17 Genius Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

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If you’re looking for luxury gifts for men who have everything, you’ve come to the right place. Unless you follow me on Instagram, you probably wouldn’t know that I’ve found myself in sticky situations time and time again because my boyfriend is so content with everything that he has.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling that way of course, but it can be very difficult for us to buy anything for these kinds of people, especially if they virtually have all the money in the world at their disposal, but choose not to spend it. And if you’re reading this article, you probably know exactly the type of guy who I’m talking about.

So, what are the best luxury gifts for men who have everything? Well, firstly you need to consider a few things.


What You Need To Consider When Buying Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything


1. Is it Practical? More often than not, it’s the practical men who claim that they have everything they need. And if they don’t, they will very likely go out and buy the item that they need themselves.

If the person you are looking to buy gifts falls into this category, they will probably not appreciate a luxury gift if it’s not something that they already have an eye on: They just may not see the value of it.

So, ask around to see if your man has been eyeing up a certain new gadget, for example. If you can’t think of anything that your man has been lusting after, it’s a good idea to buy something for his house, his pet or something to do with a hobby of his that you know he will appreciate.

 2. They May Appreciate Experiences More Than Physical Products. As I mentioned before, men who have everything typically buy everything they need themselves before you get a chance to buy it for him as a gift.

This is why practical men often appreciate experiences over material things – they cherish memories more than products.

3. Will He See The Value Of It? The word “luxury” can be defined in many ways, and doesn’t always translate into a ridiculously expensive item. For example, for a lot of men, time is a true luxury.

If you can find a gift that will make his every day more efficient or just saves a little bit of his time every day, he will be truly thankful.


With that being said, let’s crack on with some of the best upscale gifts for guys with expensive taste (chosen with the help of my own boyfriend – Ian!).


1. A Luxury Experience, e.g. Supercar Driving Experience (For One Day!)


Yellow Lamborghini - luxury gifts for men who have everything, gifts for guys with expensive taste

Luxury Gifts For Guys With Expensive Taste: Supercar Driving Day


If your man is into cars, he’s going to love a day out driving in supercars. If you can afford it, buy the same experience for his friends and get them to race each other (on designated routes, obviously!). Your man will be forever thankful.

Many companies that offer supercar driving experiences have different packages for you to choose from – some start as low as $100, whereas others go up to thousands of dollars. There are many options, so shop around before deciding where to buy!


Browse Similar Experiences Near You at Virgin Experience Gifts


2. Anything From Tom Ford


luxury gifts for men who have everything

Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything: Tom Ford Shaving Cream


Tom Ford has a certain reputation when it comes to men’s grooming – there’s something about the quality of products, the unique and sleek design of the packaging and the sheer luxury that the brand oozes. Whether we’re talking about suits, cologne or shaving cream, the brand offers something for every budget and makes for amazing gifts for guys with expensive taste.

Now, I know that it will be very hard to get a tailored suit as a surprise gift, so my suggestion would be to go with skincare.

Men are notoriously lazy when it comes to buying their own skincare products and they often steal a bit here and there from their girlfriends, so in effect you’re doing yourself a favour too!


Get Tom Ford Products at Nordstrom


3. Personalised Wallet/ Cardholder (any brand, e.g. Gucci)


Best expensive luxury gifts for men who have everything: personalized wallets 

Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything: Personalised Cardholder


You can get personalized cardholders and wallets from various brands, but if you’re looking for a truly luxurious gift for a man, go for well-known luxury brands, such as Gucci who offer complimentary embossing of initials on any wallet or cardhodler. Luxury brands are traditional gifts for guys with expensive taste with good reason – they never go out of style.

The design and color that you choose should be fitting for the man that you are buying it for however, from my experience I can say that most men prefer understated fashion pieces. Thus, it’s safest to go for a cardholder that has a minimal amount of logos on it.


Get this wallet at Gucci


4. Something Expensive That He Can’t Justify Buying Himself, e.g. Devialet Phantom Speakers


Best luxury gifts for him: Devialet Phantom speakers

Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything: Devialet Phantom Speakers


If your guy has his eye on a particular luxury product that he just can’t justify buying, get it for him if you can! The Devialet Phantom Stereo is something that is exactly like that – it is the coolest stereo system that I have ever seen.

