Lululemon Vs Sweaty Betty: How Do They Compare?

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If “work out more” is at the top of your New Year’s resolution, make sure to do it in style and comfort! If you need new workout gear, check out our guide on lululemon VS Sweaty Betty before heading to the gym.

Whoever said athletic wear and athleisure are just for people who go to the gym was seriously disturbed. Wearing stiff jeans and dresses that cinch you in at the waist every single day can be uncomfortable and, quite frankly, annoying.

Normal clothing just does not provide you with the same ease of movement and range of motion as a stretchy cotton blend tank top and spandex leggings.

No matter what you like to do in your free time, it’s totally appropriate to have several drawers filled to the brim with comfortable activewear pieces from both lululemon and Sweaty Betty.

Whether you go to yoga or fitness classes, bike, and trail run, or prefer to enjoy the outdoors from a patio with a cold drink in hand, you can create an adorable outfit by mixing and matching activewear essentials.

Lululemon vs Sweaty Betty: Which is better?

Comfortable stretch tops and tights are also perfect for wearing on the airplane, cleaning the house, taking your dog for a walk, and unwinding while you binge-watch old episodes of Friends

When it comes to shopping at lululemon and Sweaty Betty, you really can’t go wrong as both brands attentively follow the trends and requirements of women who stay active. But the superior brand is really personal preference as they both differ in terms of demographics and offerings.

Since we want you to create a collection of activewear that motivates and excites you, we’ve dug up some history on both brands, their differences, and found our favorite items on each website, so that you can make the best purchasing decision.

Lululemon VS Sweaty Betty:

The history of lululemon

People who love lululemon really love lululemon. It’s created a cult-like following over the years, which can be accredited to its functional styles that last forever. But the brand has quite the odd history that only Canadians are aware of. 

Chip Wilson founded the Canadian brand in 1998, which was born from his love and curiosity for yoga-inspired, technical clothing that can be worn by athletes. Chip worked tirelessly to foster a community where like-minded people could get together, share stories, and shop for clothing that they can wear on their adventures.

Lululemon’s customer demographic was initially women who were concerned with healthy living, mindfulness, and achieving their personal goals. Shortly after Vancouver residents were dressed head-to-toe in lululemon, the brand expanded by opening storefronts all over Canada and the rest of the world.

Because of its chic, fashion-forward styles and insane popularity, many international brands try to produce pieces that knock off original lululemon designs. 

The clothing sold by lululemon was originally designed for women to wear during yoga but as the brand expanded, it added pieces for several other activities and sports.

Initially having small men’s sections in each store, lululemon now has entirely separate stores for men as it’s become extremely sought after by males who like to work out or wear sweatpants while working from home. 

Lululemon’s Aesthetic

In terms of style, lululemon follows the latest and greatest fashion trends, which means they always have the hottest colors for every season. Serious lululemon fans know to save their money all year and then go on a shopping spree when their favorite colors pop up in the store. 

What we love about lululemon is its ability to create pieces that are completely acceptable for wearing outside of the gym. It has tons of sports bras and tank tops that can be paired with high-waisted jeans for a lunch date or walk around the city.

Lululemon’s leggings are also an item you should most certainly write home about as they are incredibly comfortable and can be paired with a chunky knit sweater for a casual not-at-the-gym look. 

While the brand has now added more sizing over the past few years, Sweaty Betty does a little better on the inclusivity front. 

Sweaty Betty: Who Is She?

Sweaty Betty is a British retailer that sells activewear and lifestyle clothing for women located all around the globe. The company realizes that its leggings, tank tops, and sports bras can’t change the world but they can be worn by women who can. 

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The athleisure brand was founded in 1998, the same year as Athleta and lululemon, and has always worked hard to create pieces that encompassed performance and style. Sweaty Betty hopes that its clothing inspires ladies so much that they are able to crush their personal bests and fitness goals. 

Sweaty Betty’s Aesthetic

Similar to lululemon, Sweaty Betty tries to use responsibly sourced materials and even uses recycled bottles to create various fabrics. While the brand encourages its customers to stay active and sweat, it’s a little more relaxed than lululemon, which was originally aimed at athletes.

Sweaty Betty tries to produce pieces that fuse classic London style with the latest trends each season. Its clothing is slightly less yoga-centric than lululemon, which makes it better for casual wear. 

Sweaty Betty Vs Lululemon Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Sweaty Betty and lululemon are very similar and quite premium.

For example, Sweaty Betty’s bestselling Power leggings retail for $100, whereas customer favorite Align leggings from lululemon retail for $98. The pricing is similar across other categories too, with one exception: lululemon’s parkas cost up to $1,200, whereas Sweaty Betty’s most expensive one retails for just $498.

