What to Wear Under a Poncho: 5 Ways To Style This Winter Staple

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Ponchos are one of the most popular garments to wear during the cold season. If you’re not sure about how to style them, this guide will help you figure out what to wear under a poncho while still looking stylish.

The weather is finally getting colder and what better way to stay warm than under a poncho? Ponchos are great because they keep you dry and warm during the cold season, but what should you wear underneath them? We’ve put together some ideas for you!

First and foremost, what is a poncho?

A poncho is a type of blanket-like outer garment worn over the head and is usually designed to cover your arms and upper body. It’s made of thick and breathable materials and can be used as an added layer of warmth for the cold season.

There are two poncho styles: cardigan-style and cape style.

Ponchos are a good addition to your winter wardrobe. They’re perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, or just walking around town. But what do you wear under your poncho? There are so many different options!

What To Wear Under A Poncho

1. Dresses

Dresses are a great option to wear under your poncho. They keep you warm in the winter and offer a variety of styles that can be matched with what you’re wearing on top.

Dresses look nice when paired with boots or booties, but they also go well with flats, sneakers, or other shoes depending on what type of activity you’ll be doing.

A dress is an excellent choice because it’s versatile, so if you want a dressier look, definitely go with this combo. Dresses look good when worn casually as well as dressed up for more formal occasions like going out to dinner or partying at night.

Pick your favorite style and color and throw it on underneath your poncho. To top everything off, wear your favorite ankle boots or tall boots if you have a shorter dress on you.

2. Cute Top And Skirt Combo

A skirt and top combination will look just as chic as a dress under a poncho.

For a semi-casual outfit, wear a pencil skirt and your favorite black turtleneck top. To keep your feet warm, go for a good pair of knee-high boots or ankle booties!

3. Top And Leggings

What to wear under a tan poncho: faux leather leggings and white top
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A cute sweater or t-shirt can go great with leggings, skinny jeans, or any other type of pants! Just make sure what you’re wearing underneath your poncho is comfortable for what you’ll be doing.

If you’ll be outside and active, choose leggings over jeans because they are made to stretch and move with you.

Wearing a top and leggings is another way to stay warm in the winter while looking good too. These two items can also be dressed up or down depending on what you pair them with. Leggings are perfect for when it’s cold outside because they keep your legs insulated and warm.

We suggest going for long sleeve shirts if the weather is not too cold; otherwise, you’ll be sweating under your sweater poncho.

4. Top And Jeans

Fuzzy poncho with white turtleneck and jeans
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Deciding on what to wear under a poncho can be as simple as wearing a pair of jeans underneath the poncho. Jeans are great because they go well with everything, especially boots! If you’re looking for something comfortable and stylish pair them up with some knee-high or over-the-knee boots.

Jeans are another versatile option that look good when paired with almost anything else. You can dress them up by pairing them with heels or wedges or keep it casual by throwing on sneakers to mix things around a little bit. It’s always nice having options so pick what you like best depending what activity you’ll be doing during the day.

Blue jeans are a classic, but you can also go for black skinny jeans or leather pants. Boots are a good option, but if it’s not too warm, you can always go for a pair of cute chunky heel sandals.

5. Sweater Dresses

Checkered poncho with sweater dress
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Sweater dresses are a great option for any winter outfit. They’re warm, comfortable, and look good with many different styles of boots. Sweater dresses come in all different colors and patterns so you can find the perfect one for you.

Just like any other type of dress, sweater dresses offer a variety of styles that can be worn during the winter months. You can keep it casual by wearing sneakers or dress it up with some nice heels. Sweater dresses are usually also very affordable which is an added bonus!

How To Style A Poncho

1. Layer It

Striped poncho with hoodie
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One of the great things about ponchos is that they can be layered with other pieces of clothing. This gives you many different style options and allows you to stay warm in a variety of ways.

Try wearing a long sleeve shirt, t-shirt, dress, or even a hoodie underneath your poncho for extra warmth on those cold days.

2. Play With Patterns

All Black outfit with red plaid poncho
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Ponchos are such a versatile item that they can be worn with almost anything. Try pairing your favorite poncho with some jeans, leggings, or sweaters for an easy what to wear under a poncho look.

You can also add accessories like fedora hats in order to give yourself something new and different every time you wear it!

3. Use A Belt

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Belts give you the ability to shape what your poncho looks like and can be used to make it look more fitted or cinched at the waist. Belts come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes so they’re easy to find what will match with what you already have.

Picking out what to wear under a poncho doesn’t need to be difficult if you think about what activities you’ll be doing that day.

Make sure whatever option you choose is comfortable for what’s ahead because this way there are no regrets when it comes downtime to get dressed.

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