25 Best Festival Hair Ideas You Need To Try This Season

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Are you looking for the best festival hair ideas with glitter, braids, space buns, and other hairstyles? Whether you’re after hair ideas with wash-off hair dye or you want to stay classy and try some boho braids, we’ve gathered all the coolest festival hairstyles into this article.

Festivals are a time for celebration, music, and fashion. With so much attention given to festival fashion, it’s no surprise that festival hairstyles have become just as important. From bold and daring to subtle and romantic, festival hairstyles have the power to elevate your overall look and bring a touch of individuality and personality to your festival experience.

Whether you’re going to Coachella, Glastonbury, or any other music festival, the right hairstyle can make all the difference. So, if you’re looking for inspiration, read on to discover the perfect festival hairstyle for you.

25 Pretty Festival Hair Ideas

1. Big and Bouncy

Chic festival hair with halo crown

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For a last-minute look, or if you’d rather go crazy with accessories as opposed to your actual hair, go for bouncy hair by tonging it with a slight curl, and then top it off with a crown or headband.

2. Chained Braid

Chic festival hairstyle with gold safety pins
©Andrea Astesiano | Depositphotos.com

A simple chain is a great way to amp up your hairstyles without using excess product. You don’t need to invest in expensive hair accessories, just head down to your local craft supply store and buy a couple of meters of loose chain to braid in your hair.

3. Rose Braid

Braids are a great way to keep your hair out of your face when festivals can get intense and often quite warm. If a simple braid looks boring, you can opt for something funky like this rose braid. If your hair is thin or short, invest in some clip-in extentions.

4. Ombre Pastel

Cute pastel pink festival hair
©Launchmetrics Spotlight

If you want an excuse to experiment, and I mean really experiment, going for a new hair color like this stunning pastel pink will look fabulous, and also gets even better as it washes out.

5. My Little pony

For a fun festival look, take some inspiration from the My Little Pony cartoon with an oversized, multicolored braid. This is an easy look to achieve at a low cost, as such hair pieces can be easily found at any beauty supply store.

6. Chain-wrapped hair

Chic festival hair with gold chain
©Andrea Astesiano | Depositphotos.com

Similar to the chain braid, this is another look you can recreate with the same tools – perfect if you have a multi-day festival to attend. Simply attach the chain to the under-layer of your hair with bobby pins or tiny hair ties, tie a pony tail, and wrap the pony with the hanging chains.

7. Bubble Braid

Red festival hair with braids
©Andrea Astesiano | Depositphotos.com

Regular braids can be quite tricky to do, so if you aren’t blessed with hairstylist talents, a bubble braid is funky, and easy! Simply tie a high ponytail as you normally would, skipping an inch or two (depending on your hair length) and tie another hair tie.

8. Space buns

Chic festival hairstyle and outfit with rhinestones and halo crown

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Similar to the big and bouncy hairstyle, space buns are great if you have a hair accessory to wear but want to keep your hair out of your face. It’s also a fantastic option if your headpiece is heavy, as the buns will give some extra support.

9. Twisted braids

Fun festival hairstyle and makeup with braids
©Launchmetrics Spotlight

A twisted braid is great for adding some extra volume, especially if you have color or highlights in your hair as this will show off the different dimensions.

10. Wire braid

Grunge festival hairstyle with metal wire
©Launchmetrics Spotlight

This is similar to the chain pony, and again creates a unique look at a low cost, the only thing to consider is that the ends of the wire shouldn’t be sharp as this can be dangerous. Create this by tying a pony and wrapping the wire around your hair to hold it in place.

11. Rainbow pastel bob

Pastel rainbow ombre festival hair wig

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We’re not suggesting chopping your hair off and dying it all colors of the rainbow just for a festival, but wigs are now getting more realistic than ever, and mean you can attempt any look your heart desires.

12. glitter Parting

This is great if you have a one-day festival [and don’t have anything to do the next day]. You can create this look by using glitter hairspray or face and body-safe glitter and eyelash glue. You will have to do some TLC to wash it out, but the final look is well worth the work.

13. Multi-texture braid

We’ve spoken about regular braids and bubble braids, but this is the best of both worlds. Depending on how long your hair is, you can combine multiple types of braids to create a fun and interesting look, and why not add some fun hair accessories.

14. Fishtail braid

If a regular braid isn’t your thing but you don’t want a basic hairstyle, a fishtail braid is much easier than it looks to achieve. You can add colored extensions, too, if you’d like to add a fun dimension.

15. Clip-in color

Fun raindbow festival hair

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Clip-in hair colors like these are a really easy way to add a fun element to a basic hairstyle, and if stored properly can be used again and again.

16. Feelin’ blue

If your outfit has elements of blues and greens, a blue wig or blue extensions is a great way to look like you’ve put in a lot of effort.

17. Slicked back

Chic festival outfit with gold top and halo crown

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For any out-there headpieces, nothing beats slicked-back hair to really show it off. You can do this with hair gel and hairspray. A smart tip is to tie a tony ponytail underneath your hair to keep it all in place.

18. Messy pigtails

If you have a lot of hair, or access to extensions for extra volume, messy pigtails like these are super ‘boho-chic’. You’ll want to add some sea salt or texturizing spray, and puff up the pigtails for a voluminous look.

19. Warrior crown

Fun festival hair style with black crown

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Headpieces are a super easy way to amp up a basic hairstyle or even outfit, and for festival season – anything is fair game!

20. Gemmed-up

Fun festival outfit with colorful hair clips
©Launchmetrics Spotlight

Adding gemstones to your hair is a super unique look. Do so with body-safe glue, and make sure the gemstones aren’t too small as they may get lost in your hair.

21. Cornrows

Simple grunge festival look
©Launchmetrics Spotlight

Cornrows or super tight braids are great if going to a multi-day festival where you just don’t want to think about your hair at all, given that it will last a few days. You can accessorize this look with hair charms.

22. Big and curly

Either natural, or DIY curls will do! This is a great way to add a boho element to your look, and also great if you have naturally thin hair as fine curls will plump up your hair.

23. Wigging out

Pastel pink and green wig for festivals and Bachelorette parties

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Wigs like these are super easy, and a great way to go for a matching look with your friends. Not to mention, a bright colored wig is a great way to spot your friends in a crowd.

24. Braid in extensions

Hairpieces like these are low-cost and easily available. They can be reused and though usually aren’t great quality, create a really interesting look.

25. Rapunzel vibes

Letting your hair down is exactly what you should be doing at a festival, but adding a fun braid or hair accessory is a great way to amp up the look!

Festival hairstyles are an exciting way to express your creativity and enhance your festival experience. Whether you prefer braids, bold colors, or statement accessories, there is a festival hairstyle out there for everyone.

It’s good to remember that festivals are a time to let loose and have fun, so don’t be afraid to try something new and step outside of your comfort zone. From rocking a halo crown to trying out a glitter part, there’s no limit to the possibilities when it comes to festival hairstyles!

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