How Much Are Vintage Gucci Bags Worth: All You Need To Know

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Vintage Gucci bags are often just as gorgeous as the newest designs, but you may be wondering how much are vintage Gucci bags worth. Well, we’ve got all the information you need to know.

Gucci was founded in 1920s Florence, first designing luxury luggage for the richest members of Italian society. Founder Guccio Gucci decided to expand the brand and began to include smaller bags and handbags in sophisticated designs and made with high-quality craftsmanship.

In the 1950s, a women’s ready-to-wear collection was launched and signaled the beginning of Gucci’s individual, quirky fashion collections that have caught the eye of fashion editors all over the world.

Small black Gucci Jackie bag
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Gucci remained a family business until the 1990s, when after an intense family feud, Gucci hired new executives outside of the Gucci family. After a few different creative directors for the Gucci brand, the current creative director Alessandro Michele took over in 2015 and created the wildly successful Gucci brand we know today.

Throughout its long history, the House of Gucci has produced some of the most stunning bags, including bamboo handle bags, hobo bags, and the iconic Gucci Marmont. The brand’s celebrity clientele includes Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, Princess Diana, and Jackie Kennedy among others – the latter two have since had beloved Gucci bags named after them!

You may have scrolled through the Gucci website, looking at their latest stunning handbags, but is also worth checking out vintage Gucci handbags. There are some incredible designs that are no longer available, making for a totally unique bag.

Whether you are thinking about buying a vintage bag or selling your vintage Gucci bag, we’ve got all the information you need to know on how much are vintage Gucci bags worth.

What Determines A vintage Gucci bag’s worth

Vintage Gucci bags can vary greatly in price: it really depends on the condition of the bag, whether the silhouette is in style now and the materials it is made from.

1. Condition Of The Bag

If the bag has been kept in great condition, with zero, or very few marks, the same structural shape, and ideally the dust bag that all new Gucci handbags come with – then the handbag is likely to sell for a high price.

2. Style Of The Bag

People are also more likely to buy vintage bags are that in keeping with trends at the time – so if you are selling a vintage Gucci bag, you want to think about when you are selling it and if the style and silhouette of the bag would still be considered fashionable now.

3. Materials Used

Certain materials of Gucci bags sell better than others – for example, a bag made from velvet, and embroidered fabric or printed leather will sell better than cotton or soft leather.

Online, vintage Gucci bags can sell for anywhere between $180 and $8,000. However, rare styles or bags made from exotic materials may be sold for significantly more but will also be harder to find.

Our Favorite vintage Gucci bags

Second-hand sites are a great place to look for vintage Gucci bags – here are a few examples that we have found on Fashionphile.

1. Vintage Web Small Boston Bag
GG Supeme, red and gold Gucci Monogram Vintage Web Small Boston  bag
Browse all vintage Gucci Boston bags on Fashionphile

The vintage Boston bags, with their rounded tote shape, is a silhouette now rarely produced by Gucci. In the version featured above, the GG Supreme canvas is trimmed with supple grey leather, while a web stripe of red and gold, features down the center of the bag for an eye-catching element.

There are both rolled top handles and a long, detachable strap so the bag can be worn across the body – so many different options!

The spacious interior will fit all your everyday essentials, while the patch pockets will help you remain organized. Vintage bags are often well-loved so they may not always be in mint condition, but they still look incredible.

2. Microguccissima Mini Emily Shoulder Bag
Grey Gucci Microguccissima Mini Emily Shoulder Bag
Browse all vintage Emily bags on Fashionphile

The Microguccissima was once a very popular collection of bags, but they are now much more difficult to get a hold of, so the Microguccissima Emily Shoulder bags are a great find. The buttery soft leather has been embossed with the GG logo monogram for a stunning, textured finish.

The silver hardware, in the horsebit and chain strap, perfectly accentuates the color of the bag. The tassels and Gucci logo embellish this completely gorgeous and compact shoulder bag.

3. Microguccissima Small Crossbody Bag
GG supreme, red and green stripe Gucci Monogram Web Medium Half Moon Hobo bag
Browse all Microguccissima crossbody bags on Fashionphile

Much like the Emily bag above, this timeless crossbody bag features the iconic Gucci monogram pattern in a smaller, more understated scale. Its compact size and adjustable strap make it perfect for everyday use, and while its a vintage bag, you wouldn’t necessarily look out of place wearing it in today’s climate.

Whether dressed up or down, this vintage Gucci crossbody bag is a subtle piece that will add a unique touch to any outfit.

Current vintage styles

There are some Gucci bags that were first launched years ago but because of the timeless style and iconic design, they have remained an important part of the Gucci collection.

You may find that certain color combinations or materials are no longer available on the Gucci website, but you will find them on resale or vintage bag sites.

If you are looking to resell one of the original vintage Diana or Jackie bags, you’re in luck! Because the bags are currently still sold by Gucci and highly coveted by luxury fashion lovers, you’ll be able to fetch a higher price for them.

