Burberry Vs Gucci: How Do These Luxury Brands Compare?

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Both of these luxury brands are iconic in their own right – but between Burberry vs Gucci, which one is better for you? Find out here!

With long histories and several incredibly popular products that each brand is known for, Burberry and Gucci may look similar on the surface, but if you explore a little deeper, you can see that there are some key differences between these two heritage fashion houses.

This article will explore the history of each brand, the differences between Burberry vs Gucci, as well as the best-selling items from each luxury brand.

Burberry vs Gucci

History of Burberry

As one of the oldest British fashion houses, Burberry has a long history and is seen as a quintessentially British brand. Burberry was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856, and originally the company focussed on outdoor wear.

However, over its 150-year history, the brand has grown to include ready-to-wear clothing for men and women, leather goods, accessories, and cosmetics.

Thomas Burberry was only 21 when he opened the first Burberry store in Basingstoke in 1856 – the brand quickly became known for top-quality outdoor attire.

In 1879 the brand saw the introduction of gabardine. Burberry was one of the first luxury brands to make use of gabardine and its introduction helped to make the brand the international success it is today. Gabardine is a hardwearing and water-resistant fabric that is breathable, making it perfect for use in coats and other wet weather gear.

In 1901, the Burberry logo, an equestrian knight, was established and the company grew further as their outerwear began to be worn on expeditions. They were the outfitters of the first man to reach the south pole, as well as on expeditions to Mount Everest.

The now-famous trench coat was established in the First World War to fit the needs of the military. Once the war ended, the coat continued to be worn by civilians due to its practical and stylish design.

Moving forward into the 21st century, Burberry appointed Christopher Bailey as creative director. Under his guidance, the brand became wildly popular all over the world, with the iconic Burberry check seen on models and celebrities across the globe.

Bailey emphasized the heritage of the Burberry brand and made sure to reference the brand’s long history in the countless collections he designed for the British luxury fashion house.

After Christopher Bailey stepped down from the creative director role in 2018, Riccardo Tisci took over, instilling fresh energy to the brand.

Tisci worked with the English graphic designer, Peter Saville, to design a new logo and monogram to represent Burberry – ultimately establishing a new era for the Burberry brand. This new era was displayed through Tisci’s choice to collaborate with streetwear brand, Supreme, for a spring 2022 collection.

History of Gucci

A giant of the fashion industry, Gucci, is a luxury brand established in Florence, Italy, with its heritage dating back to 1921. Guccio Gucci founded the Gucci brand as a leather luggage company in 1921, after working in the hotels of London and learning the preferences of the hotel’s wealthy visitors.

Guccio Gucci started with only a small workshop to produce leather goods, but as the brand grew, a larger workshop was needed to house Gucci’s 60 Italian craftsmen. Gucci’s children and wife worked for the brand, and eventually, Aldo Gucci took over his father’s company.

Aldo was key in growing the Gucci brand and diversifying the fashion accessories they sold. Due to the shortage of leather during World War Two, Gucci began to create its handbags out of canvas.

This canvas was emblazoned with the GG symbol and red and green bands – both of which are now elements that are synonymous with Gucci products and clothing.

In 1947, the Bamboo bag was added to the already beloved Gucci bag collection. The curved shape and distinctive bamboo handles became a major success and status symbol when this bag was pictured on the arm of Ingrid Bergman in her 1954 film Journey to Italy.

After this success, the Gucci brand only grew further, and the GG monogram became a hit with celebrities in America and Royalty in Europe.

Gucci was an important part of the Dolce Vita style in the 1960s – the same decade in which some iconic Gucci products were added to the brand’s repertoire. The Jackie bag was launched in 1961, the GG logo featured on belt buckles for the first time in 1964, while in 1966 the Flora scarf was designed especially for Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco.

After the infamous Gucci family feud in the 1960s and 70s, the brand was reinvigorated by Tom Ford in 1994 when he became the creative director.

Then in 2015, Alessandro Michele was appointed the creative director. His individual, androgynous geek-chic style has made Gucci one of the top luxury brands in the world.

Michele brought back some iconic Gucci products to the Gucci stores and has included some of the biggest musicians, actors, and sportspeople in Gucci campaigns and on social media, including Harry Styles, Dakota Johnson, and Serena Williams.

Differences between Burberry Vs Gucci

These brands, alongside many other luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent, have long and well-established histories, but there are also significant differences between Burberry vs Gucci that you should know about.

