Hermès Picotin Prices: Here’s What This Classic Bag Costs

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The Hermès Picotin bag is one of the best everyday handbags, but how much do they cost? This article will delve deeper into the current Hermès Picotin prices and provide answers to all your questions.

The stunning, timeless, and practical Hermès Picotin, or Picotin Lock, bag is a must-have in your collection and is the perfect way to start your Hermès handbag collection. This equestrian-inspired bag is not part of the Holy Trinity, which includes the Hermès Birkin bag, the Kelly bag, and the Constance, meaning it is a little easier to get your hands on.

White Hermes Picotin bag
©Igor Zakirov | Depositphotos.com

It is also a non-quota handbag, which means there is no annual allowance from Hermès, making it easy to add one of these handbags to your collection. If you are thinking of purchasing a Hermès Picotin, then you need to know the price! This Hermès Picotin prices article is here to give you all the important details you need to know before you enter a Hermès store, so you know exactly what you want.

We have included the prices in US Dollars and Euros, different sizes available, the types of leather you can expect to find, and any extra special editions, as well as a few examples of the Picotin that we think should go straight into your shopping cart!

Types of Hermès Picotin bag

Hermès has made the Picotin bag available in a range of sizes, leathers, colors, and patterns, so we are going to explore each of these to help you find the perfect Picotin to suit your style!

1. Size

There are 4 sizes of Hermès Picotin available – the most popular sizes are the 18 (PM) and the 22 (MM). The 18 has a length of 18 cm, height of 19cm, and wide of 13.5 cm, while the 22 is 22cm in length, 21cm in height, and 17cm in width.

If you are looking for something a little bigger, the 26 (GM) and 31 (TGM) are available, or go small with the Micro 14 size.

2. Leather

Like all the other Hermès handbags, the Picotin is available in a range of different types of leather. You will find that the majority of Hermès Picotin bags are made from taurillon Clemence leather, which is a scratch-resistant bull-calf leather with a pebbled-grain finish and soft feel, which lends itself perfectly to the shape and structure of the Picotin bag.

You will also find taurillon Maurice and Epsom leather Picotin Lock bags – the taurillon Maurice has a similar, durable-grained finish to the Clemence leather, while Epsom leather has a small grain and shinier look.

The Hermès Picotin bag is also available in exotic leathers, including ostrich, crocodile, and alligator leather – these are a little rarer and may not be in stock when you first get to a Hermès store.

3. Colors

Just like many other luxury handbags, the Hermès Picotin is available in a wide range of colors to suit any style. The black, tan, and taupe shades are the most common since they are in the Hermès core collection and they are versatile enough to suit any look.

There are also plenty of bright and vibrant colors available, including bold magenta, rich red, sunset orange, Kelly green, and electric blue.

4. Special Editions

This iconic style of designer handbag has been reimagined in many different editions over the years, so you may be lucky enough to find these special or limited edition Picotin bags in a boutique or on the resale market.

There is the Cargo Picotin, which features exterior pockets and is made from a thick canvas, the feutre wool Picotin, which has a felt-like finish, and the bi-colour Picotin where the two sides of the bag are contrasting colors for a striking finish.

Hermès Picotin Bag Prices

The different sizes and types of leather available mean there is a wide price range for the Hermès Picotin bag. We have created this clear table to make it easy for you to find the price for the Picotin bag you are looking to buy.

Size and LeatherPrice in USD ($)Price in Euros (€)
Picotin 14 Micro (Swift)$3,325
Picotin 18 (Clemence)$3,025€2,380
Picotin 18 (Maurice)$3,100€2,170
Picotin 18 (Ostrich)$9,250€7,400
Picotin 18 Monochrome$3,525
Picotin 18 Eclat$ 3,325
Picotin 18 Pockets$3,775€2,650
Picotin 18 Lucky Daisy $3,775
Picotin 22 (Clemence)$3,325€2,550
Picotin 22 (Feure wool and Swift)$2,850
Picotin 22 Touch (Clemence and Alligator)$4,900€3,600
Picotin 26 (Clemence)$4,100€3,050

History Of The Picotin Bag

The Hermès Picotin bag was first introduced to the collection in 2002 and takes inspiration from horse feeding bags! The bucket bag-like silhouette is the same as the bag used for a horse’s feed, while the name ‘Picotin’ is the unit of measurement for a horse’s ration of oats – the silhouette and name both reference the equestrian history of the Hermès brand.