Not only does it have a chic, minimalist design, the loudspeaker also moves and vibrates to the bass tones of a song, giving you a much fuller experience of songs.

The price is high, but if you can afford it, it’s totally worth it. To fully appreciate just exactly how cool this device is, watch the video below to try and grasp the concept. Better yet, visit a local store if you can to see it with your own eyes!



Get The Devialet Phantom Speakers at Bloomingdale’s


5. Something For His House, e.g. Breville Espresso Machine


Best expensive luxury gifts for men who have everything: espresso machine

Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything: Breville Professional Espresso Machine


There’s nothing quite as luxurious as being able to enjoy a morning coffee that’s as good as from the barista’ at your own home, in your own time. If your guy doesn’t already own a professional coffee machine, now’s the right time to invest in one.


Get it at Best Buy


6. Leather Briefcase That Will Last For Years


Best luxury gifts for men who have everything: leather briefcase

Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything: Johnston & Murphy Leather Briefcase


From my personal experience, men tend to prefer a more understated look when it comes to fashion, which is why I’ve selected an elegant and timeless leather briefcase design. Nordstrom and Mr. Porter has a great selection of men’s briefcases in multiple different colors and price ranges.


Get The Johnston & Murphy Briefcase at Nordstrom


7. Something For His Pet, e.g. Stain, Mess and Dirt Proof Lounge Bed For Dogs

Gifts for guys with expensive taste: gifts for his pet

Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything: Dog Gone Smart Bed


If your man truly has everything that they need in life, they will greatly appreciate it if you get something nice for their pet (provided that they have one, of course!). This lounge bed is perfect for any pet owner who wants to make living with a pet a little easier.

The fabric of the lounge bed is completely dirt, mess, and stain-resistant and will even wash off poo with just water! Yes, you read that right.


Get The Pet Lounge Bed at Walmart


8. Something Nice For His Personal Pamper Time, e.g. Samurai Sharp Razor Shaving Kit


Gifts for guys with expensive taste: Old school shaving kit

Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything: At Home Luxury Shaving Set


Pampering products are always a safe choice when it comes to gifting, but instead of buying another cologne, why not gift your man an old school shaving kit with a razor? I can bet that every man has wanted to try one out at some point in his life, so they’ll appreciate the effort you put in the gift.


Get The Shaving Kit at Walmart


9. An Extravagant Dining Experience, e.g. Kobe Beef Experience 


Unique gifts for guys with expensive taste: Kobe beef dining experience

Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything: Extravagant Dining Experience


Kobe beef is the highest grade of beef that you can get in the world. It’s renowned for its superior flavor, tenderness and high amount of intramuscular fat, giving the meat a marbled appearance.

The price is expensive at over $1 per 1 g, but if you’re willing to splurge, it’s definitely worth it (by the way, go for the sirloin, it’s much better than the more expensive Chateaubriand cut!).


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10. Noise Cancelling Headphones By Bose


mens luxury gadgets - noise cancelling headphones, gifts for guys with expensive taste

Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything: Noise Cancelling Headphones


Noise-canceling earphones are a game-changer, especially if you live in loud cities like London or New York. If you haven’t tried them, you must.

Not only will music and speech sound much better and clearer from these earphones, but they will also silence out the rest of the world even if you are just listening to silence.

Imagine that you’re on a busy commute on the underground – it’s loud, rowdy and there is a baby crying somewhere in the carriage…

When you put on these headphones by Bose, you can instantly just switch on pure silence – people’s mouths will move, but there’s no sound coming out from them. It’s very meditative and I highly recommend these as a gift!


Get The Headphones at Best Buy 


11. A Luxury Edition Of A Board Game, e.g. Scrabble Luxury Edition

luxury 50th birthday gifts and gifts for guys with expensive taste - board games

Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything: Luxury Edition of Scrabble


If your man is into board games, this gift may be the right one for you. Scrabble, Monopoly, chess and many other classical games have come up with their own versions of luxury board games, which are essentially the same game that you love and enjoy, packaged into a very fancy container.

If you ever need to impress your friends who come dine in your house, this is an excellent game to have in the house.


