T3 Cura Review – Is It Worth Your Money? | T3 Hair Dryer vs Dyson

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Today’s post marks the first of my many beauty reviews to come, and I’m excited to say that today, I’m doing a T3 Cura Luxe review.

Many of you have probably heard of the wonderful benefits of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, but how many of you have heard of T3? The Dyson hair dryer is widely regarded as one of the best in the world, and while that may be true, it’s also the most expensive one at almost $400 RRP.

T3 Cura Review - Is It Worth Your Money? | T3 Hair Dryer vs Dyson | Hairdryer photography, premium hair dryer, beauty products, best hair products

T3 Cura Review: T3 hair dryer vs Dyson


T3 hair care is a competing brand of Dyson’s, and has established itself on the market as a premium beauty tool supplier – their tools range from curling irons to straighteners and hair dryers. One of their most popular products is the Cura hairdryer models, which retails for $250-$285.

What separates T3 Cura from competing brands is that the hair dryer is loaded with negative ions, which help hair dry faster and leave it softer for longer. In fact, T3 promises up to 75% faster drying time than regular hair dryers.

T3’s representatives even told me that apparently using T3 products is healthier for your hair than actually leaving it to air dry. While I’m a little bit skeptical about that statement, it certainly shows that the product has been designed with minimal heat damage in mind.

Now that you know all the claims that the retailers have given, let’s get into the actual T3 Cura review: Does it work, and is it worth the money?


T3 Cura Review


T3 Cura Review - Is It Worth Your Money? | T3 Hair Dryer vs Dyson | Hairdryer photography, premium hair dryer, beauty products, best hair products

T3 Cura Review: T3 hair dryer vs Dyson




First of all, let’s start with appearances. I know that appearances have nothing to do with the performance of a product, but personally, I consider it very important when purchasing new gadgets.

T3’s Cura Luxe is hands down the most beautiful hair dryer that I’ve ever seen. As you can see from the pictures, the design of the hair dryer is very feminine, elegant, and (dare I say) Instagrammable. I have a big appreciation for rose gold details, and that combined with a white exterior is absolute perfection for me.

If you prefer darker colors, the Cura Luxe also comes in black and midnight blue.



 .  T3 Cura Review - Is It Worth Your Money? | T3 Hair Dryer vs Dyson | Hairdryer photography, premium hair dryer, beauty products, best hair products

T3 Cura Review: T3 hair dryer vs Dyson


There are three different heat settings and two different speed settings on the T3 Cura Luxe that allow you to customize your hair drying experience.

These settings are made to complement different hair textures and varying needs that you may have – for example, if you are looking to blowdry your hair with a brush, the hottest setting may be the best choice to go with, whereas if you just want your hair dried as quick as possible, the cold settings would probably be the best for you.

There is also a lock-in cool air button, which allows you to blast your hair with the coolest air possible while also making sure that your drying time is optimal.


Drying Time & Results


Personally, I don’t use hair dryers on a daily basis and only reach out to them if I’m going out immediately after taking a shower. This is mostly because I like to wash my hair in the evening, and I don’t mind waiting for a couple of hours until it dries if I have nowhere to go.

However, if I am traveling or if I’m in a hurry, I always need a hair dryer. I have given the Cura a couple of tries before writing this T3 Cura review and I can’t stress enough how much I love it.

My previous hair dryer was a cheap hair dryer ($50) from Babyliss and for some reason whenever I dried my hair with it, my hair would always get caught up in the airways and I would either have to rip it away or cut it away. Those were some painful, sad times.

Not only is my current Cura hair dryer much gentler on my hair, it’s also a lot faster. My hair comes down to about my chest area, and althought it’s not very thick, it’s not the finest hair either. With the Cura dryer, it takes me about 15 minutes to fully dry and style my hair, and that’s amazingly fast for me.

The ion technology also makes my hair a lot smoother and shinier, especially when compared with the hair dryer that I used before.

One thing that I would like to point out though is that this hair dryer isn’t a quiet hair dryer. This is not a problem for me personally, but if it is something that you look for in a hair dryer, maybe this isn’t the one for you.

So, would I recommend it? Definitely! Is it worth the money – yes, I think it is.

See the latest prices of T3 Cura Luxe on Nordstrom, T3Ulta or Bloomingdale’s.


T3 Hair Dryer VS Dyson


T3 Cura Review - Is It Worth Your Money? | T3 Hair Dryer vs Dyson | Hairdryer photography, premium hair dryer, beauty products, best hair products

T3 Cura Review: T3 hair dryer vs Dyson / Image Via Dine & Fash


Now, I know that a lot of you might be thinking how the T3 Cura compares to the Dyson Supersonic. To be quite frank, they are both amazing hair dryers in their own right, but there are a couple of differentiating features about both appliances.

I have had the chance to try out the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer both at a friends’ place as well as a salon that I visited, so I wanted to give you guys a short comparison of the products based on my personal experiences.




As I mentioned previously, the Dyson retails for about $400, whereas T3 Cura retails for $200 and the Cura Luxe for $285.


T3 Hair Dryer VS Dyson – What Extra Products Are Included?


The T3 Cura hair dryer comes with a single general nozzle, whereas the Cura Luxe comes with two nozzles: one for overall hairstyling and one for precise styling, like increasing volume at the roots. A diffuser is not included, but can be bought for $30.

The Dyson comes with 2 nozzles – one for general styling and one for general styling, as well as a diffuser for curly hair.


T3 Hair Dryer vs Dyson – Performance


Both the Dyson and the T3 hair dryers are extremely fast hair dryers. Dyson uses the same airflow technology that it does in its vacuum cleaners, which allows the nozzle to distribute air across a wide surface, thus resulting in less heat damage and a quicker drying time.

On the other hand, the T3 technology relies on ion technology to increase the smoothness of the hair as well as providing a faster drying time.

The Dyson has 3 different speed settings and 4 different heat settings – a level up from the T3 Cura. However, the Cura Luxe has 5 heat settings and 2 speed settings.


T3 Hair Dryer VS Dyson – Which Is Quieter?


The Dyson. The Dyson’s Supersonic hair dryer uses the same airflow principles as Dyson’s other products like the desk fan. It also has a miniaturised air pump in the handle, which allows the hairdryer to dry hair much quieter than any other hairdryer on the market.


T3 Hair Dryer VS Dyson – Which Is More Travel Friendly?


Again, my vote would have to go for the Dyson. Not only is it extremely lightweight, it’s also very small compared to traditional hairdryers.

The Dyson’s appearance may a little bit strange, but it’s what makes it so great for traveling. Also, Dyson products come equipped with a carrying pouch, so it’s clear to see that the product was designed with the traveller in mind.


So, Which is Better, The Dyson Or T3 Cura?


Overall,  I would argue that both hair dryers perform equally well and that performance shouldn’t be what you need to consider when you’re buying one or the other. What you should consider are the price point, the loudness of the hair dryer, the weight and size of it, and to some extent, the appearance.

So, if price is not an issue, I would definitely recommend the Dyson Supersonic, however if you are looking for a hairdryer that does an equally good job, but lacks the extra features such as the low noise level and the light weight, go for the T3 Cura or the T3 Cura Luxe.

Although the Cura Luxe comes with more settings than the original Cura, I would still recommend just picking a color that you like most, and going with that.


To see the latest price and read more T3 Cura and Cura Luxe reviews, head to Nordstrom

If you wish to read more reviews about the Dyson Supersonic, you can do so on Nordstrom too.


I hope you enjoyed this T3 Cura review! Let me know what hair dryer you use in the comments below.



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