45 Unique Handmade Christmas Cards That You’ll Love

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Are you looking for the best unique handmade Christmas cards that you can make yourself or buy from Etsy? If so, you’ll love these ideas!

Whether you’re looking to DIY your own Christmas cards this year, or you want to purchase Christmas cards from a small business that personally handcrafts their cards, we have collected lots of amazing designs for you to check out.

Christmas cards are an integral part of the holiday, so you don’t want to miss out on getting the best cards for your family and friends. And while you’re at it, why not get them such a clever or beautiful card that they won’t even want to dispose of it? If you choose the right card, it can easily become part of their home decor for a prolonged time.

Below, we’ve included the prettiest and the wittiest Christmas cards, some with timeless designs, some with personalized additions and some with current pop culture references. With this in mind, let’s jump straight into the best handmade Christmas cards from small businesses that you can get this year!

45 Unique Handmade Christmas Cards

1. Crochet Snowman

Handmade crochet snowman Christmas card

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Do you want to crochet a snowman? Crocheting is a huge trend amongst young people, and activities like this are said to be wonderful for your cognitive functions too.

This is also a great activity if you like to be doing something whilst watching Netflix marathons.

2. Personalized Monogram Card

Handmade Personalized Monogram Christmas Card

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We’d love to receive this personalized card during the holiday season. It’s festive whilst still being aesthetic, and bows are still super trendy so there’s no more perfect card for your friends this Christmas! 

3. Watercolor Christmas Tree

Beautiful Handmade Watercolor Christmas Tree Card

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Watercolor is rustic whilst being elegant, and is a popular option for important events like weddings and engagements. This watercolor Christmas tree is stunning, though may not be the easiest to recreate if you aren’t artistically gifted.

4. Merry Christmas, Bestie 

Best friend Christmas card

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There’s nothing like getting cozy in matching pyjamas at Christmas with your bestie. Why not immortalize those moments with this cute Christmas card?

5. Crochet Santa

Handmade crochet Santa Christmas card

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We said crochet is in, though this jolly Santa Claus design may require a helping hand. This card can be used in future as decor by cutting around the crochet and making it into a tree ornament by tying a string to the top.

6. Luxury Red & Green Tree

Luxury Red & Green Christmas Tree card

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Nothing says Christmas like red and green…and a Christmas tree. This fun 3D card is perfect for sending to those family members who enjoy displaying all their Christmas cards.

7. Wooden Reindeer Card

Handmade Wooden Reindeer Christmas Card

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For special family members, rather than sending a flimsy Christmas card annually, why not send this wooden message which can be brought out annually?

This is also a wonderful alternative if you’re looking to be more environmentally conscious.

8. Holly Jolly Wreath

Holly Jolly Wreath Christmas Card

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Wreaths are the decor of the moment. They’re reusable, meaning less waste and less spending during the holiday season.

They can also be used anywhere in your home – from your front door to your entryway wall – you can get creative with it. For those who don’t have this option – why not stick it on a card instead?

9. Penguin Card

Handmade Christmas Penguin Card

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Penguins live in an icy climate, so there’s no cuter animal to put on your Christmas card to represent the chilly season. Those who appreciate a good pun with definitely love receiving this in the mail.

10. Fleece Navidad

Cute and funny Christmas card

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The puns just keep on coming. This fleece Navidad card is the perfect accompaniment to an ugly Christmas sweater gift, for friends who can take the joke!

11. I Know I Won’t See You…

Funny inappropriate Christmas card

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A sense of humour is needed for this Stevie Wonder card, for those who don’t get it – Google it. This is a great card to send to a friend or family member who lives abroad.

12. Dried Flower Tree

Handmade white Christmas tree card

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This card would make a wonderful DIY project. Go to your local craft store before the holiday season and you’ll find plenty of card-decorating elements. Get little ones in on the fun with a card-decorating party!

13. Reindeer Sleigh

Handmade cut-out Reindeer Sleigh Christmas Card

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This 3D pop-up card is a great one to send to people who keep every card sent to them, as they can repurpose it as decor every holiday season!

14. Simple Personalized Card

Simple Personalized Christmas Card

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Sometimes nothing beats a to-the-point, minimal holiday card, which is exactly what this is. This likely isn’t a card to send to your grandparents who like all the bells and whistles, but your friend who likes to recycle will be into this simple card.

15. Personalized Cockapoo Card

Cute handmade cockapoo Christmas card

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You’re either a dog or a cat person, and for all the dog people, this card is perfect, and even better if they have a cockapoo, or if it’s their favorite breed.

16. HOs In This House

Funny Christmas card pun

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Your sassy besties will love this card with a sense of spicy humour – just don’t get it mixed up with the cards for your family, or there might be some confusion!

17. Crochet Tree Card

Cute handmade crochet Christmas tree card

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Back to crochet with this delightful woven Christmas tree, topped off with a stunning star. This could be a great DIY project if you’re into crocheting, or perhaps you can enlist a loved one who is.

18. Preserved Flower Heart

Handmade preserved Flower Heart Christmas card

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Dried, preserved flowers make for wonderful, fragrant craft projects, and are great for the Christmas season. If you’d prefer to give someone more artisanal for Christmas, this is a great option.

19. Skeletal Greetings

Skeleton Christmas card

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Who said Christmas can’t match your aesthetic? For all the grungy folks, this skeleton sporting a Santa hat is a funny, and still festive card to receive – or gift!

20. Cat Christmas Card

Funny Cat Christmas Card

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We’ve covered the dog people, now the cat people get this adorable card with a cat perched in a festival Christmas tree. Regardless of what your loved one’s cat looks like, they’ll definitely appreciate this.

