30 Creative Festival Makeup Looks To Match Your Outfit

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As festival planning approaches, it’s time to start planning your looks – here are 30 makeup looks to replicate!

In the present day, music festivals are not only an opportunity to see your favorite bands and artists over a few days and make memories with your friends, but also to capture the moments wearing stunning outfits – and this requires the makeup looks to go with it.

If you are more concerned with your outfits being easy and comfortable, going for one of these makeup looks means you’ll still look fun and fabulous. For example, a pair of denim shorts with cowboy boots and a fun top, along with one of these makeup looks will always be a winning option.

If you’re planning your next festival look (whether you have tickets or not) here are 30 stunning options.

30 Cool Festival Makeup Ideas

1. Flower Power

Flowers have a long relationship with festivals, from the 70s flower power aesthetic to the flower crowns that were essentially the Coachella uniform.

The flowers take a new form in this eye makeup look which can be adjusted according to the statement colors you’re wearing.

2. Cosmic Beauty

Festivals are a way to experiment with your fashion or makeup, without judgment. This purple and orange look isn’t one you’ll be wearing every day, but it makes the perfect pretty makeup for the festival season.

3. Sprinkle of glitter

On the same thread, you don’t need to go for an intricate makeup look to make a statement at festivals. Adding gemstones or glitter to your usual makeup is perfect for amping up even a basic outfit.

4. red Raven

Festivals are the time to make a statement, and when else would you wear a red eye makeup look? The best part about this sparkly, gemstone-encrusted look is that you can go as crazy as you want, and if not going all out, just add a couple of gemstones at the corners.

5. soft and glowy

This soft and glowy base is perfect for every day, and is a great example of amping up your usual look.

Adding sequins like these starts either on your eyes or nose and is super cute for a celestial-inspired look.

6. sharp corner

Most of these looks are soft and dreamy, but this sharp liner is great depending on your personal aesthetic. If you prefer something a little more grunge or bold – this is the one for you.

7. on fire

For those looking for a super “out there” look for festival season, this firey-eye look is perfect. Though the traditional fire color is red, you could adjust this according to the color you’ll be wearing.

8. pastel pixel

This bold pixelated eye look is toned down by using a mix of pastel colors that compliment each other.

9. full glam

You’ve heard of “birthday makeup” right? For those who haven’t, this is essentially a full-glam look of heavy, full-coverage makeup.

Festivals are perfect for experimenting with heavy, statement makeup – just be sure to pack a good setting spray.

10. So coquette

Pearls and bows are super on-trend thanks to the “coquette” trend, which is a re-packaged hyper-feminine ballet-core aesthetic.

This is also a super easy look to recreate with eyelash glue and pearls.

11. Bold and bling

This bling look is perfect to recreate for lazy girls who still want to dress the part. These gemstone patches come in packs with adhesive backs to stick to your skin.

These can be removed without mess, which is a godsend if camping for a festival.

12. like a star

Stars are always a safe bet when it comes to whimsical makeup, particularly if the festival will go into the starry night!

13. deep sea

The deep sea gets darker the further in you get, kind of like this makeup look. To keep a heavy eye look elevated, keep the rest of your makeup blended and simple.

14. flying high

Like bows and stars, butterflies are another cute motif to add to your makeup for festival season – it’s fun and upbeat, and when else will you get to wear butterflies on your eyes?

15. crystal haze

The use of crystals in this look is genius and lends itself to being adjusted to any outfit. For those who want to keep this as toned down as possible, do a neutral tone on the eyelid (a great hack is to use your bronzer color).

16. glitter glare

If you have a glitter eyeliner you never use, this is the perfect occasion to get it out. Though this does require a steady hand, the outcome makes it worth the concentration.

17. butterfly garden

This bold eye makeup look isn’t for the fainthearted and probably isn’t a smart look if you’re camping overnight at the festival and will have limited access to bathrooms.

Glitter makeup like this requires you to wash your eyes a few times to avoid the glitter getting all over your pillow, and face.

18. girl tribe

Tribal-inspired headpieces were commonplace at Coachella a few years ago, but this was at a time when people weren’t sensitive to the histories of such things.

This makeup look gets the same vibe, without the negative connotations.

19. an open galaxy

Festivals often invest in light shows for the nighttime performances which produce shapes and colors like you’ve never imagined – much like this gorgeous makeup look.

20. neon nights

Neon makeup is a tried-and-tested festival aesthetic, and perfect if you want to make a statement with your look. All you need for this look is a pigmented eyeliner and a steady hand.

21. galactic girl

This butterfly-inspired look is out of this world! It also isn’t as difficult to recreate as it looks – if you can do a winged eyeliner, you should be able to do this with ease.

22. sweet like skittles

Taste the rainbow with this Skittles-inspired makeup look. This is another that looks much more difficult than it is.

All you need is eyelash glue and make-up-safe rhinestones – stick them down until you’re happy with the overall look.

23. twinkle twinkle

Much like glitter, start sequins like these can create a gorgeous look over your everyday makeup to amp up your look with minimal effort.

24. the Minimalist

Speaking of minimal, not everyone wants to make a statement with color – and that’s okay. A funky variation of a bold eyeliner look can do the trick.

25. milky way

This festival hair and makeup combination is perfect for all the girls who are part space-trooper! Again, all you need to do is stick down rhinestones in a random sequence until the overall look has a shape you’re happy with.

26. green eyed Beauty

You’ve heard of the green-eyed monster, but this beautiful look is far from monstrous. This rhinestone eye look has been amped up with a green smokey eye – a look which can be recreated with any color.

27. Seafoam

This stunning look is proof that a statement look doesn’t have to have lots of colors, or glitter and rhinestones – just a bold color and a really good blending brush.

28. sunkissed

Festivals are usually in the height of spring and summer, and so keeping that in mind will help you plan your beauty look. Why not embrace the sun with this bronzed glam look?

29. Rough diamond

If you’re looking to incorporate gemstones into your look, why not continue the makeup on your body too? Adding glitter to your shoulders and decolletage will look stunning in the sun, and evening lights.

30. rainbow dust

There would be no better place to wear this rainbow look than for festival season, it’s statement, and fun, and can amp up a basic outfit!

Which of these festival makeup looks are you going to copy for your next festival? Let us know in the comments!

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