Hermès Bag Color Guide: All You Need To Know

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Hermès bags are available in many different types of leather and loads of different colors, so this article is here to do a breakdown of the Hermès Colors to help you find your perfect shade.

Hermès is a famous luxury brand, founded by Jean-Louis Dumas, with a long history and so over the many years, there have been many different variations of their stunning handbags and leather goods.

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Over the years, Hermès has made their bags in a kaleidoscope of colors, with everything from neutrals to pastels to brights! Also, Hermès releases new colors each season to add to the collection – these are special editions because they may not return in the next season’s color selection.

So, if you are thinking about treating yourself to a Hermès bag, we’re here with all the information you need to know about the Hermès Colours, so you can find the right shade for you and the best way to get your hands on a bag of this color.

Hermès Color Variations between types of leather

All Hermès bags are made by expert craftsmen in France and this same care goes into the mixing of colors and dyes to achieve the perfect shade. Highly trained artisans expertly mix the dyes to achieve the perfect shade that remains consistent over each bag that is produced.

It is worth bearing in mind that Hermès use many different types of leather to make their handbags and leather goods and each of these leather reacts in different ways to the dyes, depending on the grain and texture of the leather.

This means that the same color won’t look the same on the different types of leather – if you can, it’s best to visit a Hermès boutique to see the colors for yourself.

Bright Hermès colors

If you are looking for a color that is a little brighter and will make a statement, then Hermès caters to that too! Whether you are looking for a pink, blue, green, or yellow, Hermès will have a color you’ll love.

1. Pink

The pink colors include Framboise, Rose Extreme, Rose Mexico, Rose Texas, Rose Tyrien, Rose Sakura, Rose Confetti, Rose Shocking, and Bubblegum among others.

2. Red

If you are looking for a red bag ,you can choose from Rouge Berlin, Rouge Grenat, Rouge H, Rouge Piment, and Rouge Casaque among others. Rouge H is one of the archive shades from Hermes that has been a part of the brand since 1925.

3. Green

The green shades vary greatly, you can choose from Vert Vertigo, Vert Jade, Bamboo, Vert Bosphore, Vert Criquet, Cactus, Menthe, and Aqua among others.

4. Yellow

There are only a couple of yellow shades included in the Spring/Summer 2022 color range – Jaune Poussin and Jaune Citron, but historically, there have been quite a few colors, as you can see above.

5. Blue

There are many different shades of blue available from Hermès, the light blue color range includes Bleu Pale, Bleu Atoll, Bleu Lin, Bleu Brume, Bleu France, and Bleu Hydra among others.

The dark blue shades include Bleu Saphir,e Bleu Zanzibar, Bleu Nuit, Bleu Indigo, and Bleu Royal among others.

The neutral colors

These classic colors are the perfect place to start if you are buying a Hermès bag for the first time. These neutral shades are also very popular on second-hand or resale sites, so if you do ever sell your Hermès bag in the future, you know these colors will sell well.

As you would expect Hermès’s black shade ‘Noir’ is a best seller and a part of their permanent collection. This was actually the original color of the first Birkin bag that was created for actress Jane Birkin and it is still so chic.

For off-white and cream shades, you have Beton, Craie, and Nata (very similar to Craie).

In the grey color range, Hermès offers Vert Amade, Vert Gris, Gris Meyer, Gris Perle, Blue Orage, Etain, and Etoupe among others.

There are many tan and brown shades which look so chic! Dark brown and red-browns include Ebene, Macassar, Rouge Sellier, Bordeaux , Cuivre, Miel, and Barenia Faubourg Fauve among others.

The lighter, tan shades include Gold, Quebracho, Kraft, Chamois, Sesame, and Alezan among others. The Gold shade is in the permanent collection and first became popular in the 1950s due to Grace Kelly and her gold Kelly bag.

As you can see, there are so many stunning neutral shades to choose from, these are such versatile colors that will suit any outfit.

More Things to Know About Hermès colors

Seasonal Colors

Each season, Hermès add a few new colors to their collection, for the Spring/Summer 2022 season, these include Chai, Gris Meyer, Rouge Berlin, and Vert Absinthe. But you better get your hands on these special edition colors quickly because they may not be around in the next season!

historic shades

Historically, Hermès only made their bags in a limited range of six different shades; Noir, Rouge H, Gold, Parchemin, Blue Marine, and Vert Anglais – a range of classic, neutral colors. This means if you are on the hunt for a vintage Hermès bag, the chances are you will only find it in one of these six colors.

