Are Luxury Brands Cheaper In Hong Kong? Well, Yes And No

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We are always trying to help you find the best deals on luxury goods, so this article is going to answer the important question, are luxury brands cheaper in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is known for stunning landmarks, including its iconic skyline, Victoria Peak, and of course Hong Kong Disney Land, making Hong Kong a fantastic place to visit on your next holiday.

Hong Kong is also a great shopping destination, with amazing street markets and enormous shopping malls to pick up clothing, accessories, or local delicacies, as well as several luxury shopping centers where you can find a whole plethora of top luxury brands.

If you are planning a trip to Hong Kong anytime soon, or just love getting a good deal on designer handbags or luxury shoes, then this article is perfect for you as we’re answering the important question, are luxury brands cheaper in Hong Kong?

We have all the important details, including why luxury brands would be cheaper, the best places to shop in Hong Kong, and some of the best tips and tricks so you can have a successful shopping trip. Plus, we have included some of the best-selling pieces from top brands to buy while you’re in Hong Kong to give you a little inspiration. Just keep reading to find out everything you need to know about shopping in Hong Kong!

Are luxury brands cheaper in Hong Kong?

In short, it depends where you are visiting from. Luxury items and brands are cheaper in Hong Kong than in the rest of Asia, but typically they are more expensive than in the EU, especially if we are talking about European brands, which most luxury brands fall into.

Hong Kong prices are also typically more expensive (or on par) with US prices, but it depends on which state you are visiting from and how big the state’s sales tax would be in the US. (Plus, make sure to include customs into the final price!)

If you are on the Chinese mainland, then Hong Kong is the perfect place to buy any luxury goods because the flight is short and the tariffs and taxes in Hong Kong make the items cheaper than they are in China.

It’s also good to mention that as an American or British tourist, you will get access to the VAT refund system in EU countries, which will give you a further discount of up to 16% on your purchase.

Plus, you have to take into account currency exchange rates – currently, the US dollar is very strong compared to the euro and sterling so US tourists will save even more shopping in Europe. So, if you are planning to travel just to do some shopping, Europe is still the best destination.

With this said, if you are visiting Hong Kong from the US any time soon, rather than Europe, then it is still worth checking out luxury brands, as some items may be cheaper than in your home state, especially if you live in a state with a high sales tax.

The best months to visit Hong Kong are September, November, December, and January; these are the months when luxury brands usually hold their sales so you can get an even better price on the luxury bag or jewelry you have your eye on.

Why are luxury brands cheaper in Hong Kong Than in The Rest Of Asia?

Mainly the cheaper prices come down to the tariffs and duty-free import policy of Hong Kong, as well as the lack of sales taxes.

1. The import policy

Firstly, Hong Kong has an import policy where they do not include tariffs on luxury goods that are brought into the country.

In most countries in the world, excluding regions with specific trading deals such as the European Union, tariffs are added on the goods that are imported into the country from a different country. This makes the items more expensive for those buying these goods.

2. The Sales Tax

The other reason that luxury items are cheaper in Hong Kong is that they are a sales tax-free country. In the United States, Europe, or the United Kingdom, the price you pay for a certain product is the price of the item plus the VAT or sales tax.

Hong Kong has no VAT or sales tax, making all items a little cheaper. This means that it is worth picking up a luxury pair of shoes or a new handbag while you’re in Hong Kong, especially if you are visiting from China or India, as the price will be cheaper.

Sometimes it isn’t always cheaper…

Some brands are very much aware that there is no sales tax in Hong Kong and so they adjust their pricing accordingly. This means the price with no sales tax may not be as low as you think because the brand will have raised the price.

Not all brands will do this, but you can expect in-demand, exclusive brands, such as Chanel, Rolex, Cartier, and Hermès to all raise their prices as little to adjust to the lack of sales tax.

Some countries may also charge you a customs tax on anything you have bought abroad. The amount you need to pay in customs tax usually depends on the price of the item you bought. This is worth investigating more if you are planning on making a big purchase while you are in Hong Kong.

The Best Places to Shop in Hong Kong

If you are planning a trip to Hong Kong and want to do a little shopping, here is a list of all of the top shopping malls you need to visit.

1. Harbour City

The Harbour City area is amazing as it boasts five different malls, all interconnected with bridges, so you are guaranteed to find all the popular brands you are looking for. You could spend a whole day just in Harbour City, with its 450 boutiques and hundreds of restaurants, so it is worth planning your visit and getting hold of a map so you can work out the best way to hit all the stores you want to visit.

If you are looking for Hermès, Prada, Versace, Burberry, or Louis Vuitton, then head to Harbour City because one of their five malls – Ocean Center, Gateway, Ocean Terminal, Pacific Club Kowloon, and Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel – is guaranteed to have these top designer brands.

2. Causeway bay

Causeway Bag is a perfect place to do a little retail therapy! It is one of the top places to find luxury goods in all of Hong Kong because of all the shopping centers in the area. In the Causeway Bay area, you will find the World Trade Center, Sogo, and Causeway Bay Plaza, all of which are some of the best shopping malls where you can find all of the top designer labels to browse.