It was initially seen as an entry-level Hermès bag that was more affordable in terms of price range and had better availability than Hermès Kelly or Birkin bags, which are always in high demand. Over the years, it has grown in popularity because of its simple, chic silhouette and casual aesthetic, while the almost logo-free design makes it super trendy right now!

Although this bag is now a popular choice, it is still one of the easier bags to get your hands on and has a classic style which means you will be wearing this handbag for years and years to come.

Top Hermès Picotin Bags

There are lots of gorgeous Hermès Picotin bags to choose from, so we have brought together some of our favorites in a range of different sizes, colors, leather and prices, so there is something for everyone!

All of these handbags are available on the secondary market, which is a great option if you are looking for a more sustainable way to add some Hermès to your bag collection or just don’t want to pay the high original retail prices. You may even find rare or limited edition Picotin bags on resale sites that are not available anywhere else.

1. Picotin 18
Black Hermès 2021 Clemence Picotin Lock 18
Browse Hermès Picotin 18 bags on The RealReal
White Hermès 2023 Matte Alligator Picotin Lock 18
Browse Hermès Picotin 18 bags on The RealReal

The Hermès Picotin Lock 18 is the perfect size for your phone, keys, wallet, and a couple of small essentials – ideal for everyday use!

This classic black Hermès Picotin Lock 18 bag is crafted from Taurillon Clemence, with a durable and practical grained finish, and then finished with palladium-plated hardware to add a touch of glamour to this minimalist handbag. The roomy interior is lined with black suede and finished with a structured leather base.

If you are looking for something a little more unique, there are Hermès Picotin bags crafted from exotic skins, such as this Hermès Matte Alligator Picotin Lock 18!

This eye-catching handbag is made from luxurious white Beton matte alligator leather, while the bucket bag silhouette of the Picotin perfectly shows the stunning texture of this type of leather. This Hermès bag is finished with gold hardware and an alligator leather-covered lock.

2. Picotin 22
Tan Hermès 2021 Clemence Picotin Lock 22
Browse Hermès Picotin 22 bags on The RealReal
Red Hermès Epsom Tressage Picotin Lock 22
Browse Hermès Picotin 22 bags on The RealReal

The Hermès Picotin Lock 22 has the exact same structure and look, just in a larger size, ensuring a spacious interior that will fit all of your daily essentials for the weekend or a work day.

The soft, grained texture of the Clemence leather is perfect for the silhouette of the Picotin bag, while the pull-through closure makes it easy to access the roomy interior. This edition of the Picotin Lock 22 is made from tan leather and finished with gold hardware, to create a versatile handbag that will suit a wide range of looks.

You will also find Hermès Picotin bags made from Epsom leather, with a beautiful shiny finish and braided top handles for an attention-grabbing finish!

The red Epsom leather has a smaller grained finish, which means a glossy look but is still durable against scuffs and scratches. The flat top handles feature a braided design, with pops of blue and brown. This Hermès Picotin Lock bag is finished with palladium hardware, a suede-lined interior, and feet on the base.

3. Special editions of the Picotin
Tan Hermès Toile Goeland Swift Cargo Picotin Lock 18
Browse Hermès Cargo Picotin bags on Fashionphile
Tan, white, and pink Hermès Swift Micro Lucky Daisy Picotin Lock
Browse Hermès Lucky Daisy Picotin bags on Fashionphile

There are some super special and unique editions of the Hermès Picotin available, which will really add a statement finish to your look. You may find bi- or tri-colour Picotin bags, felt Feutre and Swift editions, as well as the canvas Cargo Picotin and Lucky Daisy collection of Picotins.

The Cargo Picotin bag is made from hard-wearing canvas and finished with a swift leather trim and palladium hardware. For that stunning Cargo look, this Picotin features extra slip and flap pockets on the exterior.

The Lucky Daisy range is a recent addition and decorates the classic Picotin bag with a repeating floral pattern. The Lucky Daisy Picotin is available in the 18 size or the Micro 14 size, which is pictured above.

Since small bags are so popular, this Hermès Swift Micro Lucky Daisy Picotin Lock is a great addition to your collection. The beige-toned leather is decorated with a pink and white daisy pattern which really catches your eye – so striking.

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