100 Fashion Blog Post Ideas To Boost Your Traffic

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Are you looking for the best fashion blog post ideas that you can write about in your blog? If so, check out these quick & easy ideas!

Writer’s block is a real thing and if you’ve got it, I feel you!

I brainstormed a little and came up with 100 different blog post ideas for fashion, beauty & lifestyle bloggers that can hopefully help you write your next blog post (or two!).

I also broke each category down so that it’s easier to follow and scan through.

100 Fashion Blog Post Ideas (+ Some Ideas For Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers!)

Remember to write blog posts that specifically teach your readers how to solve a problem that they’re facing – even if that problem is dressing up for a fancy occasion!

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Best fashion blog post ideas for fashion bloggers

 Fashion blog post ideas for when you’re in a rut

How To Guides

Write posts that show your readers how to solve a problem that they have, even if that problem is showing how to dress for a certain occasion.

  • Shopping Hacks: How To Save Money When Shopping
  • How To Look Expensive On A Budget
  • How To Style XYZ
  • How To XYZ Beauty Tutorial (e.g. how to curl your hair with straighteners)
  • How To Dress For XYZ
  • How To Find Your Personal Style
  • How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe

Examples from my blog: How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe For The Entire Year


Make lists of products, hacks, retailers, tips, and more!

  • 10 Best Buys On Amazon/Nordstrom This Season
  • 10 Must Have Beauty Products
  • 7 Skincare Tips For XYZ Skin type
  • 4 Beauty Hacks For Achieving XYZ
  • The Best Places To Shop For XYZ
  • 15 Best Fashion Influencers To Follow Right Now
  • 5 Basics You Need In Your Wardrobe
  • 7 Secret Tips For XYZ

Examples from my blog:  20 Beautiful Feminine Blog Themes

Save Vs. Splurge

Save Vs Splurge posts always seem to go well with my audience! People are always looking for bargains and alternatives for expensive products.

  • Affordable Items For Popular High End Items
  • Steal X Celebrity’s Look For Cheap
  • Budget Beauty finds
  • Drugstore Make-Up Alternatives For High-End Products

Worth The Splurge

Reviews and round-up posts of expensive items are equally as popular. People tend to put more thought into buying expensive items, so they will do a lot of research about the products, which includes reading blog posts!

  • Designer items worth the splurge
  • Worth-the-splurge beauty items
  • List of classic items that have retained their prices over the years
  • Must-have items
  • Product empties
  • Review of an expensive item that you love

 Fashion blog post ideas for when you’re in a rut

Sales & Promotions

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Round-Up posts have become the new norm in fashion blogging, but you can also write posts surrounding Amazon Prime Day or any other major sale that is happening this season.

  • Best of Nordstrom Holiday Sale
  • The Ultimate Guide To Black Friday / Sales Deals
  • Best of This Seasons Sales
  • Best of Amazon Prime sales


Guides are another useful way of providing value to your readers. These posts can be very similar to lists, but the difference is in the title.

  • Guide To Shoes Under $50/$100/$150
  • Guide To Fall/Summer Fashion Under $50/$100/$150
  • Best Nordstrom Picks Under $100
  • Guide To Best Drugstore Makeup Finds
  • Amazon Favorites
  • Sephora Beauty Favorites
  • Monthly Round-Up Posts: Your Favorite/Most Worn Fashion Pieces From The Previous Month
  • Wishlists
  • Gift Guide For College Girls

Examples from my blog: The Ultimate Guide To High Paying Affiliate Programs For Bloggers / 27 Genius Mother’s Day Gifts


Write a review about something that your audience would like to know more about. You can use the free Keyword Everywhere plugin to see how popular your keyword is – the more popular, the better!

Here are some ideas for reviews that typically do very well:

  • Reviews Of Designer Handbags
  • Reviews Of Other Timeless Fashion Pieces (that will stay in stock for a long time)
  • Reviews Of Beauty Products
  • Reviews Of Brands, e.g. Stuart Weitzman
  • Reviews Of Fashion Books/Guides
  • Reviews of anything that’s currently trending in fashion
  • Reviews of expensive things (people tend to put more research into expensive products before purchasing!)

Examples from my blog: T3 Cura Review – Better Than Dyson?

Personal Posts

Personal posts are a great way to let your audience know who you really are. It’s good to do these posts every now and then, but just don’t go overboard! (You should always focus on your reader’s needs first.)

  • Your morning/evening skincare routine
  • Personal stories
  • Your life story
  • I followed XYZ for 10 days, here’s what happened
  • Your favorite outfit posts
  • Talk about your style inspirations
  • What’s in your bag/makeup drawer
  • Your year in review

Outfit Guides – What To Wear

What to wear posts are very popular!  You can create collages to go with your blog post using ShopLook.

