The 10 Best Gucci Bags Loved By Fashion’s It Girls

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The beloved Italian brand, Gucci, has created some of the most irresistible and iconic handbags – so here is a list of the best Gucci bags to help you decide which one to add to your collection!

From founder Guccio Gucci’s humble beginnings in 1920s Florence, Gucci has grown into one of the biggest luxury fashion houses in the world. Previous creative directors, Tom Ford and Alessandro Michele have helped to make Gucci one of the most popular fashion brands, beloved by celebrities, fashion editors, and influencers all over the world – a role that has been taken over by Sabato de Sarno in January 2023.

White Gucci Jackie bag.
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The brand has been known for creating some of the most desirable luxury ready-to-wear collections, handbags, shoes, and accessories over the years and this continues as Gucci enters a new era with de Sarno at the helm.  

Gucci bags are some of the most popular pieces from the Gucci collection, so if you’re looking to add one of Gucci’s gorgeous bags to your wardrobe, we’re here to help you out.

10 Best Gucci Bags

1. Jackie 1961 bag

With shoulder bags trending right now, the Gucci Jackie has quickly become one of the best-sellers in the Gucci leather goods collection. The design of this bag was brought back from the Gucci archive for contemporary shoppers by Alessandro Michele after it was a favorite of Jackie Kennedy in the 1960s and was eventually named after her.

The bag is crafted from luxurious leather, with a crescent-inspired, hobo-style silhouette, adjustable shoulder strap, and clasp on the front. Under Sabato de Sarno, the clasp on the front of the bag has changed, swapping out the pistol clasp to a clip – but both the old and new versions are available on the Gucci site so you can pick your favorite.

There are plenty of different Gucci Jackie bags to choose from, with both leather and GG Supreme Canvas Jackie bags on offer, mini, small, and medium sizes available, and a wide range of colors to choose from.

Variations We Love
Burgundy Gucci Jackie bag.

Jackie Small Shoulder Bag

$3,200 at Gucci


Jackie 1961 Mini Shoulder Bag

$4,200 at Gucci

2. Gucci Horsebit 1955 Bag

The Gucci Horsebit 1955 references the equestrian heritage of this designer brand, whilst remaining cutting-edge and contemporary. The Horsebit that decorates the front of the bag was first seen on a pair of loafers in 1953, then in 1955, the horsebit was added to a handbag, and the Gucci Horsebit 1955 line of bags was born.

The design of this bag was actually pulled from the archives and given a modern update by Michele, with a sleek, rectangular shape and adjustable strap that means the Horsebit 1955 bag can be worn on the shoulder or across the body.

The versatility of this bag, and its stylish vintage aesthetic, have made it a must-have from the Gucci collection and it is now available in many different styles – including totes, camera bags, mini bags, top handle bags, and the new Horsebit Chain bag which we will explore later on in this article.

The Horsebit 1955 bag is available in black or brown leather and GG Supreme canvas, as well as some more quirky, asymmetric silhouettes, metallic colors, and embellished designs to bring extra sparkle to your look.

Variations We Love
Beige and brown Gucci Horsebit 1955 Shoulder Bag

Horsebit 1955 Shoulder Bag

$2,980 at Gucci

Black Gucci Horsebit 1955 Shoulder Bag

Horsebit 1955 Shoulder Bag

$3,200 at Gucci

3. Diana bag 

If you are looking for a chic and sophisticated bag that would be perfect for work, then the Diana is just what you need. The Diana debuted in 1991 and quickly became a favorite of Princess Diana, as the Princess turned style icon was seen toting this bag to and from the gym and walking around London.

In 2021, when it would have been Diana’s 60s birthday, Alessandro Michele released his reimagined Diana tote, keeping the iconic bamboo handles and structured silhouette but adding a detachable shoulder strap and neon leather straps that were wrapped around the handles, in reference to the functional band that originally featured on the handles to help them keep their shape.

The Diana Tote is now available in mini, small, and medium sizes, with the smaller options perfect for everyday wear and the medium size ideal for work, when you need to carry your laptop and important documents. There are also lots of colors, GG Supreme canvas, and different types of leather to choose from so you can find the perfect Diana bag to suit you! 

