What to Wear On A Long-Haul Flight To Look Like A Seasoned Globetrotter

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If you’re doing ‘Euro summer’ or are planning ahead for the next one; we’ve collated our best ideas about what outfits to wear on long-haul flights, as well as a list of handy long-haul flight essentials.

Nothing beats summer vacation, particularly if you’re going to far-away destinations such as Europe & Asia. What isn’t so hot are the flight times it takes to get there. For anything over a six-hour flight, it’s important to dress accordingly.

We’ll assume that not every reader is traveling by private jet charter or business class and need comfortable outfits which suit sitting for long periods of time and ensure you arrive at your destination looking chic and rested.

If you’ve ever sat on any mode of transport for a long time, you’ll quickly realize how vital it is to have a comfortable and versatile outfit. You’ll need something that looks chic while browsing the selection of duty-free at the airport but is comfortable enough for you to catch a few hours of sleep or binge-watch the online entertainment system.

If you’ve no clue where to start with your outfit, you’re in the right place. We’ve collated 15 outfit ideas to wear on your next long-haul flight, as well as a list of carry-on essentials that can differ from those you might need for short flights.

What To Wear on A Long-Haul Flight

1. Athleisure

Athleisure is an umbrella term for athletic clothing that is generally worn every day rather than only at the gym; think of yoga pants, sneakers, baseball caps, shorts, yoga jackets, etc.

Though this is unlikely the first option that comes to mind when you think of dressing chicly at the airport and on your long-haul flight, it’s a good idea if you’re looking for comfort.

Of course, extremely tight clothing and synthetic materials is unlikely to be comfortable to wear for a long-haul flight; however, a pair of soft yoga pants or shorts with a tank top and sneakers could be a great option for tight-fitting pants.


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2. Trench Coat

Trench coats are a French chic styling favorite, given that they are comfortable and lightweight while still adding a formal element to the outfit to dress it up for a chic airport Instagram moment.

If this seems like an uncomfortable option, the outfit you pair underneath the coat could be something super comfortable. However, this is just a layering option if you want to enter and exit, your long flights looking put together.

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3. Boyfriend Shirt

Seasoned travelers will tell you that when it comes to dressing effectively for long flights, layering is key. Think of a mix of short and long sleeves that you can whip on and off for the changing temperatures on the flights, thanks to effective air conditioning.

A great go-to option is pairing wide-leg pants and a tank top or t-shirt with a long-sleeved oversized shirt over top. It’s also a good idea to carry a scarf in your carry-on [which we’ll get into later] if you need an extra layer.

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4. Oversized Tee

Speaking of the base layer of your outfit, what is comfier than an oversized t-shirt? This also means not worrying about your underwear; who wants a wired bra digging in for an overnight flight? Go for a comfy bralette or a bra from a brand like Sloggi, which doesn’t include wiring in their bras.

This is also a great way to make airport security smooth, as it means minimal layers to remove to go through airport scanners. 

To dress for maximum comfort, think about what you normally like to wear when lazying around your house, and [as long as it’s decent] go for that.

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5. Co-ord Set

A co-ord set doesn’t sound hugely comfortable, however, one in natural fabrics like cashmere or linen [depending on the time of year and destination] is a great no-fuss way to a comfortable outfit.

It’s important not to stray from other long-haul styling tips, such as layering. I.e., cashmere sweats and a cardigan are perfect if paired with a tank top, as this fabric can sometimes become too warm. In the same way, pairing linen pants and a shirt with an oversized t-shirt means you can remove the long sleeve shirt for extra comfort.

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6. Colorful Sweats

This is also a great place to add some color to your outfit because flight dressing shouldn’t be too serious, either. Adding colorful sweats to your outfit is especially a good option if you’re known for straying from the group to look at the enticing duty-free deals because you’ll be easily spotted!

Again, a tank or oversized tee is the best option here; you could even go for another bright color, as white is a difficult color to keep clean when eating and drinking in your seat with turbulence.

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7. Silk Pajamas

If you’re crossing time zones and need to catch up on your sleep mid-air, why not just wear your pajamas to the airport? Of course, your usual pajamas likely won’t work here as well, it’s just not socially acceptable to wear your pajamas out of the house. 

However, if you have a pair of designer silk pajamas, why not just be super chic and wear them on board? If it feels a little odd to do this, you could pair it with a trench over top or even bring them to change into whilst on the flight.

recreate this look
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8. Wide-leg Pants

There are the best pants to wear on a long-haul flight if you want to look chic while still being comfortable, particularly if you find a pair with an elasticated waist. A pair of wide-leg pants are slimming as the leg tapers straight from the waist.