21. Luxury White & Red Card

Handmade Luxury White & Red Christmas Tree Card

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Loved ones who like everything to be OTT at Christmas will love this red and white card with a popup tree, with all the bells and pompoms – literally.

22. Wooden Moose Card

Handmade Wooden Moose Christmas Card

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This wooden cut-out is perfect if you or your loved ones are aiming for minimal waste this Christmas. As wonderful as the festive season is, it’s not necessarily waste-conscious, and this is one small step you can take towards that.

23. Merry Gnome-mas

Cute handmade gnome Christmas card

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Adorable gnomes like this have become classic Christmas figures owed to their customization abilities. This cute tartan-embellished gnome is perfect for any loved ones with Scottish lineage!

24. Schnauzer Card

Handmade Schnauzer Christmas Card

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Another one for the dog folks [cat folks, scroll to the next idea.] This adorable card doesn’t scream Christmas which can sometimes be a welcome change against the bold cards laden with glitter.

25. Peace, Joy & Purrs

Beautiful Handmade Cat Christmas Card

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Hello again cat people. Those with cats will know, they’re likely to use pretty much anything as an obstacle course, and Christmas trees are fair game.

26. Crochet Rudolph Card

Handmade Crochet Rudolph Christmas Card

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This crochet Rudolph card pays homage to one of our favorite Christmas carols, which we still enjoy belting out during the holiday season – especially after some Champagne.

27. Cockapoo-Dolph

Cute cockapoo Christmas card

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Can you tell we love Cockapoos? If your loved ones’ dog won’t wear any accessories, why not give them the gift of a world where they do? 

28. Yoda One I Want

Funny Baby Yoda Star Wars Christmas Card

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All the Star Wars fans [or those who love Yoda] will put you at the top of their “nice” list if they receive this Christmas card from you.

29. Merry Tree Card

Beautiful Handmade Christmas Card With Tree

Get the card at Coley Kuyper Art

This stunning hand-painted card is perfect for those who love a more rustic, artisanal aesthetic. This would also be great to DIY at home with paints or crayons.

30. 3d Laser Cut Card

Handmade 3d Laser Cut Christmas Card

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This card is straight out of a museum. The detail and fine cuts are breathtaking and are perfect for a luxury lover as it pays homage to a similar holiday packaging from Christian Dior.

31. Star Wars Card

Cute Star Wars Christmas Card

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Keeping on the Star Wars theme, this cute card has baby versions of all the characters – did you ever think you’d call Darth Vader cute?

32. Pink Christmas Tree

Handmade Pink Christmas Tree Card

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This pink Christmas tree card topped off with a pink bow is one for all the coquette, ballet-core fashion girls who refuse to stray from their aesthetic. To them, we salute the commitment to fashion trends.

33. Foxy

Fox Christmas card

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This winter fox card with snowflakes and holly is everything we love about Christmas. It’s cute, and festive, and just adorable!

34. Pud Up With Me

Cute and funny Christmas card

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All the pun fans, we’re keeping them coming! You could even say, “lots of love was pud into this!”

35. Peppermint Swirl

Cute handmade Christmas card with peppermint

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This peppermint and candy cane card is a whimsical Christmas dream and would be a great card to choose if you wish to send the same to all your loved ones.

36. Glitter Presents

Handmade Glitter Presents Christmas Card

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We spoke about the use of glitter on Christmas cards, and if it’s your favorite thing about the season, we’ve got the perfect card for you.

The personalisation on this card is also super chic, and a great idea would be to frame your annual family Christmas card.

37. Christmas Gnome

Cute Christmas gnome card

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This gnome Christmas card is as adorable as it is festive. The traditional gnome hat has comically been replaced with a Santa hat as big as the gnome.

38. Abbey Road Card

The Beatles Abbey Road Christmas Card

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The music lovers will appreciate being given this card. This is a fun take on the Abbey Road album cover by The Beatles, with Joh Lennon wearing a hat whilst the other members carry a Christmas tree.

39. Christmas Cod

Hilarious and punny Christmas card

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This Christmas “cod” is perfect for pun lovers, and those who have a good sense of humour. It’s an extremely random card and so not for everyone, but it certainly will make for a few laughs.

40. To The One I Love

Gold Christmas tree card

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This smart use of typography to create a Christmas tree shape is perfect for your quirky family members who can appreciate good use of design. If you have good handwriting, this could also be easily recreated.

41. Threaded Christmas Tree

Brown threaded Christmas tree card

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Even those not talented with embroidery skills can easily make this card at home. Simply plot out the dots where you need to thread the needle through with a pen or pencil and choose a metallic thread to add some glam.

42. Cute Socks

Cute handmade Christmas socks card

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Even if your loved one doesn’t get a stocking at Christmas, this card will still be a welcome addition to their Christmas collection.

43. Book Rack

Cute deer Christmas card

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For all the bookworms at Christmas, you haven’t been forgotten. This reindeer’s antlers conveniently double as a book rack, complete with Christmas baubles.

44. Handmade Holly

Handmade Christmas card with holly

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Handmade cards like these are too beautiful to be thrown out after the Christmas season is over, so it seems only right to gift this to someone who always keeps every card you give them.

45. Red Christmas Tree

Handmade Christmas card with a tree and quotes.

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This card is very “live, laugh, love” and so it should be given to those who appreciate the togetherness, and sentiment of the holiday season.

Which of these beautiful handmade Christmas cards was your favorite? Are you getting one for your family and friends or making one yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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