Rebag Vs Fashionphile: Which Luxury Resale Site Is Better?

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If you are thinking of selling or buying a luxury item, then this article is perfect for you – we’re going to compare Rebag vs Fashionphile to help you work out which one is best for you!

Rebag and Fashionphile are two of the best resale sites that offer a wide range of handbags, jewelry, watches, leather goods, and shoes from the top luxury brands and fashion houses. If you have a luxury piece you are thinking of selling, or if you are interested in buying a luxury item second-hand, then this is the article for you.

In this Rebag vs Fashionphile article, we are going to outline the differences between Rebag and Fashionphile so you can pick the right site for you! We will explore a little bit of the history of each of these sites, take a look at the key differences, and show you some of the pieces on offer from these sites, before coming to a conclusion on Rebag vs Fashionphile.

Rebag vs Fashionphile

The History of Rebag

Rebag is very much a new online store, only founded in 2014 by Charles Gorra and Erwan Delacroix. As well as the online platform that offers a wide range of luxury bags, jewelry, and accessories, there are several stores all over the United States too.

There are four stores in New York City, two in Los Angeles, two in Miami, and one in Connecticut – and these stores all over America mean that customers can come in and look at the resale pieces for themselves. Rebag has been noted as an innovative retail company, with the CLAIR software, which we will explore more later, the Rebag Infinity scheme, and the Trade option.

Rebag Infinity is a program in which you can purchase a bag and use it for up to six months, exchange it for store credit, and then this credit can be used towards another Rebag bag, while the Trade option means you receive Rebag credit to pick up another luxury piece, rather and money in your account.

The history of Fashionphile

Fashionphile was founded in 1999 by Sarah Davis but did not become its own, dedicated site until 2007. Davis started Fashionphile while she was in law school and began by selling luxury pieces on eBay. The business expanded and Davis, alongside her brother-in-law, Ben Hemminger, started the Fashionphile online marketplace to sell pieces from the top fashion brands.

There are now multiple brick-and-mortar Fashionphile stores in over 20 locations, including Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Carlsbad, California, and New York City, so customers are able to come and look at some of the stunning pieces in person.

Differences between rebag Vs Fashionphile

There are lots of important differences that you need to know about and that will factor into your decision as to whether Rebag or Fashionphile is best for you.

To make this article clearer, we are going to break up the differences into buying and selling, but first let’s begin with the one category that is relevant to both buying and selling – what products each of these sites offers. x

1. Items Available

Rebag offers luxury handbags, jewelry, watches, shoes, a small range of apparel, and lots of accessories, including belts, home items, small leather goods, scarves, sunglasses, and wallets.

Fashionphile is similar in that it offers lots of luxury bags, jewelry, watches, and a small range of shoes and accessories, including home items like blankets, belts, travel accessories, tech accessories, scarves, sunglasses, and pet accessories. Importantly, Fashionphile does not accept or sell clothing.

2. Consignment

Rebag just offers just a buyout option, while Fashionphile has both buyout and consignment options available. A consignment is when a commission is taken of the final sale price, whereas in a buyout, you’re offered a price buy the company, which you can give or take – we’ll explore more on this below.

3. International Shipping

While Fashionphile offers international shipping to luxury-loving customers around the globe, at the moment, Rebag only supports shipping within the US.

4. Brands Carried

Fashionphile has a bigger focus on jewelry and watch brands, and it accepts and sells items from certain designers that Rebag doesn’t carry, including Foundrae, Elizabeth Locke and more.

In contrast to this, Rebag carries apparel designers that you won’t find on Fashionphile, including Canada Goose, Moncler, and others.

5. Size Of The Company

Out of the two, Fashionphile is much more established and bigger in terms of revenue and items sold, and it even has an ongoing partnership with Neiman Marcus, which we’ll explore more below.

Selling At Rebag

At Rebag, you can first choose to sell an item or trade an item, this means you instead of receiving money for your luxury item, you can receive Rebag credit which you can then use to buy something else from the resale platform.

If you are planning on selling with Rebag, you first upload an image to the site, and then CLAIR – the Comprehensive Luxury Assessment Index for Resale – will begin to determine the value of your luxury item. This means you can almost instantly be offered a quote for your item, which you can then choose to accept.

If you do accept, you can either drop your bag off at a Rebag store or package it up and send it off with a prepaid label. Once Rebag has received your luxury bag or jewelry, they will go through the vetting process and once it has been Rebag approved, you will receive your payment!

