a fitness instructor, do yoga on a daily basis, or consider yourself a “gym rat”, then the subscription concept may work for you.

Instead of making a one-time purchase from a store like Athleta or lululemon, those who wish to shop at Fabletics must pay a membership fee to receive credits that they can put toward a new activewear outfit each month.

Fabletics does allow members to skip a month if they don’t feel like purchasing a new outfit that month but the kicker is: they need to remember this. Life can get hectic and skipping your Fabletics outfit for the month might be the last thing on your mind. 

Customers are allowed to pick their monthly outfit out themselves but if they forget to skip the month and don’t shop, the shoppers credits are available for use until the end of the year. We don’t recommend Fabletics VIP to people who often forget to pay their bills as it can end up being a waste of money. 

Fabletics promotes their VIP program heavily as it comes with more perks than just getting a brand new outfit, twelve months a year. The VIP membership provides customers with early access to collections that will be launching and significant discounts on products. Members can also earn points by shopping that can be put toward free products. 

However, Fabletics isn’t just limited to fashionistas with a membership. Anyone can shop on its website or in any of the retail locations, however, they will need to pay full price instead of the discounted prices that members get. Non-members also aren’t able to earn points to put toward future purchases. 

Membership Perks & Price

Fabletics is able to sell its activewear and accessories at a lower price since they are generating the majority of its revenue from monthly subscription payments. 

Those who hold the VIP membership are automatically enrolled in the Fabletics rewards program. There are three different levels: VIP, Gold, and Elite. Members work toward a higher tier by collecting points from purchasing pieces. For Fabletics members, the goal is to get to the Elite tier as it has the most benefits. 

In terms of subscription pricing, the VIP membership model will cost customers $49.95 every month. The credits from this charge can be put toward a new outfit unless they want to skip the month.

The brand’s special entry offer allows new members to purchase two pairs of leggings for $24, leaving them $26 to spend on other products. This is definitely a hot offer for ladies who are low on leggings. 

If you’re worried about a lack of choices, fear not as Fabletics introduces a new collection every month. If they are unsure of what new products to select, they can take a quiz through the website that gives them personalized clothing suggestions. 

differences Between Lululemon VS Fabletics

There are TONS of differences between Fabletics and lululemon! Really, the only thing that they have in common is that they both sell fashion-forward activewear. 

1. Pricing

Right off the bat, one of the most significant differences is the pricing. Lululemon does not operate as a subscription-based model, which means it’s more expensive than Fabletics but you don’t need to worry about getting automatically charged a fee every month.

This is better for people who don’t have a super stable income or those who dislike commitment. At lululemon, leggings typically cost around $90 to $130 but Fabletics members can get a pair for around $50. 

2. Aesthetic

Both brands offer pieces that cater to a variety of different tastes and preferences, which means you’ll find tons of prints, colors, styles, and patterns. Lululemon and Fabletics also both embrace fabrics with different finishes and feels. 

There’s even a noticeable difference in style between lululemon vs Fabletics. Lululemon is more sophisticated, minimalistic, and modern while Fabletics’ designs tend to be a bit more playful and daring.

You’ll definitely find more floral and leopard prints at Fabletics. If you don’t shop for activewear often, we suggest sticking to more simple designs and styles at lululemon as they won’t go out of style as quickly as the bold pieces from Fabletics. 

3. Brand Ambassadors

Another huge difference between lululemon vs Fabletics is that lululemon sponsors professional athletics and features Olympians in marketing campaigns. You know that if lululemon is good enough for athletes, it’s good enough for you.

On the other hand, Fabletics uses celebrities to market its collections. While Maddie Ziegler is a professional dancer (who is now very active on TikTok), Demi Lovato is a singer and likely isn’t an activewear aficionado. This difference says something about each company’s quality. 

4. Sizing

And last but not least, when it comes to sizing, Fabletics offers more inclusive sizing for curvaceous ladies. We anticipate that lululemon will add more sizes as the brand continues to expand.

Our Favorite Pieces From Lululemon VS Fabletics

1. Leggings

Align High-Rise Pants in 28-inch
Get these leggings on lululemon
Fabletics’ High Waisted Sculptknit ⅞ Leggings
Get these leggings on Fabletics

The Align High-Rise Pants in 28-inch ($98 to $118), from lululemon, are comfortable and the embossed detailing really spices up a pair of otherwise black leggings.

The Align High-Rise Pants come in 28 colors and patterns, and are available in sizes up to 20. Because these leggings are high-waisted, they go great with the tank from the Align collection or a sports bra. 

Fabletics’ High Waisted Sculptknit ⅞ Leggings are perfectly simple and can be worn with an exercise top to your next gym session or with a chunky sweater for a more casual look that you won’t be sweating in.

These leggings feature an elastic waistband and are made from a moisture-wicking, chafe-resistant fabric. If you’re not a Fabletics member, these leggings retail for $64.95. 

Pro tip: try to wash your leggings as little as possible. Excessive washing can result in unsightly pilling. But if you do run into pilling, an electric pilling shaver can help make your leggings look as good as new. 

2. Tank tops

lululemon’s Swiftly Tech Racerback Tank Top *Race Length
Get this on lululemon
Tinsley Waffle Tank from Fabletics
Get this on Fabletics

We would be lying if we said that lululemon’s Swiftly Tech Racerback Tank Top wasn’t currently sitting in our online shopping cart. Each top is made from a special fabric that reduces odor, making it the ideal top for running, training, or traveling to and from hot yoga class.

It comes in a longer length as well but we prefer wearing cropped and race length tops with our high-waisted leggings. This top costs $58. 

The Tinsley Waffle Tank from Fabletics is the perfect top for wearing to and from the gym or with a pair of denim shorts in the summer. It’s sporty but not too sporty. This style comes in three colors and is made from the brand’s signature waffle blend that has serious loungewear potential.

Ribbed detailing at the neck and armholes elevate the basic tank top. It can be added to your athleisure collection for $44.95 or $13.48 if you’re a VIP member. 

3. Biker shorts 

Align High-Rise 8-inch Shorts from lululemon
Get this on lululemon
Define High-Waisted 9-inch Shorts from Fabletics
Get this on Fabletics

The Align High-Rise 8-inch Shorts from lululemon can be worn while you’re working out or with an oversized band t-shirt for casual outings. These bike shorts come in a variety of lengths, however, the 8-inch style is most popular.

The Align Shorts are buttery soft and don’t ride up your thighs when you’re moving or lounging. Every pair also has a hidden pocket behind the waistband, which can hold credit cards or your house key. The Align Shorts cost anywhere from $58 to $68 depending on the color or pattern. 

The Define High-Waisted 9-inch Shorts from Fabletics are very similar in style to the lululemon ones but just one inch longer with some added seam detailing. They are crafted from the brand’s special PowerHold compression fabric so they are incredibly slimming without cutting your circulation off!

Like the Align Shorts, the Define High-Waisted Shorts also feature a hidden pocket. These bike shorts cost $44.95 or are part of a “2 for $24” promotion for members.

Conclusion On Lululemon Vs Fabletics

Overall, we love the funky styles and modern designs from both lululemon and Fabletics. But if you’re not looking to sign up for a subscription membership, purchasing your activewear from lululemon is the better idea.

If you utilize your Fabletics membership, it could be worth it but in our opinion, buying fewer high-quality, long-lasting pieces from lululemon is better than purchasing more items of lower quality from Fabletics. 

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