Top 15 Most Expensive Lipsticks In The World

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Expanding your luxury beauty collection? Even if you aren’t, you’ve surely wondered what the most expensive lipsticks in the world look like. Well, here they are!

Seasoned lipstick lovers know that a woman’s lips are her finest accessory. Having a signature lip color is not only iconic, but it also establishes your personality and self-image, and can even elevate your confidence by a hundredfold. 

It’s nice to treat ourselves to luxury every once in a while. Whether you’re building your luxurious lipstick collection or you’re looking for your first signature lip color, going for an expensive lipstick brand is actually a good idea. While lipsticks (or cosmetics in general) cannot be sold pre-loved (or bought pre-loved unless they haven’t been used yet), it’s a nice feeling knowing that within your makeup collection, there’s a sleek, beautiful, expensive lipstick tucked away and ready to be worn on special occasions and formal events.

Below, we compiled a list of the most expensive lipsticks on the market right now. Give your lips a whole lot of lovin’ with these gorgeous luxury (and expensive) lipsticks that are worth the splurge. Pucker up, and let’s get started!

Note: This list doesn’t include special one-off launches, such as the H Couture Beauty Diamond lipstick that was sold for 14 million, or the Guerlain KissKiss Gold And Diamond Lipstick that retailed for $62,000 but isn’t available anymore. The lipsticks featured below are the highest-priced lipsticks that are currently sold at retail stores, and that anyone can buy!


The Most Expensive Lipsticks You Can Buy

1. Bond No. 9 Lipstick With Swarovski Crystals ($400)

Most Expensive Lipsticks: Bond No. 9 Lipstick With Swarovski Crystals

Get this on Bond No.9

This lipstick deserves a 10/10 from us because…. seriously, just look at that gorgeous casing! You’ll truly feel like a star whipping it out from your purse.

The iconic Bond No. 9 Lipstick comes in 6 rich reds, each shade packaged with an opulent refillable gold case that’s covered in Swarovski ruby stones, making it the most expensive lipstick on our list.

Despite its super high price tag, you can keep the case for as long as you want because it can be refilled over and over again. In that way, the most expensive lipstick in the world is surprisingly eco-friendly and sustainable. To top things off, the high-performance formula is also vegan and gluten-free.


2. House Of Sillage X Disney ($295)

House Of Sillage X Disney for most expensive lipsticks

Get this on Saks Fifth Avenue

The second most expensive lipstick on this list is the collaboration between the House Of Sillage and Disney for their limited edition Minnie Mouse Bow Lipstick Case. 

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The lipstick comes in a super cute bow case inspired by Minnie Mouse, and it is encrusted with over 300 diamond-cut Swarovski Crystals and plated in 18k Gold. 

This lipstick comes in a universally flattering red and can be yours for $295.


3. Guerlain Rouge G Lucky Bee ($290)


Guerlain Rouge G Lucky Bee for most expensive lipsticks

Get this on Saks Fifth Avenue

Guerlain is well known for their Rouge G lipsticks that come with a sleek silver bullet-style case.

This limited-edition Lucky Bee lipstick, which retails for $290, is only available at Saks Fifth Avenue and the case is adorned with a rhinestone bee, which is the legendary symbol of the House of Guerlain. 

The lipstick itself has a satin finish with a diamond powder formula to provide that sultry, luminous effect on the lips.


4. Bond No. 9 Lipstick ($105)


One of the most expensive lipsticks in the world: Bond No. 9 refillable lipstick

Get this on Bond No.9 | Saks Fifth

If you love the idea of a refillable luxury lipstick, but $400 is a bit too much to spend, why not try the original Bond No. 9 Lipstick instead of the one that’s covered in Swarovski crystal?

This lipstick is not only more affordable, but it also comes in many more shades than the Swarovski studded version. In total, this beautiful high-performance lipstick comes in 18 different shades, including neutrals, reds, plums, and browns.