Get The Luxury Edition Scrabble at Walmart


12. Liquor Cabinet or Wine Shelf (Wooden Globe Cabinet Here)


 luxury gifts for men who have everything; exceptional gifts for him

Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything: Sophisticated Liquor Cabinet


Liquor cabinets are also a fun gift idea if your man doesn’t already have one. These globe-shaped ones are very fun and sophisticated at the same time, but if you are looking for slightly different options for storing your liquor (or your man’s liquor), have a look at this wheeled bar cart and this bar cabinet that follow slightly different styles.

Remember to consider what these liquor cabinets would look like with your man’s interior design, and choose from there!


Get The Wooden Liquor Cabinet Here


13. Mixologist Kit


Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything: Mixologist Kit


Alright, maybe a liquor kit is too big of a purchase for you, but you would still like to gift your guy something alcohol related. Instead of reaching for an expensive bottle of wine, champagne or whiskey, why not go all out and invest in a mixologist kit?

It’s fun, practical, and amazing to practice your cocktail skills on.

There are many options to choose from, and you can customize your pick down to the glasses and liquor type that you like. I love this cocktail set as it has an insulated compartment for two alcohol bottles to keep them cool and it has all the fundamentals you need to mix up amazing drinks.


Get The Mixologist Kit Here


14. Spa Day For Two / Surprise Holiday


Luxury spa day for two with lounge chairs

Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything: Relaxing Spa Day


Holidays always feel like a luxury, but you don’t need to travel far to feel a sense of rejuvenation. Going for a staycation in a hotel with an incredible spa can be all that you need to feel revived again.

If you can afford it and can take some time off work, long-haul holidays also make for personal and memorable gifts for guys with expensive taste.


Browse spa experiences & getaways near you at Virgin Experience Gifts


15. A Health Gadget, e.g. Apple Watch Series 7


Apple Watch series 7 for men

Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything: Apple Watch


If your man is into sports or trying to get back into sports, it’s a great idea to buy him something that will make his health journey easier. Fitbit or another smartwatch, like the Apple watch, are great options.

Plus, he will want to test out his new gear as much as he can, which will be amazing for his physique.


Get it at Apple


16. Sharp Knife Set From KitchenAid For His Kitchen

Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything: Expert Kitchen Knives Set


If your man doesn’t already own a set of expensive knives, buy him one. He will feel like a Michelin star chef: having good culinary equipment really makes that much of a difference when it comes to preparing food.

However, if he already owns a set of knives, there may be other equipment that he’s lacking in the kitchen – ask him!


Get The KitchenAid Knife Set Here


17. Shoes, Or Any Clothes For That Matter, e.g. Clarks Shoes


luxury gifts for men who have everything: leather shoes

Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything: High Quality Leather Shoes


Men generally shop a lot less frequently than women and sometimes it shows, unfortunately. If your guy is the type of man who likes to dress nicely but hates shopping, you can take the stress away from him and do it yourself instead.

If you want to buy him clothes, the best options to go with are shoes, ties and casual wear (leave the suits for him to get tailored!).

You probably know what his taste is when it comes to shoes, but check his attire next time that you’re with him – what colors does he normally wear, what’s his favourite brand and what design does he usually go for?

It he’s a lazy shopper, he will really appreciate this gift (trust me, I’ve done it!)


Get The Clarks Shoes Here


Bonus – At-Home Deluxe Steamer

 luxury gifts for men who have everything: steamer

Luxury Gifts For Guys With Expensive Taste: At home steamer / dry cleaning


At home dry cleaning machines and hand-held steamers can be an excellent gift idea for your man, as they save so much time when compared to ironing.

The steaming process is quite meditative and pleasant, and only takes about a minute per shirt. Thus, steamers are a great gift idea for those men, who do not take their shirts to get dry cleaned.

However, if your man uses the dry cleaner’s on the regular, forget about the steamer – he won’t want to spend his own time steaming his shirts.

What you could gift him is an LG Styler – this is LG’s response to the high street dry cleaning providers that provides exactly the same service from the comfort of your own home.

The review’s of this product are glowing, and there are tons of happy customers.

However, the LG Styler is very pricey, so you need to consider if the investment will be worth it in your household (you can ask questions like Will it save him time? Will it save him money? when considering the purchase!


So there you have it, my little guide on luxury gifts for the guy who has everything. I will be adding new gift ideas to this article as I think of more ideas, so many sure to bookmark this page for future reference!


Are you buying any upscale men’s gifts for an upcoming celebration? If so, let me know which one of these gifts for guys with expensive taste you chose!


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