Selling at Fashionphile

Fashionphile is partnered with Neiman Marcus, and offers both online and in-person consignments. If you’re selling online, it can take a little longer to receive a quote since Fashionphile doesn’t use CLAIR to give customers an almost instant quote. You’re required to fill out an online form, attach a few images, and give a brief description of the item’s condition.

Then, within one to two business days, Fashionphile will email you with a quote – if you accept this quote, the luxury item can then be sent off with a prepaid shipping label. Just like Rebag, once the piece has been authenticated, you will receive your payment in two to four business days.

The second option is to sell via a Selling Studio at select Neiman Marcus stores, which is done in person. You’ll receive a quote immediately, and if you decide to accept it, you will also receive instant payment – so smooth! You can also choose to accept the payment as a Neiman Marcus gift card, which will grant you an extra 10% bonus of your item’s worth.

Neiman Marcus also offers a drop-off option for items that have been digitally quoted. This is especially helpful if you’re feeling nervous about posting your expensive item.


It is worth noting one important difference between Rebag and Fashionphile – Rebag just offers buyout, while Fashionphile has both buyout and consignment options available.

A buyout is where the resale site will buy your luxury goods out right in one payment, while a consignment is where Fashionphile will take a certain percentage of the sale price. Consignment is more often available for expensive items and if the item sells for over $3,000, Fashionphile will take 15% of the proceeds, while if it sells for under $3,000, Fashionphile will take 30% of the sale price.

It is good to know that Fashionphile reserves the right to discount the item in 30 days if it does not sell. First, it will be a 5% discount, then after some time, 10%, then 20%. The consignment term is 90 days, and the majority of items sell within this period.


If you are buying from Rebag or Fashionphile, there are some important features on each site that you should know about that may play a part in which site you decide to go for. Both sites give you similar information about each product, such as the materials used, the hardware of the piece, and the measurements of the item.

Fashionphile also gives you the year the luxury item was made, where possible, giving customers a better idea of how old the piece is, and Fashionphile often has better photographs of the inside and outside of the item – especially bags.

As Fashionphile is partnered with Neiman Marcus, you can choose to have your items delivered to a select number of Neiman Marcus locations.

You can also visit one of the many Fashionphile stores if you happen to live near one, to browse some of the items in store. Fashionphile is based out of Carlsbad, California, and this location in particular has a true (and huge) luxury boutique feel with an amazing selection of items, as many items that are sold on the website are kept near their Carlsbad HQ.

With this said, many other locations such as the Beverly Hills branch also have an incredible selection for you to browse.

Rebag, on the other hand, gives a much more detailed description of the condition of the item online and the wear and tear details, so you know exactly what the bag looks like – this is great if you are only able to see the bag online. Lots of the Rebag items are also available to view in a store, meaning you can repurchase items on the secondary market with more confidence.  

Browsing items on rebag Vs Fashionphile

In terms of browsing or finding items on the site, Fashionphile is a little bit clearer and cleaner to use, making it really easy to see the product, its condition, and the price at a first glance when you are just scrolling past lots of bags or fine jewelry.

Rebag has more filtering options, so you can narrow down what you see, but the images are a little smaller, making it slightly more difficult to see the items clearly, and quickly. Both Rebag and Fashionphile have some great filtering features to help you find the best deals, like the ‘% off retail’ option from Rebag or ‘best deal’ filter on Fashionphile. 

Both sites have very similar brands available, with everything from Christian Dior, Bottega Veneta, and Louis Vuitton bags, accessories, and jewelry available.

However, there seem to be more of the most expensive bags available on Fashionphile, this may be down to the consignment option, while Rebag has a better selection of vintage options – so it does really depend on what you’re looking for as to which brand is right for you.

Best-selling luxury items from rebag and Fashionphile

If you are thinking of picking up a new luxury bag or piece of jewelry, it is always worth checking out resale platforms. The pieces are often discounted in price and available in excellent condition – here are some of our favorites. Just click on the links to find more color and size options, as well as lots more information about each of these luxury items!

1. Hermès Birkin Bag
Grey Hermes Birkin Handbag Etain Togo with Rose Gold Hardware
Browse Hermès Birkin Bags on Rebag
Grey-beige Hermes Togo Birkin 30
Browse Hermès Birkin Bags on Fashionphile

There are lots of Hermès Birkin bags available on both Rebag and Fashionphile – here are just two gorgeous options.

