Is Gucci Cheaper in Italy? Here’s What You Need To Know

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If you are thinking about buying a new Gucci purse or bag, you’re probably wondering where is the best place to buy it – so we’re asking the question, is Gucci cheaper in Italy?

House of Gucci is one of the oldest Italian fashion brands; first founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921, the brand started with luggage and bags before gradually beginning to include ready-to-wear fashion and accessories into the collection.

With Alessandro Michele as the brand’s creative director for over seven years, Gucci has become one of the most popular luxury fashion houses. So, if you are thinking about getting your hands on a new Gucci bag and wondering where you should buy it from, we’re going to let you know whether Gucci is actually cheaper in its home country of Italy.

Is Gucci Cheaper in Italy?

In short, Yes! It is cheaper to buy Gucci’s products from Italy. These luxury goods will be cheaper both for US and UK residents.

There are several reasons why this Italian brand is cheaper in Italy, which we will get into shortly. In addition to this, there are also other benefits to shopping in Italy.

Since Gucci originates from Italy, you will often come across products that are not available in the United States and other markets, so you may be able to get your hands on something new and unexpected, this same idea goes for other Italian designer brands, including Bottega Veneta and Prada.

Also, there are great places to buy Gucci items, such as handbags and Gucci watches, for even lower prices in Italy. In addition to regular retail locations, you’ll also have access to outlets, including ‘The Mall’ in Tuscany, and vintage stores ‘La Bottega dei Dolce Ricordi’ in Florence and ‘Desi’ in Bologna. A whole load of great reasons to shop in Italy!

Why is it cheaper?

1. Exchange rates

The first thing you need to check when thinking about buying a new product from this luxury fashion house is the currency exchange rates. You will often find that due to the exchange rate, you may be able to buy a new luxury item for cheaper than what it’s available in the US.

However, it is worth checking the exchange rate before you leave because it does fluctuate, and this will affect how much of a discount you could get.

For example: If you bought a Gucci GG Marmont small shoulder bag at a Gucci store in the United States it would cost you $2,550 + tax.

If you bought this same bag in the UK, it would cost you £1,800

If You bought a Gucci GG Marmont in Italy, it would cost you €2,000

At current exchange rates €1,890 converts to $2,119 or £1,742

…Meaning you would save $431 + tax or £58 to buy the bag in Italy instead of the US or UK JUST by buying it in euros – that is a lot of money to save!

2. VAT refund

Non-EU citizens are also eligible to receive a VAT refund when buying products from Italy. This refund applies to tourists shopping in all countries in the European Economic Area (although the percentage you receive as a refund can differ depending on the country).

So, whether you are shopping in Italy, France, or Germany, you will still receive this refund. Currently, Italian VAT refund rates range from 11.6% to 15.5% according to – one of the highest in the world for high-ticket purchases!

Keep reading to find out how you can get your hands on the VAT refund!

All you need to know about the VAT Refund

Although the VAT refund does differ between each European country, you are going to receive some sort of refund no matter what country within the European Economic Area you are in, if you’re a non-resident.

For Italy, you need to spend a minimum €155 in one store to receive a 11.6% refund, which gradually goes up to 15.5% for purchases above €8,000. Simply put, these are the VAT refund rates according to

  • For items less than €1,700, you will get 11.6% – 13.2% VAT refund.
  • For €1,700-€3,000, you will get 13.2% – 14.1% VAT refund.
  • For €3,000-€5,000, you will get 14% VAT refund.
  • For €5,000- €8,000, you will get 15% VAT refund.
  • For above €8,000, you will get 15.5% VAT refund.

If you bought that GG Marmont small shoulder bag for €2,000, you going to receive a refund of roughly €260! In USD that is $275, or in GBP that is £226 – great news!

The total price after the refund would come to €1,740, which is $1,844, or £1,515. If you’re an American, you’re saving almost $706 + US sales with this purchase – that’s almost 30% of the price!

British citizens, on the other hand, will be saving £285, or roughly 16% of the price compared to the UK price.

However, there are some things you need to do before you can receive this refund.

The refund is only applicable to non-EU citizens, people over 16, and people who are visiting Italy for less than six months. So this refund is perfect if you are off to Italy on holiday and looking to tread yourself on a new Gucci product at a lower price.

It is worth noting that since the United Kingdom has left the European Union, British citizens are now eligible to claim this tax refund.

When buying your new luxury bag or purse, you need to make sure you have your passport with you, otherwise, the sales assistants won’t be able to fill in the necessary paperwork. Then, when you reach the airport to head home, you need to remember to go to the customs office to have your receipt stamped, then you are done!

One important thing to remember is that you will still need to pay duty at the airport when you arrive in US or UK. Americans have a personal exemption of $800 (in most cases), after which you’ll be taxed a flat rate of 3%.

British citizens will enjoy a personal exemption of £390, after which 2.5% duty is imposed (this can vary slightly depending on the type of product that you buy). Even with the duties, you will save a LOT compared to buying the product from your home country, by virtue of both the exchange rates and the VAT refund.

Finally, it’s important to note that you can’t open and use your new luxury item until you’ve got back home. The tax refund policy is only applicable on products that are unused abroad, so it needs to be unused when you are at the customs office and at the airport.

Then once you are home, you can open and enjoy your new luxury purchase!

Alternative ways to get your hands on Gucci

Of course, all the top luxury items are available on the Gucci website, including the Diana and Jackie 1961 but at a slightly higher price.

If you’re looking to score a great deal on a Gucci bag without having to buy a plane ticket to Italy, resale sites are your best bet. Sites such as Fashionphile have an amazing range of high-quality Gucci bags for you to choose from, so here are some of our favorites.

1. the Dionysus
White Gucci Dionysus handbag
Browse all Gucci Dionysus bags on Fashionphile

The Gucci Dionysus is one of the iconic Gucci handbags, a favorite that is completely eye-catching and will add a bit of glamour to any outfit. This structured bag is made from white calfskin leather for a luxurious finish and then embellished with silver hardware.

The shoulder strap can be worn longer and across the body, or shorter as a shoulder bag, while the tiger head closure sparkles as it is encrusted with crystals. Everyone needs the Gucci Dionysus in their lives just to add a little more glitz and glam!

2. the gg Marmont
Blue Velvet Gucci GG Marmont bag
Browse all Gucci Marmont bags on Fashionphile

The GG Marmont is one of Gucci’s best-selling handbags and it’s easy to see why. This bag is completely gorgeous yet totally functional too. This beautiful edition is in rich blue velvet, which is then quilted to give the bag a sumptuous texture.

The blue of the velvet is then accentuated by the aged-gold hardware in the form of the GG logo and chain shoulder strap. The Italian fashion label always delivers some of the best handbags out there and the GG Marmont is definitely one of them.

3. the Horsebit 1955
GG supreme Gucci Horsebit bag
Browse all Gucci Horsebit bags onFashionphile

Another highly popular Gucci bag is the Horsebit 1955 shoulder bag. This version of the Horsebit is made from the quintessentially Gucci GG supreme canvas and then trimmed with supple brown leather. Sitting front and center on the closure of the bag is the gleaming gold horsebit – which harks back to Gucci’s equestrian past.

The interior is practical too, featuring a zipped pocket and two patch pockets – creating the ideal everyday bag that would suit any look. And easy on the credit card too if you are buying this bag from Fashionphile.

We hope you found this article on whether you can get Gucci for cheaper in Italy helpful! For lots more luxury fashion content, check out the links below.

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