5. La Prairie Cellular Luxe Lipstick ($95)


Most Expensive Lipsticks: La Prairie Cellular Luxe Lipstick

Get this on Ebay

We bet you’ve never heard of caviar-infused lipsticks. La Prairie, one of the leading luxury skincare brands in the world, has made sure that their cosmetics line are also good for the skin (and most especially, lips).

Its caviar extracts help firm the lips, which is great for mature ladies or anyone concerned about aging. While its plumping complex fills in lines on the surface of the lips.

Like Guerlain, La Prairie lipsticks also come in jewel-toned bullet-shaped casings (although it does not come with a compact mirror). Instead, for extra protection, it is enclosed in a luxury velvet pouch. Unfortunately, it seems like La Prairie has discontinued this lip collection, but you can still find it on third-party retailers like eBay.


6. Rouge Louboutin ($90)


Most Expensive Lipsticks: Rouge Louboutin

Get this on Nordstrom

Christian Louboutin is well-known for its shoes and couture, but they also have their fair share of gorgeous lipsticks. 

The Rouge Louboutin comes in a velvet matte finish as well as a satin finish, both with non-drying comfort. The case is inspired by Middle Eastern antiquities and the Art Deco movement, and it’s supposed to look like a potion vial. The cap is topped with a small ring that you can use as a necklace or keychain.

Since Louboutin shoes are iconic, it’s also safe to say that the lipstick looks like a stiletto heel. Isn’t it stunning?

The lipstick comes in almost 40 different shades, however, most retailers usually carry 5-10 of its bestselling shades. We love the Impera 300 for a casual everyday look.


7. Serge Lutens Fard à lèvres ($75)



Get this on Saks Fifth | Net A Porter 

Serge Lutens is most famous for its high-quality designer perfumes which come in intricate packaging and fetch up to $600 per bottle. The brand has also ventured into other areas of beauty, including lipsticks, foundations, eyeshadows and nail polishes. 

The brand’s most popular beauty product is its Fard à Lèvres lipstick, which is sold in many retail chains across the world, including Saks Fifth in the US and Harvey Nichols in the UK. The lipstick comes in 16 beautifully pigmented shades, which include bold colors such as dark plum and purple.

While this lipstick is definitely expensive, it isn’t actually the brand’s most expensive lipstick – that title belongs to the L’étoffe Du Matte lipstick ($80), as well as the Lèvres en Boite lip palette ($160). The reason why we didn’t list these products separately is that they have largely been pulled from all other retailers apart from Serge Lutens’ own website, which suggests that they may be discontinued soon.

However, the popular Fard à Lèvres lipstick is in no danger of such a thing. Eco-conscious shoppers will be happy to know that you’re able to purchase refills for this lipstick, which reduces waste.


8. Hermès Rogue ($72)


Hermès Rogue

Get this on Nordstrom

Of course, is this list even complete without an entry from Hermès? 

The gorgeous Rouge Hermès Matte Lipstick retails at $72 and it comes in three shades of velvety matte lipstick finish. We are fond of this particular shade, the Rose Boise, which is a neutral beige, with a hint of pink, as it is perfect for everyday wear or night outs. 

This luxurious lipstick comes in 24 shades, complete with nudes, reds, plums, pink, and of course, Hermès’ signature orange.


9. Clé de Peau Lipstick ($65)

Most expensive Lipsticks: Clé de Peau Lipstick

Get this on Nordstrom

Despite its French name, Clé de Peau Beauté is Japan’s best-selling luxury skincare and cosmetics brand that was established in the 1980s. 

Other than its high price tag, one attention-grabbing detail that this lipstick has is its curved tip, which is designed for a smooth application process. It is modeled to be swiped smoothly across the lips. 

With 14 gorgeous shades, the Cle de Peau lipstick collection boasts of its silky, semi-matte formula with “ultra-vibrant, HD color”. According to rave reviews, the formula feels powdery and velvety. The Cle de Peau lipstick can be yours for $65.