Causeway Bay is also home to some of the biggest department stores in Hong Kong, such as Lane Crawford, where you can find lots of stunning pieces.

The malls and stores in the Causeway Bay area also stay open pretty late so you can shop for hours and hours. When you need a rest from shopping, just visit one of the incredible restaurants or bars in the area!

3. Central

There are even more shopping centers in the Central area of Hong Kong, which is the economic district of the country. Among the towering skyscrapers, you will find some enormous shopping malls, including Landmark Atrium Central and Galleria Square.

In these malls, you will find the stores for Chanel, Gucci, and Manolo Blahnik, among many, many others. The Central area also is home to lots of restaurants and cafes that you really have to visit when you go to Hong Kong – so make sure you plan lots of food stops for your trip to Central.

Other shopping areas and markets

There are lots more shopping centers and local markets to visit while you are in Hong Kong. If you are after even more luxury goods and shopping experiences then you need to head to IFC Mall, Pacific Place, the Lee Gardens shopping street, and the ICC Elements Mall.

If you want to step away from the luxury labels, then Temple Street Night Market, Ladies Market, Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, and PMQ Hong Kong market.

Tips and Tricks for Shopping in Hong Kong

If you do go shopping in Hong Kong, there are some important things to remember in order to get a great deal:

1.Always shop at authentic, reputable stores – any stores in the luxury malls and shopping centers are going to be authentic so make sure to buy any luxury goods at these stores.

2. Look out for fakes – you can find fake luxury goods in abundance both in China and Hong Kong. It’s important to make sure that the clothing item or accessory you’re about to buy is a real piece. Any fakes will have imperfections or mistakes, and often the logos, brand names, and serial numbers are not quite right.

By shopping at reputable luxury stores, you will avoid fake luxury pieces.

3. Look at the brand’s returns policy and double-check your purchase and its details before you go through with the purchase. This way you will catch any mistakes and any missing accessories or extras before you walk out of the store.

4. If possible, shop in September, November, December, and January – these are the months where brands will have sales, and you can catch the best deal available. It is also worth bearing in mind that the rainy season in Hong Kong is between May and August, so you may want to avoid these months if you don’t want to have to navigate the malls and shopping centers in the rain.

5. Check the exchange rate of your currency to Hong Kong Dollars. It’s worth checking the exchange rate regularly as you never know when the rates may change.

It may be helpful to remember the exchange rate or have an exchange rate calculator on your phone so you can look at how much an item would be in US Dollars or UK pounds – this means you can work out if you are getting the best deal.

6. Check with your bank to see if there are any exchange rate fees when using your credit or debit card overseas. Some banks like Wise have better exchange rate fees than others, so it’s always worth checking out the best deal, so you get the lowest price on any luxury items you purchase.

Luxury brands to buy while you’re in hong kong

These are some of the most coveted brands to go for if you do buy any luxury products in Hong Kong, and we have brought together some of their best-selling pieces to give you some inspiration for your next luxury purchase.

Whether you are looking for a new handbag, pair of shoes, or sparkling jewelry, you are bound to find something you love in this list.

1. Saint Laurent
White Saint Laurent Small Lou Leather Puffer Bag
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Beige Saint Laurent Medium Kate Leather Chain Shoulder Bag
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The French fashion house, Saint Laurent has a beautiful range of designer bags, just like this striking Small Lou Leather Puffer Bag. The buttery soft leather has been sumptuously quilted in a chevron pattern and then finished with a sparkling silver YSL logo.

The silver chain shoulder strap features a leather shoulder pad and can be doubled up to wear on the shoulder or extended to wear this bag across the body. The front flap opens to a roomy interior and is fitted with a zipper pocket to keep any smaller items safe.

The Yves Saint Laurent Kate Leather Chain Shoulder Bag is a classic handbag that is perfect for both day and night. This sleek bag is crafted from grained leather in a neutral taupe color that is guaranteed to suit a wide range of outfits.

The front of the bag is embellished with a glittering gold YSL logo and then finished with a long gold chain strap that can be worn on the shoulder or across the body. The front flap allows easy access to the compact interior and is fitted with a wall pocket – the perfect size for your phone, keys, and wallet, plus any other dinner-out essentials.

2. Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany 18K Rose Gold Diamond T Wire Bracelet
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Tiffany 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Ruby Mini Cross Pendant Necklace
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If it is jewelry you are looking for, then Tiffany & Co is a great brand to buy when you are in Hong Kong, and there are so many stunning pieces available from this top jewelry brand. The Tiffany T collection is a best-seller, and this Rose Gold Diamond T Bracelet is just one piece from the collection.

The delicate rose gold wire cuff bracelet is finished at each end with a diamond embellished T’s – the diamonds are round brilliant cut diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.22. This bracelet is a timeless classic that can be worn alone or combined with jewelry as part of a stack.