However, over the years, more colors were added to the collection to create the wide range of shades that are available now. Some of these neutral shades continue to be in the Hermès permanent collection, while others only crop up in each seasonal release.

The waiting list

Buying a Hermès bag can be a long process, this is one of the most famous fashion houses producing some of the most desirable handbags in the world so there is a waiting list you have to join if you would like a Hermès bag.

The waiting list is much longer for their most famous bags, such as the Birkin bag, Kelly bag, or Constance bag, and if you are looking to get a bag made from exotic skins, such as ostrich or Porosus Crocodile, this will also take a little bit longer.

color changes each season

Hermès colors work on a seasonal basis, this means there are certain colors that are part of the permanent collection, that will feature in every season. There are then new colors that have been brought in for each Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter collection.

There are then returning colors, these are some of the seasonal shades that were added in the past season but proved popular and so the luxury brand decided to keep them for the following season. This means it is always worth checking what colors are available whenever you are thinking about buying a Hermès bag.

Now that you are all up to date on how the Hermès Color system works, let’s get into all the different colors available!

Our favorite Hermès bags

There are so many gorgeous Hermès Bags, but we have picked a couple of the best sellers in a range of neutral and bright colors so you can get an idea of what the bags look like in a few different shades and color of the hardware that accompanies it.

1. the Birkin bag
Hermès Togo Birkin 25 Black
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Hermès Epsom Birkin 30 Bleu Atoll
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Hermès Birkin bag is one of the most famous bags in the world and it is available in many different types of leather in many different colors so you can find the option that perfectly suits your style!

The Birkin bag features leather top handles, a cross-over flap and belt closure, and an interior fitted with zipper and patch pockets.

The Noir Birkin bag, crafted from Togo leather, features rose gold hardware which adds a wonderful element of warmth to this bag. The black edition is just so chic and such a versatile bag to own in your collection. Or to add a pop of color, we love the Bleu Atoll edition which is made from supple Epsom leather and features gleaming gold hardware.

2. the kelly bag
Hermès Epsom Mini Kelly Sellier 20 Gold
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Hermès Epsom Kelly Sellier 28 Rose Jaipur
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The Kelly bag, named after actress and Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly, is so sophisticated and elegant! This compact bag is so cute with the single rolled leather top handle, optional shoulder strap, and organized interior with a slip pocket.

The Kelly bag is available in a range of sizes, but we think the 20 size is just perfect for any evening events or special occasions. If you are looking for a neutral color, then this Gold color is the ideal light shade to be endlessly versatile.

The gold, Epsom leather bag is finished with gold hardware and contrasting white topstitching. The Rose Jaipur shade is also gorgeous, the perfect pinky coral shade. This pink leather is also not available in the current Spring/Summer 2022 color selection so the resale market is the best place to buy it.  

3. the Constance bag
Hermès Epsom Constance 18 Etoupe
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Hermès Ostrich Constance 18 Rouge Vif
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The minimalist design of the Hermès Constance bag is so stylish and has an eye-catching finish with the H logo hardware on the front of the bag.

The Constance bag has a boxy silhouette with a simple front flap, decorated with an H-shaped closure and a fine leather shoulder strap. The interior is divided in two and features a patch pocket to help you stay organized.

The Etoupe shade is a classic Hermès color that is widely available in Hermes boutiques and on resale sights – this bag is then finished with gold hardware. If you are looking for a really luxurious touch, then you need this Rouge Vif Ostrich leather Constance bag – this is another color that is not available in this season’s color range.

4. the Evelyne bag
Hermès Taurillon Clemence Amazone Evelyne TPM Trench Craie
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Hermès Taurillon Clemence Evelyne TPM Lime
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The Evelyne bag is inspired by Hermès’s equestrian heritage, creating a casual bag with a spacious interior and comfortable canvas strap.

This messenger-style bag has a curved silhouette with a perforated Hermès H logo decorating the front of the bag. The Evelyne has an open top with a crossover strap and suede interior. This bag is most commonly crafted from Taurillon Clemence calf leather for a supple, textured finish.

Trench Craie is the perfect neutral grey shade and perfectly finished with a white canvas trap, while the vibrant lime shade will add a pop of color to your look to really make a statement and has a matching tonal lime strap.

We hope you found this article on different Hermès colors helpful! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below.

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