Variations We Love
Beige and brown Gucci Diana Jumbo Gg Small Tote Bag

Diana Jumbo GG Small Tote Bag

$3,500 at Gucci

Pale beige Gucci Diana Medium Tote Bag

Diana Medium Tote Bag

$4,800 at Gucci

4. Bamboo 1947 Top handle bag

The Bamboo 1947 Top Handle Bag is one of the oldest bags in the Gucci collection, dating back to 1947, at the time only known as its product number 0633. Founder and designer Guccio Gucci, created this bag after World War Two, when there was a leather shortage, which is why bamboo was used to form the top handle, since it was light and very durable.

The saddle bag silhouette of the bag takes its inspiration from the equestrian heritage of the brand and reflects the expertly curved shape of the top handle. Over the years, this iconic Gucci bag has featured in several films and is beloved by countless celebrities, including Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman, and, most recently, Harry Styles.

The enduring popularity of the Bamboo 1947 bag has meant it is now available in a range of different colors and finished to suit any personal style – we particularly love the bright patent leather orange, burgundy, and pink editions of the Bamboo 1947 bag. This bag is also available in mini, small, and medium so there is an option for everyone.

Variations We Love
Bamboo 1947 in Beige & Ebony Canvas w/ GG crystal

Bamboo 1947 Mini in Beige & Ebony Canvas w/ GG crystal

$4,200 at Gucci


Bamboo 1947 Small in Patent Leather

$4,500 at Gucci

5. Dionysus small shoulder bag

Gucci Dionysus small shoulder bag.
© Igor Zakirov |

How can you resist the rich history and stunning design of the Gucci Dionysus bag? This Gucci handbag is named after the Greek God Dionysus, who was the God of wine and festivity, and in Greek mythology, crossed the River Tigris on the back of a tiger – this is why there is an eye-catching tiger head closure on the front of the bag that has become a defining feature.

This elegant and stylish bag was designed by Alessandro Michele and first introduced in 2015, with a design that reflected the extravagance and opulence that Michele Gucci collections were known for. Since 2015, the Dionysus has become one of the best-selling Gucci bags and is now available in plenty of different colors and designs, each with a sliding chain strap that can be worn on the shoulder or across the body and the tiger head hardware.

The GG supreme canvas Dionysus is iconic and so versatile, but there are also black, white, gold, and tan leather options available.

Variations We Love
Grey and brown Gucci Dionysus Gg Small Shoulder Bag

Dionysus GG Small Shoulder Bag

$3,100 at Gucci

Black Gucci Dionysus Leather Super Mini Bag

Dionysus Leather Super Mini Bag

$1,200 at Gucci

6. Horsebit Chain Bag

Gucci Horsebit Chain Bag
©Launchmetrics Spotlight

With Y2K fashions making a comeback, it’s time to add the striking Gucci Horsebit Chain bag to your collection! This stunning shoulder bag first appeared on the runway in 2003 and 2004, when Tom Ford was creative director, and has now come back with the new creative director, de Sarno at the helm.

The Horsebit Chain may have only reappeared on the Fall/Winter 2023 runway, but Rihanna and Dua Lipa are already big fans of this bag, with its statement, oversized Horsebit hardware and curvaceous silhouette.

The Horsebit Chain bag is available in small and medium sizes and an array of striking colors, including blue, metallic pink, white, silver, black, and GG Supreme Canvas. The detachable chain strap means this bag can be carried as a clutch or worn as a shoulder bag – perfect for day-to-night styling!

Variations We Love
Pink Gucci Horsebit Chain Medium Shoulder Bag

Horsebit Chain Medium Shoulder Bag

$4,100 at Gucci

Beige, brown, red, and green Gucci Horsebit Chain Small Shoulder Bag

Horsebit Chain Small Shoulder Bag

$2,690 at Gucci

7. Marmont Bag

Released in 2016, the Marmont bag was an instant best-seller and favorite of countless celebrities and models. A new GG logo was debuted in 2015 on the Gucci Marmont Belt; this logo was then featured on the Marmont bag in 2016 and has now become one of the most recognizable Gucci bags.