  • What To Wear On A First Date / 5 Outfits For A First Date
  • What To Wear To The Office / 5 Office Friendly Outfits
  • What To Wear To Festivals
  • What To Wear To A Wedding
  • What To Wear To A Christmas Party
  • How To Wear XYZ Trend This Season

Best fashion blog post ideas for fashion bloggers

 Fashion blog post ideas for when you’re in a rut

Gift Guides

Gift guides are a great way to provide value to your audience and also make money through affiliate marketing.

  • Christmas/Valentines/Birthday Gift Guide For Her
  • Gift Guide For The Girly Type / Creative Type / Minimalist / Dog Lover
  • Gift Guide For Mother’s Day
  • Gift Guide For Best Friend’s Birthday
  • Gift Guide For College Girls

Examples from my blog: Luxury Gifts For Men

My top tip would be that whenever you make a gift guide, make sure that it’s easy to edit for next year.

This way, you can simply replace items that have been sold out and add new, interesting finds in just a matter of minutes, instead of writing a new gift guide every year!

Guest Posts/Interviews

Guest posts and interviews are a great way to introduce your audience to a brand new person who you think is awesome.

  • Find relevant influencers in your field to interview for your blog
  • Ask your blogger network to contribute a post to your blog (your can contribute one to theirs too!)

You can either ask another blogger to write an entire post for you, or you can interview them via email. For fashion bloggers, collaborating with other fashion bloggers (or showing off your favorite fashion bloggers) is a great way to build relationships in the industry!

Lifestyle Posts

Most people love to read a good lifestyle post! Lifestyle posts include soooo many different ideas that it’s hard to categorise, but essentially you can include anything under this branch that doesn’t directly correlate to your primary niche.

  • Life Lessons From Doing XYZ
  • 5 Habits To Start To Become Successful In XYZ
  • How To Set Goals To Accomplish XYZ
  • 7 Rituals For A Successful Day
  • Strategies To Find Your Passions In XYZ
  • 15 Recipe Ideas For XYZ
  • The Fashion Blogger’s Guide To XYZ City
  • The Millenial’s Guide To Places To Eat In XYZ City
  • 5 Style Tips To Feel Your Best This Year

Examples from my blog: Best Gold Home Decor Finds

DIY Guides

  • How To Create XYZ At Home
  • DIY: How To Thrift The Look
  • DIY Beauty Recipes

Beginner’s Guides

  • The Beginner’s Guide To XYZ
  • 10 Tips Every Beginner XYZ Should Know


  • Best Websites For XYZ
  • 10 Best Places To Get XYZ
  • List Of Your Favorite Resources

Example from my blog: 20 Clever Resources For A Profitable Blog

Other Blog Post Ideas

  • Host A Giveaway
  • What To Pack For Vacation
  • Outfit Of The Day
  • Wardrobe Tour
  • How To Organize Your Wardrobe
  • A Day In The Life
  • How I Edit My Photos
  • Seasonal Trends
  • My Shoe Collection
  • My Bag Collection
  • Shopping Tips
  • How to style XYZ in 3 ways
  • Clothing Haul
  • Style challenge
  • Thrift Finds
  • Favorite Beauty Websites
  • Best Haircare Products
  • Makeup Swatches & Reviews
  • My Fragrance Collection
  • Full Face Under $100

I hope that you found these fashion blog post ideas useful. If you did, let me know in the comments below!


There’s a couple more tips and tricks that I want to share with you. Before starting to write any blog post, remember to do proper keyword research and see if there’s demand for your article.

First, download the free Keywords Everywhere plugin and type your keyword to Google – you will now see how popular this search is, and how many people are looking for it every month.

The more, the better. With Keywords Everywhere you can also see the related searches on Google and how many queries they’re getting every month.

You can also use Answer The Public to come up with related keyword and searches. This is great because it suggests dozens, if not hundreds of related content ideas that you probably hadn’t thought of before. Combined with Keywords Everywhere, you’ll see exactly how many searches every phrase gets per month.

Second, you want to write super engaging titles. Did you know that once you have a great title, 80% of your work is done? Seriously! If your title is boring, no one is going to read the rest of your blog post.

Good copy writers say that your job as a writer is to make your audience read the first sentence, then the next sentence, and then the sentence after. Sound simple? Yep, but how many of us actually do that?

Unless your title & first few paragraphs are highly engaging, you’ll risk losing your reader before they even get to the meaty bit of your post. For headlines, I recommend Co-Schedule’s headline analyser (free) to check how good your titles are.

Finally, coming up with blog posts can be exhausting. That’s why I use an editorial calendar and mark all my ideas down on paper. Well, virtual paper.

Once a quarter, I take 1-2 hours for myself just to brainstorm blog post ideas. I do this until I come up with at least 12 blog post ideas that are highly popular. You can come up with as many as you want – the more the better!

Last time I did this I came up with 52 ideas! And because I blog once a week, that means that I now have content ideas for the rest of the year.

This is super satisfying, because it frees so much space in your head, and you’ll always know what to blog about.

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