The Burberry brand has a very strong connection to its history and this is strongly displayed by the Burberry fashion collections and accessories on show at London Fashion Week. If you are looking to inject a little bit of British Heritage into your wardrobe then you just can’t go wrong with anything from Burberry.

Gucci also has a long history, but the brand now has a more contemporary feel – mixing the most up-to-date trends with historic elements of the Gucci brand. If you are looking for a little bit more geek-chic cool in your life, then Gucci is definitely the brand you need to head towards.

1. Price Range

Gucci and Burberry, overall, have relatively similar price ranges, but when you delve a little further into specific products you can see the differences between what the brands have on offer. If you are looking at outerwear from Burberry you could pay anywhere between $430 to $12,500, of course depending on what sort of coat or jacket you go for.

Whereas at Gucci, the most expensive outerwear they offer is just $9,000, but the most affordable piece on offer is $1,250. As fashion lovers will know, Burberry is better known for its outerwear in classic, timeless silhouettes that will last for years and never go out of style, while Gucci has a smaller selection of outerwear and coats for you to pick from. Currently, its The North Face collaboration is all the rage in this department.

If you are looking at shoes, Gucci is more expensive with shoes ranging from $360 to $4,900 depending on the style and material. Whereas Burberry has a smaller, more affordable range of footwear, with prices ranging from $290 to $2,150.

For bags, Burberry’s selection is more affordable, ranging from $1,050 to $2,790, but there is much less choice than Gucci offers. Gucci’s wide range of bags can be expensive at $7,700 or as affordable as $790, again depending mainly on the materials. Although Gucci does offer handbags for up to $36,000 if you are looking at more exotic leathers.

Both luxury fashion houses have beautiful bags in their collections, but Gucci is definitely better known for their instantly-recognizable handbag designs.

2. Materials and craftsmanship

Both brands are very well known for top-quality craftsmanship, design, and materials. The British fashion house, Burberry uses a range of materials in its products, including calf leather, calf hair, lambskin, canvas, and cotton – all of which are top-quality.

Italian designer brand, Gucci also uses many different materials in the construction of its bags in particular, such as GG supreme canvas, exotic leathers (crocodile, python, anaconda, lizard), leather, and denim. If you want a little more selection and choice when deciding on a handbag, it may be worth heading to Gucci as they use a wider range of fabrics and leathers.

However, both brands are the same when it comes to quality – the craftsmanship is always top-notch and you can guarantee whatever you buy from Gucci or Burberry with last for a long time.

3. Resale Value

Burberry and Gucci have slightly differing resale values on sites such as Fashionphile. As Burberry doesn’t have a strong presence in the luxury bag community, signature and heirloom pieces from Burberry such as their trench coat and scarves hold value much better.

Even then, it’s unlikely that you will be able to get all of your money back from the purchase – it’s not unusual to see either go for a roughly 40% discount from the original price.

As for Gucci, even though their handbags are more popular than Burberry’s, you are not likely to be able to sell your Gucci bag for more than paid for it, as is possible with Chanel or Louis Vuitton handbags. However, it’s likely that you won’t need to discount them as heavily as Burberry pieces.

So, if you are looking for a handbag that will hold its value well, it is worth going for Gucci as their classic handbags usually sell well on resale sites.

Our Top Picks from Burberry Vs Gucci

1. Coats
Burberry vs Gucci: Burberry trench coat
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Tan reversible Gucci wool coat
Get this on Gucci

A coat from either Burberry or Gucci will last you a lifetime, so it is worth picking a classic style that you will love forever – the Burberry trench coat or Gucci wool coat could be the perfect addition to your collection.

The classic Burberry trench coat has been refreshed with modern proportions. Made from the world-famous gabardine, this coat is not only effortlessly stylish but also totally practical. This trench is lined with the quintessential Burberry check, which dates back to the 1920s, and the checked undercollar and belted cuffs are the perfect finishing touches.

This reversible Gucci wool coat may not be as famous as the Burberry trench coat, but it’s just as stylish with its functional wool blend material and contemporary aesthetic. Plus, you’re getting two completely different styles with this coat as it’s reversible!

One side of the coat is a classic camel color, whereas the reverse side is a lighter cream shade, fully covered in the Gucci monogram. This is perfect if you love a logo, but don’t want to commit to wearing a logo-covered coat everyday.