10. Sisley Le-Phyto Rouge lipstick ($60)


Most Expensive Lipsticks: Sisley Le-Phyto Rouge lipstick

Get this on Nordstrom

The Sisley Paris Le-Phyto Rouge lipsticks only come in 20 shades, but they pack a punch. Their key ingredients include a hydro booster complex that contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and konjac glucomannans (that absorb moisture and boost lip plumping). 

The lipsticks come in gold casing with zebra-striped prints, which makes the whole thing look super luxurious. The reviews for these lipsticks are all generally pleasant and positive, most of them noting that the formula is excellent, lightweight, nourishing, and the creamy texture lasts for a long time.

The unique tip shape makes it possible to apply the lipstick in precision without having to use a lip liner beforehand. This lipstick can be yours for $60.


11. Tom Ford Lip Color ($58)


Most Expensive Lipsticks: Tom Ford Lip Color

Get this on Nordstrom

Tom Ford prides itself on being a luxury fashion house, but does their cosmetics line hold up just as well? For starters, their Tom Ford Gold Lip Color collection boasts a super-impressive 101 shades (and counting!). 

The formula claims to have an “ultra-creamy texture”, but according to reviews, the coverage is opaque with


12. Clé de Peau Refined Lip Luminizer ($58)


Clé De Peau Refined Lip Luminizer

Get this on Nordstrom

Clé de Peau’s second addition to the list of the most expensive lipsticks is its hydrating, oil-infused Refined Lip Luminizer which provides sheer coverage and a healthy, radiant result. The results are so soothing and nourishing that the product is even marketed as a lip treatment.

The highly-rated balm comes in 12 subtle shades and is perfect for anyone who suffers from dry lips and always needs to have lip balm on hand.


13. Kilian Le Rouge Parfum Lipstick ($56)


Kilian Le Rouge Parfum Lipstick

Get this on Bloomingdale’s: MatteSatin | on Neiman Marcus 


Like Serge Lutens, Kilian is mostly known for its expensive perfumes that have amassed a cult following. Unlike Serge Lutens, however, the brand doesn’t actually venture too much out of the world of perfumes and accompanying scented body products – they know what they’re good at, and stick to that.

The exception here is their lipstick collection, with the Kilian Le Rouge Parfum Matte being their bestseller. Both the matte version and the satin version of the lipsticks come in 16 classic shades, deliciously scented by Kilian. 

The packaging of this lipstick exudes luxury, and the formula doesn’t disappoint either. With just one stroke, you get intense and bold color, all in a long-wearing formula (10h) that promises to protect your lips throughout the day.

a luminous finish. One review calls it a “balmy feeling”. Despite this, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear with an impressive staying power. Plus, just look at its luxurious case! This lipstick can be yours for $58.


14. La Perla Refillable Matte Silk Lipstick ($56)


La Perla Refillable Matte SilkLipstick

Get this on Nordstrom

You’ve probably heard of La Perla’s outrageously expensive lingerie, but did you know that the brand also creates products outside of the world of underwear? The Refillable Matte Silk Lipstick is unique in the sense that this product is exclusively available at Nordstrom.

If you’ve ever craved a lipstick with a matte finish that doesn’t dry out your lips, this is definitely one to trial. With 15 beautiful reds, it compliments La Perla’s lingerie perfectly, should you have any at your disposal. 


15. Valentino Rosso Refillable Lipstick ($55)


Valentino Rosso Refillable Lipstick

Get this on Nordstrom

In case you hadn’t noticed, it seems like a bit of a trend that luxury beauty brands are now making their lipsticks with the option to buy refills, and we’re not mad about it! One of the latest high-fashion designers to harp on the trend is Valentino.

Their bestselling Valentino Rosso Lipstick stands out from many other lipsticks on this list, as it comes in an impressive 50 shades. The high-performing lipstick is available in both creamy and matte finishes and promises that you’ll only need to apply one coat to get all the color payoff that you need.

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of the most expensive lipsticks! For more luxury beauty ideas, make sure to check out the posts below!


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