For a flattering look, pair your comfortable pants with a tank top and oversized boyfriend shirt for an outfit to make you appear super well-traveled, even if you aren’t.

If you’re happy to dress down the look further, wear a baseball cap to cover up your messy hair after a long-haul flight of tossing and turning, so you can hop to your hotel while looking fashionable.

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9. Cardigan

In keeping with the theme of layers in long-haul flight dressing, a cardigan is a fantastic piece to wear. Though it’s usually dubbed as a piece for older generations, this is a piece that has surged in popularity thanks to brands like The Row or KHAITE NY.

A long line or balloon sleeve cardigan will add a different dimension to your outfit and keep you comfortable. Coordination of all the colors in neutral tones, like different shades of beiges and creams, to play off the ‘vanilla girl’ micro trend.

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10. Blazer

Okay, blazer and comfort aren’t really ever used in the same sentence. However, a blazer in a jersey material is a great cheat to make it look like you’re effortlessly chic [or are an expert traveler]. You can dress this down with a tank top and wide-leg pants or even yoga pants.

For your footwear, do keep this simple, like a pair of sneakers that you can take off during the flight [do keep your socks on, though].

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11. Comfortable Shoes

We’ve touched upon shoes slightly, but selecting the best shoes to wear for a long-haul flight is probably the most important decision after choosing your destination [maybe not exactly, but it is important].

To be mindful of other passengers, it would be a good idea to wear closed-toe shoes or at least carry socks to put on if you’d like to remove your shoes while on the flight.

Otherwise, to make security and getting up and out of your seat as easy as possible, slip-on shoes like Crocs [don’t judge until you’ve tried them] are great options here.

It is nonetheless very important to wear comfortable shoes, to periodically get out of your seat for blood circulation, and to make sure your feet don’t swell too much.


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12. Bomber Jacket

Back to layering; if you’re traveling during the colder months, you do need to think about wearing something warmer, but that can be taken off easily if you’re reaching a warm destination.

Bomber jackets come in many materials, like the classic thick material you’re used to, but now come in cotton and linen variations too; natural fabrics like these are perfect for flights as they are breathable and easily layered.

Again a classic layering option is a pair of good elasticated wide-leg pants and a tank top. As for footwear, go for a pair of flat shoes like sandals, and keep a pair of socks [bonus points for compression socks to help your blood flow] to put on during the flight.

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13. Tracksuit Set

Long-haul differs from short-haul flights in that often, you are going to be flying during a time when you’d usually be sleeping, and for this reason, comfortable clothes are a must. We’ve otherwise never recommended wearing a tracksuit, but nothing would be a worse idea than dressing in uncomfortable clothes on a long flight.

With this said, comfortable travel clothes don’t need to be frumpy. Rather than a classic sweatsuit or velour track pants, go for something in cashmere or neutral color to still look chic thousands of feet in the air.

If you are opting for a tracksuit, make sure the jacket portion is something that can easily be removed, and wear a tee or tank underneath so that it can be removed during the security check.

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14. Leather Jacket

No, you haven’t accidentally stumbled across the next article; a leather jacket really is a good option to wear on a long-haul flight. It’s more suitable to wear to the airport as you’ll likely take off any jackets after boarding the airplane.

We all like to maximize our packing space, and you’ll likely wear any bulky pieces, like jackets, on the flight, as opposed to packing them. A leather jacket looks super cool while being easy to remove and store away in the overhead compartments.

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15. Big Tote Bag

Hopefully, you’re seasoned enough to know you need to bring a carry-on bag on board with you, and a big tote bag is a great option. Likely, you’ll have lots of items to bring on your flight to make the journey as comfortable as possible.

It’s a good idea to pack the items you like to use on board, like skincare and any other products, in a smaller pouch to remove and keep in your seat pocket, as keeping your bag underneath your seat means less room to stretch and rest your feet.

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Now, if you are stumped at what to pack in your carry-on bag, take a look at our carry-on essentials below.

Ear Plugs

By sheer terms of probability, if you’re on a flight of a couple of hundred people, are least a few of them are likely to be babies or children. The sound of the air conditioning in the cabin does mask a lot of noise; however, if you like to sleep through flights, earplugs or even noise-canceling headphones are a game changer.

These are also great if your ears get blocked easily by cabin pressure and you find it difficult to get them unblocked.