2. Scarves
Burberry vs Gucci: Burberry scarf
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Gucci logo scarf
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The Burberry scarf is a best-selling item for the brand, but Gucci also has gorgeous scarves on offer too.

The Burberry cashmere scarf is printed in the classic Burberry check, seen here in Archive Beige. The popularity of the Burberry scarf has meant that the check is now available in lots of different color combinations, meaning you are guaranteed to find a variation you love that suits your style.

The scarf can also be personalized with your initials – making it the perfect gift.

The Italian fashion house, Gucci, also offers a cashmere scarf – this time emblazoned with an oversized GG logo. Adding a little glam to an everyday accessory, this super-soft scarf is available in four different color combinations, all with a little tassel detail at the bottom of each scarf – delightful!

3. Shoes
Brown Burberry block heel boots
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Black Gucci Jordaan loafers
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Gucci and Burberry offer a whole range of shoes, everything from boots, to trainers, to sandals – we’ve picked two trendy, luxury items that will fit right into any wardrobe.

The Burberry Pryle Check Block Heel Booties are a must-have in any high fashion collection – they will suit a whole range of outfits, casual or office-friendly, hroughout the year. The equestrian style straps and Burberry heritage check add a stunning little detail to these Italian-made leather boots. The 3-inch heel is also perfect, for adding a little bit of height without it being uncomfortable.

The Gucci Jordaan loafers are a best-seller for this valuable luxury brand. They have been worn by countless celebrities and fashion icons, all over the world, and we can see why. The classic design is elevated with glossy black leather and polished gold horsebit hardware.

These flats would look incredible as a work shoe, or will add a little chic elegance to a casual weekend outfit – they are so totally versatile.

4. Handbags
Burberry Note Leather & Vintage Check Crossbody Bag
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White Gucci Bamboo bag
Get this on Gucci

A handbag from either of these iconic brands would be perfect in any bag collection – but which one suits your personal style?

The Burberry Note crossbody bag is a great understated designer piece to add to your collection. Available in black or camel, this stylish piece is slightly larger than typical designer crossbodies, making it ideal to carry around all your everyday essentials, including a water bottle!

It comes with a logo-strap that adds a modern feel, and the hint of Burberry’s heritage check is just beautiful. Crafted from grainy calf leather, this bag is relatively hardwearing – perfect for frequent use.

The Gucci Bamboo bag was first introduced in the 1960s and quickly became a Gucci classic. The sumptuously curved shape is accentuated by the bamboo handle and clasp closure. The handbag has been modernized with the addition of a web strap so it can be worn in different ways with different outfits.

Available in lots of different colors online, or head into the flagship store to see this stunning bag in real life!

Gucci Vs Burberry: Conclusion

There are many similarities between these global brands, but it really depends on what you are looking for and your personal style as to what brand you should go for.

It may be cliché to say, but if you’re into a classic look or an equestrian style that’s reminiscent of the countryside, Burberry should be your top choice. If you’re more into a quirky geek-chic aesthetic, Gucci comes out on top.

Otherwise, if you’re only looking to buy the most recognizable products from each brand, for a coat or scarf, you have to head for Burberry. These iconic designs never go out of style and you’ll never regret buying them.

For shoes and handbags, it has to be Gucci – they always have the most trendy looks in the luxury industry, but combine this with timeless style.

The price range of both brands is similar and the materials they use are always high quality, so in the end, it comes down to what are you looking for and what your style is.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. How to spot a fake Burberry scarf?

Look at the cost of the scarf first – Burberry scarves are normally sold for anywhere between $175 to $800, so if it’s any less it is probably a fake unless you’re buying from a reputable secondhand store like Fashionphile.

Check out the official tag – this should have Burberry printed on the front and contain information about the color and style of the scarf. The writing should be clear and not smudged on an authentic Burberry label.

Real Burberry scarves will have a Burberry label sewn on them; this will only be sewn on at the sides and so should create a loop – the label will have the Burberry logo printed on it, with even spacing between the letters and no loose threads or frayed edges.

Burberry scarves are always exceptionally high quality so if there are any mistakes in the check, loose threads, or rough surfaces, this is probably a fake scarf.

2. Where are Burberry items made?

Burberry products are made all over the world. The majority of the time, they are made in Italy or China. However, sometimes certain Burberry products are made in England, Scotland, Spain, France, and Germany.

We hope you enjoyed this analysis of Burberry vs Gucci! For more luxury fashion content, check out the posts below.

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