The pricing may seem high, but like with all clothing, you really get what you pay for. There’s nothing worse than leggings that start to pill after one wash or when the threads from your tank top start unraveling in public. 

Differences Between lululemon VS Sweaty Betty

1. Target Demographic

The most significant difference between the two brands is the demographic that they target. Lululemon is marketed to athletes and extremely active individuals whereas Sweaty Betty just wants to empower women to be bold and strong, no matter what their fitness level or hobbies. 

Both brands have several collections that are grouped together based on similar fabrics and cuts. At Sweaty Betty, you’ll find the Power, Super Sculpt, Zero Gravity, and All Day collections.

Whereas lululemon’s collections include: WunderUnder, Align, Scuba, Swiftly, Energy, and Invigorate. If we’re being completely honest, the Align collection at lululemon holds a very special place in our heart as the fabric is breathable and so easy to move in.

2. Materials

Many fashion enthusiasts have compared several pieces from lululemon and Sweaty Betty, and they have found that lululemon tends to use thicker materials than Sweaty Betty.

So if you get really hot and sweaty while working out, it might be a wiser choice to purchase pieces from Sweaty Betty, unless you’re able to visit a lululemon store and try some clothing on. 

3. Sizing

In terms of sizing at both brands, most of the leggings and tops from Sweaty Betty fit true to size, whereas lululemon tends to fit smaller.

Someone who is typically a size 2 or 4 might need to go up to a 6 or 8 at lululemon. When purchasing leggings at either brand, going down a size will give you more compression, cinching in your waist and giving your booty a rather sculpted look. 

4. Popularity

Because of store locations, more Americans and Canadians have greater access to lululemon, even though the brand is definitely starting to gain popularity across Europe as well.

Lululemon is definitely the more popular brand of the two, while Sweaty Betty is still relatively unknown in comparison especially in the US and Canadian markets.

Our Top Picks From Lululemon VS Sweaty Betty

1. Leggings

Lululemon vs Sweaty Betty: Align High-Rise Pants in 28-inch
Get these leggings on lululemon
Lululemon vs Sweaty Betty: Power ⅞ Workout Leggings
Get these leggings on Sweaty Betty

The Align High-Rise Pants in 28-inch ($98 to $118) are by far the most popular leggings sold at lululemon and every lulu stan has about five pairs in their activewear collection. This style comes in 28 different colors and patterns, and are available in sizes up to 20.

Sweaty Betty’s Power ⅞ Workout Leggings are 20 different designs and colors, and feature sweat-wicking, a side and back pocket, and are made from a bum-sculpting fabric. These are one of the brand’s best selling items and a pair can be yours for $128.

2. Tank Tops

Lululemon’s Ebb to Street Tank Top
Get this tank on lululemon
Athlete Seamless Workout Tank
Get this tank on Sweaty Betty

Lululemon’s Ebb to Street Tank Top ($58) comes in ten different colors and is perfect for yoga or training at the gym. The tank has light built-in support for A/B/C cups and has minimal seams to reduce the chance of any chafing. 

The Athlete Seamless Workout Tank ($48) features special sweat-wicking, mesh side panels for breathability, and is suitable for all gym workouts. It comes in a variety of colors so we suggest purchasing a neutral shade and a brightly colored version. 

3. Long-sleeved tops

Lululemon vs Sweaty Betty: Swiftly Breathe Relaxed-Fit Long Sleeve Shirt
Get this top on lululemon
Lululemon vs Sweaty Betty: Glisten Seamless Long Sleeve Top
Get this top on Sweaty Betty

The Swiftly Breathe Relaxed-Fit Long Sleeve Shirt ($78) from lululemon comes in a few funky animal patterns as well as some solid colors. It is designed for training and running but it can be worn on walks, hikes, and while travelling as it’s breathable and constructed from a fabric that combats odor. 

Sweaty Betty’s Glisten Seamless Long Sleeve Top ($58) was made for all-day wear and is made from an eco-friendly fabric that will keep you feeling comfortable all day. This top also has natural antibacterial properties to minimize the smell of odor so you can feel confident on all of your endeavors. 

Concluding Thoughts

Simply put: we suggest lululemon if you’re shopping for clothing that can be worn while running or attending yoga and pilates classes. Also, you might want to opt for lululemon simply because they are the better-known brand.

But if you’re looking for comfortable, casual, and stylish athleisure wear that can be worn on the weekends while you run errands or spend time with friends, Sweaty Betty is a wonderful option. Since you deserve it, treat yourself to a few items from each brand as that’s the best way to find out what one you prefer most. 

We hope you enjoyed our analysis of Lululemon Vs Sweaty Betty! If you loved this post, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the related posts down below too.

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