Travel Pillow

I, too, was someone against travel pillows, they look bulky, and no one seems to have anywhere to keep them, leaving them hanging from their suitcase or bag. But if there’s any item worth sacrificing vanity for, it’s this one.

Sleeping upright is uncomfortable for numerous reasons. However, a neck pillow provides support no matter which way you like to sleep, whether against the window or face down on the tray table.

If you really don’t want to go for this, a blanket scarf that you can wrap around your neck for that extra support is a great hack and also means you have an extra layer if the airplane gets cold.

Change of Clothes

It goes without saying that a change of clothes is the most important thing to keep in your hand luggage. You never know what can happen; luggage can get lost, you may spill something, you might get a little sick, and there’s nothing worse than sitting uncomfortably in dirty clothes for the remainder of your journey.

Keeping a change of clean clothes in your bag is the first thing you should pack; including a pair of underwear, socks, and clothes; and no matter what you’ll always look fresh.

Lip Balm

The strong air conditioning and recycled air make the atmosphere on an airline extremely dry, so having a heavy-duty lip balm like the La Neige Lip Sleeping Mask is of the utmost importance. You’ll likely have to keep re-applying this, so keep it in that on-flight pouch we mentioned earlier to combat the dry air.

Though a chapstick may work on a regular basis, for flights think of something with a bit more oomph, like a lip mask.

Portable Charger

Long-haul flights do provide USB sockets to charge your devices whilst on board; however, technical issues can happen, and to travel like a pro you must be prepared for all eventualities.

Bringing a portable charger means you won’t have to sit on the floor of the airport while plugging your phone in to charge, something a seasoned traveler is not one to do.

Pair of Compression Socks

This is an underrated carry-on essential, however, I once saw a jet-setting model recommend this, and my life was changed.

Compression socks, like these ones from Hatch, are long thin socks that look like stockings, these are tight fitting on the leg to apply pressure which decreases the likelihood of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) which can happen if seated for long periods of time. As expected, airplanes are breeding grounds for these conditions.

Wearing compression socks also means less likelihood of experiencing swelling in the legs and feet, meaning you can land looking beach ready.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are a must-have for traveling on any long journey; something antibacterial means you can wipe your surroundings [remember that Naomi Campbell video] to ensure it’s clean. And a cleansing wipe means you can have a refresher in the airplane bathroom during the journey.

Hand Sanitizer

Even before the pandemic, hand sanitizer should have been an online essential for everyone. Airplanes are naturally quite dirty vessels, and quick crew turnarounds mean they often aren’t cleaned to a super high standard. This paired with the hundreds of people on board, means lots of germs around, waiting to latch onto you. And who wants to arrive on holiday being unwell?

Though washing your hands periodically is the best solution here, a bottle of hand sanitizer means you don’t need to get out of your seat every hour to do so.

Face Mask

Like hand sanitizer, everyone has stopped thinking about face masks since restrictions were lifted; however, you never know when you might need one. For example, though in most countries, masks are no longer mandatory, in some destinations, it is now a cultural norm to wear masks for the population’s safety.

It’s been said that the sign of a great traveler is the ability to be respectful and make others comfortable, so you need to be prepared for all circumstances.

Sleeping Mask

The best way to combat jet lag is to plan ahead. If you’re landing at your destination during the night, don’t sleep so that you can sleep properly once you reach it. However, if you land during the day, you’ll want to catch up on as much sleep as possible while on your journey. This is easier said than done.

An eye mask is a fabric mask with an elastic backing that goes around your head. The front edge of the mask is a thin pillowy texture that goes around your eyes and makes the atmosphere dark, thus making it easier to sleep.

Because flights have scheduled dinner and snack service, the lights are usually only off in the cabin for a couple of hours, and so if you want to sleep for longer than this, you’ll have to prepare accordingly. If you’re willing to splurge, Slip’s silk sleep mask is a great investment to make not just for your long-haul flights, but everyday sleeping as well.

Sleepy Tea

Staying on the topic of sleep, like with our other recommendations, the best tip is to stay as close to your regular routine as possible. If you usually have camomile tea before bed, bring some sealed teabags on board with you.

The flight attendant on duty can provide you with some hot water to prepare your tea, and hopefully, sleep is only a few minutes away.

We hope you’ve been inspired by this guide about what to wear on a long-haul flight for your next airport look, as well as some top tips for traveling like a pro! If you’re still looking for more styling tips, check the posts down below.

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