Kendall Jenner, Dakota Johnson, Serena Williams, and Salma Hayek have all been spotted with the Gucci Marmont bag over the years, beloved due to its versatile design and sleek and stylish look. The Marmont bag has a classic rectangular silhouette, with a front flap decorated with the GG logo and a sliding chain strap which means the bag can be styled on the shoulder or across the body.

There are now a wide range of Marmont bags in the collection, including shoulder bags, camera bags, mini bags, bucket bags, and belt bags. With lots of different colors of leather to choose from and different hardware available, there is a Marmont bag to suit any personal style.

Variations We Love
Black Gucci GG Marmont Mini Bag

GG Marmont Mini Bag

$2,900 at Gucci

Gucci GG Marmont embellished denim shoulder bag.

GG Marmont Embellished Denim Shoulder Bag

$3,790 at MyTheresa

8. Ophidia Bags

The Ophidia is one of the newest collections for Gucci, debuting in 2018, and quickly becoming a best seller. There are many different styles in the Gucci collection, including shoulder bags, totes, bucket bags, and backpacks too, which feature a leather trim, striped Gucci webbing, and a gold GG logo – the same as we see on the Marmont bags.

Most Ophidia bags are crafted from GG Supreme canvas, which originated in the 1950s to honor the founder of the brand, Guccio Gucci, but there are also some floral and printed canvas Ophidia bags that are striking and totally unique.

There is so much variety in the Ophidia collection so anyone can find a bag that suits their lifestyle and what they need, plus the GG Supreme canvas is unisex which means many of the bags are suitable for both men and women.

Variations We Love
Beige and brown Gucci Ophidia Gg Small Handbag

Ophidia GG Small Handbag

$1,950 at Gucci

Beige and brown Gucci Ophidia Mini Bucket Bag

Ophidia Mini Bucket Bag

$1,580 at Gucci

Beige, brown, red, and green Gucci Ophidia Gg Small Top Handle Bag

Ophidia GG Small Top Handle Bag

$2,900 at Gucci

9. Blondie bag

Tamara Kalinic wearing a black Gucci Blondie bag
©Launchmetrics Spotlight

If you are looking for a contemporary handbag with vintage elements, then the Gucci Blondie line of bags is perfect for you! The very first Blondie bag was released in 1972, whilst the round GG logo that sits on the front of the bag dates back to 1971. Michele delved into the Gucci archives to find these two iconic designs and combined them to create the new edition of the Gucci bag in 2023.

The Blondie shoulder bag has a sumptuously curved silhouette, with the round GG logo sitting in gold on the front of the bag and a chain strap to finish – this bag proved popular and the Blondie bag collection expanded. There are now totes, mini bags, top-handle bags in the collection – one of our favorites is the Gucci Blondie Small Shoulder bag which is reminiscent of the previously popular (and now discontinued) Gucci Soho bag.

You can choose from either leather or GG Supreme Canvas, and the leather comes in plenty of different neutral colors that will suit a wide range of different outfits.

Variations We Love
Beige and brown Gucci Blondie Shoulder Bag

Blondie Shoulder Bag

$3,100 at Gucci

White Gucci Blondie Top Handle Bag

Blondie Top Handle Bag

$2,050 at Gucci

10. Aphrodite bag

The Aphrodite is another of the handbags that Alessandro Michele added to the collection before Sabato de Sarno took over in 2024. This new shoulder bag debuted as a part of the Cruise 2023 show, with a softer, slouchier look and decorated with the GG logo that was reintroduced into the collection by Michele in 2016, but first was used in the 1970s.

The Aphrodite shares many similarities with the Jackie bag, such as the crescent shape, but the type of leather and decoration on each bag sets them apart. The Aphrodite is one of the smaller collections of bags, with only small, medium, and large available and black and white as the only colors on offer currently.

The small Aphrodite is one of our favorites because of the additional chain straps that help you take this bag from day to night.

Variations We Love
Black Gucci Aphrodite Small Shoulder Bag

Aphrodite Small Shoulder Bag

$1,980 at Gucci

White Gucci Aphrodite Medium Shoulder Bag

Aphrodite Medium Shoulder Bag

$2,390 at Gucci

We hope you enjoyed this list of the 10 best Gucci bags! For more luxury fashion related content, check out the links below.

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