This grey Hermès Birkin Bag is in the smaller 25 sizes, crafted from Togo leather, and finished with rose gold hardware. This Birkin has been certified by Rebag to be in excellent condition and comes with the original box and dust bag, as well as a clochette, keys, and lock. Rebag also has brick-and-mortar stores so customers are able to look at the bag in person before they purchase it – this bag is currently in the Los Angeles store.

The Hermès Birkin bag available on Fashionphile is also crafted from luxuriously grained Togo leather, but this time in a pale grey-beige shade, embellished with gold hardware and then lined with chevre goatskin leather. This luxury bag comes with a dust bag and raincoat, plus a clochette, lock, and two keys. There is a long waiting list to get hold of a Birkin bag, so this is a great way to easily add this iconic bag to your collection.

2. Chanel small flap bags
Pink Chanel Classic Double Flap Bag Quilted Caviar Small
Browse Chanel Small Flap Bags on Rebag
Pale Pink Chanel Caviar Quilted Small Double Flap bag
Browse Chanel Small Flap Bags on Fashionphile

Chanel bags have become increasingly hard to get hold of over years, but luckily there are loads of different options available on Rebag and Fashionphile – with any size, color, and type of leather imaginable.

We love the pop of color from this bright pink caviar leather small double flap Chanel bag, decorated with gleaming gold hardware through the chain strap and CC twist lock. This classic, timeless bag features the iconic diamond quilting and is super practical too with the back slip pocket and two more pockets inside the leather-lined interior. This Chanel bag is in excellent condition and is available for just $8,775.

Fashionphile also has its fair share of Chanel bags, including this gorgeous Caviar Quilted Small Double Flap Bag in pale pink. This adorable handbag would make the perfect addition to any designer bag collection – with the diamond quilted caviar leather, perfectly complimented by light gold hardware. Again, the leather-lined interior and finished with two slip pockets. This Chanel bag has been verified as ‘giftable condition’, and is available for $10,500.

3. Cartier Love Bracelet
Cartier Love Bracelet 18K Rose Gold Small
Browse Cartier Love Bracelets on Rebag
Cartier 18K Yellow Gold LOVE Bracelet
Browse Cartier Love Bracelets on Fashionphile

The Cartier Love Bracelet is an iconic piece of jewelry that has been popular with customers and celebrities alike since it was first added to the Cartier brand in the 1970s – here are just two options to choose from.

This 18-karat rose gold Cartier Love Bracelet from Rebag is available for $4,095 and comes with a soft pouch to store the bracelet in and a little matching screwdriver so you can secure this bracelet to your wrist. This slim bracelet looks gorgeous on its own but can be added to a curated bracelet stack for a super glam look.

The Cartier Love Bracelet is also available in 18-karat yellow gold from Fashionphile, which again comes with a Cartier case and a matching screwdriver. This Love bracelet is in excellent condition and is available for $6,585. A gleaming gold Love Bracelet, decorated with the famous screw motifs, would make a fantastic gift for someone special in your life.  


Although these two sites may seem similar on the surface, there are lots of key differences that affect which site you want to sell or buy from. The CLAIR software makes selling on Rebag really quick and easy, however, if you have a particularly expensive luxury item, like a Birkin bag, Fashionphile may be the best place for you to sell as they offer consignment on certain items and you may able to get more money for your piece.

Also, if you’re feeling nervous about losing your item in the post, you can always go to a Neiman Marcus Selling Studio if you live near one, to drop off your items without hassle.

There isn’t much difference when it comes to each site if you are looking at buying second-hand items unless you’re looking at buying apparel, for which you should head over to Rebag. Also, you may be able to find more of the more expensive pieces and a better selection of brands on Fashionphile, especially when it comes to jewelry.

If you want to see the bag or jewelry in person, both brands offer a great selection of in-person stores, with Fashionphile having more locations to choose from. If you live near each one, why not check out the selection that both brands offer?

Ultimately, the choice between Fashionphile vs Rebag really comes down to what you are buying or selling as to which site is better – if you are looking to buy or sell a very expensive piece, Fashionphile would be better, but for any other luxury items, we suggest getting a quote from both and accepting whichever one is higher.

We hope you found this Rebag vs Fashionphile article helpful! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below.

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