A striking pendant necklace can be such a treasured piece of jewellery that gives a stunning, minimalist look when worn alone or combine with other necklaces for an eye-catching, glam look.

We love the look of this Tiffany Diamond Ruby Mini Cross Pendant Necklace that is crafted from 18 karat yellow gold and then embellished with glittering precious stones. The cross motif is decorated with four rubies and a diamond in the center – just gorgeous.

3. Louis Vuitton
Black Louis Vuitton Empreinte Monogram Giant Speedy Bag
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Brown Louis Vuitton Reverse Monogram Pochette Metis
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Everyone needs a Louis Vuitton handbag in their collection and there are so many incredible options to choose from. The Alma, Keepall, Neverfull, and Speedy are all iconic Louis Vuitton bags. This Empreinte Monogram Giant Speedy makes the perfect everyday handbag with its spacious interior and neutral exterior that will suit any outfit.

This luxury handbag is crafted from Louis Vuitton’s Empreinte leather which has been embossed with the LV monogram for a subtle logo look. There are rolled leather top handles as well as a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap so this bag can be worn in a variety of different ways. The gleaming gold top zipper opens to a black suede interior with a handy patch pocket.

If you love the classic LV monogram look, then this Louis Vuitton Reverse Monogram Pochette Metis is perfect for you! The bag is made from coated canvas which is decorated with the LV monogram in the original colorway on the body of the bag and then the reverse colorway on the front flap, creating a totally attention-grabbing bag.

This handbag is finished with a polished brass S-lock, a leather top handle, an exterior rear zipper pocket, and a detachable, adjustable crossbody strap. The inside of the bag has been portioned to make it easy to keep everything organized.  

4. Miu Miu
Black Miu Miu Coffer Matelasse Top Handle Bag
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Black Miu Miu Leather Zip Lug-Sole Booties
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The textured, tactile finish on this Miu Miu Coffer Matelasse Top Handle Bag makes it totally irresistible. This bag, available in black and white, is crafted from matelassé napa leather in an intricately woven design and then embellished with gleaming gold hardware.

The smooth leather front flap secures with a push lock and opens to reveal a compact interior fitted with a slip pocket to keep your phone or card case safe. The bag is fitted with a braided leather top handle, but also comes with a detachable longer leather shoulder strap so there are a whole variety of different ways to wear this bag.

A chunky pair of boots are a must-have for the winter months, and these Miu Miu Leather Zip Lug-Sole Booties are just perfect. They can be dressed up with a cute dress or skirt with tights, or slip on when wearing black jeans to give your outfit a little edge.

The booties are made from supple calf leather with a thick rubber sole to ensure comfort. The block heel sits at 3.75 inches which is comfortable with the platform lug sole. The silver zipper down the back of the boot ensures they are easy to slip on and off.

5. Chanel
Light blue Chanel Caviar Quilted Small Double Flap Bag
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Grey Chanel Calfskin Quilted Small Boy Flap Bag
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The Chanel flap bag is an iconic handbag that really is a must-have in any luxury bag collection. This edition of the flap bag is crafted from light blue caviar leather, which has been quilted in the traditional diamond pattern and finished with a light gold CC logo turn lock.

The leather-threaded chain shoulder strap can be slipped over the shoulder or worn across the body to guarantee versatility. The front flap opens to a roomy interior lined with pale blue leather and fitted with patch pockets, while the back of the bag has a slip pocket to hold any items you need within easy reach.

The combination of different quilting on this Chanel Boy Bag gives it a unique and striking look. The Boy Bag is now a cult classic and is available in a range of different sizes, but we love this small version as it is ideal for both day and night.

The bag is made from soft grey calf leather channel quilting around the front flap and diamond quilting in the center.

The front of the bag is fitted with a square gold CC press lock, which opens up to reveal a compact interior lined with grey leather and fitted with a flat pocket. The chunky gold chain features a leather shoulder pad to guarantee comfort if you are wearing this handbag all day.

6. Salvatore Ferragamo
Black Salvatore Ferragamo Mini Amy Leather Tote
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Black Salvatore Ferragamo Double Gancio Crystal Buckle Leather Belt
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Salvatore Ferragamo has a beautiful range of elegant and sophisticated handbags, in neutral colors to suit any look. This Salvatore Ferragamo Mini Amy Leather Tote is ideal for work or the weekend with a minimalist, chic design.

The tote is crafted from black pebbled calfskin leather to provide a luxurious feel and remain durable so this bag will stand the test of time. The handbag is embellished with gleaming gold hardware and finished with a small gold foil Ferragamo logo. There are two top handles as well as a removable and adjustable crossbody so you can style this bag in a variety of different ways.

The Gancio motif is synonymous with the Salvatore Ferragamo brand and is used to decorate this classic belt. The Double Gancio Crystal Buckle Leather is made from luxurious calfskin leather and then features a Double Gancio Crystal Buckle which adds glamour to this belt.

The minimalist design and high-quality materials ensure the belt can be worn with any look for years to come. Add this belt to any day or night look to cinch in your waist and add a little more sparkle.

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