1. the Jackie 1961
Dark brown GG supreme Jackie shoulder bag
Browse all 2nd hand canvas Jackie bags on Fashionphile
Dark brown GG supreme Jackie shoulder bag
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The Jackie 1961 bag was launched in the 1950s, originally named the Fifties Constance, as one of Gucci’s original handbags.

However, it became wildly popular in the 1970s after Jackie Kennedy used this handbag to shield herself from the paparazzi. Since then, it has become synonymous with Jackie Kennedy’s elegant style, and now her name as well.

Michele reinvented the Jackie bag in 2020, updating it a little for contemporary audiences. The combination of GG supreme fabric, with leather trim, looks stunning, while the gold buckle closure finishes this bag off perfectly. Just to make this bag even more irresistible, the Jackie now comes with a detachable shoulder strap for endless versatility.

2. The Diana Tote
Brown Jumbo GG monogram Gucci Diana mini tote bag
Browse all 2nd hand mini Diana tote bags on Fashionphile
Brown Gucci Diana mini tote bag
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Starting with the Gucci Diana tote bag, which was named after Princess Diana after it became one of her favorite handbags in the 90s. The Diana tote was first launched in 1991 and soon after, it was seen on the arm of Princess of Diana, adding a bit of glamour to her iconic oversized sweatshirt and cycling shorts combination.

The tote has been updated by Alessandro Michele to suit contemporary audiences, now available in a wider range of sizes, with bold GG logo hardware and straps on the bamboo handles as a nod to the straps that first appeared on this bag to keep the shape of the handles.

3. the Gucci Dionysus
Black Gucci Dionysus shoulder bag
Browse all black Dionysus bags on Fashionphile
Black Gucci Dionysus shoulder bag
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Although the Gucci Dionysus bag was only first introduced in 2015, it takes its inspiration from the origins of the house.

The Dionysus bag was named after the Greek god of the same name, who was said to have a lavish life, full of celebrations and wine. The tiger head hardware firstly references Dionysus crossing the Tigris river on the back of a tiger, but the horseshoe shape references the equestrian roots of the Gucci brand.

Seen here in the mini size, the Dionysus is also available in a couple of larger sizes if you are looking for a little more space in your shoulder bag. The chain-link strap perfectly finishes this classic, structured handbag.

The authenticity of vintage Gucci bags

Since vintage Gucci handbags are not sold in official Gucci stores or boutiques, it is always worth checking the authenticity of your new vintage Gucci bag so you don’t end up with a counterfeit item.

There has been a new design added to the latest Gucci bags: A QR code! This phone scanning technology has been added to new bags so that customers can scan the QR code and easily authenticate their new Gucci bag themselves.

Obviously, this is not possible on vintage Gucci bags, so here are a few other methods to check if you have an authentic Gucci handbag.

1. Controllato card

All Gucci bags should come with a Controllato card, which will be printed with the Gucci logo, the word ‘Controllato’, and 10 numbers.

You may find that Gucci bags that have been kept in mint condition will come with one of these cards, however sometimes this card can get lost in time, so if your new bag does not come with one, it is not the end of the world, the bag may still be the real deal.

2. Hardware

All hardware on a Gucci bag will be of very high quality, so whether it is gold or silver, it should be smooth, feel solid, and have good shine. A fake Gucci bag may feature peeling or flaking hardware that will have a lightweight feel to it. Checking the hardware is a great way to ensure you don’t have a counterfeit bag.

There are often other unique elements on a Gucci bag, such as the bamboo handles or crystal embellishments, and it is also worth checking the quality of these. They should be shiny and have a solid and expensive feel.

3. Serial number

All genuine Gucci bags will have a serial number on a tag on the inside of the bag, with the exception of some bags from the 70s and 80s, when this practice was briefly halted. The serial number tag is often a leather tag that is sewn at the top, inside the handbag, and will hold certain information.

The trademark symbol, the word Gucci, the phrase ‘made in Italy’ will be pressed into the leather with a heat stamp on one side of the leather, while on the back of this tag will be the serial number.

If you have a Gucci bag that was made in the 1990s, the serial number tag may look a little different – there will be no trademark symbol, and the ‘made in Italy’ will all be in upper case letters. Pay close attention to this tag to make sure you have a real Gucci bag.

4. Material

The high-quality craftsmanship of Gucci bags means they are made from supple leather or luxurious coated canvas.

The leather should feel soft and smell of leather – any chemical smells may suggest that this is a counterfeit bag. It is important to closely check the monogram on any coated canvas, the interlocking GG logo should be exactly the same all the way around the bag.

On fake vintage Gucci bags, the monogram canvas often features some slight errors and inconsistencies so it is always worth checking the materials properly.

We hope you found this article on how much are vintage Gucci bags worth interesting! For more luxury fashion content, check out the post below.

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